Saudi Arabia Is Changing Slowly

07 February 2016

By Salman Aldosary

Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, has conveyed the internal and external Saudi political road map in his speech at the Consultative Council on Wednesday Dec.23 while stressing on the Saudi political standards that are based on reason and wisdom. The King submitted a working document for the legislative and executive powers; he proved that the kingdom is internally changing according to a vision founded on fostering national unity among citizens, and he accentuated the priority of the Saudi citizens as they are the first goal of development.

In the past 11 months, Saudi Arabia has achieved remarkable reforms in many sectors including internal and foreign political affairs, health, economy, education, human rights, and others in addition to the upcoming radical changes in the national turnover that will be announced soon. Whoever reviews the records of these reforms will notice the positive changes made by the Saudi system in its new era. Everyone agrees on the fact that the change for the better has become one of Saudi Arabia's characteristics and the decisions taken by King Salman aim at making the kingdom developed and modern according to a policy based on delicate balance between modernization and preservation of Islamic values. All this was reflected in King Salman's speech on the Saudi woman and the country's interest in expanding her participation in the development process since she proved her eligibility to engage in various fields.

Despite the external influences, the unprecedented regional risks, the international economic fluctuations, and the drop in oil prices, in his speech, the king was keen on assuring the continuity of the development process thanks to the balanced, effective Saudi economic policies adopted by the country to preserve the general financial status.

Saudi Arabia has been able to overcome all possible negative economic impacts and reduce their effects on its citizens as much as possible. Regardless of any possible economic decisions taken by the programs to diversify income resources and reduce reliance on oil, the kingdom will guarantee no reverse effects on citizens with limited income.

Although King Salman stressed that the ''political solution'' is the only way out from the Yemeni and the Syrian crises, and that Saudi Arabia has always adopted peaceful strategies throughout history, Riyadh will still not wait the fire to catch its borders. This is what gave rise to the Determination Storm in Yemen, the Military Islamic Coalition fighting terrorism and armed groups, and urged the kingdom to seek peace whenever possible without preventing it from resorting to last option, military solutions.

In the midst of the change sought by Saudi Arabia, it is worth mentioning the statement delivered by King Salman during which he undertook preventing any interference in the Gulf's safety and stability and addressing sedition no matter its sources.

With more power and progress, Saudi Arabia's enemies are doubling. But in the end, only its citizens are capable of battling these endeavors no matter how harsh, aggressive or vicious they get.

Salman Aldosary is the editor-in-chief of Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper. 


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