82. Surah Al-Infitr سورة الإنفطار


Meccan, consisting of 19 verses.(Al-Infitr)
Ayah   82:1   الأية الأولي
بِسْم ِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ayah First   1   الأية الأولي
When the heaven is split open, [when it is] rent asunder,
Ayah   82:2   الأية
and when the stars are dispersed, [when] they expire and begin to fall,
Ayah   82:3   الأية
and when the seas are burst forth, released one upon the other, forming one mass of water, so that the sweet [water] mixes with the salty;
Ayah   82:4   الأية
and when the tombs are overturned, [when] their earth [above them] is dug up and its dead are raised (the response to idhā, when, and all that is supplemented thereto is [the following]):
Ayah   82:5   الأية
a soul, every soul, will know, at the time of the [occurrence of the] things mentioned, which is the Day of Resurrection, what it has sent ahead, in the way of deeds, and, what [it has], left behind, of these and did not do.
Ayah   82:6   الأية
O, disbelieving, man! What has deceived you with regard to your generous Lord?, so that you have disobeyed Him,
Ayah   82:7   الأية
Who created you, when you were not, then made you upright, in your created form, with sound limbs, then proportioned you (read fa-adalak or fa-addalak), making you symmetrical in shape, with well-proportioned parts, so that no hand or leg is longer than the other,
Ayah   82:8   الأية
assembling you in whatever (mā is a relative) form He will?
Ayah   82:9   الأية
No indeed! a deterrent against letting oneself be misled by the generosity of God, exalted be He. Rather 731 you, that is, disbelievers of Mecca, deny Judgement, requital for deeds;
Ayah   82:10   الأية
Yet lo! there are above you watchers, from among the angels, over your deeds,
Ayah   82:11   الأية
noble, in Gods sight, writers, of these [deeds],
Ayah   82:12   الأية
who know whatever you do, all of it.
Ayah   82:13   الأية
Indeed the pious, the believers who are sincere in their faith, shall be amid bliss, [in] Paradise,
Ayah   82:14   الأية
and indeed the profligates, the disbelievers, shall be in Hell-fire, a scorching fire,
Ayah   82:15   الأية
entering it, to suffer its heat, on the Day of Judgement, [the Day of] Requital,
Ayah   82:16   الأية
and they shall not be absent from it, [they shall not] be taken out of it.
Ayah   82:17   الأية
And what would show you, [what would] inform you, what the Day of Judgement is?
Ayah   82:18   الأية
Again, what would show you what the Day of Judgement is? [repeated] to emphasise its enormity.
Ayah   82:19   الأية
[It is] a day (read yawmu) when no soul will be of any avail, any use, to another soul, and the [absolute] command on that day will be Gods: there will be no [power of] command for anyone other than Him thereat, in other words, none has been given the power to mediate thereupon, in contrast to [situations] in this world.

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