Taliban Compel Tolo To Air Free Azan

03 February 2016

By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

A worker in Tolo office and a close associate of MOBY Group director Saad Mohseni took to Facebook to declare that once a number of workers of the network asked Saad Mohseni: our TV airs music, comedy, obscenity and all kinds of vulgarity every minute of the day, if it is not much trouble how about we also air the Azan (call of prayer) every now and then so the people might at least recognize that the workers of Tolo are Muslims and testify to their faith.

Saad Mohseni replied: I make a profit and receive cash from various embassies, intelligence networks and organization for every second I give air-time to obscenity and advertisements; Azan is also an ad, unless the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs coughs up money for it, it shall never be aired on my channels.

However since the attack by Taliban on Wednesday, this network has not only been reminded of death but has begun broadcasting prayers, Quran recitals and religious lectures along with the Azan, all of it free of charge!!!

Many believe that if nothing substantial was achieved through the Taliban attack, it is enough reward that they compelled a network of immorality to air the Quran and Azan for several days and prevented the broadcasting of obscene shows such as the ‘Afghan Idol' and other drama serials, saving millions of youth from drowning in sins and wasting their time on useless activities.

It is said where there is no Dub (beating) there is no Adab (manners). Tolo had also become a radical unpunished child over the past 14 years and feared no one. A couple of months ago when the Taliban asked Tolo for respect, the director of this channel Saad Mohseni – who is living luxuriously in Dubai and oblivious of the harsh atmosphere of this country – tweeted away that he is proud to earn the enmity of Taliban and shall never bow to their demands.

But since the spanking on Wednesday the twitter account of Saad Mohseni has donned on the black suite of mourning along with Tolo, Afghan Idol, Arman FM, Arakozya and Lmar.

On top of tweets about mourning, crying and pleas, Saad Mohseni has also commanded the free airing of the Azan and Quran recitals.

It is a positive development that Tolo has begun airing the Azan, may Allah grant it perseverance in upholding its Islamic faith and grant it strength to bid farewell to immorality. On the side note, it is a good practice to knock some sense into corrupt individuals every now and then, not only for the benefit society but to rectify these individuals as well.

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