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Confused About Women Covering Their Faces (Using The Veil): Hijab Even If To Be Harmed Because Of That

The Wife Of Your Wife's Father (Your Wife's Stepmother) Is Not A Mahram For You

Achieving Victory With Tawheed: Still Doubting Jihad The Highest Good Deed

Why Is Iran Scared To Execute Sakineh? A War Against This Barbaric Regime

The Cost of Israel to US Taxpayers: Hiding AIPAC's Tracks, Shocking Comparisons

A Jewish Woman Thinking About Embracing Islam: After A Research In The US On Different Religions

Surviving Onslaught Of Enemies Within: The Administration Of Mallam Ibrahim Shejkarau (I)

Is My Husband A Mahram For My Brother's Daughter Whom I Brought Up?

Pentagon And NATO Apply Afghanistan-Pakistan War Model To Africa

Press Release To EsinIslam from Dr. Saeb Erakat - January 9, 2011 Arabic And English

Lanny Davis: Lobbyist For Despots - Practictioner Of Distortion, Misinformation, And Bald-faced Lies

Muslims In America Are In Need Of Help - Fight Islamophobia: Letter From America

Abbas Is Naive: Colluding With The Zionist Entity To Further Torment The Palestinians

Aspects Of Islamic Faith — 87: Charity Given Without Permission

I Am Happy To Give The Most Expensive, My Soul, In The Way Of Allah (swt) - The Last Will of the First Sister Who Attacked Moscow

A Woman's Maternal Uncle Is A Mahram And It Is Permissible For Him To Be Alone With Her

De-radicalization, The Effort To Extinguish: The Light Of Shari'a And Jihad In Indonesia

Iran: Foreign Insults Reveal Internal Crisis - An Escalation By The Iranian Media Against Saudi Arabia

The Seduction of the Knowledge-Based Society: How Zionists Corrupt Knowledge

Polls: 'Democracy' Vs Development - Africa And The Western Imperial Plots

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) — 56: The Nature Of Islamic Marriage

Kashmiris Remain Defiant Despite Indian Brutality

Fidau Feast Is Prohibited: Fidau Prayer Is A Bid'ah Not A Practice Of The Prophet

Jonathan Goodluck And PDP Presidential Primaries: Issues And the Probable Outcome

Shield Act Targets First Amendment Freedoms: Congressional Research Service Analysis

Networks Of Empire And Realignments Of World Power: The Central Role of Collaborators

Should She Wear Hijab Even Though Her Family Will Be Harmed Because Of That?

"Happy As A Hangman": The American Corporate Systems - Pollute, Impoverish, Maim And Kill

Fatah Hounds Dahlan: In The Crosshairs Of Fatah's Old Guard Leaders

2011 Will Be The Year of Victory For The Afghan Mujahid People

She Lives In A Mixed Family Home - Should She Wear The Niqaab All Day?

Militarization Of Energy Policy: U.S. Africa Command And Gulf Of Guinea

Nations And Their Images In The Media: Rightwing Forces In The West

Kano And The Politics Of Treachery: Munafiqoons i.e Hypocrites And Nigerian Politics

Israel's Knesset Targets Leftist Organizations: Gideon Levy's Critical Op-Ed

Gbagbo Daring The International Community: Allassane Ouattara's Decisive Victory

V for Zionism: Hollywood, Zionist Controlled, Helps Propagate Zionism Agenda

The United Nations Threatens World With Hunger

Declaring Palestine: Revisiting Hope And Failure

Afghan Mujahidun Reaction To Senator Lindsay Graham Remarks To Maintain Us Permanent Bases in Afghanistan

Waging War on American Workers: A New Congress Highlights An Accelerated Ruinous Path

If Israel Stalls Peace, Palestinians Have Options: Free Palestinians

Elite Openly Flaunts Plan To Turn Cities Into High-Tech Slave Grids

Of Course, Israel Is Egypt's Enemy: Encouraging Copts To Rise Up Against The Government

U.S. Employs Afghan War To Build Global NATO

Tunisia's Crisis: Searching for Islamists - Other Saudi Perspectives

Guns and Terrorism: Two Unasked Question In Tucson Mass Murder

GOP Sell-out: Teabaggers Shoulda Become Progressives Instead

Besieged Gaza Two Years After Cast Lead: Preventing Gaza's Reconstruction - Ongoing Gaza Displacement

Copts Torturing Muslim Women In Monastery Prison Attacked In Alexandria

Commonsense Money: Tomorrow's Commodity Today - All Debt-Based?

Permanent Debt Bondage From America's Student Loan Racket

What Has The Saudi Minister Of Information Done? Restructuring Media Practices On The Internet

Israeli Or Iran: Who Is A Real Threat To The World - Supporter of Iran Perspectives

A Profound And Jarring Disconnect: America - What's Wrong With This Picture?

Surprise! Republicans Are Caving Already: Look At All The Brouhaha Over Obamacare

Annabel Melongo: Victimized And Imprisoned - Background on Melongo, SALF and Spizzirri

Dawn Treader: Applying For The Next Flotilla To Gaza

To the Egyptians: Take an Honest Stand - To Hell With Egypt?

Israel's Barbaric Solitary Confinement: Palestinians are Frequent Victims

EU's Superpower Ambitions Unlikely To Materialize: The Bigger Picture

The Ahaadeeth About The Mahdi And The Descent Of 'Eesa (a.s.) Are Not A Reason To Stop (Jihad) Striving

On The Path of Victory (1): The Blazing Light In Inciting for Jihad - Abu Qandahar al-Zarqawi

Islamophobia in Western Media: Anti-Islam Eight Components, Characterizing Islam, Islamophobia Defined

Is It Permissible For Us To Gather On New Year's Eve To Remember Allah, Offer Supplication (Du'aa') And Read Qur'aan?

Hail To The Chief: Spinning Obama's Presidency - Reality Exposes Media Crafted Illusions

Should She Delay Marriage So That She Can Complete Memorising The Qur'aan And Strive Hard In Seeking Knowledge?

Zoning Or No Zoning, The Exalted Seat Is Ours For Take!

A Touching Reflection On Aafia Siddiqui ... By Someone Who Knew Her Well

American Nightmare For American Indians - The American Dream

Aspects of Islamic Faith — 86: How Charity Grows In God's Measure

Defence Letter Of Ustadz Aman: The Guilty One Is Fir'aun, Not Us

Obama Year Two: Continued Betrayal and Failure (Part II) An Assessment Of The President

He Does Not Allow His Wife To Appear In Front Of His Brothers

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) — 55: Marriage: The Right Course For Humanity

Jesus Recruited For 'Ethnic Cleansing' Forest: God-TV helps Israel oust Bedouin

Ruling On Putting Money On The MasterCard And Then Buying Goods With It

Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen And Hizbul Islami 1432 H - "The year of Unity"

Police Rape Case: Can Maimuna Get Justice? Unfolding Plight Of A Young Nigerian Muslim Girl

The Hidden And The Proclaimed: Western Fascist Values, Self-righteous Moralism, Democracy

Colonialism Is The Real Enemy: The European Powers Of The Day - The End of History

Rise Of Hindu Fascism In India Threatens Muslims: Sacrificing Muslims For The Rupee Bonanza

2010 News Round-up, Profiles, Quotes: Troubled Times- - Reviews Of The World

New Year To Mark Intensification Of West's War In Afghanistan And Pakistan

You Are The Cause Of All The Troubles In The World - America

Discussing Homosexuality In The Al-Qasim Desert, Saudi Arabia

She Makes Cards For Festivals And Sells Them - Is That Permissible

The Enemy Within: The People in Between, Imbedded Inside, A Global Sanhedrin

When the Dead are Living and the Living are Dead - The Afghan Mujahidun

Hail To the Thief: The New York Times Defends Mikhail Khodorkovsky

The Collapsing Hegemony Of The West - Iranian Perspective

Washington Uses Arms Sales To Achieve Global Supremacy

Thoughts On Fighting Corruption: Nigerian Economics Game Theory - Nash Equilibrium

Palestine Today: A Reality of Justice Denied - Israel's Self-Destructive Politics

Tunisia: A Warning to Others - The Loss Of Governmental Credibility

Child Slavery in Las Vegas' Seedy (Not-so) Under World

The Condemnation Of The 31st Anniversary Of The Red Army Invasion Of Afghanistan

Sudan: The Imperfect Islamic Republic - The Prerequisites For Implementing Islamic Shariaa Law

Israel Hardens Repression as Palestinian Recognition Increases

Guess What? Jesus Ain't Gonna Save Us - Confucius Aren't Going To Save Them

Mafia-controlled Russia Was And Is A Hyphenated 'Democracy'

Aspects Of Islamic Faith — 85: Poisoned Money

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: October 7 is Continuation of December 27

Indian Army Officer Behind Mosque Bombing In Malegoan

Obama Year Two: Continued Betrayal and Failure (Part I) - An Assessment Of The President

A Lesson From A US Cable And The Egyptian Army! WikiLeaks, Again

Morality vs. Material Interests - Myths Of Our Time

Sales Of Baseball Bats Sharply Risen In Moscow - The KGB Islamophobist Agents

5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam

America's Gulf: New Report Says It's Dying - Three Different Gulf Disasters

Cruel! Ustadz Aman Abdurrahman Sentenced To 9 Years In Jail

Injustice for All: Obama's Immigration Agenda: Immigrant Report Findings

A Commonsense Solar Defense: A New Form of Defense, In Defense of Empathy

The History of Christmas and Its Pagan Origins - Christendom Perspectives

2011: U.S. And NATO To Extend And Expand Afghan War

Hope in 2011: Peoples, Civil Society Stand Tall

Kremlin Looses Control Of Its 'Controlled Nationalism'

2011: Should We Be Worried? Arabian Gulf Perspectives

Supporters Demand Justice for Aafia Siddiqui: Report from Lahore, Pakistan

Letter From Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir: Densus 88 Are Enemies Of Allah And His Rasul

Eight Homeless Youth Die in New Orleans Fire - What Does It Say About US?

America's Gulf Disaster: Accidental Or Deliberate?

70 percent Russians vote for independence of Caucasus Emirate

America's Looted Generation: The Kids Are NOT Alright!

Obama's Annual Review of the Afghanistan Strategy Inflated and Wishful

Don't Go, Don't Kill: The US Military Policy Of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Rising Poverty In America and Israel: US Families Struggle To Meet Basic Needs

Whitewashing Defeat: Obama's Indecisiveness Defines His Presidency

Ruling On The Muslims Celebrating At The Time Of Christmas And Decorating Their Homes With Balloons

Martyrdom Of Commander Dhia al-Deen, Military Official For Faryab Province

Should He Respond To Non-Muslims When They Wish Him A Happy New Year?

Resisting Tyranny: A Universal Right - In Face Of Slavery And America's Wars

Ruling On Celebrating Non-Muslim Holidays And Congratulating Them

What The Qur'an Teaches: Affluence And People's Behavior

10 Methods to Detect And Foil the Plots of Spies - Know The Agents Of Evil

Can She Attend Christmas Celebrations In Order To Greet Her Relatives?

