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Letter From Afghanistan Taliban, The Islamic Emirate To The American People!

Amanda Spielman: Schoolgirls Wearing A Hijab Is A Path To Extremism? Now That's A Leap

Is Russia Attempting To Erase Crimean Muslim Culture? A Hardline Course To Assimilate National Minorities'

As Australian Muslim Women We Don't Have To Be Told What We Can Wear

Pushing Back On Iran, Part 4: The Struggle For Iraq

Afghanistan: What Does 'Empowering American Generals' Mean? Abdullah's Recent Visit To Washington

America's New Nightmare: The Deadly Alliance Of Islamophobia And Gun Culture

Syria: Looking For Ways Out Of The Maze - Russia Has Been Forced To Face The Limits Of Its Power

Public Reports 'Clearly Show' Assad's Use Of Chemical Weapons

Afghanistan: What Message Does The Enemy Send By Destroying Mosques And Madrassas?

Amanda Spielman Is Undermining British Values - Could She Be Called An Extremist?

Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Helps Unite America Against Him

The Boomerang Effect: How Netanyahu Made Israel An American Issue, And Lost

Iranian Regime Using Cyber Warfare Against Civilians to Preserve Theocracy

Afghanistan 'The Graveyard Of Empires': Mujahidin Eagerly Awaiting For Fresh Foreign Invaders - Taliban

How The UK Government's 'Extremism' Strategy Targets Muslims

Europe's Business With Iran 'Enriches' Sponsors Of Terror: Khamenie Regime The Most Dangerous

Afghanistan In The Month Of January 2018: The Casualties, Loses And Deployment Of Additional Foreign Troops

Why I Think Amanda Spielman Should Resign Her Ofsted Post - Muscular Liberalism vs Spielman's 'Crusade'

Pushing Back On Iran, Part 3: The Syrian Civil War

Islamophobia: The Very Real Monster In Canada's Closet

Iraq: When Countries Build While Others Destroy

Labour MSP Sets Out Plan To Tackle Racism And Islamophobia: Jeremy Corbyn Attacks Islamophobia

Earth Shaking Beneath The Feet Of America - Afghan Taliba Declaration

Iran: Speaking Swedish, Acting North Korean - The New Khomeinist Regime's Ideological Emptiness

PM Trudeau Urges Canadians To Stand Up Against Islamophobia: Steady Rise In Crimes Targeting Muslims In Canada

Myanmar Deliberately Starves Rohingya Muslims, Report Says - Myanmar Military Publicly Admits To Wrongdoing

Shababeek: Opening The Window To Palestinian Refugees

China's Hui Muslims Fearful Chinese New Year Education Ban A Sign Of Curbs To Come

U.S. Charges Three With Exporting Drone Parts To Lebanon's Hezbollah

Afghanistan: Mujahidin Conquests Throughout The Country - Taliban Maintains

The New Cold War Is Happening In Africa: 'New Colonialism' - Distortions of Africa

Pushing Back On Iran, Part 2: An Overview Of The Strategy

Assad Turns To Old Ally PKK, Quietly Aids YPG In Afrin Against Turkey

The Regional Dimensions Of The Syrian Conflict: The Expansion Of The War Threatens The Khamenei Regime

Is Michael Oren A Racist Jewish Supremacist? I Bet He Is

Rohingya Persecution Could Cause Regional Conflict, UN Rights Chief Says

Holocaust Envelops Palestinians: Through Repression, Institutionalized Discrimination, Murder And Systematic Abuse

US Court Says Trump Travel Ban Unlawfully Discriminates Against Muslims

In Afghanistan: Insider Mujahidin Eagerly Awaiting For Fresh Foreign Invaders

Syria: A Booby-Trapped Gift and Mischievous Partners - The Difficulties Of The Establishment Of A 'Russian Syria'

Rohingya Genocide: Where Is The World's Conscience?

UN Warned To Stop Giving Hezbollah Free Rein In Lebanon Or Face Consequences

Syria And Lebanon: Confusion & Mixed Signals - Hezbollah Merely An Iranian Tool

South Africa's Ruling ANC Party Decides To Remove Zuma As President

Aden Military Coup! Must Join The Fight To Defeat The Iran-Supported Forces

Senior AfD Member Vows To Ban Islam Across Europe, Starting From Istanbul's Bosporus

Palestine: Why Is The Israeli Army Finally Worried About Gaza?

Pushing Back On Iran, Part 1: The Why - Because Iran Treats...

Foreign Policy For Sale: Greece's Dangerous Alliance With Israel

NKorea Earned $200M From Exports, Sent Arms To Assad, Myanmar, UN Report Says

Number Of Anti-Muslim Groups In US Increased Three-fold Since Trump Launched His Presidential Campaign, Say Experts

Israel Attacks 12 Syrian, Iranian Targets After F-16 Jet Crashes Under Syria Fire

An Iran Without The Ayatollah Is No Longer Unthinkable

A Political Whore By Excellence: Nikki Haley Sacrifices Moral Integrity For Political Ambitions

Israel, Iran Engage In Syria, Latest Developments Show

US Defense Secretary: Iran Is Present Everywhere We Find Trouble In Mideast

Afghanistan Reports: Resolution of Problems in the Country is tied with the End of Occupation

How Crimean Muslims Defy Moscow's Pressure: A Slow Genocide On The Persecuted Muslim Community?

Trump, The Ayatollah And The Wizard Of Oz: A Cyber-space Bomb Against Khamenei

Syrian Opposition-held Eastern Ghouta Suffers Bloodiest Week Since 2015

Mass Graves Mark Rohingya Massacre In Myanmar: AP Investigation

When Will Kashmiris Be Given The Right To Self-determination?

The Diplomacy Of Downing Jets In Syria: The Conflict Between Great And Medium Powers

The New Hitler Of The Middle East: The Supreme Leader Of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

'Whitewashing' Genocide in Myanmar: Part Of 'A Cheerleading Squad For The Government'

Iran: Mullah Khatami, In Fear Of The Continuation Of The Uprising

The Iranian Revolution IRGC's Generals and the New Generals

South Korea Scraps Prayer Room Plans For Winter Olympics After Islamophobic Opposition

The World Welcomes The Good Drugs But Rejects The Malignant Cancer

US Diplomat Quits Myanmar's 'Whitewash' Rohingya Panel

Lebanon's Elections: Effective Majority Despite the Contrary

Iran On Brink Of WAR in Middle East Unless 'Ayatollah Is Overthrown'

The Failures And Ignominies Of Puppet Regime In 2017 - Afghanistan: Setup Of Ashraf Ghani And Abdullah

US Police Social Media Surveillance Unfairly Targeted Muslims, Report Says

More Civilians Die As Air Raids Intensify In Eastern Ghouta

Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis A Lesson Worthy Of Gandhi

Do We Allow Air India's Request? To Fly Over Saudi Arabia Regardless Of Their Destination

Better To Play It Safe Than Be Sorry: Don't Spite At Getting Your Own Fingers Burned!

The US Just Changed Course In Syria — And Could Now Look To Confront Iran

The Trials of Africa and the Real Dr. King They Want Us to Forget

The Seat at Davos is Better than the Seat at Hmeimim

Turkey Takes Utmost Care To Protect Civilians In Afrin, Erdoğan Says

Claiming Ignorance Of Iran's Actions Is No Longer Viable

To The People Of Poland: Israel Wants To Enslave Your Collective Conscience Over Auschwitz

Saudi Arabia: Our Women... Not Yours! Foreign Media And Human And Women Rights Organizations

Italy's Far-right Party Urges Blanket Closure Of Muslim Prayer Centers

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenaries (January 2018)

UN Cites Safety, Citizenship For Rohingya Refugees Amid Fears Of Repatriation

US Says Assad Regime's Latest Round Of Air Strikes In Syria 'Must End Now'

How Iran's Regime Enters Its 40th Year As An 'Islamic Republic'

Iran Nuclear Problem Must Be Re-Visited: The 'Great Satan' Or, In Corbyn's Lexicon, 'Imperialist Bully'

Who Stands Behind Militants In Aden? Greatly Responsible For The Failure Of The State

Islamophobe London Mosque Attacker Jailed For At Least 43 Years

Russia Responsible For Assad Regime Chemical Weapons Use, US Says

Iran: The Reverberation of 'Death to The Dictator' in Tehran

In Words and Deeds: The Genesis of Israeli Violence

Security Cncerns Grow Over Rohingya Repatriation Deal: In Close Proximity To The 'Zero Line

Can We Dispense With Expat Workers? Saudi Arabia's Economy And Planning

Muslim Lawyer Readmitted To Court After Italian Judge Kicked Her Out Over Headscarf

Iran - What Will Come Next? American Thinker

'Concentration Camps' - Rohingya Repatriation To Myanmar Delayed: Bangladesh

'The Mountains are the Kurds' Only Friends': ISIS' Absence From The Scene Has Raised The Questions

World Leaderships Look Weaker Than Global Challenges

Tests Link Assad Regime Stockpile To Deadly Sarin Attack In Syria's Idlib

'It's Jesus' Foreign Policy': Bible-thumpers Galvanized And Mesmerized Millions Of Americans

A Missing Sense Of Ethics: Just Adhere To The Basic Principles And Guidelines Of This Great Religion

UN Chief Calls To Refer Assad Regime To International Criminal Court

Russia's Failure in Sochi: Meanwhile, Lebanon's 'Hezbollah'... In The Region Of Ghouta

Myanmar Military Publicly Admits To Wrongdoing, Says Soldiers Killed 10 Rohingya

Iranian Revolutionary Guards: Terror Within And Abroad

Man Attacks Muslim Schoolgirl's Headscarf With Scissors In Canada: Intensified Anti-Muslim Attacks

'Race Law' Takes Jerusalem a Step Closer to Being a Jewish-Only City

Where Are The World Police When We Need Them?! Khomeini Regime's Attacks Via Proxies, Fifth Columns And Sleeping Cells

Syrian Regime Continues To Target Civilians With Chlorine Gas Attack In Idlib

Zabihullah Mujahid: Politics Of Force And Coercion Has Not Worked In Afghanistan And Will Not Work In The Future

President Rodrigo Duterte Orders Filipino Workers To Leave Kuwait In 72 Hours

Turkish Deputy PM Warns Against Increased Atacks On Turks And Muslims Abroad

An End to the Iranian Regime Is Coming: Supporting The Iranian People And Its Organised Resistance

Iran: Anatomy Of A National Revolt - The Change That May Be Delayed But Won't Be Denied

Rohingya Children Stranded Without Parents After Military Operations In Myanmar, UN Says

Can Fake News Save Iran's Mullahs?

Where Is The Outcry? Israeli Journalist Calls For Raping Palestinian Female Detainees 'But Away From Cameras'

USA - Iran: International Relations '2018 Model Year'

Austrian Muslims Express Concern Over Minister's Anti-headscarf Remarks

Saudi Arabia Is The Light And Iran Is Darkness, Says Foreign Minister

Victory Under Threat In Syria: A Handful Of Drones Reignited The Debate Over The Obstacles

Myanmar Likely Won't Allow Rohingya Muslims To Return Home Despite Agreement

Can Fake News Save Iran's Mullahs? End Of A Story - Expressing Their Abhorrence Of The Ruling Regime

Who Is Using The Taliban? The Extension Of The Gulf Conflict - Saudi Arabia vs Qatar

UN Chief Guterres Wants To Revive Of Syria Chemical Attacks Probe

The Bitcoin Bubble May Soon Burst: The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) To Contain ThisPhenomenon

Myanmar Raped, Killed Hundreds In Muslim Village: UN Rights Chief Warns Of 'Genocide'

Washington Chooses Syria As A Battlefield: Enough To Raise The Cost Of War For The Iranian Regime

Theocratic Iran vs. Marxist Soviet Union: The Khomeini Regime Cannot Live In Peace

Taliban Political Office Regarding False Representatives At Peace Process In Turkey

Iran Deserves a Different Regime: Ordinary Iranians Thus The Victim Of The Regime

Murdered Refugee Bijan Ebrahimi Was Subjected To 'Institutional Racism' In UK, Review Says

Shadow Armies: The Unseen, But Real US War in Africa

Turkey Summons Russian, Iranian Ambassadors Over Syrian Regime's Idlib Ceasefire Violations

Our Responsibility Towards Refugees Freezing to Death

Regime Change Is Coming To Iran: The Neglect Of Iran's Human Rights Violations

Is India's Modi Rewarding Israel's Netanyahu: For His Slow-motion Holocaust Against The Palestinians?

