Articles By Karima Saifullah


Gazans again crushed by Israel: Even the gravediggers facing problems

U.S.-Egypt ties: Cool or cordial? Americans reducing leverage on the Nile

Quality of faith: How Islam influenced the European renaissance

Social values: The glue that holds Muslims together - a priority

Islam's easiest form of charity: Smiling in the face of your brother

Iraqis turning against U.S.-led "militias" - Inflicting defeat

Gaza veiled women joining the police force since Hamas' takeover

The story of a Palestinian girl paralyzed by an Israeli attack

Arabs' visit to Israel: Diplomatic milestone or photo opportunity?

Half-naked soldiers: Israel's latest propaganda campaign

West Bank wall: State-sponsored land grab

Israel's "sadistic torture" of Palestinians

Oil helps Sudan avoid sanctions' pain

Nahr El-Bared fighters: U.S. protégé?

Pro-Israeli groups' "vilification" campaign against Muslims

Arabs' disappointment over Gaza turmoil

It's time for the UN to lead Middle East peace drive

Israel routinely abuses Palestinian prisoners

Anbar's Sunni police force: A role model to look up to

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