Zero Interest Banking in Nigeria: Identifying a Sustainable Module

Ahmadinejad Is Truly Brave: Having To Give Up Rice And Shish Kebab's

Is It Permissible For Him To Sell Gifts That Have To Do With Kaafir Festivals? Muslims And Christmas Bargain Sales

Where Will We Fight Our Next War? [Arab] Governments Need To Start Preparing Today

America's War on Islam: New Republican Offensive Planned

Why Is Israeli Spy Jonathan Pollard Back In the News? Part Of A Rogue Operation

His Company Gives Its Employees A Christmas Bonus: Entering Into Business Partnership With Kuffars

Re: What Is Shekarau Leaving Behind? Nigeria's Kano Statel Leadership

Zimbabwean Election 2011: UK/US Nightmare - Morgan Tsvangirai's Massive Shortcomings

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) — 54: Remembering God In All Situations

Collecting Donations To Give Gifts To Poor Families At Christmas - Joint Ventures With Kuffars

Hezbollah: "Sisterly" Iran To The Rescue - What Will Damascus Do?

Obama's Liberty Problem: Why Indefinite Detention by Executive Order Should Scare the Hell Out of People

Spoiling For A Fight? Waging Imperial Wars For Global Dominance Called Peace, Stability And Democracy

Imperial Terrorism In Italy - Bomb them into the Stone Age!

She Became Muslim But Her Husband Did Not; Is It Allowed For Her Not To Stop Living With Him Because Of His Poor Health And Her Financial Situation?

Ruling On Taking Sinners As Friends - Sins Are Of Two Types

Will Al-Salehi Repair Relations? The New Iranian Foreign Minister And His Country's Neighbours

What The Qur'an Teaches: God's Word Of Truth

Densus 88 Wants To 'Remove' Ustadz Aman? A Mujahid Imprisoned In The Polres Of West Jakarta

Police State Injustice: Canada's Security Certificate Process

Is Saying To A Kaafir "I Wish You Well" Or "I Wish You All The Best" On His Festival Regarded As Congratulating Him?

Insisting on Their Humanity: 'The Plight of the Palestinians'

"New START" Ratification Likely End of Obama's "Disarmament Vision," And Of Arms Control Era, As New Political Alignments, Fresh Crises Loom

Start Treaty Hypocrisy: Obama's Urgency, Failure And Russia's Peace, Democracy

Message From Supreme Judge of the Caucasus Emirate To Muslims

A Kaafir Or Evildoer Should Not Be Addressed As Sayyid: Taking Sinners As Friends

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 53: Who Were Prophet's Enemies?

This is the True Shame, Mr. President: The "Ahdam Shi" Digest Something

Israel's Sham Democracy: Institutionalizing Apartheid in Israel, Rabbis Endorsing Racism

Why Have Muslims Who Knew Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Been So Silent?

NATO Decision To Withdraw In 2014 Would Not Deter The Afghans From Waging Jihad

NATO Trains Afghan Army To Guard Asian Pipeline

O Holy Night: Beaten And Jailed In Bethlehem... - Israeli Illegal Seizure And Bulldozing

Tadzkirah By Ansarut Tauhid For The Citizens And Rulers Of This Beautiful Country But Continually Afflicted By Disasters

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 84: When Regret Avails Nothing

The Hariri Tribunal: In Hezbollah's Interests? Explicit Blackmailing

Social Inequality In Israel: Taub Center Study - Adva Center Report

An Apology…And A Call For Ablutions

Poor Aisha Or A Patsy In US Political Ploys And Propaganda Machine

A "Hollywood Ending' For America: How Much More Of Your Family's Blood And Treasure...?

Has the Nile Water War Begun? Tributary Runs Through Ethiopia

My Memories Of Aafia In Boston - El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan's Second Commentary

Zimbabwe And The Steep Road To Vindication: Acceptable And Imposed Imperial Narrative

Afghans: Victimized by Conflict, Occupation, Extreme Deprivation and Genocide

Law To Keep Jews And Arabs Apart: Apartheid Israel-Style

America Unplugged: Obama Santa Schedule - US Christmas Wishes Coming True

Why The West Is Terrorizing Muslims? Imperial Racist Dogmas And Media

Exposed: Rise of Christian nationalism in Canada in The Armageddon Factor

Rabbis On Meaning of Christmas: The Downward Mobility of Good at Christmas

Jews, Judaism And Jewishness: The People, The Religion, The Ideology

U.S. Prepares For New Decade Of War In Asia

A Story Told By Mujahidun Doctor Upon Her Return From Maluku

Interpreting WikiLeaks: The Saudi Veracity Of Everything That Has Been Revealed

More On Haiti's Raging Cholera, Electoral Fraud and Deportations

Zionist Lobby's New Orders For Obama: An Indication Of AIPAC Panic

Inside The Moral Corruption Of Israeli Society: Zionist National Psyche

BDS Update: 'Besiege Your Siege!' - Isolate Israel Through Boycott, Divestment And Sanctions

WikiLeaks And Myth Of Western Press Freedom: Africans Vindicated

Israel's War On Jerusalem Children: 1,200 Arrested In Year

Updating Mohamed Harkat's Persecution: Targeted for His Faith and Ethnicity

U.S. Builds Military Alliance With Japan, South Korea For War In The East

Afghan Mujahidun Declare: Al Aqsa Weeping For Another Ayubi…

Bestial Moscow Police Beat Russian Children Demanding Independence For Caucasus

Pentagon's Frustration And Obama's Expectations During The Night Stopover

Chavez Given Enabling Law Power: How It Works

The United States of War Criminals: Bush Then Obama - Crimes Are Crimes No Matter Who Does Them

Revealing Facts or Establishing Them? WikiLeaks. Why and How?

Cover-ups, Coups, and Drones - A Holiday Sampler of What Wikileaks Reveals about the US

Net Neutrality Threatened (Part II): New FCC Proposal Threatens Online Freedoms

Deflation, Inflation - Take Your Pick: Dollar Infatuation = Deflation or Inflation

The Moral Relativism of U.S. Interventionists

An Interview With The Deputy Official For Jihadist Affairs In Badakhshan Province, Al-Maulavi Fadl Ahmed

Israel's Jerusalem Master Plan 2020: East Jerusalem Home Demolitions

More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims - Challenge UN IPCC & Gore

Why Are Wars Not Being Reported Honestly?

WikiLeaks Indicts, Vindicates U.S. Diplomats

Who's in Charge of Iran's Foreign Policy?

The Dictatorship of America's Aristocracy: Another Perspective on Obama's Deal

A Missing Wikileak: All Roads Lead To Tel Aviv

Two Messages on the need for Faith, Awareness, and Anger Management

The Afghan Mujahidun: The Shameful Consequence of the phony Negotiation

America's Dirty Secret: AfPak War Not Winnable - New Intelligence Reports Give Grim Assessments

FBI: Peace Activism May Now be Criminal" - What We Must Do

Federal Court Blocks Obama Administration Attempt To Spy On Cell Phones Without A Warrant

Hezbollah and the "Sisterly" and "Friendly" Countries

Russian author of NYT confirms, terrorist group KGB-FSB staged racial riots in Moscow

Meldrum Living In Fantasyland: Western Sanctions On Zimbabwe Destructive

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: A Headache and a Heart Ache

The True Richard Holbrooke Legacy: The Stories Media Reports Won't Explain

Wikileaks — Whose Agenda?: Entropy — Again, With Friends Like This….

Afghan Mujahidun: Afghanistan Causes Holbrook's Aorta Tear-up

CIA, US Army, Gates Foundation Biological Warfare Against Us All!

Mottaki: Iran's Tariq Aziz - The Norm With All Authoritarian Regimes That Search For Legitimacy

Newt Gringo Wants Your Brown Babies: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Lessons From All Dulles Area Muslim Society - The ADAMS Center, Part One

Response Of The Islamic Emirate To Obama's Review Of The Strategy

Haiti's Electoral Council Tries Alternate Ways to Legitimize Fraud

Kabul vs. St. Louis: Boom town vs. Ghost Town

The Government's One-way Mirror - UPDATE: Two related points

Remarks of the Spokesman of The Afghan Mujahidun About the Sudden Death of Holbrooke

Awaiting the Storm: American Exceptionalism, The Ritual Self-idolizaton Beloved Of Pathological Nationalism

Yugoslavia: How Holbrooke Lied His Way Into A War

Sudan At The Crossroads: The Specific Objective Of The Comprehensive Peace Agreement

Lebanon At Stake: Turkey Must Reveal Its Cards

Honorable Veterans: America Needs You for One More Duty - Free America from Israel's Power

The Afghan Mujahidun: A Few Realities About The Demise Of Imperialist America…!!

Holder Defends Entrapment: A Common FBI Tactic

Start from Damascus! President Obama Trying The Damascus Track

Australia Rejects Israeli Ordered Media Censorship On Al-Manar

Global Elites Push to Starve the World and Control the Food

It Turned Out That The JAT's Money Went to Gaza, When Will This Fitnah End?

On the Chopping Block: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

The Syrian President Criticizing the Palestinians!

Afghanistan: What the freak are our troops doing out in the middle of NOWHERE!

The Fix Is In: Expect Democrats to Buckle: Obama's Full Court Press for Passage

Ein Hod and the Israeli Sin: Israeli Artists Participating Actively In The Zionist Crime

Is It Valid For The Maternal Uncle To Be The Wali In The Marriage Contract Of His Sister's Daughter?

The Science Of Hadith: Based On Classic Primers - The Importance Of Hadith

Risaalah From Behind The Iron Bars: "Be Firm In The Path Of Allah"

The Dictatorship of America's Aristocracy: Another Perspective On Obama's Deal

Only Madmen Can Change Nigeria: A Nation From Good To Bad, Morality To Immorality

Brief Biographies Of The Eminent Scholars Of Hadeeth - Tens Of The Muhaddithun

The Virtue Of Fasting 'Ashoora': True Ashoora Expiate For Past Year?

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire: Economic Decline, Military Misadventure, New World Order

His Father Wants Him To Travel For Work And His Wife Insists On Him Staying

Selling England By The Pound: Political Parties And Their Principles - If Any

Their Money and Our Lives: UK Compensations To 16 Former Guantanamo Inmates

What The Qur'an Teaches: Fearing One's Deeds - 'This Is Indeed The Supreme Bounty'

Updating Mohamed Harkat's Persecution: US Imperialism And War On Terror A Bogus

Ruling On Offering Congratulations At The Beginning Of The Hijri Year

Sudan And Africa Need Unity: Does Africa Really Need Another Country? A Microcosm Of Africa

Fasting 'Ashoora' For One Who Still Owes Days From Ramadaan: Virtues Of 'Ashoora'

The Sudanese Time Bomb: A Renewed War Between The North And South

The Baghdad Pet Market Bombings: A case-study in Crusader-Projectionist Collaboration

SHEKARAU: Memo To ANPP National Delegates - Nigerian Politics 2011

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 52: Spending Hours In Night Worship

Abu Dhabi Summit: A Guaranteed Success! Threats Represented By Iran's Nuclear Project

Israel Fear Our Birds of Paradise: "When We Seek Martyrdom, We Go To Heaven"

Indonesia: Taushiah From Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir Regarding The Essence Of The Hijriyah Year

FBI Sting Entraps Another Victim: Muhammad Hussain aka Antonio Martinez - Guilty By Accusation

Israel's Racist Rabbis: Wave Of Edicts Urge: 'Hate The Gentile'

U.S. Military Spending Is Out Of Control: Washington Cannot Afford To Be The Police Of The World

Wikileaks Arrest: Julian Quixote: Will Assange suffer the fate of Pollard or Ellsberg?