Saudi Arabia: The Steel Of Rockets Does Not Satiate Us

A Citizen Without Citizenship: With No Emotional Connection To A Homeland Of Forefathers

US Enters Syrian Conflict: Iran Is In A Race Against Time

Afghanistan In The Year 2017: Losses And Casualties Of Foreign Invaders; Amalgamation With Mujahidin

Assad Regime Jet Downed By Syrian Opposition In Northern Hama

Back To Fighting In Syria: Assad's Regime, Iran And Russia - Washington And Hezbollah's Presence

The Loquacious Fool At The White House: it's The Same Racism, Same Sickness, And Same Madness

Iranian Spring — Finally! Poor, Unemployed And Hungry People Out On The Street

Tehran's Adversities: The Regime Suffering From Internal Conflicts, Including Rifts Between Clerics

Trump's Threats And Painful Defeat Over Jerusalem

Afghanistan In December 2017: The In-vain Fighting Of Afghan Mercenaries And Souvenir Of Western Democracy

Behind the Latest Protests in Iran: Bringing Iran Out Of The Historic Impasse Created By Khomeini

Year In Review: Will 2018 Usher In A New Palestinian Strategy?

The Return Of Kahanism In Israel: Donald Trump Inducing Israel To Pursue The Path Of Fascism

Honesty Is The Best Policy: This Is What Should Be Implanted In The Minds Of All

Iran Between Two Threats: Domestic And Foreign - Terrifying Nasrallah And Leaders Of Shiite Militias

Iran's Crisis is Deeper than the Price of Bread

Israel Is A Nazi-like State With A Potent Public Relations Machine

Is Toppling Iran's Regime the Best Thing for Us?

Friday Sermons For The Faithful: Cleanliness Of Environment - Another Teaching Of Islam

Success For Al-Qaeda In Syria? Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham, Al-Qaida, Zawahiri, Jowlani, Jihadism

Afghanistan Taliban Vs Kabul: The Failures And Ignominies Of Puppet Regime In 2017

Iran Mullahs Must Get Lost To Let The Country Revive: Iran Protests To Topple Mullah's Regime - Experts

Former Libyan Official: Seif al-Islam Gadhafi Favorite to Win Elections

Iranian Mullahs Caught Off Guard By Scale Of Protests: Hunger For A Change

Saudi Arabia: Is Toppling Iran's Regime The Best Thing For Us?

Iran Protests: Unpredictable Trump And Possible Strike Of A Fatal Blow Against A Dangerous, Tyrannical Regime

Afghans Believe Resistance Against American Occupation Is Sacred Jihad: Implications For The Region

Would Trump Administration Seize The Opportunity To Counter Iranian Expansion After Protests?

Torn Down By Protests, Iran Restricts Access To Social Media: Demonstrations Against Khomeinie Regime Around The World

Islamophobia Even Worse Under Trump Than After 9/11 Attacks, Says Top Muslim Activist

Red Cross Warns Of Critical Situation In Eastern Ghouta: The Story Of #BabyKarim

Afghanistan Reports: Civilian Casualty Report 2017: Number of Martyrs, Number of Injured

Iran Caught Secretly Weaponizing Nukes: Houthis Fired 83 Missiles Against Saudi Arabia - Arab Coalition

Palestinians No Longer Trust US, The Unfair Mediator

The Afghani Mujahidun Maintain Enemy Losses In The Year 2017: 38th Anniversary Of The Soviet Invasion

Is Anyone Listening To Protests In Iran? Reasons Why Iranian People Are Speaking Out Now

Islamophobia - Hate Crime In India: Muslim Man Hacked, Burned To Death

2017 - The Year of The Rohingya: The Victims Of Own Central Government And "National" Army

Iranians Reeling Under Tyranny: Protesters Set Ablaze Portraits of Khamenei, Invade Government Centers

Almost 40,000 People Killed In Syria War in 2017, Monitor Says

Put An End To The Vilification Of Islam: Taking On Extreme And Sinister Guises

Qom's Top Legal, Religious Cleric Announces Support For Iran Protests

Afghani Mujahidun Affirm Fundamental Trial of Ummah Starts from Baitul Maqdas: Jerusalem - The Occupied Capital

American Leadership And Palestine: Dogmatic Challenges To Justice And Humanity

Assad Regime Used Cluster Bombs In Besieged Opposition-held Area, Watchdog Says

The Iranian Regime's Downward Spiral: The Solution For Iran Is Only Regime Change

The Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham-al-Qaeda Dispute: Primary Texts (VI)

How Obama's Iran Policy Strengthened Hezbollah: The Syrian Conflict And Regional Balance Of Power

What Is Iran's Objective Of Ballistic Missile Attacks By Its Yemeni Houthi Militias Against Saudi Arabia?

Free Iran ... At Last! Thankfully, They Don't Have, Yet, The Nuclear Capability

President Trump's Jerusalem Statement Is A Blessing in Disguise For Muslims

Report Backs Claim Assad Forces Responsible For Deadly Sarin Gas Attack

Year in Review: Will 2018 Usher in a New Palestinian Strategy?

Warsaw Muslim Centre Attack Renews Islamophobia Fears: 'Moral Panic' And Rising Islamophobia

The Saudi Arabia Plans: The Tough Transition, Criticism

Team Trump Add Insult To Injury For The Palestinians

Trump's Gargantuan Blunder: Hell-bent On Harming Islam And Usurping Its Holy Places

Dozens Of Military-age Israelis Refuse To Serve Under Government's 'Racist Policies'

'Interesting Times' In The Middle East! Iran And Its Irresponsible Behavior In The Volatile Region

Truth In Your Face: ... And What About The Holocaust?

An Inclusive Interview With Mr. Zabihullah Mujahid, Spokesman Of The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan

Chad Renames US Embassy's Avenue After Istanbul: Chad On Trump's Travel Ban List

London Borough Votes To Ban 'Bigoted' Donald Trump: "We Have No Time For People Who Want To Build Walls"

Iran: 'Death to Khamenei' Screams A Woman Right At The Face Of The Security Guards Chanting 'DEATH To Rouhani'

Saudi Arabia: What Revenue Will Expat Fees Actually Generate?

2017 Passes As Fast As A Tweet: The Year Is Bleeding Its Final Days

Child Malnutrition In Syria's Opposition-held Ghouta Worst In The War, UN Says

Occupied Palestine: A Glimpse From History And Heritage

Anti-corruption Protests Spread From Tehran To Other Iranian Cities

Islamophobia Watch: Swedish Police Investigate Mosque Attack As Hate Crime

South Africa's Ruling Party Decides On Israel Embassy Downgrade

Syria's Future Decided Without The Syrians' Consent

'A Day That Will Live In Infamy': Donald Trump's Recognizing Jerusalem

The Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham-al-Qaeda Dispute: Primary Texts (V)

Israel Bribes Country Ahead Of UN Vote On Occupied Jerusalem: Efforts To Defend Jerusalem

Thousands Of Palestinians Continue To Protest Trump's Jerusalem Move

Understanding Americans: Why Did The Americans Secretly Arm Israel With Nuclear Weapons?

Free Iran ... At Last! The next "Ayatollah Hitler" Ali Khamaeni, Using Arabs To Kill Arabs

Assad Regime Kills 227 Infants In Eastern Ghouta

Why The Documentary Must Not Be Allowed To Die

Arab Coalition Forces Destroy Three Houthi Missile Bases In Yemen

Student Debt Slavery: Bankrolling Financiers on the Backs of the Young

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenaries (November 2017)

Miliband And The Impossible Solution In Yemen

Trump's America: An Isolated, Dissatisfied Hegemon

Jens Wernicke - Another Jerusalemite To The List

Why Are There Still Any Foreign Interventionists?

Where Russian And Iranian Aircraft Carriers Clash

UN General Assembly Overwhelmingly Rejects Trump's Jerusalem Decision

Iran Reacts To UN's 64th Resolution With Continued Executions

It Is High Time For The West To Expose The Malign Activities Of Iranian Regime In Europe

How We Lost Jerusalem: We Must Confront The American-Zionist Scheme

The Mullahs Overplay The Military Card: Khamenei Beating The Drums Of War

US Police Foil Mass Shooting Plot Targeting Muslims At Florida Mosque

Four Scenes from a Region in Turmoil

The Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham-al-Qaeda Dispute: Primary Texts (IV)

Turkey's Voice Stands Strong Amongst The International Community

What will Happen if Russia Left Syria?

The Latest on the Lebanese Situation: 'Preventing Vacuum', 'Stability', 'Realism', And 'Temporary Truce'

Watzal und Dershowitz: All Trash Written By A Zionist Agent

Palestine: It Is Time for a New Beginning

Progress and History in Zigzag

The Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham-al-Qaeda Dispute: Primary Texts (III)

How to Wipe Out Puerto Rico's Debt Without Hurting Bondholders

Another Terrorist Attack On "Our Values": It Sure Seems Like A No-brainer

Yemen Houthi Rebel Missile Fired At Riyadh 'Bears Hallmarks' Of Iran

Afghanistan In The Month Of October 2017: Documenting War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders

Lebanon: A Tale of Two Occupations - The Khomeinist- Khamen'ist Iranian Role

Ludwig Watzal - Disinformation Agent: Digging Into Watzal's Duplicity

Iran Pushing Lebanon Into War: This Phase Will End At The Slaughterhouse Of Regional Cconflicts

The Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham-al-Qaeda Dispute: Primary Texts (II)

What Will Become Of The 'Second Lebanese Uprising'?

What Drains On The Palestinian Cause? The Iranian Project Bigger Than Palestine And Jerusalem

Antisemitism, The Holocaust And Palestine

Trump Aggression On Al-Quds Updates: Moving US Embassy To Jerusalem, Oppressing Palestinians And Zionist Entities

Syria - The Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham-al-Qaeda Dispute: Primary Texts (I)

Afghans Rally in Support of Palestinians: Islamic Emirate On US Recognition Of Baital Maqdas As Capital Of Israel

Jerusalem 'Red Line' For All Muslims, President Erdoğan Says: Muslim Leaders Warn Trump

Why Is Trump Moving On Jerusalem Now? For A President Who Has Struggled To Fulfil...

Saleh's Murder Unites Yemenis: The Savage Wolves Houthis Finished As Decision Makers In This Big War

Yemen: End Of Marriage Of Convenience! The Interests Of The Chronic Enemies

Saudi Arabia Denounces Trump's Jerusalem Move As 'Irresponsible And Unwarranted'

Can The Middle East Peace Process Survive Trump's Jerusalem Decision?

