108. Surah Al-Kauthar سورة الكوثر


This Surah (Revealed) Meccan or Medinese, consisting of 3 verses.(Al-Kawthar)
Ayah   108:1   الأية الأولي
بِسْم ِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ayah First   1   الأية الأولي
We have assuredly given you, O Muhammad (s), Abundance [the name of] a river in Paradise and his [the Prophets] pool around which his community shall gather; al-kawthar also means the abundant good [that has been given to the Prophet], such as prophethood, the Qurān, intercession, and the like. 765
Ayah   108:2   الأية
So pray to your Lord, the prayer of the Festival of Immolation (īd al-nahr), and sacrifice, your offering.
Ayah   108:3   الأية
Indeed it is your antagonist, your hater, who is the severed one, refraining from all [acts of] good, or the one whose line of offspring will be severed [by his not having any]: this was revealed regarding al-Āsī b. Wāil, who called the Prophet (s) al-abtar, the severed one, when his son al-Qāsim died.

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