Why They Hate WikiLeaks: The Primary Mission Of The U.S. Empire

Ruling On Taking A Woman's Picture In Order To Have A Passport Issued

Egyptian Writer Says U.S. Lost About 1 Million Soldiers In Iraq And Afghanistan

Nigeria's Budgetary Overheads Controversy And The London's Example

Between Gayus And Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir: The IslamoPhobia of the Apparatuses

Class Warfare or Financial Narcissism? Exaggerated Authority, The Seduction of Zion

The Virtue Of Observing A Lot Of Naafil Fasts In The Month Of Muharram: But Still Owing From Rmadaan?

What We Must Do for Iraq Now!! Transforming Muslims Into Targets Of Wars And Neo-colonialism

Meldrum Living in Fantasyland: Zimbabwe - Simply Concocting Story From Thin Air

White House Intensifies Military Buildup In Poland: The Groundwork For Confrontation

The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: The Negotiation Ploy Boomerangs On The Enemy

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 83: A Sure Way To Heaven - Way Of Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Why Use Gold As Money? Where We Are Today, History - Inflation; Loss Of Value

The Collapse of the US Information System: Leaks With Nobody Lifting A Muscle To Prevent It

Corporate Media's Version of Economic Justice: Wrecking the American Dream

A Post-WikiLeaks World: Everybody Is Affected... Rational In Response

The Much Ado About Pfizer Compensation: Nigerian Politics

If There Is Snow Or Rain, Does That Make It Permissible To Miss Jumu'ah?

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 51: Standing In Prayers At Night

When the Koreans Reproached Us: Bewildered By The Arabs

More On Obama's Capitulation And Betrayal: Putting A Criminal Cabal In Charge

Latin America's Twenty First Century Capitalism And The US Empire

WikiLeaks, Amazon, Paypal, And Mastercard

Roy Ratcliffe: The Zionist Left and the Loyalty Oath

Is It Advised To End The Year With Prayers For Forgiveness And Fasting?

Helen Thomas Skewer Zionists Again: Call Obama Anything But Can't Touch Israel

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 82: Gradual Approach With Unbelievers

Ruling On A Woman Selling Perfumes In Shopping Centres To Which Men And Women Go

Imperial America's End Time: A Grim Pentagon Afghan War Assessment

Put Hopes Only On Islam! Shari'a Of Islam, The Only Solution: Throw Away The Toxic Waste Of Democracy

The Italian Prevention Of Vice: Tired Of Miniskirts, And Other Sexually Provocative Garments?

Mindset Warfare, America Governed By Debt, Self-Correcting Systems?

More Fraud, Intimidation, and Illegitimacy Assured in Haiti's Electoral Runoff

The New Scandal: Saudi Arabia And Iran - Leaks Of The Diplomats

The Anti-Semitic ADL: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

Austria Claims Disabled Chechen With Both Arms Missing Wanted Blow Up Non-existent NATO Troops Railway Transports In Belgium

Exciting Leaks, But Where Are The Secrets? Arab Positions Have Been Exposed

Obama Capitulates To Republicans: Handouts To the Rich, Neoliberal Austerity Coming

An American Lawyer Weighs In As Wikileaks Renew Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Mystery

NATO Develops Plans For Military Confrontation With Russia In Baltic

What The Qur'an Teaches: Hastening The Last Hour - The Time That May Well Be Near

Awaiting The Actions Of The 'Ambassadors Of Tawheed': The Jamarat, Forging The Oppositive Mentality

Challenging Obama's Anti-Progressivism: Definitions of Progressivism, A Final Comment

Role Of State In Classical Liberalism: Tale Of Africa And Colonialists

International Gossip: Diplomacy Itself Already Suffering Prior To The Leaks

Dissolving The Union: Breaking the Habit, Financial Reality

WikiLeaks Reveals Diplomatic Cables On Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

The Coptic Issue: One Way In Which To 'Fill In The Gaps'

As George Galloway Arrives in Raleigh, College Scraps Helen Thomas Award After Remarks About 'Zionists'

Mohamed Osman Mohamud: Terrorist or Victim? Background on Muhamud

Don't Like the TSA? Thank Israel - America's Aviation and Transportation Security

U.S. And NATO Allies Escalate Military Buildup Against Iran

JFK, Secrecy, And Deference To Authority: The JFK Assassination Secrecy

Regarding The Leaked U.S. Government Memos: Persians Have No Business Meddling In Arab Matters

Flotilla Support For Gaza: Germany, Ireland, Scotland, America, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Sweden And Asian Muslims To Gaza

Save Obama's Presidency By Challenging Him In The Democratic Presidential Primaries

2011: In support of Governor Shekarau for President

Lessons From Wikileaks: But Is It Worth All This Fuss?

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

WikiLeaks And The Sound Of Silence: The Greatest Threat To Peace - The Sound Of Silence

Wikileaks And The Moral Decadence Of Conservatives: The Damage Has Been Done..

The Agents-Provocateurs Among Us: Tension grows between Califonia Muslims, FBI

Haitians Protest Sham Elections: Haiti's Long Neocolonial History

North Korea As Pretext: U.S. Builds Asian Military Alliance Against China And Russia

Nine Obama Pardons Mock Equity and Justice: Thanksgiving Day Turkey "Pardoning" Travesty

WikiLeaks And Espionage - Israeli Style: Who Benefitted?

Is QE2 the Road to Zimbabwe-style Hyperinflation? Not Likely

WikiLeaks: Conformists vs. Individualists - the Divides Among The American Citizenry

Sadness: When "Plant A Tree For Israel" Goes Awry

Honduras: Latin America's Murder Capital: Grassroots Resistance

Why Wikileaks Is Good For Democracy: Information The Currency Of Democracy

U.S. And NATO Prolong And Expand Greater Afghan War

Once Again I Salute Dr Hajo Meyer: Making The Israeli Crimes Look Worse

Challenging Obama's Anti-Progressivism: Definitions of Progressivism

WikiLeaks - More Israeli Game Theory Warfare? Foreseeable Futures

The United States Has Long Supported Brutal Regimes Around The World: Prof. Robert Jensen

Thoughts On Germany And Palestine: The Zionist Shameful Deal With The Nazis

Sanction Congress, Not One Member: Major Unaddressed Issues

The WikiLeaks Release On Dr. Aafia Siddiqui: An Eye-opening Lie!

Who Destroyed the 9/11 Evidence? The "Unsong Hero" Won't Sing

Wikileaks And The New Global Order: America's Wake-up Call

The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks: Censorship - Standard New York Times Practice

NGO Monitor Targets Truth for Israel: NGOM's War on The Electronic Intifada (EI)

Hang 'em High?: Tariq Aziz And Other War Criminals I Have Known

A Surge of Truth: An 'International Community' Of War Mongers And War Criminals

The New York Times Endorses Haiti's Coup d' Etat "Elections" --By Stephen Lendman

Incarceration's Effect on Economic Mobility: The Growth, Scale and Concentration of Incarceration in America

Playing Qur'aan In The Audio Chat Room In Which There Is Music

"Between The Islamists And The Liberals" - Sheikh Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman al-Rubaish

If It Is Permissible For A Woman To Live Alone, Why Can't She Travel Without A Mahram?

The Lies Of Islamophobia: Fanning the Flames, The Crusades Continue - The Totalitarian Myth

Enhanced Airport Screening Controversy: Lies, Damn Lies, and Government Pronouncements

Is It Haraam For A Woman Who Is Junub To Cook Or Touch Things?

Manufacturing Democracy: Africans And The West Imperialism

Presidency: Shekarau As True Consensus Candidate Of Nigerians - 20111 Elections

How Shekarau Secures N3.8bn Hospital For Kano: Nigerian 2011 Presidential Race

What The Qur'an Teaches: Prophet's Assignment In A Nutshell

The Battle To Strike Iran: Tehran's Crimes Of Assassination, Intimidation And Blasphemy

A Risaalah From Behind The Iron Bars: "So That Disasters Will Remain Rewarding"

Saudi Arabia's War Of Steel And Concrete On Islam - Critical Approach

2011: Between Jonathan, Buhari And Shekarau - Nigerian Presidential Elections

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 50: Prayers As The Night Begins

U.S. Recruits Russia As Junior Partner To Maintain Global Dominance

Did Belgian Police Jail Muslims On Instructions From Bloody Russian KGB Terrorists?

Iraq's Sunnis and Shiites…And Bush's Vision: Really The Policy Of Debathification?

Atiku's Anointment And Matters Arising: Nigerian 2011 Presidential Race

The Militant West: Lisbon NATO Summit - Waging The Bogus War On Terrorism

Fascism American-Style: How To Hold Them Accountable - What To Do?

Sanusi Lamido Banking Reform And The Quest For Non-Interest Banking In Nigeria

The New York Times: What Passes For Journalism In The Newspaper Of Record

Erdogan...Fulfill Your Promises: Israel A Threat Not Only To Lebanon And the Palestinians

Latest American Taboo: Somali-born Teen Plotted Car-bombing In Oregon (American Muslims' Perspective)

Bailouts And Occupations: When Is Enough Enough? Americans Resisting Washington

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The Observer And The Judge: The Project Of The Custodian Of The Two Holy Mosques

Pentagon Forges NATO Proxy Armies In Eastern Europe

Israeli Company Hired by State Government to Spy on Pennsylvanians and Other Americans

Welcoming MISEF Malam Ibrahim Shekarau Education Foundation

Iranian Ambassador Threatens Russia With Freedom Fighters, Collapse, Drug Trafficking

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Southeast Asia: West Completes Plans For Asian NATO

Who Are the Real Prisoners? Arabs Serving The Interests Of The Enemy

Moscow Sends Military Troops To Fight Uralian Guerillas

Israel's Longstanding Middle East Plan: Dividing Arab Nations Into Small States

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Where We Rank on the Press Freedom Index

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Lying to Win at the Supreme Court: Obama Administration Continues to Pursue More Secrecy and Less Privacy

An Emergency Meeting For The Turkish-Iranian Alliance

Burning The Holy Books Is A Loathsome Act: Prof. John Hare

Earthquake Stricken Haitians Victimized By World Indifference

Banning Religious Satellite Channels: Chaos And Propagandize Hatred

UN Peacekeepers Complicit In Sex Trade

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Israel Shooting and Electric-Shocking Palestinian Children

Electoral Coup d'Etats: Condo Board Electoral Coups

Marriage Of A Muslim Woman To A Non-Muslim Man Is Invalid And Intercourse With Him Is Zina

I Am Proud To Be A Traitor To America: Washington's Imperialism - The Greatest Tyrant Of Our Time

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Your Brain On Zionism: Ever Hear Of Places Such As Iraq And Afghanistan?