Trump Doomed To Be Left Alone After Putting A Bomb In Jerusalem, CHP Head Says

Repatriating Rohingya Muslims To Myanmar Means Sending Them To Death

World Rejects Trump's 'Illegal' Move On Jerusalem: What Leaders Says On Trump's Aggression On Al-Quds

Africa's Solidarity Is A Major Pillar In The Palestinian Struggle

Children Bear 'Disproportionate Lethal Impact' Of Syrian War, Warns Study

Theresa May Clashes With Donald Trump Again As US Recognises Jerusalem As Israel's Capital

Iran A Loose Cannon In Our Midst Even As It Seeks Nobel For A Terrorist

Donald Trump Risks 'Destroying Peace Hopes Of Israelis And Palestinians'

Move The Embassy, Recognize Jerusalem — Then Watch The Region Explode

Erdoğan Tasks OIC Countries To Convene Over Jerusalem Issue: Arab League On Jerusalem Crisis

Hamas Hails South Africa's Plan To Downgrade Ties With Israel: Tension Maxes Out Over Trump Jerusalem Move

Turkey Condemns 'Irresponsible' US Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israeli Capital

Rohingya Muslims Should Only Return To Myanmar Under UN Supervision

Assad Regime Suffers Losses In Foiled Incursion Attempts: Regime's Commander Killed In Hama

Majority Of Americans Oppose Moving Embassy To Jerusalem, Poll Suggests

Hamas And Fattah Calls For New Intifada Over Trump's Jerusalem Move

Erdoğan To Speak To Pope And Western Leaders Over Trump's Jerusalem Decision

Iran Continues Terrorism, Says Missiles Programme Not Negotiable

Hamas Leaders Haneyya: Relocating U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem "Crosses Red Lnes": Ghannouchi On Trump Jerusalem Move

Revolution Underway In Saudi Arabia: Mohammad Bin Salman(MBS) Has Moved Fast

France Considers Recognizing Palestine As Part Of European Union: Pope Francis On Jerusalem

Trump To Move U.S. Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem. Here's Why That Matters: An "Absolute Explosion" In The Region

Bread, Butter and Brotherhood: Addresses Keith Kahn-Harris' Criticism

France Slams Assad Regime Over No-show For Syria Peace Talks In Geneva: Russian Airstrikes Continue Killings

Netanyahu Ditches US Jews For Alliance With Christian Evangelicals And The Alt-right

US Police Foil Mass Shooting Plot Targeting Muslims At Florida Mosque

U.S. Senator John McCain, Chairman of the SAC On Murder Of Yemeni Ex-Predisent Ali Abdullah Saleh

Yemeni Warlord President Ali Abdullah Saleh Confirmed Killed By His Own Allies The Iran-backed Houthi Terror Group

Assad Regime Used Cluster Bombs In Besieged Opposition-held Area, Watchdog Says

US Teacher Reports Muslim Boy With Down Syndrome Sor 'Terrorism': Hate Crimes Increase - FBI

Saleh Loyalists Accuse Houthi Allies Of Ineptitude And Corruption

Decades of US Diplomacy Has Failed: Why the US Wants to Shut the PLO Office

The Houthi Train and Yemeni Facts: Saleh's Attempt To Abandon The Train Not Unusual

Afghanistan Report: Targeting Of Mosques And Madrassas By American Invaders!!

Brief History Of Donald Trump Stoking Islamophobia: The President Spreading Anti-Muslim Sentiment

After Islamic State: Staying in Syria? The US Presence Does Not Serve Effective Counterbalance To Iran

Europe's Muslim Population To Rise 50 Percent By 2050 Even If Migration Stops, Study Says

African Refugees Bought, Sold And Murdered In Libya: Forced Into Prostitution

Trump's Retweet Madness: The President Of The United States Is Unwell

Iranian Regime Is The 'Spiritual Father Of Terrorism': Iran Deploying Warships To Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico

'Are You Being Forced?' UK Muslim Schoolgirls Wearing The Hijab To Be Quizzed

Attacks On Mosques More Than Doubled In The Netherlands: Muslim Center Attacked In Poland's Warsaw

Muslim Brotherhood Statement On Sinai Attack And Voice of Egypt Sinai Women Announcing The Revolution Continues

70 Years Of Broken Promises: The Untold Story Of The Partition Plan

ISIS, Missiles And Iranian Military In Yemen: Who Speaks For Tehran?

Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Ali Bin Musalam, A Dedicated Dawah Activist In Al-Bah: May He Rest In Peace

How Has Islamophobia Changed Over The Past 20 Years? The Think Tank That Catapulted The Term "Islamophobia" In 1997

World Welcomes 'Butcher Of Bosnia' Mladic's Genocide, War Crimes Conviction

Donald Trump Has Taken Far-right Extremist Support To 'Entirely New Level' With Britain First Retweet

Trump Attacks May, Defends Britain First Tweets: The American President Sharply Condemned By Rights Groups

Migrants For Sale: Slave Trade In Libya - UN Considers Sanctions To Fight Libya Slave Trade

Dutch Embassy Feels Driven To Fact-Check Trump's Islamophobic Retweet Because: "Facts Do Matter"

Palestinians Mark Solidarity Day, Rally For Independent Palestine

What A Waste Of Words: Following A Brief Rain In Jeddah

Archbishop Of Canterbury Urges Trump To Remove Anti-Muslim Tweets, Reject Hatred

Afghanistan Taliban: Implications Of American Ambassador's Expressions For The Region

'Trump Clearly Telling His Base They Must Hate Muslims': Shock As Trump Retweets British Far-right Activist

Trump's Islamophobic Retweets Widely Condemned By Religious Leaders

Myanmar Leader Suu Kyi Wins 'Islamophobe' Of The Year Award

Ugly Lies Don't Bother Donald Trump, Particularly His Own

It's Open Season On Muslims, And Trumps Tweets Prove It

Moroccans Urge Government To Criminalize Normalization With Israel

We Are Firmly Facing The Iranian Project - Comoros Defense Minister: Iran Vows To Send Its Rockets To Europe

Saudi Prince Freed In Billion-dollar Deal After Graft Probe: Saudi Tycoon Alwaleed bin Talal Short Of Friends On A Bad Day

Racism Reaches Core Of Germany As Islamophobic Attacks Surge: AK Party Deputy

The 'Iranian Interference' Item: Nothing New - The Policy Of "Exporting The Revolution"

Trump Told Erdoğan No More Weapons Will Be Provided To YPG: Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu

Arab Spring In New Saudi Arabia! Thank You, Our Crown Prince

Bangladesh-Myanmar Rohingya Return Deal Raises Concern Over Refugees' Safety

Volunteers Create Worlds: International Volunteer Day The 5th Of December 2017

Pakistanis Celebrate Iqbal Day: About The Suffering Of The Pakistanis

'Butcher Of Bosnia' Mladic Found Guilty Of Genocide And War Crimes, Sentenced To Life In Prison

From An Open Internet, Back To The Dark Ages

The Battle Of The Islamic World: Turning Off The Fountains Of Extremism

What's Next In Al-Hariri Made-in-Iran Drama?

Zimbabwean President-designate Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa Pays Tribute To Ex-President Robert Mugabe

Lebanon: Is Cheat-and-Retreat Back on the Menu?

Saudi Crown Prince Calls Iran leader 'New Hitler': Iran Has Not Apologised For Attack On The Saudis

Egypt Delays Opening Of Rafah Border Crossing With Gaza After Sinai Attack

The Public Has Spoken: The Recent Arrests And The Freezing Of Assets Of Princes

Zimbabwean President-designate Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, ZDF Call For Calm

Reactions Of African Countires To 'Change Of Guard' In Zimbabwe - What The African Leaders Make Of Mugabe's Resignation

Syrian Opposition In Riyadh: Assad Has To Go

Lebanon's Choice: Havana Or Honolulu?

Afghanistan: The Realities To Be Reckoned With By The American Leadership

Islamic State Da'wa in Anbar: Sample Report of the Ramadi Belt

Commemorating 637 Years of Islam in the Philippines

China's The Hidden Persecution Of Uygur Muslims That Heartened A Jailbreak

Shaikh Raed Salah stands between Israel and Al-Aqsa Mosque ...So He Is Kept In Custody

Czech Republic's Tiny Muslim Community Subject To Hate

The Situation in the Mt. Hermon Area: Interview with the Hermon Regiment

Polygamy And High Divorce Rates In Northern Nigeria

Turkey As Somalia's First Responders: Recalling Erdoğan's First Visit To The Horn Of Africa

The Khatam- e- Nabuwat (The Finality Of The Prophethood Pf Hazrat Muhammad PBUH) Outburst

Inside Saudi Arabia: The Usual Suspects and a New Method

Israel Lobby Is Slowly Being Dragged Into The Light

The Horrific Consequences Of Trump's War Strategy - The Talaban

US Warned Of Plot To Stay In Syria Longer As Turkey Rebuilds Over 400 War-torn Schools In The Country

The Trials of Benjamin Netanyahu: Corruption in Israel is Not Just an Israeli Issue

Lebanon Also Faces its Fate: Iran Is Determined To Seize Complete Control

Is Mogadishu Massacre A Cause Célèbre To Depose Al-Shabaab?

Dutch Police Officer 'May Wear hHeadscarf With Uniform'

Putin's Russian Bot Behind False Claim Muslim Woman Ignored Victims Of Westminster Attack

Iran's Growing Military Threat Is A 'Blind Spot' For British Politicians, Tory MP Claims

Talaban: Achievements Of America And Allies In Afghanistan!

How Iran Tried to Turn Arab States into Fading Ghosts

Rohingya Muslims Suffered Under 'Apartheid' Regime For Years Before Brutal Crackdown, Amnesty Confirms

Transcorruption Agenda And A Critic's Blunders!

Iranians Welcome Arab League Stance Against Iranian Regime, Call For Effective And Feasible Action

'Creeping Annexation': Why Israel Shelved the 'Greater Jerusalem Law'

Foreign Minister Jubeir: Hezbollah Holding Lebanon Hostage

Let Us Continue To Pray For Marawi, For Peace

Afghanistan In The Month Of October 2017: Suffering And Torture Of Civilians

Syria Opposition Urges Arab Unity Against Iran

Iran Signs Agreement With Bashar al-Assad To Establish Weapons Factories, Expand IRGC Presence In Syria

Afghanistan: How Can The New Trump Strategy Affect The Current Jihadi Resistance?

Afro-Turks Consider Turkey Home, But Wonder About Their Roots In Africa

Secrets Of The 1983 Beirut Bombings: The Role Of Iran's IRGC

Iran And 'The Great Satan': A 4-Decades Old Saga

The Archivist: Media Fitna In The Islamic State

Islamophobia Is Not An Imaginary Myth: Whatever May Be The Factors

Afghanistan: Explosions in Mosques, a Conspiracy of the Enemy

Despite 2016 Defeats, Shabaab Returning in Force in Somalia

Arab World: Rescuing People from Insanity of Wars to Future-building

Saudi Arabia: The War On Corruption: Why Now? Why Start At The Very Top? So What Is The Message?

Blaming Iran, Saudi Says Huthi Strike May Be 'Act Of War': Iran Direct Military Aggression

Expatriates Born And Raised In Saudi Arabia: Just Grant Them The Nationality!

How Britain Became An Obstacle To Peace

The Self-serving Definition of Terrorism by Colonialists Has Lost its Significance

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Balfour Declaration: Britain Broke Its Feeble Promise To The Palestinians

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Iraqi Kurdistan's Crisis: A Failure of Strategy

Morocco King Rejects Independence For Western Sahara

Missile Attack On Riyadh 'An Act Of War' By Iran

What The Helicopter Accident Tells Us About Saudi Arabia

OIC Calls For Urgent Action To Save Remaining Islamic Cultural Heritage

Tell MAMA: Most Islamophobic Attackers Are White Men

The Public Bank Option - Safer, Local and Half the Cost

Discovering the Secret Republic of Iran

Saudi Arabia Wants To Be Top Tourism Destination For Muslim Travelers

Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Intelligence Ploys of the Enemy, a Sign of their Despair and Failure

Turkey To Use 'Soft Power' Against Rise Of Islamophobia

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The Real Reasons Trump Is Quitting Unesco

America to Rethink of its Role in Global Affairs

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Discovering the Secret Republic of Iran

How Kurdish Independence Underpins Israel's Plan To Reshape The Middle East

Katibat Ali Sultan: Syrian Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps IRGC Group

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#IAMBRISTOL: Uniting Against Islamophobia

Giving A Voice To The Voiceless: The 'Invisible' Victims Of Islamophobia

How They See Us: Sophia The Saudi Robot That Gets Saudi Citizenship Before Kafala Workers

Amaq News and Claims of Responsibility

Taj Mahal, Babri Masjid and UNESCO

Would Kashmir Dispute Never be Resolved!

