The Oxford University Labour Club Is What The Left Should Stand For

16 February 2016

By Gilad Atzmon

Last week we read on Corbyn's capitulation to the UK Jewish Lobby . This week, a new ‘Labour scandal' is emerging and once again the Jews are at the centre. The Oxford University Labour Club (OULC) is ‘antisemitic'. Its members ''were in the habit of casually referring to Jewish students as ‘Zio'. They repeated ‘tropes' about the ‘Zionist lobby' and ‘high net worth Jewish individuals'. Alex Chalmers, the chair of Oxford Labour students, resigned. He confessed that ''a large proportion of both OULC and the student left in Oxford more generally have some kind of problem with Jews.'' I was always convinced that opposing Zion and ‘Zios' makes one into an anti Zionist rather than an anti semite. Seemingly referring to the disastrous impact of the powerful Jewish lobby is not appreciated in Corbyn's new ‘radical' party.

The Guardian reported today that the Labour party's national student organisation has launched an inquiry into allegations of antisemitic behaviour and intimidation at the OULC. Apparently Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader who was due to address the club's annual John Smith memorial dinner in a few weeks' time, said he was ''deeply disturbed'' by the reports and was postponing his appearance until an investigation had been carried out. I am slightly confused. Ed Miliband is a Jew and a committed Zionist. If the OULC is ‘antisemitic' as the British press reports, why did it invite a Zionist Jew to its memorial dinner?

In 2003, when Britain was taken into a Zionist war by the Blair Government, Lord Levy together with the Labour Friends of Israel were Blair's chief fundraisers. One would have hoped that Corbyn would have suspended his ties with this dangerous militant lobby group. Not only did he not, he went out of his way to appease this Zio-centric lobby. Louise Ellman, vice-chair of Labour Friends of Israel, said today: ''I am deeply disturbed by the news that OULC has decided to support Israeli Apartheid Week and by the revelations from Alex Chalmers about the troubling tone of the discourse in which this debate appears to have been conducted.'' She said comparisons between Israel and apartheid-era South Africa were ''a grotesque smear and the Labour party should dissociate itself from them''. Louise Ellman is partially right. Apartheid South Africa was a racist regime interested in exploitation. Israel wants the Palestinians gone. Israel is racist as well as an ethnic cleanser. Israel is not Apartheid. Its domestic policy is Hitlerian to the core.

Meanwhile the Guardian reports that more than 30 former and current chairs and executive members of the OULC and others have signed a letter condemning the club's decision to endorse Israeli Apartheid Week. They say Israeli Apartheid Week promotes a ''one-sided narrative, seeking to dismantle the only majority-Jewish member-state of the United Nations''. I support their call. We should never again care for the oppressed. In accordance with Labour's heritage and Left-wing culture, we should always find a way to support for the oppressor, the rich and the privileged.

I'll say it bluntly: with the current Labour party, we don't need the Tories.

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