Articles By Franklin Lamb


Rebel controlled Yarmouk Palestinian Camp Empties Pending Government Counter-attack

Lebanese Politicians Continue Playing the Palestinians

Sure Obama Caved Again On Palestine But Will He Benefit?

Is the Syrian Crisis Being Leveraged To Weaken Hezbollah?

America Planning For A Post-Israel Middle East?

Hope And Despair for Lebanon's Palestinians

Is The Sinai Peninsula Rejoining The Resistance?

Obama Trumps AIPAC, Romney, Republicans With Yet More Iranian Sanctions

Now's Not The Time For Hezbollah To Cut-and-Run: No Good From The Current (Hezbollah Led) Government

When Opportunity Knocks……Israel Disses US While Seeking 'Bi-lateral Alliance' With Russia

Netanyahu To Obama Regarding November's Election: When We Say "Jump" You Answer, "How High"!

Are Palestinians Being Scapegoated Over Army Killings in Lebanon?

Battlelines Being Drawn for Next Phase: a Plus for Palestinians?

Apartheid on the Beach…..: Racism in Lebanon

US Envoys: Losing Lebanon—Visit by Visit?

They Just Can't Stop Building Walls: A Nation That Imprisons Itself Behind Fences

Are They Forming an Alliance? Lebanon's Oppressed: Domestic workers, Women, Palestinians

Iran/Israel Locked In Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) Deterrence Status: …And It's Potentially Beneficial For Peace In The Region

The Ambassador Of Vitriol Jeff's Domination Of US Middle East Policy

Israel is the Most Egregious Violator of Every US Arms Export Provision….

Perceptions Of The Syrian Uprising From Shatila: From Shatila Palestinian Refugee Camp

The Haunting Of Daniel Pipes By Poe's "Tell Tale Heart": Chosen Colonial People Imposing An Apartheid Regime

How Real is the Green? Rumor and Anger Mount in Libya

Muslim Brotherhood Strongest Contender in Libya's Coming Elections

Will 2012 Bring Tribal War to Libya?

A Tale Of Two Squares And Two Movements: Cairo In Year 2011

Stuck in the Chimney: Jeff Feltman Delivers his Annual Yuletide Gifts to Lebanon

Israelis Rush for Second Passports: No Weapons Or Apartheid Can Insure A Zionist Future In Palestine

Has The Lebanon Tribunal Drama Become Farce?

Egypt: As Tahrir Square Goes So Goes The Middle East?

Australia Rejects Israeli Ordered Media Censorship On Al-Manar

Ahmednejad Galvanize Lebanon's Palestinians: Lacking unified leadership Of Their Own

Will Hezbollah Defeat Israel (Again!) In The Coming War?

Disemboweling the Right of Return: America's Dog in Lebanese Fight

A Rare Victory For Lebanon's Palestinians: Are There Limits to Bashing Lebanon's Refugees?

How McCain Was Greeted In Lebanon: Trip Got Messed Up Bad

Lebanon 'Accepts' Hezbollah's Weapons: Further Blow To The U.S.-Israel Axis

"Is Your Government Stupid or Just What is the Problem?": Lebanese Student To Obama -- By Franklin Lamb

Broken Pledges: Obama's Mid-East Mess

Broad Based Opposition to Aoun's Injunction: A Rare Victory for Lebanon's Palestinians

Syria's Golan Heights: Can International Law Forestall a Golanian Intifada?

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