Articles By Eric Walberg


Democracy Canadian-style Part I: Abroad - Liberating Libya, The Mali Adventure, Old Script Updated

Review of Anne Applebaum, Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe 1944-1956, USA: Doubleday, 2012

Canada's First Nations: Expect Resistance

Egypt's Morsi: Biting The Bullet - Making Sure The Revolution Is Not Strangled In The Cradle

Canada-Syria: White Dominions, Brown Colonies

Human Rights: The People Vs The UN - The Slaughter And Torture In Afghanistan And Gaza Continues On A Daily Basis

TIFF: Cultural Starwars - The Empire Requires A Nice Juicy Enemy To Keep People's Minds Off Its Own Sins

Canada's Diplomatic Disaster: Iran And Accusations And Violations Of Diplomatic Norms

From The Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC To NAM: Iran's Peace Offensive

From Post-modernism To Post-secularism: New Egypt To Take Inspiration From The Quran

AfPak (Afghanistan Pakistan): Mutiny on the Bounty

Flytilla: Israel's Real Easter Pilgrims - Israel's Destruction Of Jerusalem

Russia In The Middle East: Return Of A Superpower?

Critiquing Israel: Colonialism Or Jewish Culture?

BDS update: Israel's Ides of March

Republican Primaries: Fooling Some Of The People

Russia's White Revolution: Wise To Both Kremlin Politologists And Western NGOlogists

Canada's 'Honour Killings': Where Is The Sense of Honour?

BDS Update: Peaceful Blitzkreig And Israeli Counterattacks

The Afghan Dust Is Settling: 560 NATO Soldiers, Most Of Them Americans, Were Killed 2011

Reinventing The Middle East Lexicon: The Lexical Gymnastics Employed By Israel Lobbyists

2011: The Year That Shook The World - A Historical Turning Point In International Affairs

Russia United - For The Time Being (Part II)

BDS Update: BDS Unites East And West

Mladic And International Justice: Age Of Deception

Russian Politics: Nostalgia Or A New Political Direction?

Obit: Osama bin Laden (1957 - 2011) - He Has Entered The Realm Of Martyrdom

Boycott, Divest And Sanctions - BDS Update: Breaking New Barriers

Turkey-Libya: Defusing Another UN Timebomb: Struggling To Rein

Turkey And The Middle East: Carpe Diem: Can Europe Have A Muslim Country?

Nuclear Vs Oil: The Devil We Know - The US Goal To Keep Monopoly Control Of The Technology

Egypt: Peering Into The Revolution's Crystal Ball

Egypt/Turkey-Israel: 'A Clean Break' - Undermining The Peace Treaty

US-Egypt: 'Why?': A Reflection On The Reasons For The Very Different Reactions To Egypt's Revolution Among North Americans

US-Egypt: Cookie-cutter Cuisine - Pushing Hosni Mubarak (1981-2011)

2010 News Round-up, Profiles, Quotes: Troubled Times- - Reviews Of The World

BDS Update: 'Besiege Your Siege!' - Isolate Israel Through Boycott, Divestment And Sanctions

Wikileaks Arrest: Julian Quixote: Will Assange suffer the fate of Pollard or Ellsberg?

Russia And NATO: `Not A Piece Of Furniture'

US Endgame In Afghanistan: The Evil Of Three Lessers

Russia-America: Rediscovering Realpolitik - Waking Up After Neocon Nightmare?

Marjah: 'This is not Fallujah': Blitzkrieg War, The Heart Of Darkness - America

Russia-India- China: The Bush Curse, Obama Strategy In Focus

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