We Have To Stop Normalising Relentless Islamophobia in Australia

How Netanyahu's Son Became The Poster Boy For White Supremacists

Islamic State and Kurds: Full Documents and Translation

Prime Minister Abbasi's Performance in New York was Excellent

Imran Khan's Speech in Hyderabad Sindh was Impressive

The Life of Abu Tayyim Inkhil: Deceased Amir of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed

DEJA VU DONALD: America's Donald Trump Once Again Slammed For Reaction To UK Terror Attacks

Oppression of Rohingya Muslims Increased After Suu Kyi Took Power, Rights Group Says

Islamophobia Prevents UK Muslims From Succeeding At Work: The British Anti-Islam Hate

Take Away Aung San Suu Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize - She No Longer Deserves It

American Muslims Are At The Crossroads: Addressing Islamophobic Hate In America

Rohingya Muslims: World's Most Persecuted Minority - Myanmar Genocide

The 'Israelisation' Illusion and 'Israeli Arabs' Propaganda: Palestine - The Occupied Territorie

Regime Change In Iran Does Not Equal War In Iran: Exterminating Khomieni Terror

First Victims Of Trump's New Strategy: America's Afghanistan Nightmare Continued

Anti-Muslim Violence Is Everywhere—Except in the American Media

Iran militia threatens U.S. troops in aftermath of ISIS defeat in Iraq

Grave Threat to the Survival of the Burmese Muslims

UAE says Iran is aiming for Arab 'chaos': U.A.E. crackdown on Iranian regime in Sharjeh

Solidarity Between Rohingya Muslims And Turks Dates Back To WWI, Deputy PM Says

The Life of Abu Qasura Kanakari of Jaysh Khalid bin al-Waleed

Sixteen Years After 9/11, Iran Remains A Threat To America

How To Counter Colonial Myths About Muslim Arrival In Sindh

Hezbollat and the Popular Mobilization versus the Armies of Lebanon and Iraq

Hajj Agents Face Penalties From Saudi Disciplinary Council For Breaching Contracts With Pilgrims

Report: Iranian Revolutionary Guards' sectarian activity rises in Sunni areas

Honest Hajj Pilgrim Returns Bag With Cash And Jewelry

Islamic Scholars Union Says Muslims Obliged To Help Rohingya

Islamophobia Holding Back UK Muslims In Workplace, Study Finds

Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen, Shiekh-ul-Hadith Hibatullah Akhundzada, (May Allah protect him), on the Occasion of Eid-ul-Adha

The Iranian Land Route to the Mediterranean: Myth or Reality?

Mourning For 9/11, But Please Mourn For The Rest Of The World Too

Trump's strategy is rejected both by America and the region

Another Reality of 9/11, 16 Years Later: Reflections of a Pakistani Muslim Woman

England Is Now More Pro-immigrant - But It's More Islamophobic Too

Iran: A regime With No Future - Examining Khonenie Foreign Affairs, Defense And Economics

407,000 Pilgrims Leave Saudi Arabia After Performing Hajj

Israel Seeks 'Jewish' Non-Jews In Numbers Battle With Palestinians

Man Who Set Dog On 2 Muslims And Ordered It To Bite Them Jailed For 2,5 Years

US Pilgrims: Hajj Shows Tolerance, Peace And Patience Among Muslims

Depression Doesn't Make You A Bad Muslim: What The Islamic Community Can Do For Mental Health

America should not destroy herself under influence of Afghan and American contractors

Dealing with Islamophobia in America: Islamophobia in politics, Advocating for Muslim Americans

Chechen Muslims Take To The Streets In Solidarity With Burma's Rohingyas

After Attacks, Spain's Moroccans Fear Rising Islamophobia

Smartphones, Social Media Transforming Hajj Experience

Muslim Family Says McDonald's Employees Stuffed Bacon In Their Sandwiches

President Trump's Statement About Pakistan Is Unrealistic

Why are defendants of humanity silent over killing of defenseless Afghans!!?

Saudia Ready For Hajj Pilgrims' Return To 100 Destinations

UN: Myanmar's Treatment Of Rohingya 'Textbook Example Of Ethnic Cleansing'

Iran And The Nuclear Deal's Future: Iran Secret, Unannounced And Illegal Uranium Enrichment

Australia, You Have A Problem With Islamophobia: Casual And Institutionalised Racism

Up To 3,000 Muslims Killed In Myanmar In 3 days, European Rohingya Council Says

Islamophobic Canadian Woman Disrupts Sikh Politician's Event, Confuses Him For Muslim

Demba Ba Urges Action To Protect Rohingya Muslims, Praises Turkey's Efforts

The Afghanistan Talaban Chieftancy: From Leader to Soldier, a Caravan of Sacrifice

'I'm a Nazi:' Self-proclaimed Nazi Canadian man abuses Muslim woman in Manitoba

Eid Al-Adha Being Celebrated With Religious Fervor Across Saudi Arabia

World's Silence On Myanmar Violence Against Rohingyas 'A Portrait Of Shame': Presidential Aide

Of Course British Muslims Are Being Held Back - This Is An Islamophobic Country

Israel Continues To Arm Burma Military Amid Ongoing Violence Against Rohingya Muslims

Erdoğan Accuses Myanmar Of 'Genocide' As Thousands Of Rohingya Flee To Bangladesh

We Think Bigotry Will Never Reach UK Shores But Looking At Our Newspapers You'll See That It Has

The Power Of Networks: Resistance To International Islamophobia Must Also Be Global

Why And How To Tighten The Screws On Iran Khomeini Terror Regime

Bangladesh Minister Accuses Myanmar Of 'Genocide': World's Double Standard Silence

Saudi's Adahi Project Delivers Sacrificial Meat To 30m Needy People In 27 Countries

Education: Our Take in Osun - Principalities And Powers To Rubbish Leaders

Indonesian Muslims Protest Myanmar Rohingya Violence: Concrete Action Necessary

After Fleeing Violence In Myanmar, Rohingya Refugees Mark Eid Holiday In Bangladesh

Turkish First Lady Visits Bangladesh To Help Rohingyas: Malaysia Willing To Provide Shelter For More Rohingya Fleeing Violence

Harassment, Assault Cases Targeting Muslims In Germany On The Rise

How Islamophobia Killed Her Brother: The Truth About America's Past And It's War On Terror

The Culture of Dirty Politics in Pakistan

Burma: Rohingya Children 'Beheaded And Burned Alive' As Refugees Continue To Flood Into Bangladesh To Escape Violence

How Hezbollat Has Become An Instrument Of Iran's Drive For Regional Supremacy

How Muslim Americans Are Fighting Islamophobia And Securing Their Civil Rights

Man Who Called For All British Muslims To Be Killed After Manchester Attack On Facebook Jailed For A Year

Turkey's First Lady Arrives In Bangladesh To Visit Rohingya Refugee Camp

The Palestinian Response To Israeli Violence Is Remarkably Restrained

Over 300,000 People Mobilized To Serve Hajj Pilgrims

Islamophobia Much? Major UK News Website Replaces Hijab With Veil

UN Chief Writes To Security Council To Propose Steps To End Myanmar Violence

Terror Group Hezbollah Has Been Active in America for Decades

Police Investigating Attack On The Head Of Islamic Cultural Centre

Iran Poses A Threat To Yemen's future, Says VP: Iran 'Part Of The Problem' In Yemen

Standing Up To The Media And Their 'Muslim Problem'

Mosque In The Netherlands Targeted By Far-right Attack: Swedish Man Fined 1,400 Euros For Harassing, Insulting 3 Muslim Women On Train

The Politicisation Of Pension In Osun: State funds-challenged - Nigeria Similarly Deprived

The Afghanistan Islamic Emirate: Crushing the enemy throughout the country

Amid Promises Of Aid, Rights Group Says Myanmar Has Planted Deadly Mines At Bangladesh Border

German Mayor Threatens Integration Officer Of Turkish Origin

Rohingya Clashes Kill Nearly 90 in Myanmar's Rakhine State

US Drops Leaflets Insulting Quran In Afghanistan, Apologizes Afterwards

Report Findings: Iranian People Oppose Their Country's Interventions in Syria

Italian mayors' 'Allahu akbar' remarks during terrorism debate draw criticism

Persecution Of All Muslims In Myanmar On The Rise, Rights Group Says

UK Islamophobia: Letters Threatening Acid Attacks Sent To Muslims In Bradford

73,000 Rohingya Muslims Pour Into Bangladesh Fleeing Myanmar Massacre

Turkey To Send Aid To Rohingya in Myanmar After Erdoğan's Talks With Aung San Suu Kyi

26 Rohingya women, children drown fleeing Myanmar violence

Muslims Fear Anti-Islam Backlash In Spain After Barcelona Terror Attacks

Muslim Call To Prayer Recited At Spanish Palace For 1st Time In 500 Years

Myanmar Blocks All UN Aid To Civilians At Heart Of Rohingya Crisis

UN Security Council Urged To Discuss Rohingya Crisis

It's Time To Stop Stigmatising Muslim Recruits: Islamophobia In UK Workplaces

Bangladesh Braces For New Surge Of Rohingya As Food Stocks At Camps Dwindle

American mosques — and American Muslims — are being targeted for hate like never before

Muslim Woman Beaten Unconscious By Racist Mob In Spanish Capital

UK-based Rohingya group calls for investigation into atrocities against Muslims in Myanmar

Tragedy Lingers As Rohingya Muslims Flee Myanmar Crackdown: Over 18,000 Rohingya Muslims Fled Violence

Jihad Wins in Idlib: Hayat Tahrir al-Sham Takes Over Syria's North

Normalized Hate: Aftermath Bacelona Attacks - Islamophobia Racism UK Far Right

Muslim Imams To Form National Council For More Progressive British Islam

Donald Trump's Quick Response To Barcelona Attack Makes His Charlottesville Reactions Look Even Worse

Report: Iran-Allied Shiite Fighters Trained 280 Child Soldiers in Iraq

I Ignored Islamic Marriage Advice, and This is What Happened - A Real Life Story

It Is Not Just Trump That Has Emboldened White Supremacists, It Is Our Entire System

I'm A Muslim And I'm A Problem: UK Media - Stand Up, Stand Out, Spread Love, Stop Hate

'Racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism or Islamophobia are poisoning our societies'

Palestinian Bedouins Refuse To Surrender 116 Times

Jeremy Corbyn accuses articles in The Sun of 'inciting Islamophobia' after 100 MPs slam column about 'Muslim problem'

When anti-Semitism and Islamophobia join hands: The racist vortex

Muslim women facing Islamophobia challenge the 'victim' stereotype

Trevor Kavanagh's The Sun Column Slammed For Failing To Apologise For 'The Muslim Problem' Comment

The Responsibilities of American Muslim Girls in the Face of White Supremacy

Trump politics, media bias triggers Islamophobia in US

Labour's Sarah Champion Quits Shadow Cabinet After Claiming UK Has A 'Problem' With Pakistani Rapists

She Blamed Islamophobia, Then Her Husband Was Arrested For Weapons Smuggling

The EU Disregards Human Rights in Iran: Federica Mogherini's Dancing With Ayatollat

It is getting more difficult to fight Islamophobia in Europe: UN official Gün Kut

This is how Russia violated the arms embargo imposed on Iran

Before Anyone Further Appeases Iran...

Islamophobia? Woman Slapped Heavy Fine For Entering Pool in Burkini

Google Should Turn Its Attention To Battling Islamophobia

Islamophpbia: What The Heck Is Going On In Australia?

Terrorism And Islamophobia Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin Of Hate

Islamophobia, Political Divisions Threaten Arab American Identity

Israel's New Wall at Gaza Borders: Deterrence or War Threat

Live, Sponge-tipped Bullets & Suspicious Objects: Israeli Gifts to The Children of Palestine

Does It Really Matter If Netanyahu Ends Up Behind Bars?

Sharab: Hamas Aware of The Political Reality Around It - Beyond Liveability

Why Does Israel Believe The World Would Be Better Without Al Jazeera?

The Archivist: The Islamic State's Security Apparatus Structure in the Provinces - Centralized control vs. Provincial autonomy

Palestinian Leader Salah lauds Qatar's strong support for al-Aqsa: Always in defense of Al-Aqsa, Palestine

Fighting For Love: Permitted To Marry Anyone He Likes Of The Women Whom Allaah Has Allowed Him To Marry

Burma told by World Islamic body to protect rights of Rohingya Muslims as warns UN agency of 80,000 children starving

Documents of the al-Qasimiya Court in West Aleppo Countryside: Translation and Analysis

Islamophobia: I asked Muslims what it's like to travel these days - Here's what they told me

A Woman Travelling With The Son Of Her Neighbour Or The Husband Of Her Husband's Daughter

Annan commission to submit final report this month: Rohignya Muslim women 'raped by Burma soldiers and abandoned'

Stop Zionism: If Al-Aqsa Is To Be Protected Long-term Israel's Occupation Must End

If One Spouse Curses The Other, Does This Mean That They Are Divorced Or Forbidden To One Another?