The Islamic Empires That Gave Europe its Renaissance - The Anglo-American News Media

New Hearing Set for Sami Al-Arian: Still Politically Imprisoned Like Many Hundreds

Muslim Woman's Hijab In Front Of Non-Muslim Women: Appearing In Front Of A Kaafir Woman Without Hijab

Shekarau: As Court Hammers Business Eye, Desert Herald Apologises

Time To Admit It: It Was Wrong To Invade Afghanistan: Vindicating The Taliban

Will Israel Expel A Million Palestinians? Acknowledging Jewish Secularists And Religious Extremists

Lebanon: The Syrian - Saudi - Iranian Equation (Ahmadinejad's First Visit)

New War Rumors: U.S. Plans To Seize Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal

Why Not Just Submit to Netanyahu? His Poisoned Dagger On Display

Biti Obsessed With Political Monism: Post-colonial Africa From Political To Capital Colonisation

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 75: Patience In Adversity - The Prophet's Way

Russian Invaders Report Their Versions Of War In The Caucasus

The Status Of Hajj (Pilgrimage) In Islam, And The Conditions Of It Being Obligatory

Pentagon Author Exposes Zelikow's Key Role in 9/11 Cover-Up

THE CIA, KKK And USA: The Invisible Empires That Spread Terror Across The World

He Wants To Marry A Christian Woman And He Wants To Convince Her That It Is Forbidden To Keep A Dog In The House

Murdoch: "There Is An Ongoing War Against The Jews" - At The Expense Of A Gullible American Audience

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) — 44: Starting The Day With Prayers

Israeli Forces Test Transfer Scenario: Secret Drill Simulates Riots By Arab Citizens

Arab League: Division Is The Best Solution - Internal Conflicts, The Real Defect

US Department Of Defense Is The Worst Polluter On The Planet

Afghan War, Afghan Holocaust And Afghan Genocide 9th Anniversary - 4.9 Million Dead, 3.2 Million Refugees

Loud Talk, Small Minds: America's Delusional Democracy Exposed

What The Qur'an Teaches: Angels Praying For Mankind: Sole Ownership Of The Universe

The Israeli Knesset's Anti-Democratic Agenda: The Nakba Bill

Pope Attacks Islam, Calling To Fight The Religion Of Allah: Ignorant Racist Papa

Israeli Policies Are Manifestly Evil: Philip Giraldi Interview by Iran's Kourosh Ziabari

The Dalai Lama's Hidden Past: Tibetan Buddhist Monastic Life Tested Against Reality

Foreclosuregate: "Time to Break Up the Too-big-to-Fail Banks?"

Invasive Cyber Technologies and Internet Privacy: Big Brother is only a "Ping" or Mouse Click Away

Shifting the "War on Terror" to Pakistan: The Real Target is Pakistan's Nuclear Potential

The Cuban 5: Victims of US State Terrorism - An Independent Legal Opinion

My Oath To Israel's "Jewish Democracy": Why My Fingers Will Be Crossed

The Durango-Silverton Steam Train & Postal Workers Who Pay For War

The Karzai Family Fortune, Courtesy of U.S. Taxpayers

The Second Annual Jumu'ah On Capitol Hill (Washington, DC): Urgent Appeal To Iowan Muslims

The Pentagon's Judicial System Is Like Castro's

The Yemeni State Against Its Own People: Hapless Ones Continue To Suffer

Abolish "Don't Ask-Don't Tell" + Ask Obama to Freeze Home Foreclosures

'Urfi Marriage (In Secret With Or Without Wali) And Mut'ah Marriage (With Set Time Limit)

Policing In Britain - The Slippery Slope Towards Tyranny: The Communities Targeted

Rense Threatens To Call FBI And Department Of Homeland Security On Me, My Wife And 9 Kids

Israel's New Loyalty Oath: Zionist State Of Racism - Netanyahu-Lieberman-Shas Cabal

Jihad Message From The Pocket Of Ahmad: A Pleasing Stimulus In Indonesia

Thar's Money In That Old Quilt: Then And Now, The Difference In American Leadership

Israel's Other 'Peace' Plan: Arm-Twisting Obama - A Ghost Haunted The Arab League

Is A Muslim Who Does Not Follow The Teachings Of Islam Worse Than An Atheist?

Boston University's Islamophobic Pro-Israeli Conference: CAMERA's Speaker Lineup from Hell

Nobel Politics: An In-Depth Alternative View - A Final Comment

Wonkette Libs Poke Fun At Grieving Mother: The NEW LEFT-- A Bunch Of Giggling Ninnies

USS LIBERTY Issue Proves to Be the Silver Bullet as Powerful Zionist Group Runs For Cover

Fraud In America: Savage Capitalism's Greed-driven System? "Foreclosuregate" Underlining Causes

Avigdor Lieberman - Who Is?: A Profile In Ultranationalist Extremism

Desert Herald And Its Endless Blackmails: An Incompetent And Unqualified Publisher?

Pentagon Partners With NATO To Create Global Cyber Warfare System

The Case of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin: An Update - Opening Legal Mail

Assessment Of Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi About Discord In Caucasus Emirate

Obama Is Nothing More Than A Warmed-Over Version of Bush

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 74: Mourning For Deceased Relatives

The Press As A Political Player: Israel's Atrocities - Yet Unreported

Speaking In Tongues - The Deadly Dialect of the Zionist Language

Hijab Case: Russian Ingush Chief Minion Orders 'To Suppress All Khashagulgovs'

Killing Each Taliban Soldier Costs $50 Million: The Afghans Super-Soldiers

Dr. Aafia Siddiqui: Why She Was Targeted and Why She Matters to All of Us

Vanity Of Alienated Knowledge: Zimbabwean Opposition Serving The West

Iraq: A Lame Duck! - Ignoring The Gravity Of What Iran Is Doing

Six Jewish Companies Control 96% Of The World's Media: The Power Of Lies, Deceptions And Disinformation

'Dying To Win': Newt Gingrich's 'Terrorism' - Embodied In The Ill-defined 'War On Terror'

Prophet Muhammad — 43: A Relation With God That Is Based On Love

The Cost Of Telling The Truth In The United States

Will Ahmadinejad Be In Danger In Lebanon? Whilst Saudi Arabia Supporting The Lebanese Lira

Canada's War On Islam: The Case Of Mahboob And Momin Khawaja

ForeclosureGate And Obama's 'Pocket Veto': Recovering What Doesn't Exist

Ruling On Looking At A Female Employee For Work Purposes

Lieberman Speaks For All Of Israel: The Dangers Of 'Recognition'

Commanders, Who Withdrew Pledge Of Loyalty To Emir Dokku Umarov, Breaks Silence

Lebanon…Arrest Warrants A Positive Development - Damascus Gate In Beirut

Lieberman And The Jewish Political Continuum

The Legacies of North Korea And Brazil

U.S. And NATO To Wage War 15-Year War In Afghanistan And Pakistan

You Get the Truth Only from 'Former' Officials': Relying On Zionist Money

America's Third World Economy: The Great Transformation

Will Hezbollah Defeat Israel (Again!) In The Coming War?

America's War On Food Not Bombs: Examples Of FNB Activities

He Does Not Pray In Congregation Because Of His Work

Aspects Of Islamic Faith — 73: Death During The Pilgrimage

The Arabs Run Hollywood...And I Can Prove It! A Staging Ground For A Radical Islamic Takeover Of America?

Israel's Persecution of Ameer Makhoul: Imprisoned For Wanting Freedom

2011: Abuja Bombing And The Security Challenges - Nigerian Politics

Hugo Chavez Can Teach Us A Lot About America

How Did Netanyahu Turn The Tables On Abbas?

European Politicians Deny US Claims Of Terror Threat

Obama's Cave-in To Israel: Letter Suggests US Not Honest Broker

Democracy In Arab Eyes: After 'Democratic' Invaders Have Killed A Million People

The Secret Big-Money Takeover Of America: What Can You Do?

Why Is Hezbollah So Scared? The Pinnacle Of Sectarianism

Prophet Muhammad (PBUM) — 42: The Proper Relation With God

Taliban Speaks On The Ninth Anniversary of American Invasion of Afghanistan

Lawless Spying in America to Obstruct First Amendment Freedoms

Baltic States: Pentagon's Training Grounds For Afghan and Future Wars

Farewell To Arms: Jenny, Iraq And The Next War

Escalating Sectarian Conflicts: Shiite Insulting The Mother Of The Faithful Sayyida Aisha

University of Ottawa Dean Caught Lying in Coverup: IPC rules in ATI case at U of O

What A Luxury? Image CNN Principles Of Insult, Imagine Arab Media

Pakistan: Politics Of A Humiliated Nation - Uproar, Outrage, Condemnation

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Community Raises Concerns Over Israeli Mossad Posing As U.S. Agents To Recruit Informants

Community Raises Concerns Over Israeli Mossad Posing As U.S. Agents To Recruit Informants

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Ruling On Objecting To Some Of The Shar'iah Rulings That Have Been Prescribed By Allaah

Obstacles Hindering, Enemies Obstructing: A Necessity In The Fight

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India: U.S. Completes Global Military Structure

….And After Foreign Forces Leave our Land?

United States, Leading Outlaw State

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Talaban Statement On The Anniversary of the 9/11 Event

America's Grand Strategy: Militarizing Space - The Pentagon's Strategic War Plan

Leaving the US For Palestine: Without US, Israel Can't Survive As A Colonial Power

Terrorism: I Am A Muslim; I Am A Victim Of Terrorism

The United States of Fear - Ten Examples

Apropos 'Peace Talks': Zionism - Exclusiveness, Exceptionalism, Racial Supremacy

Israel/Palestine: More On The Sham Peace Talks

Middle East Loses Trillions As U.S. Strikes Record Arms Deals

Bloody Memoir: From Tony Blair, A Man Who Launched A Criminal War With No End

Forget about oil: We're running out of URANIUM!, America Death Of An Empire

Who Pays For The Loss Of Life In Iran? Iran's Doctrine Of Confrontation

Global BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) Against Israel Is Working

The Lowest Of The Low: Concealing Britain's Involvement In Torture

Honduran Repression Continues Unabated: Campesinos Struggling for Their Rights

Ripping Off Dead War Vets' Beneficiaries: Parents Sue for Lost Benefits

Here We Go Again: Another Rig Explosion

"The Men Behind The Wire": Comparing Belfast & Gaza

Reflections On Jack Kennedy: Some Background, His Assassination

The Reason Why The 'Iddah Of A Woman Whose Husband Dies Is Four Months And Ten Days

No Other Choice But To Fight! Indonesia And Case Of Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir's

Continuity of Government: Coup d'Etat Authority in America

Nigerian Politics: Can Gov. Shekarau Lift Nigeria From The Abyss?

