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Let Believe In Ourselves, O Fellow Zimbabwean Citizens!

Posted By Sydney Kawadza

July 15, 2008

There is an urgent need for the country to put aside the political differences dividing the nation so that we can move forward as a united people.

Moving forward as a country means dialogue between all political stakeholders who have interest in Zimbabwe's future.

Dialogue has already been going on with the facilitation of Sadc-appointed mediator, South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki, who has provided the platform for such talks.

Talks are not anything new to Zimbabwe following the dialogue that emanated from the March 11 2007 clashes between the opposition and the police and so we have a foundation from which to build.

But, what is of major concern is the interest that has been exhibited by the British, who have led a group of Anglo-Saxon countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in meddling in this issue.

The French have also suddenly joined the bandwagon against Zimbabwe. It is unfortunate that some misguided African brothers and sisters have also been roped in by the West.

There have been allegations that there are some in the local opposition MDC who would rather maintain the present stand-off so that they continue benefiting from the current situation.

There are journalists, lawyers, doctors and others in civil society, who would rather cross paths with Government so that they earn more from their handlers and financiers who are only interested in illegal regime change.

Some African leaders have earned more than what a single country can earn just for denouncing President Mugabe and his Government. Yes, it's happening, but why?

I am privy to information that some Sadc leaders have earned personal loans to denounce our country's leadership.

Nyika yechipikirwa!

This is very disheartening. Like Judas, they would rather get those 30 pieces of silver to discredit Zimbabwe than observe the spirit of brotherhood.

Zvinoita here varume?

We have gone through a lot, politically, socially and economically and there is need for Zimbabweans to come out and say it clearly that all our challenges can only be solved by Zimbabweans and we are the masters of our destiny.

Zimbabweans have benefited quite immensely from President Mugabe's policies but some in our midst would rather spit on the very same Government that has given them all that they have today, including independence, land, education, etc.

On the farms, a few white farmers controlled vast tracts of fertile and productive land, the same people were in charge of mines and industries while the black majority provided cheap labour.

The true owner of this land did not benefit from all he produced on his own land.

Come President Robert Mugabe, the situation has changed and the majority now have their dignity.

But the man has been vilified by all and sundry, but for what?

He has stood for the total emancipation of the black man whether that person is from Zanu-PF or MDC or any other political persuasion found in this country.

There should be nothing but great respect for President Mugabe and his unwavering drive for the total independence of Zimbabweans, and it is in empowerment that our future as a country lies.

President Mugabe has made Zimbabweans realise how rich they are, how rich I am, how rich my children Tinei and Anotidaishe and all the future generations are.

We are rich through 100 percent empowerment and total independence and it is for this reason that we need to sit down as Zimbabweans, talk things over so that we can live in harmony while pursuing this cherished goal.

The country has managed to soldier on despite the sanctions, the vilification from our detractors because we are the product of a liberation war in which blood was shed and so the politics of the stomach would never make us look to the West for salvation.

The negotiating table has been opened. Arthur Mutambara has met President Mugabe, Welshman Ncube has been the gentleman he has always been and Tendai Biti appears to be moving in the right direction and has also joined the dialogue initiative.

The purpose of this dialogue should be to return Zimbabwe to its rightful owners.

We need to see the light. We need to realise that we should all love Zimbabwe because it is the only country that we will ever have, the only country that God will ever give us on this earth.

Our rallying call should be total emancipation, total independence, total self-determination and this will make us totally Zimbabwean.

Zimbabwe is the future for Africa and the whole world.

The message is for all to come together, stop the fighting, stop the killing, stop the divisions, the feuds and whatever else that only serves to pull us further apart.

President Mugabe has called on for peace and harmony and we should make it our business to promote this ideal that has been advocated for by a man who has been voted into office by over two million people.

The negotiations need to be enhanced so that Zimbabweans can iron out their differences without undue outside influence, particularly from the West.

The British lied at the Lancaster Conference that they would provide financial support for our land reform and there is no way we can trust them today when they try to butt into our internal processes.

Let us remember that Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation capable of solving its own problems with the assistance of sincere well-wishers.

Allowing our age-old detractors to interfere in the talks would be akin to selling out the future of this country when we should all be affirming that Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

We need to believe in ourselves.

Source: esinislam.com + Agencies
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