Google Succumbs To Pressure To Updates Islam-related Search Results To Curb Islamophobia And Hate

The Challenges of Being a Muslim: How Does One Lead a Righteous Life, While Living Tensely? - Asks The Globalist

Power to the People: Why Palestinian Victory in Jerusalem is a Pivotal Moment

Man threatens to blow up Islamic bookshop and 'kill the Muslims' in London

Ghusl-ul-Mayyit: Washing Of The Dead In Islam - Who To, How To And More To Do The Ghusl By Al-Haja Ganiyat Oredola Ewumi

The Next War in Gaza Is Brewing - Here's How to Stop It: To Head Off That Even More Catastrophic Futurei

Cultural Genocide: China's Muslim minority banned from using their own language in schools

Islamic State Treatise: Ruling of Shari'a on the Shi'a Sects (Rafidites, Nusayris, Ismailis, Druze)

Fighting Islamophobia: New Campaign Teaches How To Help When A Muslim Is Harassed

Islamophobia Revealed: The disturbing reality of living in Trump's America as a Muslim

Racing The China-man Turkish Construction Giant Eyes More Africa Projects After Ethiopia, Tanzania Railways

Hindu Terrorism: Muslim Student Leader Lafiqul Islam Ahmed Shot Dead in Assam, India

What It's Like Being A Latino Muslim In America - La Asociación Latino Musulmana de América

To bust the myth that Muslims don't belong in India, just look at the armed forces

Rapid U.S. Muslim Assimilation Continues Alongside Rapid Muslim Immigration

Singapore Younger Muslim Couples Will Have To Go For Marriage Preparation Programme

NO MORE VANILLA: A Halal Guide To Mind-blowing Sex Is Teaching Muslim Women How To Set The Bed On Fire

UK Muslim woman detained for reading Syrian art book on plane takes court action

Israeli police accused of harassing journalists during Al-Aqsa tensions

Evidence Israel Is Fearful Of The Muslim World Unity: Tzipi Livni warns of holy war with Muslim world

Islamophobia: US rejects British Muslim newlyweds - Group says Islamophobia on the rise

Palestinian worshipers sit-in at Aqsa as Jerusalem suffering from suffocating Israeli siege

Israel 'playing with fire and risking major crisis with Islamic world': Al-Aqsa Mosque an honor for 1.7 billion Muslims, says Erdogan

Islamophobia America Rise Hate Crimes Against Muslims Proves What Politicians Say Matter

How Should An Islamic Wedding Party Be Or Not Be? Marriage Feasts In The Islamic Manner

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Almost Certainly Alive, Official: Turkey and Secret US bases in Syria

How The Muslim Ban Legalized Islamophobia: 20% of American Muslims plan to leave US

Gulf trip productive, will continue efforts - Erdogan: Qatar, Turkey to conduct military drill soon

Kufr And Its Various Kinds: Definition Of Kufr - The Importance Of Knowing What Kufr Is

Impact of Islamophobia on covered women: Muslim student in Australia and I wear a headscarf

Prolonging Qatar blockade 'not in anyone's interest', Turkey says as EU, UK urge direct talks to end Gulf crisis

Etiquette Of Intimate Relations: Is There A Sunnah Way Of Sleeping With One's Wife?

How Trump and Netanyahu pushed the Palestinians into a corner: ....More violence is likely to follow

Ask Europe what's happening in Jerusalem: Bibi playing with fire

Documenting Islamophobia - Christian man 'kills daughter over Muslim love; The thief stole two mobile phones

Al-Aqsa attack: Palestinians all but abandoned (Warning to Israel - Internal and external messages)

Empire of Destruction: Mosul reveals Myth of Precision Bombing

Resistance factions call for storming Israeli security gates as Hamas tells Israel al-Aqsa a red line

The Myth of ISIS's Strategic Brilliance: The necessity of a "Sunni force" to retake Mosul

'Miscalculated' Qatar blockade has backfired, says former UK Middle East chief

Ansar al-Shari'a (Supporters of Shari'a) in Libya Dissolves Itself

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and Its Provocative Bigotry

CAIR: Hate crimes against Muslims spike after Trump win - Islamophobia in America

Israel's ever-more sadistic reprisals help shore up a sense of victimhood

Canadian spies accuse bosses of Islamophobia, racism in lawsuit: campaign to combat Islamophobia

ISIS leader al-Baghdadi still alive, Iraqi intelligence official says, refuting earlier reports

Internet Love: My Problem Is That I Have Gotten To Know A Young Man Over The Internet

Rohingya Muslims tell of abuses by Myanmarese army as some 75,000 people fled across the nearby border

On July 15, the Turkish nation displayed its biggest heroic resistance, Erdoğan says

She Loves Him But He Cannot Stand Her Because She Is Not Beautiful. Should He Divorce Her?

Israeli police ban Aqsa guards from entering the mosque assaulting dozens of Muslim worshipers

Search Engine Spreading Hate? Google Search Is Doing Irreparable Harm To Muslims - Dallas Imam

One year after the coup, Turkey is stronger, President Erdoğan more popular

Israel's targeting of youth in Al Aqsa: Reports of Indictments, Presence at Al-Aqsa

She Wants To Travel For Hajj With A Group But Without A Mahra

Who Are The Donkeys Of The Jews? The Reality of the Safavids Around The World - Iran Stories

Still no proof ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead, says US security chief

Ruling On Objecting To Some Of The Shar'ia Rulings That Have Been Prescribed By Allaah

Turkey says it will not bow to Saudi-pressure and close Qatar military base

Majority of terrorists who have attacked America are not Muslim, new study finds

Palestinians refuse Israeli searches to enter Al-Aqsa: 'We will not receive the Al-Aqsa mosque, except as it was'

This Former MTV Icon Found Inner Peace Through Islam: Her Ramadan 2017 Message

More troops arrive at Turkish military base in Qatar as US engages countries boycotting Qatar

What Is Done Between The Engagement And The Marriage Contract, Nikah And Wedding Party

A European Version Of Islam? UK's Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament

Islamophobia Continues to Increase: Worldwide OIC Report, Latest Australia Report

Is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Really Dead? Syrian Observatory Says al-Baghdadi Is Dead

The Bid'ah (Innovation) Of Superstition About Getting Married In Month Of Shawwaal

Iraq and so-called allies violated international law in Mosul battle: Amnesty

New report finds 75 per cent of people do not help when they see a Muslim being abused in public

Israel's ever-more sadistic reprisals help shore up a sense of victimhood

Basic Boo-Boo's Some Make When Paying Zakat Al-Fitr: Ramadan Charitable Farewell

Is Trump committing war crimes in Iraq and Syria? What is going on?

I applaud British Islam's refusal to bow to the establishment - UK Reporter

Arab Leaders Forgot About Palestine, Now Busy with Qatar and Iran

Farewell Of Ramadan and Qiyam, Zakat-ul-Fitr, and Proprieties Of 'Eid

Osun West Bye-election: Lest We Forget! Cheap blackmail took over as a spice of influence

Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation Part 2 Do Not Be Divided - Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri

Introducing Sheikh Moulavi Hibatullah Akhunzada (HA), Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

The Increasing Extremism Within The Islamic State

Jabhat Fatah al-Sham Removes Jund al-Aqsa From Its Ranks

Putin's Quest For a Monroe Doctrine

Islamic Emirate's Political Status Has The Enemy Concerned: The White Flag Raised Over 41 Districts And Vast Regions

Open Letter By Spokesman of Islamic Emirate to the American President Donald Trump

West Needs To Respect Rights Of Muslim Women, Not To Terrorize Them!

Telephone Diplomacy Between King Salman and Trump

Morocco — A Bridge To Be Built

Donald Trump vs. Jackie Walker: The Omission of Jews And Antisemitism From Remembering The Holocaust

Nigeria: Interpreting The 'Change' We Voted For!

Muslim Ban... Populism and Hypocrisy!

Four More Years Bush-Obama, And Maybe Worse

The Role Of Ideologues: The Like Of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Abu Qatada al-Filastini and Hani Siba'i

The Concept of Peace in Islam: The Definition Of Peace And Peace-Making

Trends in the Global Jihad Movement - Comparison Between The Khilafa And The Followers Of Bagdhadi

US Presidential Change And Afghanistan's Message: What Will America Achieve With 300 Extra Troops?

Telling The Recent Bayero University, Kano Story

Analysis - Afghanistan's Islamic Emirate: Politics as the Art of Compromise

Cause Of Current Muslim Ills: Jihad Or Communist And Democratic Revolutions?

A Tribute to Prophet Muhammad, Peace And Blessings Of Allah Be Upon Him

Jabhat al-Nusra's Rebranding in the Eyes of the Islamic State

Alien Jargon - Islamism and Political Islam

Black Syrians: The Case Of The Yarmouk Basin

Putin Faces Growing Problems over Support for Assad in Syria

Enemy's Foiled Intelligence Ploys: Kandahar Incident, A Handiwork Of The Enemy's Covert Circles

The Yemeni Army on Houthi Land

Trum's Immigration Chaos

Paris and the End to a Western-dominated Era in the Middle East

Buhari, APC And The Road To 2019

Who Are The Jews of Jihad? A Response To ISIS Abu Maysarah Al-Shami

Afghanistan's Islamic Emirate: Taliban And Genuine Efforts To Rehabilitate Country

When Lebanese Democracy Talks

American Assurances and Kabul Regime's Rotten State

President Trump's Executive Orders And Their Fallout

Greece Refuses Extradition Of Turkish Coup Soldiers!

The Inhumane Treatment Of Prisoners In Puli Charkhi: Prisoners Should Not Be Made The Prey Of Politics

A Few Frank Points to Ponder for the New American President

Moving the Embassy May Have Repercussions

Trump's Wall Pretectionism

Now that You are A Graduate

Nigeria: Osun State In The Last Six Years!

The Islamic Emirate and Peace in Afghanistan: The Enemy is Breathing it's Last in Helmand

Nigeria: Raufnomics and the Challenge of Development

Courts Of The Islamic Emirate, Key Factor For Peace And Solace Among The People

Aregbesola: Redefining Development

Azaria Case Leaves Israel Exposed

Nigeria - Re: The Sole Administrator

The War Of A Dictator: Like Trump, Pinochet Ruled By Decree

Southern Zaria: Why CAN Should Beg for Peace

A Russian Constitution For Syria

Nigeria: Understanding Osun Workers'Salary Issues

We Want Peace, But Not At Expense Of Islam and Freedom: Civilians Sacrificial Lambs of American Drone Strikes

Palestinians Need More Than Grudging Unity To Save Them

Lessons Trump Can Learn From Obama

America First or IDF First? The Jewish State And Its Army Are A Priority

Spread The Happiness Around

APC Imbroglio: Is Bola Tinubu Guilty?

Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF): Routed and Collapsing

Trump's No 1 Enemy

Is US-UK Special Relationship Under Threat Under Trump Presidency?

Consolidating the Gains of the Fight against Corruption in Nigeria: The Need to Ban Convicted Looters from Holding Public Office for Life

Astana Talks - Low Expectations and Different Calculations

Sectarian Killings; A Dangerous Enemy Conspiracy

President Trump's Inauguration and the Day After!

David Icke And The Meaning Of Jewish Power

Is Nigeria Ready for Change?

President Trump: It's Too Early To Predict

Quwat Dir' Al-Qalamoun: Shifting Militia Links

What Message Does the Victorious Incursions of Helmand and Konduz Send to our Enemy

The Balancing Act is Over: What Elor Azaria Taught Us about Israel

In Umm al-Hiran, It Is A 'Continuing Nakba'

Trump's Wall Protectionism

Attacking Bahrain Season

Apocalypse Delayed: Syria, ISIS and the Kurds In The News Of Dabiq's Fall

Khamenei, Iranian Visionaries Fighting in Syria

Why Did the Al-Jazeera Expose Fail? The Jewish Lobby Infiltration Into British Politics

Universal Language of Poetry with an Iraqi Accent

Trump Will Not Make America Great Again

What If Trump Is Worse than Obama?

India run out, GST war on islam, Islamist leader Abdelilah Benkirane as Morocco Premier

Afghanistan: Let's Join Efforts in Winning our Independence

The Brits Start The Fire And Then Bail Out

Jeddah Municipality Awaits Fatwa On Rawdah Cemetery

Why the Fear-mongering? Only One Democratic State is Possible in Palestine and Israel

Stop Everything You Do and Watch This!!!

Agents Working For Iran: Spies For the Revolutionary Guards, The Leaders Of Iranian Terrorism

Israel-Palestine Conference In France: Focus On Future Palestine!