Pastor Terry Jones - All Bark and No Bite When It Comes To Speaking The Truth About Islam and Judaism

The Blessed Month: Extended Fasting Is Prohibited And Does Not Add More Value

The Guidance Of The Prophet (Peace And Blessings Of Allaah Be Upon Him) Regarding I'tikaaf

Does The American Withdrawal Date Matter? Regarding Petraeus's Latest Remarks

I Am A Pacifist. But Here's Why I Want To Be A Stone-Pelter - Imperialism, Racism, Islamophobia

Iran Or Islam? In Tehran That Is The Question - The Schizophrenia Continues As Does The Despotism

Spreading Futile Arithmetical Democracy: Western Imperial Traps For Africa

Nigeria 2011 Presidency: Interviews With Presidential Hopefuls - General Buhari's Turn

How Active Is Blackwater In Pakistan? Spreading Its Tentacles For Obama

The Bush-Obama Lies On Iraq: Replace Governments With Pro-U.S. Empire Regimes

Trapped At Ground Zero: Obama Rhetoric Of Change, Hope And Audacity

Israel Threatens War with Lebanon: Hezbollah - Israel's Pretext for Incursions - Stoking Tensions

Bedouin Land Fight: Claim For Native Title Threatens Jewish State

Another False Ending: Contracting out the Iraq Occupation

Jihad In The Caucasus And The Emir Of The Caucasus Emirate Dokku Abu Usman

The Long Road to The Hague: Prosecuting Former Prime Minister Tony Blair -- Part I

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Can A Woman Look For Her Life Partner Herself? How A Woman Gets Married

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Islamophobia - Israel's Most Cherished Weapon of Mass Destruction Destined to Destroy The West If Not Stopped

Burn, Witch, Burn!: America Rages Against Islam - The Foolish Americans

Few Facts Gen. Peraeus Has To Realize - Mujahidun In Afghanistan Stating

Rebranding Iraq: Playing with Numbers and Human Lives

Major Elephant In The Room Issues: Ignored In Australian Elections

Legislation For Greater Agribusiness Empowerment - Feeding America?

Ruling On Allocating Some Mosques For I'tikaaf And Not Others

No 'Database' Of Vagabov Exists. FSB Is Lying - About Caucasus Emir Seyfullah

In Ramadan, Where Is The Story Of Islam And The Muslims

A Thought-provoking Statement From The Sister Of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui

Terrorism And The Perverse International System - A Nigerian Insight

Top 6 Most Indebted Countries (And Why) - Greed Leading The Way

EVERYONE Dies Eventually: My Thoughts On Death (And Suicide)

The 'Mosque' Saga: Republican Racists, Media Scumbags and Hypocrites, Democratic and Republican

United Against Knowledge: Contamination By Rance And Other Zionists

America Facing Depression And Bankruptcy: The Worst Is Yet to Come

Catholofascist Terrorists: Americans In Relation To Pope, Washington And Catholicism Per Se

A Simple Ramadan Program - By Sheikh Abdullah Yusuf Azzam Rahimahu Allah

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 37: Turning Away From Luxuries

Who Is Afraid Of Shekarau's Presidency? Nigerian Politics - 2011 Elections

Prison Industry: More African American Slaves in the United States Today Than in 1850

Roundabout As Conflict-Avoidance Versus Malcolm X's Psychology Of Liberation

Canada Opens Arctic To NATO, Plans Massive Weapons Buildup

The Ground Zero Mosque Was Never An Issue: A Saudi Blank-Point

Fundamental Human Rights And Freedoms: An Integral Part Of Islamic Religion

Why Do They Fear our Cemeteries? The Future Of Palestine Victory Against Racism And Apartheid

How Has it Come to This? How Has it Come to This, Americans

Campaigners Call For Debt Cancellation For Pakistan

Indigenous Justice: Apologies and Accountability are Two Separate Things

After A Sabotage Attack, Moscow Residents Started To Breathe Dioxin

Yale University's Pro-Israeli, Anti-Islamic Conference

The Tightened Sky: A Cosmic Sign to Glorify God - About The Reality In Allah's Book?

Reality Check for all Islamophobic Christians - Jesus Didn't Warn Us About the Muslims. He Warned Us About the Jews

The Blessed Month: Training Children To Fast - Gradual Journey To Age Of Puberty

Church Boycott Calls Ring Louder: Israel's Other Biblical Promised Land - Backcklash

Ume-Ezeoke And the ANPP Saga: Challenges Ahead Of The 2011 General Elections In Nigeria

Pentagon's New Global Military Partner: Sweden

Israelis Risk Jail To Smuggle Palestinians: 600 Sign Up For Campaign Of Disobedience

Obama's Delusions: The Economy And Iraq - The Continued Hemorrhaging, The President

Iran's Salafi Sleeper Cells: Reminiscent Of The Ancient Iranian Project

What You Will Not Hear About Iraq: Report Full Of Statistics

A United Iran Against A Collapsing Israel: Maintaining US Interests In The Middle East

Ramsey Muniz - Guilty of Being Latino and Activist in America

David Pratt: The role of heroin in sustaining the Afghan "war" - Obama America Addict

Washington Orders Shahbaz Airbase Saved, not Pakistan's Flood Victims

Viva, Viva Negotiations!

SOS Presents "Slave To The Streets" Conference In UK: Addressing Gangsters

U.S. Marshals Military Might To Challenge Asian Century

Donating To The Lebanese Army: Hezbollah - Legacy Of Successive Political Conflicts And War

How Poor Is Too Poor? The West Way And The Millennium Development Goals

The Israeli Lobby: Declassified Documents Expose Its Influence

America's Gulf: Updating the Greatest Ever Environmental Crime

Growing Anti-mosque Hysteria In The Heart Of America

Notes from Besieged Gaza: Relentlessly, Israeli Attacks against Gaza Continue

Popular Resistance Suppressed By Israel And The Palestinian Authority

Political Killings in Colombia: Report on "Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions

The Man With The Israeli Accent - USS LIBERTY Survivor's Life Threatened by Mossad on American Soil While Uncle Sam Yawns

The Charade Announced: Latest Israeli No-Peace/Peace Talks for September

Corporatist America: The Revolution Has Already Been Televised...

Conflicts Of Interest: Secret Qi Gong Self-massage Techniques, Babysitting And Blogging

Israeli Academic Freedom At Risk: Netanyahu's Extremist Government Exposed, Again

Israel's Bogus Construction Moratorium: Jewish Infrastructure Seizing Palestinian Farmland

Ruling On Saying That The Attitude Of The Kuffaar Is Better Than The Attitude Of The Muslims

A Letter from the Afghan Lands To Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdasi

The Blessed Month: Mistakes During The Day Of Fasting

Palestine: Occupied, Divided, Isolated, Oppressed And Unaided - A Dominant Aspect of Daily Life

Of Desert Herald And Its Fictions About Shekarau: Nigerian Politics

Why The U.S. Empire Will Never Conquer Afghanistan - Americans

Homeowners' Rebellion: Could 62 Million Homes Be Foreclosure-Proof?

Israel Will Attack Iran: Will Israel Attack Iran?! Dow Dare The Zionists

Porno for Pessimists: Fantasy World Of The Web - Game Over, Obama! Game Over, Man

The Thief Imam: His Excellency, Imam Masjid al-Harami - Talking Indo-Arabic

Obama's Heartbreak: The Real Cause - About Zimbabwe Causing The Entire West Sleepless Nights

He Consummated The Marriage With Her And Found That She Was Not A Virgin Even Though She Has Never Committed Any Immoral Action

And Obey Allah And His Messenger, And Do Not Dispute, Otherwise...

Ghazi Al-Gosaibi…In God's Mercy: The Demise Of Saudi Arabian Minister

The Jewish Division: Driven By Xenophobia And Ethno Centrism

Playing the Never Again Card, Again: False Intelligence Around A Zionist Agenda

Part II: U.S.-China Crisis: Beyond Words To Confrontation

Another Devious Plan To Disable Pakistan: Blackmailing And Bullying Tactics

The Military, Bankruptcy, And Tyranny: The Projection Of U.S. Military Power All Over The World

It Is Not Permissible For One Of The Spouses To Prevent Pregnancy Without The Consent Of The Other

CE Supreme Judge, Emir Of Dagestan Province Seyfullah: ''Emir Dokku Abu Usman Is The Sole Legitimate Ruler''

The Hidden Tragedy of the CIA's Experiments on Children: The Army, the CIA and Metrazol

U.S.-China Conflict: From War Of Words To Talk Of War Part I

No Room For Arab Students At Israeli Universities: New Rules Favour Former Soldiers

Impact of Israeli Military Order No. 1650: Palestinians Of Gaza And East Jerusalem

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 15) - The Easy Way Out, Restoration of the Rule of Law

Ramadan: The Month of Fasting Or Is It More Than That?

Cuba And American Sheeplings: Just Like Little Ones Baa! Baa!

The Manipulators of Food: Vital Commodity - The Real Problem Is Greed

The Gospels That Are Extant Nowadays Were Written After The Time Of 'Eesa (Peace Be Upon Him) And Have Been Tampered With A Great Deal

Police Threatens Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'syir (ABB) With Death Penalty, Ustadz ABB Just Relaxed

What The Qur'an Teaches: Clear Universal Signs

Saving Afghan Women: Just Give Them All M-16s!

Re: President Ayatollah Ibrahim Shekarau? Nigerian Home Affairs

Assad Learned From His Father To Keep Syria's Options Open

Imperial Cancer: America's Disastrous Empire, Interventionism, And A Warfare State

Call For An Anti-Islamophobia Mobilization In NYC On September 11th!

The Scott Sisters: Victimized by American Injustice - Obama War On Terror

The Secrets In Israel's Archives: Evidence Of Ethnic Cleansing Kept Under Lock And Key

A House Of Worship Or A Symbol Of Destruction? Mosque Near Ground Zero

Welcome to Mexico! Excuse the Mess—We're Remodeling

Iran, Tajikistan and Afghanistan: Diplomacy of Brotherhood

What If the Palestine Issue Was Resolved? - The Accompanying Minister

First Friday Of Ramadan: The 5 Second That Is Five Minutes

The Charade Begins: Netanyahu's Flotilla Massacre Probe Testimony

Ramadan Is A Month Of Jihad: Muslims Fighting Against Oppression And Colonialism

United Against Paintings: Listing Israeli War Crimes Against Humanity

Deceptive Economic Statistics: While Economists Lied, the Economy Died

He Did Not Know That Ghusl From Janaabah Is Obligatory; Should He Repeat The Prayers?

Obama's Gulf Swim Was Fake: His Personal Assurances Of (the) Gulf's Safety

Materialism that sustains the western democracies is exhausting itself: Fredrick Toben

Are Saudi Arabians Too Addicted To Luxury?

Original Sin: The Roots of Christian Zionism

A Gift to Your Grandchildren: American Ministry Of War

Activists Demand Aafia Siddiqui's Repatriation to Pakistan; International Signatories in Plea to US Attorney General

Afghan Mujahidun: Allies No Longer Willing To Cover Up Inevitable Defeat

Would You Give Up Half Your Money?

Era Of Empires Cannot Be Revived: Africa And Traditional Monarchical Colonial Sense

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 14) - The McCain Clan Chronicle, Producing an Asset

"Blood on Our Hands": The World And American Foreign Policies

US Arms 'Bonanza' In Middle East: Israel And Saudis To Buy Advanced War Planes

In Florida, Slavery Still Haunts the Fields - Centuries Of Servitude

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers? Wickedness Of The Zionists Recalled

Is The View Of One Who Says That It Is Obligatory For Sick People And Travellers To Break The Fast And That Their Fast Is Not Valid Correct?

