Articles By Shamus Cooke


Obama's Middle East Peace Talks: A Circus to Distract

Obama's Delusions: The Economy And Iraq - The Continued Hemorrhaging, The President

Obama's New Iran Sanctions: An Act Of War - Current And Future

The European And U.S. Economies: Falling Dominoes - Mountains Of Fake Wealth (Debt)

Massacre In Thailand: Obama's Bloody Hands: How The Asian Times Confirms

How Wars Are Born: China vs. the U.S. -- Overseas Militarism

Obama Provokes War Against China And Iran: U.S. Military Out of the Middle East!

Torture Never Stopped Under Obama: Sensory Deprivation, Goggles, Blindfolds And Earmuffs etc.

Washington Moves To Control Iran's Revolution: US Shifts Focus to Support Tehran Opposition

Iran's Growing Revolution vs. the Democrat's Intervention

Why Copenhagen Failed: American Billionaire-owned Mega-enterprises Kill Multi-lateralism

Why Obama's Surge in Afghanistan? Exposing A Cowardly Liar

Global Warming Accelerating While The U.S. Backpedals

The U.S. Creeps Closer To A Police State

Wall Street Under Obama: Bigger And Riskier - The Democrats Rank Equal With The Republicans

Why The U.S. Government Hates Venezuela: Stripping Off Imperialists

Iran's Coming Revolution: For Civil Rights Or Beyond?

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