Obama's Wasted, Deadly, And Destructive Presidency

Why Are Americans Bombing Afghan Soldiers?

In Paris: Another Vanity Confab on Palestine

Israel's Never-ending Crimes: It's Not Just Settlements

Shocking Discrimination Against Obama And Trump!

Northern Syria ...Where To?

Iran's 'Revolutionary Guard'...a Terror Group?!

A Comment On The Khilafa Debate: Between Ustadh Abdul Rahman and Abu Baraa

There Is No Anti Semitism in Britain: The Plot Against Britain...

Copying The Communists

The Invaders Should Not Usurp the Legitimate Rights of the Afghan Muslim Nation Anymore: Fear in the Moribund Kabul Administration

Russia the New Regional Policeman?

Tensions in South Asia: Pakistan Releases 210 Indian Prisoners, Test-fires Multiple Target Nuclear Missile!

Is Trump Falling Into Line On Russia?

Obama and the Palestinian Fig Leaf

Netanyahu's Media Scandal: Who Bribed Whom?

Do We Have a Place in the Future?

Our Sudan! Appreciation Of Sudan's New Stands And Approaches

The Hidden War: Afghanistan, Taliban, Kabul Warlords and Americans

We Have Daesh And We Have Israel

Rebuilding Babri Mosque - Muslims Expect Justice From Judiciary Without Fearing Indian Secularism

The Archivist: Unseen Islamic State Regulations for the Mosul Operations

Hot Off The Press - Britain Pulled the Strings Behind Anti Settlement Resolution

It Doesn't Cost Anything To Be Civil

The Flight of the Afghan Youth from the Country, an Anathema: Anxiety of the Kabul Administration

Soleimani's Occupations by War, Peace or Agreements

Issues Before USA As Trump Inaugurates Presidency!

US Bombs And Anti-American Terrorism

2016 - The Year of Aleppo?

Afghanistan: Civilian Casualties Report 2016

Tribute to President Obama for his Glorious Legacy

The Political Trial of Anas Haqqani And The Reasons Behind It

Zarif - ''We Coordinated With Saudi Arabia in Lebanon''

Will The CIA Retaliate Against Trump?

Like Brexit and Trump, Azaria Verdict Exposes A Moment Of Transition In Israel

These Are Challenging Times

Khilafa - Is It A Thing That Is Declared Or Decided By The Situation?

Donald Trump Versus The CIA

Jibran - The Message of the Saudi People to the World

Sino-Indian Tensions! Dealing With Countries With Different Economic And Political Systems

The Despondency of Prisoners of War

1,000 Iranian Fighters Killed in Syria!

UN Resolution 2334 Is Good For Israel

Muhammad Al-Faisal Is Not Dead! The Second Son To King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud

Is the Russian Phoenix Really Rising?

The Passing Away Of A Famous Scholar, Sheikhul Salimullah Khan Sahib; Martyrdom of Noble Scholars In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

A Blessing in Disguise? The Trump Presidency May be Better for Palestine

Is Bombardment of Civilians not an Act of Terrorism? UN Experts Report is Mere a Baseless Claim

Iran Bids Obama Farewell with Insults

Ditch The CIA. The Pentagon, And The NSA

Obama - The Beginning And The End

Elor Azaria Case: 'No Hope Of Equality Before The Law'

The Arab World In 2017?

Turkey's Parliament Backs New Constitution! Erdogan's Rise To Power

Segregation Of The Medical Profession

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenary Forces (December 2016)

Mosul, Chances of Iran Being The 'Biggest Winner'

Iraqi Shiite Militias: Terrorists Should Not Receive Government's Cover

The Futile Propaganda of the Morale Sagging Enemy: the Issue of Afghanistan and the Western Media

With Trump the Pendulum Swings Away From Obama's Schemes

Concerning Deployment Of 300 American Troops To Helmand: Concerning The Latest Attack in Kandahar

Tandheem ad-Dawlah And Their Claim They Received Ba'yah From Ahl Hal Wal 'Aqd

Israel Urged To Apologise For Disappeared Babies

The Meaning of an Israeli Clash with an Islamic State Affiliate

Trump vs. The Fourth Estate

Palestine 2017: Time to Bid Farewell to Washington and Embrace the Globe

Imagine You were an Iraqi!

We Are All Palestinians: Examining Those ZioCon Wars, Fake News

Premises Of Trump's Foreign Policy Orientation And Future Of International Order - A Study In Trumpism!

Lebanon's Long Governmental Wait

Jeddah Airport: The 'World's Worst'!

Iran's Press Change Tune on the ''Nuke Deal''

Advice from Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi to the Mujahideen in Shaam

The Death of Tehran's Besieged Fox: Rafsanjani's Death Proves Tehran's Weakness And The Failure

Points of Paramount Importance in the Message of the Believing Leader

The Generational Divide: One Of The Differences Between IS And Al Qaedah

Dialogue With Iran is an Unrealistic Idea

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Governance in Islamic State Provinces Beyond Iraq and Syria

The 'New World Dis-Order': Western Liberalism Over Socialism

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Theresa May's Personal Message to the Jews

Assad Has Four Years Left

Trump and the Islamists!

The 15th Year of the Black Day of American Invasion

No ''Trump'' Sign on Obama's Ziggurat

Saudi Arabia: Road Safety Is In The Interest Of All

Taliban Over Tripartite Meeting in Moscow: Fictitious Report By The New York Times

Mideast Destabilized: Israel Fires Rockets Into Syria, Hitting Air Base Near Damascus!

Oman's Surprise! Consensual Accession To The Islamic Military Coalition

Navigating War: Has the War in Syria also Destroyed Journalism?

Use Performance Indicators To Reach Saudi Vision 2030 Goals

Guardian Newspaper Fails To Support Colleague Facing Deportation Threat From Israeli Government

Israeli Rabbis Launch War On Christmas Tree

The Difference between PMF and Awakening

Qatar... Soft Power! Happy National Day

9/11, an Incident and a Pretext

A Glimpse into Zionist Trolling Pathology -Part 1

The Trump Phenomenon: Trump's America in the 21st Century

Rouhani Tries to Salvage the Nuclear Deal With Obama

Indo-Pakistan Crossfires And Cross Border Trade In Kashmir!

Dividing or Sharing Syria?

Judging Every Person Who Is Killed By The Kuffar As A Martyr Requires Examination

The Future Approach Of al-Qaeda

Cold War II And The National Security State

Responsible Behavior Is Part Of Civic Duty

The Hacking of 2016 American Presidential Elections

Critics Warn US Could Adopt 'Pro-settler Agenda'

The Holy Prophet Muhammad: A Shining Example To Follow

Dissent in the Islamic State: Abu al-Faruq al-Masri's 'Message on the Manhaj'

Supreme Leader - Syria's War is Defensive

Where is Fatah Headed after Its Seventh Congress?

Jewish Power is now British Law - It's Official!

What Can We Do For Syria? Saudi Advices Were Ignored

Indian Politics: Rising Son Akhilesh Yadav UP CM Outsmarts His Own Promoter-father Mulayam Yadav!

The Collectivist Mindset In Age Of Empire

Liberating Mosul: The 5 Weaknesses of the Battle Plan

Our Request from Honorable Religious Scholars of the Islamic Ummah

Russia: The Old-New Official Enemy

Hillary Clinton - the Ideal Choice in Normal Circumstances

Do the Astana Talks Aim For a Truce or Syria's Surrender?

12 Rabiul-Awwal Festivities and Poverty in Pakistan

In October 2017, Will The CIA Regret Its Fight With Trump?

Let's Make Saudi Vision 2030 A Reality!

Pakistan Urges World To Pressure India To Hold Referendum In Kashmir!

The Journey Of Life Together: The State Of Matrimonial Harmony In Saudi Arabia

In The West Bank, Israel's 'Charity' Comes At A Price

United States of Detachment: The Fetish For Science And Technology

Trump Files: Tackling Russia

On Kashmir: Fighting For Sovereignty Is No Children's Game!

GCC — The Case For 'Unification'!

Karma Over Russia? If I Were Buddhist, I'd Say...

The Archivist: Stories of the Mujahideen - Women of the Islamic State

Trump May Find Nothing More to Offer Putin

Hold Your Applause, Fatah, the Palestinian Body Politic is Rotten to the Core

Prince Khalid al-Faisal in Lebanon

The Ongoing Catastrophe In Aleppo: 37th Anniversary Of Soviet Invasion

Trump Files: Regional Conflict

US President Elect Trump Owes To Bring Peace Between Israel And Palestine!

Analysis Of The Current Situation In The Global Jihad Total War

Turkey - The Terrorists' First Target

Demonetization as Indian tragedy: Modi's Silence On Specifics Of Black Money And Cash Curbs!

The Minorities in the Bigger Picture of the Levant

Pakistani International Plane Crashes With 48 On Board, Pop Singer Jamshed Among!

Israel National News Against GiladAtzmon - Dictionary ''A to Zion''

Impress People With Your Mind, Not Your Wealth!

The Horrific Consequences Of US Interventionism

Islam as I Understand It - Pakistani Diplomat, Writer

Turkey could mediate between India and Pakistan over Kashmir!

Lebanon Is Back! Decided To Return To Arab Family?

Message Of Islamic Emirate To The Noble Scholars Of The Islamic World Regarding The Possible Convention Of Scholars Summit

Dear Francois, You're Wrong on Syria

Bangladeshi Politics Mired In Regression

White House Eager To Save Middle East Peace Process!

2017 Might Be Better! Ray Of Hope Or Deceiving Mirage?

Less Symbolism, More Action: Towards Meaningful Solidarity with Palestine

The Walking Dead And America's Income-Tax Slavery

Russia, Europe, Iran and the Region

Lehava: Israel's 'Racist Lynch Mobs' Attacking Arabs

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenary Forces (November 2016)

Trump Files: Standing Up to Iran

Trump as President isn't Good News for Bashar Al-Assad

This Is How Corbyn Plans to Win British Workers

Why not Tunisia? The Turbulent Events Following The Revolution

State Of Palestine Is Likely To Become Reality Under Trump!

Donald Trump In The White House? Not To Worry!

A President 'Made in Lebanon and Abroad'

Donald Trump Showers Lavish Praise On Pakistan

The Cuban Embargo Destroyed American's Freedom

Russia's Options - Fighting or Negotiations

What Is Absurd About Murder?

Third Quarterly Report of (August, September and October 2016) by the 'Independent Organ of the Islamic Emirate for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties and Enquiry of Grievances'

End Of Obama Could Mean End of Trickery On Iran

Can President Trump end unrelenting repression in Kashmir?

OSU'S Foreign Policy Blowback

Trump Files: U.S.-Gulf Relations

US Intense Interest In Yemen!

''Come Back to Twitter'': A Jihadi Warning Against Telegram

Trump Promises New Start in US Foreign Policy

On Palestine, Obama and Trump Are All the Same

The Ethiopian Dam Between Egypt and Saudi Arabia

An Open Letter To President-Elect Trump

Surge of Russian Influence In West Asia At US Expense!

Islam is a Secular Religion

After Abbas: Who does Israel want to lead Palestinians?

The Archivist: Stories of the Mujahideen - Unseen Islamic State Biographies of Outstanding Members

Obama, Khamenei, Assad Share Cautious Optimism on Trump Presidency!

Bunkers and Meatheads: The Progressives, And The liberals The Bag Of Blind Spots

The Problem Is Foreign Interventionism, Not Muslims

Will There be a Turkey - Iraq War?

Justice for Palestine! Fictitious Pretext With Full US Backing

Ruling Regarding Women Traveling To The Land of Jihad

Trump Wins With Five ''Nos''

The US War Against Castro Comes To An End

Aleppo Under Siege: USA Lets Russia Claim Diplomatic Advantage!

The Fantasy At The Centre Of Israel's 'Muezzin Bill'

What Trump Victory Means To Us?

Obama's Middle East - Fettering and Collusion

Historic Step: UNSC Votes To End To Israeli Settlements In Palestine!

Reconstructing the Private Sector

Taking The Ritual Of Haj One Step Further

Statement Of Islamic Emirate Concerning Genocide Against The Weak Muslims Of Burma

Patriotism Is Action And Deeds, Not Hollow Words!