Iraq: NATO Assists In Building New Middle East Proxy Army

No Right To Counsel In The War On Terrorism: Falling By The Wayside

Bourj el-Barajneh: Searching For Meaning In A Refugee Camp

Gender-Based Violence in Haiti: Rape Incidence in Displacement Camps

Five Decisive Years: Recourses Of The GCC Member States, Plus Algeria, Libya And Iraq

BBC Panorama, An Exemplary Work of Clumsy Journalism

How Facebook Betrayed Users and Undermined Online Privacy: Behind the Wall

Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Even When It's Not Out Of Sight)

Tyrannic! Police Welcomes Ramadhan By Detaining Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir

Central Asia: U.S. Military Buildup On Chinese, Iranian And Russian Borders

Enemy Of Islam Divide And Rule" Strategy: Religious Freedom Under Attack

Universal Jurisdiction to Hold Israel Accountable: The Compelling Case for UC

Pakistan: Afghanistan's Only Solution - No Support For Thwarting War On Terror

Russian Newspaper Lies: Quotes from Kommersant

US: Pharmacists, Doctors Are The New Drug Dealers Who Flood The Streets With Addictive Pills

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 13) - Beating the Rap, McCain the War Maker

Interventionism And The Arizona Immigration Crisis

Uncovering The Lies That Are Sinking The Oil: Ongoing Contamination and the Carolina Skiffs

The Appeal Of Ustadz Rosyid Ridho Ba'asyir About The Arrest Of His Father

Gaza's Poisoned Water: Without The Sea There Is No Gaza

THE SHABAZZ CENTER ... Does It Really Honor The Legacy Of Malcolm X?

"Taliban Execute Woman In Public" Real Or Rhetorical Propaganda?

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John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 12) - Sunbelt Mafia + the Mormon Mafia, Homeland Insecurity

Net Neutrality Threatened: Google/Verizon "Policy Framework" Announced

FPI Denounces The Arrest Of Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba'asyir

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Political Prisoners In America: Incarceration As An Instrument Of Social Control

John McCain: A Closer Look at Evil (Part 10) - Loyalty Challenged, The McCain Lineage

Is Saying Ramadan Mubarak Be Bidah: What About Eid Mubarak - How To Greet?

'Vanquisher of PeshMerga' - American Invaders Vs. Islamic State Of Iraq

Targeted Assassinations: Challenging US Policy - Washington Denying Anwar al-Awlaki's Right

She Formed A Relationship With A Man Over The Phone, And She Wants Advice

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 36 : Choosing A Life Of Poverty

The Prohibition On Fasting In The Second Half Of Sha'baan

Sudan: Three Scenarios - Slogan Goodbye To The North, No To Slavery…Yes To Separation!

Muslims In Central Asia And The Coming Battle Of Islam - Ummah Watch

Shekarau's Presidency: Between Sheme's Fear And The Truth Of The Matter

Why Is Hijaab So Important When It Is Not One Of The Pillars Of Islam?

Democracy's Not For Dummies: Corner American Imperialism - Own Goal

Israel Prohibiting The Right To Demonstrate: More Zionism Violations Of International Law

The War on Iraq : Five US Presidents, Five British Prime Ministers, Thirty Years of Duplicity, and Counting....

U.S. Expands Asian NATO To Contain And Confront China

Zanu-PF: Where Are The Vanguard Guidelines? West Exploiting Africa

The Unrivaled Legacy of Avicenna: The Polymath, Physician, Philosopher And Scientist

Why Are There Spies Amongst Them? Aoun's Three Of Christ's Twelve Disciples Betrayed Him

Shame On ADL For Opposing Mosque 2 Blocks From Ground Zero

August Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Mayhem - Obama Wars

It Isn't About Islam And Muslims: The Problem Is With The U.S. Imperial, Stupid

Rules Of Engagement - Fighting The Non-war: Afghan Mujahidun And Obama Administration

Why Muslims Should Rethink Palestine: Muslims Must Stand, Hand In Hand

U.S. Grows Isolated On Aggressive War: Bloody Imperialists

Her Husband Drinks Alcohol - Is She Committing A Sin By Living Wth Him?

"Responses to the Ruling on Leaving for Battle and the Precondition of Takfir"

Smoke On A Bridge: Lebanon Awaits A Verdict

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 70: When One Is Too Tired To Pray

Why Did Sarah Feel Jealous Of Hajar Even Though She Was A Woman Of Such Righteousness And Virtue?

Is It Allowed To Not Submit To The Shari'a Of Prophet Muhammad SAW?

Why Does Islam Forbid Lesbianism And Homosexuality?

Russians Die In Great Numbers From Heat And Smog. Death Toll Made Secret By KGB

Nuke U: How the University of California Is Helping to Blow Up the World

Bradley Manning: An American Hero - Revealing Disturbing Truths Is Risky

Bringing Back Slavery: America Pestering The Locals And Earning Enemies Around The World

Suspected Torturer Gets Key Police Job In Jerusalem: Doron Zahavi Accused Of Running Israel's Abu Ghraib

Katrina Pain Index 2010 New Orleans - Five Years Later

2011 Presidency: Now That Governor Shekarau Has Declared

Provoking More Than A Million Citizens! The Saudi UAE 'BlackBerry' Crisis

What a Government Can Do with Its Own Bank: The Remarkable Model of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Isolating Iran Is Part Of The 'Great Energy Game': Antony Loewenstein

Disemboweling the Right of Return: America's Dog in Lebanese Fight

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel & Iraq: America's Favorite Money Pits

On The Racism And Pathology Of Left Progressive First-World Activism: As Opposed To What Would Be Needed

How Disney Magic and the Corporate Media Shape Youth Identity in the Digital Age

Only The Khilafah Could Alleviate The Plights Of The Pattani Muslims

Israel Cannot Handle Its Past - Zionist Historian Reveals

Is It True That Women's 'Awrah In Front Of Other Women Is From The Navel To The Knees?

Palestinians Denied Access To Water: Oslo Accords Established Inequality

Europe And Beyond: U.S. Consolidates Global Missile Shield

Response Of The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan Regarding A Picture Published By Time Magazine

What The Qur'an Teaches: Advocate Of The Divine Faith

Kano: What Fate After Governor Shekarau? Nigerian Politics

Hadeeth About Women Uncovering Their Faces - Da'eef - Contradicts Islamic Teachings

Tony Blair Must Be Prosecuted: The London 7/7 A Direct Consequence Of Blair's Actions

Why Did You Topple Saddam Hussein? What Is The Difference Between Nouri al-Maliki And Saddam Hussein?

Military Suicides and Guilty Consciences: American Statists And Imperialists

Israel Plans Mass Forced Removals Of Bedouin: Negev Village Torn Down For Second Time

Half Of India's Population Lives Below The Poverty Line

Recent Israeli Provocations: Regular Incursions And Repression

Study: CIA Doctors 'Gave Green Light To Torture'

The New Push For A Global Currency: Latest Jewish Scheme

Cashing Cheques Through A Financial Services Company In Return For Commission

The Repressive Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law: Case Study Examples of Humanitarian Committee Operations

Arabs' Ties With Israel Damages The Palestinian Cause: Prof Gilbert Achcar

Revered Rabbi Preaches Slaughter Of Gentile Babies: Settlers Step Up 'Price-tag' Policy

Sentencing For Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Changed Again!

What Does It Mean To Have Freedom In The West?

Why the Feds Fear Thinkers Like Howard Zinn

Patriotism And Treason: The Cubans Dealt With Cuban Plans For US - The Other Way Round

Pakistan: Death Of A Dream And An Ideal

The Liberal Media: Rest in Peace - Three Other Faux

There Goes The Judge: CA's Scary Court-closing Epidemic

Art Gish, Abu Mazen And More: Giving up The Charade Of Oslo And Its Trappings

Honduran Junta Murdering Journalists: Death Squad Terror in Honduras

Palestinian Detainee Abuse During Operation Cast Lead

Occupied Palestine: Home Demolitions, Dispossessions and Residency Rights Revoked

He Loves A Girl But His Family Refuses Her Because Of Her Father's Bad Reputation

Women And Jihad Fie Sabilillah: The Duty, To Preach The Kalimah Of Tawheed

Damage Control: Downplaying WikiLeaks Revelations - Afghanistan, America

Nigeria -- Anti Terrorism Bill: There is Cause for Concern, Mr. Senate President!

Haters Go After The `Ground Zero Mosque': Intensity Winding Up In Naked Bloody Violence

Clarification Of The Important Rule: It Is Haraam To Take Kaafirs As Close Friends And Protectors

Islamophobia in Britain: The Products, The Names and The Faces

Democracy: The Superior Doctrine - The West And The Rest, Racism and Imperialism

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 35 : Finest Instinctive Social Habits

Nasrallah And Syria's Acquittal! Banning The Niqab At Universities - Misguided

There Goes The Tea Party: Issues Like Israel, Afghanistan, Iran And The "So-called" War On Terror

The Misyar Question! Nationality Misyar, Travel Misyar, Summer Misyar and Studying Misyar

Uganda: U.S., NATO Allies Prepare New Invasion Of Somalia

Israel's Secret Police Exposed: Settlers Wage Vendetta On Shin Bet

Investigating The Freedom Flotilla Attack: Israeli Cast Lead Coverup, Report's Whitewash

Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the U.S. Criminal Justice System

Turkey: Bringing Together Soap Opera Fans and Religious Figures

We Are Not Special, and There Is No Happy Ending: The Blood-Drenched Darkness of American Exceptionalism

The Caucasus Mujahidun: ''Our lives are in the hands of Allah!'' - Emir Mansur (Hussein Gakayev)

The Graveyard of Empires: There Is No Way To "Win" In Afghanistan

Her Husband Has Divorced Her; Can She Ask The Married Imam Of The Mosque Who Has Tried To Help Her To Marry Her?

What The Qur'an Teaches: Control Over Human Souls

Interviews With Afghan Mujahidun Official For The Maidan Shahr District -- Al-Somood

20 Reasons Why Nigerians Want Governor Shekarau As President In May 2011

Iran: The Excuse Is Uglier Than The Offense -- Inside Tehran, Pass By The CIA Headquarters

You Could Also Be Entitled For Paradise! -- Those Stars!

Suspicions Abound That Wikileaks Is Part Of U.S. Cyber-warfare Operations

WikiLeaks "Afghan War Diaries": America's Lawlessness, WikiLeaks Reports A Final Comment

NATO Pulls Pakistan Into Its Global Network

'U.S.-backed War in Somalia Comes to Uganda, Threatens to Set Whole Region Aflame'

Quote Of The Day: Arab-US Relations - Supporting Dictators That Are Keeping Their Own Societies In Misery

A Christian Is Asking, What Do You Do During The Month Of Ramadaan?

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 34 : Fine Social Habits

Global Shame: Can Aggressors be Peacemakers - American Double Standard

Moscow Fights Consolidation Caucasian Muslims With Promoting Ethnic Enmity

From Freedom Fighter To Terrorist: Profile a Pakistani Man Named Hamid Gul

The Facebook Generation: Facing A New Deluge Of Virtual Worlds

Beware of Jewish Slappers: Supremacy And Talmudic Tribalism - Racism No Boundaries

Is It Permissible To Read Quran While A Women Is Having Mensus (Periods)?

