Targeting Health Facilities Is A Grave Felony!!!

16 February 2016

By Zabiullah Mujahid

On Wednesday night, a local hospital in Tangi bazaar of Jalga district in Maidan Wardak province was raided by savage foreign invaders collaborated by the stooge forces of puppet Kabul regime in which four patients under treatment were martyred and doctors and other health staff of this hospital was badly beaten and traumatized.

Besides the martyrdom of patients and beating of doctors, medical equipment, machines and various other facilities were looted and the premises of hospital was badly damaged by these brutal foreign invaders (the self-claimed protectors of human rights) and their internal mercenaries who recognize no code of conduct.

This hospital, administered and financed by Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, was a great convenience for the local people who used to easily get their patients treated there. But the foreign invaders and their stooge regime could not tolerate this comfort of helpless Afghan masses therefore they brutally demolished it.

In October last year, in a similar incident, the hospital of ‘Medicine Sans Frontiers' in Kunduz province was indiscriminately bombed in which nearly one hundred patients, their attendants, doctors and other staff members were brutally martyred and injured while eighty percent structure and facilities of that hospital were destroyed.

‘Medicine Sans Frontiers' said that they formerly warned the foreign invaders that their hospital was under attack but it was neglected and the hospital was under incessant bombing for nearly half an hour.

The human rights organs and foundations usually adopt silence if the felony is committed by foreign invading forces. This silence is broken to some extent when the felony is explicit and invoke retaliation of common people. On the contrary, Mujahidin are accused of human rights violation on the bases of unreliable and false propaganda reports of stooge admin of Kabul.

Some days ago the United Nations office of ‘UNAMA' in Kabul accused in its ‘annual civilian casualty report' that Mujahidin are responsible for 62 percent civilian casualties and only 14 percent of these casualties are caused by foreign invaders and their stooge internal forces. This report totally contradicts the ground realities in which ordinary people, women, children and the aged-ones are relentlessly targeted, their houses and other public welfare places are demolished in the indiscriminate artillery shelling and bombing of savage foreign invaders and their stooge internal forces.

According to tribal chiefs of Baghlan province, nearly thirty thousand families were affected and displaced, 125 people (including 40 women and children) were martyred and 650 civilians were injured in the brutal military operations of armed forces of puppet regime in ‘Dand-i-Ghori' and ‘Dand-i-Shahabuddin' areas of this province. Even this massive cruelty and brutality did not move the so called claimers of human rights to condemn this tragedy or at least investigate the causes and perpetrators of this calamity. Rather they implicitly supported this felony by adopting silence.

Human rights, civilians and places of public-welfare has no value for foreign invaders as well as their internal mercenary forces. These things are misused by them for their vested malicious political and imperial objectives only. Numerous indiscriminate bombings of weddings and funeral ceremonies, public gatherings, houses, public transport vehicles, madrassas, schools and health facilities are explicit examples of their felonies and brutalities.

Human Right organs, national and international health and other welfare societies should strongly condemn the indiscriminate attacks of foreign invaders and their internal stooge forces on all civilian foundations especially health centres. Otherwise the oppressed Afghan people will be deprived from the available amenities of life and will inevitably suffer even more while on the other hand, the brutal foreign invaders and their internal stooge forces will be encouraged to further attack civilian people and indiscriminately demolish public welfare structures!!!

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