Will Trump's First Political Lesson Be Putin?

Cuban Revolutionary Fidel Castro, Former President, Dies Aged 90!

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Is Losing Its Luster

What Should Palestinians Expect - Can Trump Be Any Worse?

Does America Matter? Whether under Tramp or Clinton

Yemen- How Should We Deal With the Houthis?

The Israelis Cannot Muzzle Social Media

Don't Forget FDR's Authoritarianism: Trump's America

India: Income Tax Raids On Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Rao's Home And Office, Girija IAS Takes Charge As New CS

New Books on the Kingdom: Understanding and Misunderstanding

Ex-ambassador: Israel Used My Father To Cover Up Ethnic Cleansing

Yemen's Peace Roadmap: Feasible

Anti-Intervention And Pro-Freedom

Israel Cannot Silence Prayer Calls

Reading into Morocco's Successes

On Trump's Victory: JVP (also) Declares War On Trump

The Struggle For Trump's Mind

The Extremist Wing of the Islamic State

Egypt's Flirtation With the Syrian Regime

Best Candidate ...Obama's Departure

Al-Qa'ida Uncoupling: Jabhat al-Nusra's Rebranding as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham

Trump, Iran, and the Region!

Western Governments Terrorize Islamic Women!

Aoun, a Bridge for Whom?

Islamic Court of Justice — Born Dead?

Praying for Freedom: Why Is Israel Silencing the Call for Prayer in Jerusalem?

Michel Aoun in Iranian Media: from Warlord to Man of Peace

Donald Trump May Turn Out To Be A Better President!

Aleppo and the Syrian People at the Mercy of Washington's Barber

Trump And Allende: ''Temperamentally Unfit'' To Be President - Clinton

Killing Arafat: Does Abbas Have Any Evidence?

Will The Arabs Ever Learn?

Aleppo's Mistakes: In Front Of The Russian-Iranian Pro-Assad Coalition

Israel's Muezzin Bill Seeks 'Judaisation Of Jerusalem'

Refugee Crisis In Europe: Sources Complicating Refugee Crisis, Turkey's Role

Cholera During the War in Yemen

A Scorpion In Pakistani Politics

The UN Experts Report about Presence of Non-Afghan Mujahideen in Afghanistan: Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate Have No Problem With Anyone On Tajikistan Border

Moscow, Tehran Ponder Next Moves in Aleppo

France's Brave Position: The Iranian - Russian war in Syria

Trump's Supporters Don't Yet Get It

Why Netanyahu Should Fear What The Future Holds

The Infamy of the Palestinian Elites: An Imminent Split within Fatah?

Iran and the Struggle Caused by Opening Up

Trump's Foreign Policy: Four More Years Of Bush-Obama?

On Being Aloof and Democratic

Iran, U.S, and the False Neutralism!

European Union Nations To Remove Hamas, LTTE From Terror List!

Clinton or Trump - Better or Less Bad?

Conscription — Why Not? Agents And Militias Turning Region Into A War Zone

How and Why Donald Trump Won!

Returning to the Struggle Over Iraq

Why Was Russian Ambassador Killed In Turkey?

The Arab World Will Pay A Heavy Price

Iranian Trusteeship with Israel's Blessings

The World Will Not Die For Us

Afghanistan In The Month Of October 2016: Mujahidin and Modern Technology

The Moral Bankruptcy Of The Left

Israel 'Arm-twists' Artists To Perform In Settlements

Mosul and Aleppo: The War of Two Cities

Has al-Maqdisi Softened on the Islamic State? Four Scholars And A Fatwa

The Middle East Between Neo-Ottomans and Neo Safavids

Why Palestinians Want to Sue Britain

Which Muslims Are Against Trump?

Freedom, Despite A New Democratically Elected Dictator

How Do We Deal with Trump?

Trump: Don't Follow The Bush-Obama Foreign Polivy Legacy

October Boomerang: Top Five Donors To Clinton Campaign Are Jewish

Indian Politics, Fake Cricket Bowlers, Indian State Sponsored ISL Football Match Fixing!

US Election Day - Come Back America

Another US Massacre In Afghanistan

President Trump And Future Of US Foreign Policy

ISIS and Others Have Fallen in Mosul

American Elections are Complex and Mud-Throwing

Do Lebanon's Christians Know What They Are Doing?

Kashmir: Pakistan And India Mutually Expel Diplomats!

Iran's Dilemma After Aleppo

Jerusalem and Its Walls: UNESCO Refuses to Bow to Israeli Pressure

Saudi Arabia And Egypt — What If?

Iran Fears Being Side-lined by Russia in Syria

Antonio Guterres Replaces Ban Ki-moon As UN Chief, Says Peace Is His Top Priority!

How JASTA could be Read in Saudi Terms

Why Israel Is Blocking Access To Its Archives

Oman Between the Gulf and Iran

Change The Kafala System!

Purchasing Loyalty With Foreign Aid

BDS Changed its Goal Statement Once Again

President Trump And Future Of US Foreign Policy

Russia Raises Diplomatic Profile With Syrian Intervention!

Riyadh and the Gulf are in Danger

The US Government's Power To Assassinate

The War on UNESCO: Al-Aqsa Mosque is Palestinian and East Jerusalem is Illegally Occupied

Iran... We Don't Hate You!

How Trump Turned High Politics into Reality Television

Lawyers or Hoodlums! Lahore - Pakistani Judicial System

The First US - Houthi Confrontation

Will New US President Be Capable Of Reforming A Petrified America?

Syria - Yes, the Final Word is For the Field

A Syrian Wedding With the Bride and Groom in Geneva

Pakistan May Be Drifting Towards Another Martial Law!

Iran's Project - Becoming a Big Naval Police Force

Just Sot Surprised At Congress' Act

The Convoluted Discourse: Was The Women's Boat to Gaza an Existential Threat?

Justice against whom, America?

Battle for White House: Missing Issues From US 2016 Presidential Debates!

The ''Family'' Obama Says He Will Miss on Leaving the White House

The Philippines And The US Turn To Empire

The Meaning of Trump: Far More Interesting, No One Really Cares

Mosul: A Long-Awaited Offensive Now Fought by Sectarian Bigots

Hillary Clinton would be the Next President of USA

Hillary Clinton's Abuse Of Women

Trump Has Played a Useful Role

The Issue Of Ghanima (Spoils) For The Field Of Shaam

Yankee, Go Home! ...From The Philippines

Stop Facebook, Social Media Fake News

Is Pakistan Preparing Operational Plan For Indian Targets?

Saudi diplomatic drive from Beijing to New York

What Happens in Damascus Decides Syria's Fate

Invading Aleppo, Bidding Farewell for Obama

Shimon Peres, An Israeli Brand without Substance

Scud Missile Lands in Makkah Province

Ramification of Russo-Turkey Realignment for US Policy!

JASTA: 3 Scenarios for a Disputed Text

Significant Speech Silences Doubters

ISIS and Israel: Does ISIS's Rhetoric Match Its Strategic Reality?

A Dialogue With An Iranian Diplomat

Aleppo - the Aim is to Displace 250,000 People

Why Obama's Presidency Failed

A Glimpse into Jewish Guilt and Aggression

Indian Hindutva 'War' On Religious Rights: Muslim Body Rejects BJP Government's UCC!

How to Cuddle the Russian Bear

Ban Ki-moon's Legacy in Palestine: Failure in Words and Deeds

The Horror Of Endless Interventionism

Trying to Understand Syria: Attempt to Use Quds Day in Support of Assad Regime

Rewarding Iran and Punishing Saudi Arabia

JASTA: Misconceived and Stillborn, Can it Survive?

Contradictory Views About Republican Trump As US President!

United Kurdistan and a Partitioned Middle East

Yemen's Initiative Being Tested

Appalment and Brutality in Syria

Honoring Aylan Kurdi by Ending the War in Syria

Fate of Whistle-blower Divides American Media

How Much Does Trump Love Putin?

Royal Tour On Silk Road: A Tribute to The Saudi Vision 2030

Turkey Re-evaluates its Vital Interests

Obesity Is Taking Over America

Ceasefire in Yemen, Welcome!

Odeh Exposes The Myth Of Peres and Israel's 'Peace Camp'

Syria and the US Elections

Adnani And The Issue of Retreating

Last Premier before Iran's Revolution Passes Away

Kashmir: India To Boycott SAARC Summit In Islamabad

Be Humble, The Chair You Are Sitting On Is Temporary!

Donald Trump is No Match to Hillary's Caliber

Was it Assad or the Russians?

Bus Driver Union: "Dump Veolia"

Statement of Islamic Emirate Regarding 15th Anniversary of American Invasion

Iran - Rich and Submissive or Poor and Pure?

The Week That May Change History

Can Jews Ever Leave Their Cult?

Syria: Dark And Smoky Tunnel! Post Fragile Truce

Pervez Malik's Solution for Kashmir Issue

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenary Forces (September 2016)

Syria Policy in Flux in Washington, Moscow and Tehran

Muslims' God is Very Sensitive

Khomeinism is Malice

Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen, Sheikhul Hadith Hibatullah Akhundzada on the Eve of Eid-ul-Adha

The American System Reviews Itself

Jewish Bigotry on Speed? Just Check Out Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Answering The Doubts Regarding The Khalifa Who Takes Authority By Force

US Election - the Unloved Known and the Feared Unknown

Iran Since The Nuclear Deal With West

The Airstrike that Didn't Take Place

Shimon Peres Obituary: Peacemaker Or War Criminal?

A Response To The Article Titled ''The Hypocrisy of Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi''

The Mullah, the Prince and the Taqiyah Trap

The First Presidential Debate Between Donald and Hillary

U.N. Refugee Summit ...Numbers Don't Lie

Jahar: Short Film Review

But Allah Came To Them From Where They Did Not Expect: Glad Tidings To Cool The Hearts

Erdogan keeping a 'Five-Months' Distance

Why Trump And Clinton Have Gotten On Top

US Presidency 2016: If Hillary Wins, Peace Postponed In West Asia, Israel Genocides in Palestine Gaza!

US Media Learning to Live with the Trump Nightmare

Goyim Must Obey: The British Labour Party Constantly Accused Of Being Anti-Semitic

Marring its Image, Holding the Saudi Kingdom Accountable

In The Middle East — Peace At Last?

India and Pakistan On Warpath Once Again!

Who Are The Real Enemies Of India And Pakistan?

Hajj Amidst the Saudi - Iranian Dispute

Kashmir: Do USA and China misuse India and Pakistan?

Is Israel Pushing for a Palestinian Civil War?

Trump Too Leads a ''Resentment Rainbow''

Truce And Violation In Syria: USA-Russia Clash, UN Helpless, Genocides Likely To Continue!

More Terrorist Blowback In New York And New Jersey

There is a Solution for Syria in Hangzhou

Yawn... Jews Are Furious Once Again

Sacrifice and Brutality to the Animals: A Mess Of Very Fundamental Religious Obligation

Palestinians Lose In US Military Aid Deal With Israel

America and Obama's Resentment Rainbow

Colonia Dignidad

Iran's Terrorism in the New York Times

Jihad Jane: A Special Prison Visit

The Cost of the Arab Spring is Half a Trillion Dollars

How Stable Are US-Turkey Relations? US Double Speak

Turkey Re-evaluates its Vital Interests

Advisors on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz and Fatemi are Dummies

The Native American, the Palestinian: A Spirited Fight for Justice

The Wandering Jew: Characteristics Associated With Jewish Culture And Identity

American Muslims Were Relieved Eid al-Adha Didn't Fall On September - 11 Hoax!

Ignorance, Extremism Fall Under Same Category

How Israel Aims To Redefine 'Ethnic Cleansing'

Turkish Military Presence in Syria Worries Iran

Iran: Former President Ahmadinejad May Stand For Presidency Again!

Unjust Condemnation and Verdict By Amnesty International; Military Aid To The Kabul Administration By The Indian Government

General Raheel Sharif Ought to Be Given Two Years' Extension

Demo Condemns Extra Judicial Killing of Usaamah Rahim

US Election? For Arabs It Doesn't Matter Who Wins

Republic, Not Empire

India's Patriotic Cow! They Wound Muslims To Follow RSS Laws

Yemen and the Idea of Fighting ISIS

9/11 Evil Did Not Cancel Pre-9/11

Is Israel On The Brink Of Tearing Itself Asunder?