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 69: Waking Up For Worship

The Adamawa State Government's Position On The PDP Zoning Arrangement

Growing Health Crisis in the Gulf: Chemical Dispersants - Compounding the Disaster

"Why the U.S. Need Not Fear a Sovereign Debt Crisis: Unlike Greece, It Is Actually Sovereign"

Israeli Police Outraged As Impunity Ends: Officer Gets 30 Months For Killing Arab Driver

Iran's Nuclear Standoff: Who Is The Loser? Minding The Words Holocaust, Israel, Zionism, Axis of Evil, George W. Bush

He Is Involved In Da'wah But Feels That He Is A Hypocrite And Weak In Faith

Yoo, Bybee, And The Taliban Prisoner: Would The Taliban Torture The Guy?

Oliver Stone Apologized For Telling The Truth: Hitler's Actions

What The Qur'an Teaches: Unusual Witnesses - Living Islam

Prospects And Consequences Of Attacking Iran: Israel's Military Posture

Israel Braces Itself For A UN Fact Finding Mission

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 68: Worship That Can Be Counterproductive

Gazans Denied Medical Care Under Siege: Repressive Security Services

Believe It Or Not: Nancy Pelosi's Speech To Netroots Nation

Tale Of Two Women - Muslim Faithful Dr. Aafia Siddiqui And Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton

BP Response Workers Report Low Morale, Lack of Pay, Sickness

Israel's New Land Grab Master Plan: Old and New Master Plans, Targeting Israeli Arabs

Decision Time In Las Vegas: Governor Schweitzer Or Big Brother?

Stop The Wall: People v. Oppression - Popular Resistance V. The Wall And Settlements

Is Netroots Nation Taking On The Israel-Palestine Question? Er, Maybe...

Her Husband Only Gives Her Maintenance, And He Lives Far Away From Her. Can She Ask For A Divorce?

New Message From The American Cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki To the American People

Nigerian Politics: Shekarau, Babangida And ANPP Convention

The Iranian Scientist: A Defector Or Not? Tehran Nuclear Agent, CIA Hoax

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) - 33: Kindness Personified

More Betrayals: Obama Pushes For Renewal Of Warrantless Spying On Americans

Understanding Power: Africa's Only Hope - The Colonial Powers And Their Tactics

Do Critics of the Israeli Government Hate Jews? Zionists Exposed

Who's Aiding Judaisation? The Rise Of An Apartheid System

Redundant But Dangerous Language: Talking Zionism To The Zionists

Chicago: "The National Capital of Police Repression" - That's America

In Order Not to be Fooled by Netanyahu: Tricky Bibi, Tricked Arabs

There Is Nothing Wrong With Making Up Missed Ramadaan Fasts In The Second Half Of Sha'baan

One-state Debate Explodes Myth About The Zionist Left: Is The Israeli Right A More Credible Peacemaker?

Pay-Per-Cop: American Police Don't Call It Bribery - Other Revenues

Does Event Honoring Israeli Spy Suggest Another Israeli Operation?

Palestinian Children Under Occupation: Wounded and Killed Children - Children in Detention and Custody

He Prays And Worships Allaah, But He Is Tempted By Women - His Fitnah

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 67: Compassion Even In Worship

Marie Mason: Victimized by Green Scare State Terrorism

Out Of Africa: Confronting West -- Resisting Imperialism And Exploitations

Woe Unto Them from their Children! Effects Of Today's Media

No Help From Washington: Does Any Of This Surprise Mahmoud Abbas?

ANPP Convention: Between Credibility And Money

Patricide: Another Legacy of the Iraq Occupation

A Freedom Charter or A Second Nakba? - Kenneth O'Keefe

Open And Unopen Letterers Between Louis Farrakhan And Black Leadership

Public Anger And Distrust Of Business And Government

Netanyahu: I Deceived US To Destroy Oslo Accords: Damaging Video Released

Women's Predicament: Amongst The Arab Islamists And The Non-Islamists

Damascus Fears Dissidents Out Of Reflex, Not Reality

Sayanim — Israeli Operatives in the U.S.: Indictments for Treason

Memories of Marcus: A Sad Saturday In Berkeley - Guns And Weapons On Us Streets

Beyond Violence and Non-Violence: Resistance As A Culture

Turkey: Reading Obama and Reading the Arabs

Harvard Study Documents Media Bias and Misreporting

"By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Make Love"

Israel Stops Listening To Its Judges: Palestinians Suffer As Courts' Authority Hits All-time Low

For Whom Is Phil Angelides Working?

An Iranian: Did Washington's Door's Open For Him?

Hold On To Your Hats: This Thing's Gonna Blow! - Americans

Release Videotaped Interrogations in the Amiri Case

Lynne Stewart Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison

Cold & Hard: Spending The Night In Arnievile - Granny Jane

U.S. Risks Military Clash With China In Yellow Sea

Israel's Separation Wall: A Health Hazard - Restricted Access to Land and Livelihoods

On The Israeli Right's New 'Peace' Agenda

Opening the Borders to Peace, Prosperity, Harmony, And Liberty

Why Europe Will Never Let Iran Get Bombed...

Darkness In America: Lynne Stewart's Resentencing

If You're Going to Do Something Illegal in America, Do Something Spectacularly Illegal

Gaza's Electricity Crisis: Chronology of Gaza's Electricity Crisis, EU Involvement, PA Involvement

A New Muslimah Has Married A Muslim Man Without Her Family's Knowledge

The US Has To Get Out Of Afghanistan; Why Not Today, Why Wasting More Lives?

Under Threat: A Free And Open Internet - Obama World Of Democracy

America's Zionist Ku Klux and the threat it poses to the future of our Constitutional Republic

Russian Invaders Force People To Work For The Occupiers Under Tortures. Unbroken Moslems Are Killed

Assimilationist Leadership And Alms Race: Pan-Africanists Vs Imperialists

Prophet Muhammad — 32: Fun That Is Acceptable, The Exceptional Role Model

Iran Strike Rumors Are Spinning Out Of Control: Living In A World Of Lies

Is It Mustahabb To Fast The Whole Of Sha'baan? Is It Sunnah To Fast The Entire Month Of Sha'baan?

India's "Hearts of Darkness": Definition of a Sweatshop, Horrific Working Conditions in India

The Fatwa Endorsing Music: Music And Singing In The Balance of Islam

The Ambassador's Talk On Attacking Iran! Yousef al-Otaiba Stormy Conference

Saudi Arabia's Betrayal To The Islamic World: Iranian Perspectives

Hussein? American Commander In Chief President Barak Obama

The Welfare-Warfare Crackup: America - It's Just A Matter Of Time

She Became Muslim But Her Family Do Not Know And They Want Her To Marry A Non-Muslim

Putri Munawaroh Sobbed, Remembering Beloved Husband

Aspects of Islamic Faith — 66: Prayer At The Time Of Solar Eclipse

Police Brutality in America: National Police Misconduct Statistics - Racial and Ethnic Profiling

Iraq…A Temporary Marriage - The Rhetoric Of National Interests

Israel's New 'Video Game' Executions: Soldiers Kill By Remote Control

The Key To Exposing Israel As Terrorists…….The USS Liberty

Borders Without UNIFIL: Lebanon And The Rising Regional Tension

How Brokers Became Bookies: The Insidious Transformation of Markets into Casinos

Talking With Joshua Frank on the U.S., Israel and Middle East

Woe To You, Christian Zionists, Hypocrites! - Evangelist Preaches

Pentagon Provokes New Crisis With China: Imperialism Kills

The Case for War: The Iron Mountain Report - How The World Really Works

Grand Sheikh Of Al-Azhar, Why? Inter-Palestinian Reconciliation A Religious Obligation?

Threatening World Order: US and Israel Quietly Announce Plans to Reconstitute Their Nuclear Stockpiles

Who's The Boss?: Obama's America Or Netanyahu's Israel

Feedback - From the Aafia Siddiqui-related Controversy Involving ISNA: My Own Thoughts On What's Been Said

Clinton Renews U.S. Claims On Former Soviet Space

Cluster Bombs and Civilian Lives: Efficient Killing, Profits and Human Rights

Hell Has Come to South Louisiana: Livelihoods Decimated By BP's Oil Disaster

Leave Them Alone: Time's up, Enough Is Enough - 9/11

CNN Editor Fired After Tweeting 'Respect For Hezbollah Giant'

It Is Not A Condition Of Divorce That The Wife Should Know Or That She Should Be Divorced Face-to-face

Stop The Torture On The Accused of ''Terrorism'' Right Now!

Witch-hunt Begins In Israeli Schools And Colleges: Minister To Punish Boycott Supporters

Palestinian Responsibility: Deafening Silence And Negativism

The Three Stooges Go To Israel: John McCain's Favorite Tune - Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran

Saudi Arabia…They Want to Strengthen Backwardness

General Who Says "It's Fun To Kill People" Picked To Oversee US Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq

Wealthy Reap Rewards While Those Who Work Lose

Misery and Despair Plague Haitians: Issues Affecting Women, OCHA July 1 Report

French Police Accused Four Chechen Refugees Of 'Terrorism' On A Tip By Russian Terrorist Gang Of FSB

U.S. Has Now Lost 75 Percent Of Guantanamo Habeas Cases

Fear Or Apathy, We Are All To Blame

Obama's Health Care Bill Is Enough to Make You Sick

Are There More Deaths In The Month Of Sha'baan? Is There Any Evidence To Support That?

Israel's Settlement Enterprise: Longstanding, Outrageous And Illegal

We Are ALL Pelicans: The Harsh Consequences Of Environmental Pollution

Anger In Costa Rica Over Deal To 'Invite' 46 US Warships

10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced And Database

With the Saudi Artists! The Fragility Of The Budding Theatrical And Artistic Structure

Why Not Revitalize The Economy With Pyramids? Borrowing And Inflation

Obama and Netanyahu Plan Conflict, Not Resolution

Support Lynne Stewart: The "Peoples Lawyer" Behind Bars

Don't Think About Turkey: From Saudi Writer Prospective

News from Berkeley: The Alameda County Fair, Pick-N-Pull & Chez Panisse

US 'Realises It Cannot Win' Afghan War: Using Pakistan As A Face-saver

Al Sistani Fears The Distance: Who's Who In The Iraqiya List -- By Mshari Al-Zaydi

Decades Of Palestinian Displacement In East Jerusalem

"Al Qaeda's Women" In Saudi Arabia -- By Mshari Al-Zaydi

The Merits Of Islam: Why Do Muslims Think That Islam Is True - Any Factual Basis?

Abu Umar As-Sayf: ''You Will Not See Scholars Teaching Muslims In The Field Of Jihad''

War In Afghanistan: Illegal, Untenable And Unwinnable - Say Americans

Bibi Back at the White House — The Consistency of Israeli Duplicity Comes Ever More Clearly in Focus

Is What He Did To Find Out About His Fiancée Correct, Using The Internet As A Means To Get To Know Her?

Nigerian Politics - 2011: Jonathan, PDP And The Moral Question

Prophet Muhammad PBUH — 31: Enjoying A Funny Gesture

The Politics Of A Sick Society: African Politicians - Crime, Corruption, Drug Abuse, Alcoholism

Violent Christians And Iraq: American Evangelists Preaching Bush Goal

Are We Racist? Today's Arabs And The Sudanese Colours

Echo Of Jihad From Paktia's Paternal Mountains - Mujahideen Report

Saudi Arabia And Israel Once Again: AWACS Planes And Such Other Deals

Obama's New Iran Sanctions: An Act Of War - Current And Future

Who Cares About The Iranian People? Tehran vs The West Not The Rest

Government Math...FOR KIDS! Obama 2011 Federal Budget 3,800,000,000,000,000

Judaizing Jerusalem: Zionists Ethnocracy Over The Al-Aqsa Mosque And Dome of the Rock

Who Will Pay, Wall Street Or Main Street - The Tobin Tax Or The VAT? Business Cycle or Class War?

Afghan War: Petraeus Expands U.S. Military Presence Throughout Eurasia

Is Video Taping A Wedding Party Haraam? Agree To Let Mahrams' Pictures Be Taken

Depicting the Sahaba: The Depiction Of Religious And Historical Figures

Debunking the War on Terror!!! From Promised Land to Promised Planet: Zionism and Neoconservatism

50 Random Facts That Make You Wonder What In The World Has Happened To America

PATRIOTISM: An Islamic Perspective - Why Traveling To The ISNA Convention

Ahmadinejad And Netanyahu….Did They See the Picture?

Millennium Goals Revisited: Noble Ideas, and Feel-Good Moments

International Robbers And Afghan Underground Wealth - American & co.

Aspects of Islamic Faith — 65: 3 Different Prayers For Rain

Month Of Sha'aban (Watan Sha'aban - As In Hausa Language)

Netanyahu's Historic Visit: Obama Administration vs Israel's Stalling And Procrastination

Russian Spy Case: Espionage or Politics? A Bizarre Episode Straight Out Of A Spy Novel

Islamic Terrorists: Creating A Frankenstein Monster - American Policies

Nigeria: Open Letter To Governor Ibrahim Shekarau, The Sardauna

In Vienna: Hitler And Hertzl vs Mozart, Popper, And Freud

On July 4th, from What Did America Declare Its Independence?

Fending For Themselves: Obama, Gulf Tribes And BP

Afghan War Funding: Oh It's 1-2-3, What Do We Spend It On?

Freedom In The Grace Of The World - American Imperialist Wars

The Jordanian Nuclear Bomb: Cause for Rejecting Successive Peace Projects

Why Are They Provoked By Saudi? Dreams Of An Iran From Afghanistan to Palestine

The Obsequiousness of the Mainstream Press: Syria, CIA In Torture Business

Turkey Is The Key: Israeli Recipe For Dealing With The World

Ahmad Sa'adat: A Palestinian Prisoner of Conscience

Screw Iraq, Afghanistan & Gaza: Let's invade Detroit!

They're Not Just Pigs: G20-Toronto Participatory Inquiry In Full Swing

Why?... Dr. Aafia Siddiqui: Threatened With Arrest At ISNA Convention

Reflections: Italia-Palestina - The Zionist State Agents Acting Around The World

Obama Warns Corruption Erodes Faith In Government: Hillary Clinton Blasts Steel Vise of Government Crushing Dissent

State Terror, Israeli Style: Why Gaza, Why A Humanitarian Aid Flotilla?

Double Standard: BP and Bhopal - Obama $20 Billion Dollar Demand

3/5 of House Dems "Obsessed" With Afghan Withdrawal Timetable

Veterans Oppose Supreme Count Nominee Elena Kagan

Does The Husband Have To Make His Wife Happy? Living Shariah

Sheikh Uthaymeen On The 'Muslim' Rulers Of Today: Case For Islamic Struggles

Sacking McChrystal: Testimony To A Lost War - America's Longest War Just Beginning?

Guess Who Wants To Kill The Internet? Obama And Global War On Terror

The Skill Of The Syrian Game: Hezbollah, The Hamas And Islamic Jihad Bureaus

His Christian Family Start The Meal With A Supplication To Jesus; What Should He Do?

Black Skin Or Black Ignorance? Africa It Is Homeland Or Death

The "Sahwa" Of Awad al Qarni: Conventional Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Membership

Jerusalem Politicians Face Expulsion: Israel Creating Loyalty Test, Warn Lawyers

The Saudi Arabians And The G20 Summit: Kingdom And Its Domestic Expenditures

Prophet Muhammad PBUH - 30: A Perfect Human Being In All Respects

Case Closed On Terrorist Motivation: The Root Of The Problem Lay In U.S. Foreign Policy

Living On A Dying Delta: Watch Darkening Storm Clouds Over America

Daniel Joseph Maldonado: Story Of An American True Believer From Kenyan Detention To Houston Prison

Connecting the Zionist Dots: United Against Purim - Zionism And Democracy

Young African Muslim Woman Adama Bah Fears Deportation, And Mutilation

General Petraeus' Dizziness In The Congress Reflects The US Defeat In Afghanistan

Does Janeane Garofalo Hate Obama Because He's Black? Revealing The Race Card

Competing Ideologies: G20 v US Social Forum - Explanations for Exploitations

She Goes To Restaurants Or Playgrounds With Her Female Friends

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 64: Prayer In The Depth Of The Night

West's Afghan Debacle: Commander Dismissed As War Deaths Reach Record Level

Death Squad Terror In Honduras: Hands Of Obama And His Administration

What The Afghan Mujahidun Have Got To Say About The General McChrystal's End

Obama's Problems: From One Gulf to the Next

Let McChrystal Bring The Troops Home: Obama's Firing of General Causes Focus Loss

The Politics of Death: Throwing Mumia Abu-Jamal Under the Bus

One Year Later: Honduras Resistance Strong Despite US-Supported Coup

Lieberman's 'Peace' Plan: Strip Palestinians Of Citizenship: Blueprint Requires Pure Jewish State

The Uzbek Crisis: How Iran Exploited The Poverty Of Islamic Countries In Africa Asia

Prof William O. Beeman: Iranians Deny The Arrogant Literature Of The West

Turkey And The U.S.: From The Eastern Question To The Western Question

Should He Encourage A Relationship Between A Muslim Man And A Kaafir Woman So As To Protect Her From Evil And Call Her To Good?!

Afghan Mujahidun Reaction To $1 Trillion Minerals Found - The Puppet Regime's Mining Contracts

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 2009 Annual Report: Occupation Force Crimes

Hezbollah Wants Transparency? Sensitive Case Concerning People's Money

Moral Debts and Ethical Deficits: Humanity And America's Failing Mechanism

'Let them Eat Coriander!': Blockade 'Eased' As Gaza Starves More Slowly

The Despised State Of Israel Cannot Survive For Long: Christopher Bollyn

International Agencies Fund Venezuelan Opposition With $40-50 Million Annually

Live From Detroit: Oliver Stone's New Movie, Zionism And Potato Chips

Occupied Palestine: Good News And Bad - A First In America Against Israel

Obama And Chavez, Birds Of A Feather: Barack Obama Is A Dictator - Fact

Germany: Russian Espionage Is More Dangerous Than International Terrorism

Disaster Aid or Aid Disaster? Haitian's Thoughts on Foreign Assistance

Challenging Toronto's Corporate Security Walls: Fabricating Voices For Peace And Development

You've Gotta Fight For Your Right...To PARTY! I'm An American, Dammit!

Sirhan Sirhan: In His Own Words: Revealing The Myth Of The Rule Of Law In America

Hazem Qumsiyeh, Presente: Story Of A Young Palestinian - Mixing Hardships With Love

Report From The Detroit Social Forum: Networking And Sleeping Around

Barack Obama, Dictator: Can't Bring Himself To Admit The Fundamental Failure

Have The Egyptians Lost Gaza? The Golan Heights And the Shebaa Farms Issues

Flotilla Assault Serves To Isolate Israel: Israel's Brutal Nature Comprehensibly Evident

Yemen: The Next Battlefield - Saudi Arabia, America And Al Qaeda Struggles

Wall Street Congratulates Washington: A Job Well Done

A Unified Gulf? The Arabs And Arabism - An Endless Culture Of Disunity

High Society: The Death Of The WASP - Employ Of The Neocons

No Gluten, No Dairy: My Search For The Perfect éclair

Stanley Sporkin: BP's Ombudsman Fixer - Unanswered Questions

Queer Kids Of Queer Parents Against Gay Marriage!

Updating Lynne Stewart's "Love Struggle:" Part II

The Issue Does Not Yet Justify War: Saudi Arabia To Confront Iran Militarily?

Palestinian Women Under Occupation

Obesity At Disneyland: It's Down From Four Years Ago - Iran, Israel And US

Horrific Conditions in Los Angeles County Jail

Ruling On Promulgating Manmade Laws Is An Act Of Kufr - Consensus Of The Muslim Scholars

Freedom Flotilla: What The Mujahidun Say About The Ship And The Movement

Oval Office Duplicity: Cover For Corporate Criminality - Obama A Machine Politician, Not A Man Of The People

Prophet Muhammad - 29: Humility Is A Guide For Islamic Rulers

Russians Caused Disaster In Kyrgyzstan: Creating The Rioting And The Massacres For Its Own Agenda

How Sad! Palestine Is Now Gone From The World Map: Israeli Arabia

Let's Chant: Free, Free Palestine - Stopping The Felony Of Israel

Nigeria - Jonathan Goodluck's Family, Sahara Reporters, Ribadu Or Adewuyi: Who Lied Against Who

Deficit Terrorists Strike In England -- US Next? Hyperinflation, Deflation, Seeking Solutions

Procedural Liberties Versus Personal Restraints: Rhodesia Where Colonials Never Left

Note To Muslims: About Plans To Implement 'Democratic Islam'

Erdogan, King Faisal, And Mahathir: Nasser…al-Khomeini…Saddam Hussein…Ahmadinejad

Reducing The Mahr Is The Sunnah: Increasing Dowry For Marriage Nowadays A Great Deal

Why Do Jews Commit Massacres? The Culture Of Murder, Terrorism And Blood

The Hidden Wealth of the Catholic Church: Secret Assets And Cuts in Catholic Social Services

Kyrgyzstan: Bloodstained Geopolitical Chessboard - Stop Nato, Stop Russia

Drones In America: War On Terrorism Enabling The US Statists In The Direction Of Orwell's 1984

The Palestinian Return: Special Update on Palestinian Refugees on International Refugee Day

The Issue Does Not Yet Justify War: On The Saudi Corridor And The Israeli Strike

Easing Gaza's Siege: Bogus And Unacceptable - Don't Let Zionists Off The Hook

Her Family Took Her Away Without Her Husband's Permission

The London School of Economics Vs Mujahidun Leadership - Reactions

Aspects Of Islamic Faith - 63: The Last Prayer Of The Day

Canada Is Zionist Jewish Occupied Territory: Jews Are NOT Prosecuted For Violating Canada's "Hate Laws"!

Nigeria: The Need For Credible Polls In 2011 - Non-attainment Of Freedom And Fairness

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