Syria - Why Assad Has Become Irrelevant

Is Bibi A Lizard? The Zionist Precept Of Which PM Netanyahu Is A Devout Follower

Palestine: UN Envoy Report Critical Of Zionist Criminal Regime!

Afghanistan In The Month Of August (2016): Admission Of Defeat By The Enemy

Pilgrimage: Islamic Faith And The Purpose of Holy Hajj

Riyad Hijab - ''We Don't Want Another Saleh''

61,000 Iranians Forced to Pay for Their Regime's Wrongdoing

Detroit, Michigan: The Shocking Case of Lacino Hamilton

Lieberman's War on Everything Palestinian - and Why He Will Fail

What Is Right With Lebanon?

Quit Kashmir Movement In Kashmir - Is It A Mere Gimmick And A Bit Late Call?

An Exceptional And Indispensable Nation

Iran and Russia: Old Enemies, New Allies

Reply To One Who Wants To Go To Jihad But Is Unsure About ISIS

Differences between AQ (Al-Qaida) and ISIS

US Nuclear Weapons In Turkey? Didn't JFK Order Their Removal?

Will Israel Be Put On Trial For War Crimes?

What Is Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri Up-to?

Turkey's Battle in Syria

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Mercenary Forces (August 2016)

America's Communist Program

Why Can Hillary Clinton Not Be US President?

Iran Needs to Bury Khomeini's Ghost

Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Joulani: The Russian Intervention - the Last Arrow

Utopia, Nostalgia and the Jew

Large Protest Against Police Brutality Ignored by the Media

Response To The Latest Speech Of The Gangster (Adnani)

The Latest Outburst of Altaf Hussain And Its Fallout

Carrot And Stick Carve-Up Will Not Work For Israel

Kashmir: Need To Heal The Wounds Of Largest Militarized Zone In The World!

Ten Advices To The Revolutionaries Of Egypt: The Culture of Martyrdom

Obama's Condor

Iran: Russia's New Aircraft Carrier in the Mideast

Second Quarterly Report by Department for the Prevention of Civilian Casualties

Jabhat An-Nusra Rebrands As Jabhat Fath As-Sham: 'To Safeguard The Jihad In As-Sham, Righteously And Strong'

Jabhat Fath as-Sham ~ Founding Declaration: FathAlSham Formerly An-Nusra

SyaikhAbdullahAl-Muhaysini: Before The Ship Sinks!

Thoughts On The Ideology Of The Global Jihad Movement Embodied By Al-Qaeda 4

Jabhat Fath as-Sham ~ Last Video Message of Abū Muhammad al-Jūlānī as Leader Of Jabhat an-Nusra

Independence, a Natural Right of the Afghan Mujahid Nation

Turkey-Russia Relations: US refusal to Support Turkish Stand in Syrian War

Mideast: Israel With US Backing Prolongs Conflict With Palestine As State Policy!

Jabhat an-Nusra (Now Jabhat Fath as-Sham) ~ Audio Message by Shaykh Ahmad Hassan Abu al-Khayr

The Agenda Behind The Hostile Attack On Dr. Zakir Naik


Jabhat Fath as-Sham (Formerly Jabhat an-Nusra) ~ Their Perfect Timing For An Unpredicted Decision

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Stooge Forces (July 2016)

Saudi Vision 2030 Requires Comprehensive Implementation

Iran's Executions And World Complacency! Killing Sunni Muslims For Resisting The Regime

US Presidency 2016: Trump Rightly Calls Hillary A Devil

Thoughts On The Ideology Of The Global Jihad Movement Embodied By Al-Qaeda 3

The Nigeria Consulate, Saudi Arabia: A Centre Of Ridiculousness

A Deadly Threat! The Deteriorating Political And Economic Situation in The Arab World

A Plea For Help: To The Saudi Minister - Alleviate The Suffering Of Over 800 Stranded Foreigners

Invaders and Kabul Regime Are Responsible For 78% Civilian Casualties

Hezbollah's Extended Hands! So Would Saudi Arabia Talk To Hasan Nasrallah?

Post-coup Scenario: Turkish President Erdogan To Visit Russia On August 09

Thoughts On The Ideology Of The Global Jihad Movement Embodied By Al-Qaeda 2

Nigeria: Welcoming Back Our Politicians Who Went On Umrah

Daesh At Home! Need For A Comprehensive Social, Religious And Psychological Study Of The Phenomenon

Pakistan Should Bat For An independent Kashmir!

Taking Vengeance From The Prisoners Is The Sign of Cowardice And Downfall!!

TTP's Statement Regarding The Un-Islamic Attack At Bacha Khan University In Charsaddah

Thoughts On The Ideology Of The Global Jihad Movement Embodied By Al-Qaeda 1

Turkey Real Winner! Turkey's Stability, Strength, Prosperity And Progress Viable And Critical

Military Coup In Turkey: President Erdogan Owes To Punish The Culprits!

Statement Regarding Passing Away Of Mawlawi Muhammad Umar Hanif, Member of The Central Darul Ifta Committee of the Islamic Emirate

New Dynamism in Russia-Turkey Relations?

Clear Political Policy of the Islamic Emirate

US Presidency 2016: Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton An American Devil

Islamization of Turkey In The Post Coup Atmosphere!

Free Iran! The Iranian People's Grievances Real And Internationally Documented

Who Instigated Coup in Turkey?

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Stooge Forces (June 2016)

What Does Israeli Occupation Of Palestine Really Mean?

The Cart Before The Horse: Saudi Aviation - Bureaucrat Upon Bureaucrat

Turkey Returns To Normalcy Under Emergency, After Coup!

Al-Maqalat Forwarding: Aleppo - Some Clarity in The Confusion

Books—endangered Species? With Vision 2030, There Is New Focus On Reading Habits

Why Do Palestine Youth Attack Powerful Israeli Army?

Afghan Refugees Should Not Be Made Prey Of Inter-State Politics

Between The Two Points Of Darkness: From Birth To Death

State Terrorism: Kashmir Erupts Naturally - India Needs To Consider Indexit!

Another Positive Step for the Reduction of Civilian Casualties

Happy Ramadan: Essence of Eid al-Fitr

Invitation By Islamic Emirate To Workers Of Invaders And Kabul Administration

Al-Maqalat Series: The Muslim Revolutions - Breaking The Chains Of Despair

Mideast Peace: UNSC Should Act To Freeze Israeli Settlements In West Bank!

NATO Threatens Russia With Invasion!

The Holy Land's Destiny: The Muslim Ummah Is Facing Internal And External Existential Threats

Turkey's Pragmatism May Help Reset Strained Ties With Egypt!

A Bright Sunni-Shiite 'Selfie'! Totally Confused, Overwhelmed And Upset

Kashmir Crisis: At Least 20 Dead Due To Violence Over Burhan Wani's Murder!

On the Cusp of Change - Walnut Distribution in Tadmamt, Al Haouz

Ramadan, a Month of Victories and Success

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Stooge Forces (April 2016)

Turkey's Foreign Policy Reorientation! Problem Of Assertive Diplomacy

The Kabul Regime Adding Fuel To The Fire Of War

Islam: Change In The Mind And Life of Muslims by Ramadan Fasting!

Prevention of Civilian Casualties, an Important Objective of the Current Jihad

Indo-US Targets Pakistan! Friendly Destabilization

Statement of Islamic Emirate Regarding Non-interference in Internal Affairs of Others

The Boeing Blow: Doubts About The Iranian Government's Behaviour - Nuclear Production

Explosion Near Saudi's Madina Holy Site!

Ban Ki-moon And His Bosses! Responsible For The Miseries And Atrocities Brought Upon Innocent Yemenis

India Belongs To All! Muslims Part Of India, Its Heritage And Its Political And Economic History

Mideast: Israel Resumes Terror Attack On Gaza People!

Seamless Flow Of Pledges Proves Deep Strength Of The Emirate

Turkey: Why Did Erdogan Replace Davutoglu As Premier?

Statement By The Leadership Council of Islamic Emirate Regarding The Martyrdom of Amir ul Mumineen Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour And The Election of The New Leader

Haj, Iran And Lies: Is It That Iran Doesn't Really Care For Haj?

Remarks By Spokesman Of Islamic Emirate Concerning Execution Of 6 Imprisoned Mujahideen

Importance of Mosques For Imparting Proper Islamic Worship And Knowledge!

Between Despondency And Hope In Morocco's Oriental Region

Kabul Regime And Freedom Of Expression

My Distaste For Professionals' Associations Or Trade Unions In Nigeria

Remarks By Spokesman of Islamic Emirate Concerning Claims About Surrender of Mujahideen in Darah Suf and Reduction in Operations

Why is ISIS Attacking Turkey? Perhaps Retaliation For Turkey Blocking Its Funding

The 'Fifth Storm'! The 14 Months Since King Salman Ascended The Throne, Wwitnessing Three Other Major Transformations

Court Rejects Red Sea Islands Transfer From Egypt To Saudi Arabia - A New Conspiracy?

Are The Arabs Asking For Too Much? They Want To Live

A Plausible And Genuine Way For Peace In The Country

US Senate Blocks Military Aid To Pakistan! Capitalists Run Politics Only For Profits!

The Real Definition Of ''Salmanism''! Warning To Iran's mouthpieces, Arab Stooges And Terrorists

The Saudi Binladin Group Deserves Support - Let The Truth Be Told

The US Presidential Election - the Show is Not Over Yet

Open Letter By The Families of Vulnerable Prisoners To The UN And Secretary General Of NATO Concerning Appalling Treatment Of Detainees

Troubled Islamic Path of Indonesia, Malaysia!

Statement of Islamic Emirate Concerning Expansion of US Military Role By Obama To Kill Afghans

What A Time! What A World! The Muslim World Is Awakening

French Led Peace Initiative: Arab League Debates Israel-Palestine Conflict

Obama's Failed Diplomacy in Israel: Will Obama Revise Petrified US Policy for Palestine At Least Now?

Remarks By Spokesman Of Islamic Emirate Concerning Visit By The US Secretary Of Defense

Pakistan May Have To Change Its Stained Foreign Policy!

Why Egypt? ...And The Pharaoh Land Became A Minaret Of Islamic Enlightenment

Pakistani Origin Sadiq Khan Sworn In As London's First Muslim Mayor!

Is There An Arab World? Arabism From The Ottoman Empire To The Sykes-Picot Agreement

Colonialism vs. Humanity: Are Palestinians, Afghans, Kashmiris The Terrorists? - An Enquiry!

Message of Condolence By Islamic Emirate Concerning Attack In The Prophet's Mosque

'Green Card' For Expats A Strategic Plan

Anti-Pakistanism: Has India Gone On The Back Foot Now?

AQIM's Statement Regarding The Burkina Faso Raid When Muslim Africa Took Revenge For Its Victims

Saudi Softpower vs. Zion-Iran Media: When King Salman Holds The Flag, The Muslim Ummah Rallies Around Him

Saudi Arabia Must Build New Strategies To Deal With The Paradigm Shift

Emerging Saudi Egypt Relations!

Talks Between The Islamic Emirate And Russia Against Daesh Has No Reality

Let Foreign Students Study In Saudi Universities

Saudi King Abdulaziz visits Turkey To Boost Ties, Stabilize Regional Peace!

Africa: Our New Frontier! Saudi-African Councils To Regulate Bilateral Relations

The Way Indian Hindus Treat Kashmiris In Kashmir...!

My Favorite Tea: In Order To Live With Fewer Troubles

Modi's Double Personality: Image Making vs. Sincerity

Jihad And Immediate Implementation Of Shariah

Rohingya Muslims: The World's Most Persecuted Minority

Mr Obama, We are Not 'Free Riders'

America Chose the Wrong Place for their Fight against Terrorism

An Interview With Moulavi Abdul Rahman, The Jihadi In-charge Of Jowzjan Province

War Crimes Of Foreign Invaders And Their Internal Stooge Forces (February 2016)

Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Founder of Pakistan

Islamic Emirate's Crystal Clear Policy

America's Anxiety Bodes An Ill-omen For The Unity Regime

Between Despondency And Hope in Morocco's Oriental Region

Rights of women on International Women's Day

Munich ''Ceasefire'' isn't Realistic

The Ridicule Of General Campbell

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