87. Surah Al-A'l سورة الأعلى


This Surah (Revealed) Meccan, consisting of 19 verses.(Al-Al)
Ayah   87:1   الأية الأولي
بِسْم ِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ayah First   1   الأية الأولي
Glorify the Name of your Lord, that is, exalt your Lord above what does not befit Him (ism [in isma rabbika, the Name of your Lord] is extra), the Most High (an adjective qualifying rabbika, your Lord),
Ayah   87:2   الأية
741 Who created and proportioned, His creature, making it of well-proportioned parts, without irregularities,
Ayah   87:3   الأية
and Who determined, what He wants, and guided, to what He had determined of good or evil,
Ayah   87:4   الأية
and Who brought forth the pasture, [Who] caused herbage to grow,
Ayah   87:5   الأية
then made it, after verdancy, blackened stubble, desiccated broken chaff.
Ayah   87:6   الأية
We will have you recite, the Qurān, so that you will not forget, what you recite,
Ayah   87:7   الأية
except what God may will, that you forget, by abrogating its recitation and its ruling the Prophet (s) used to recite aloud while Gabriel recited, fearing to forget, and so it is as though it was said to him, Do not hasten in it; you will not forget and so do not weary yourself by reciting it aloud; assuredly He, exalted be He, knows what is overt, of words and deeds, and what is hidden, of both of these.
Ayah   87:8   الأية
And We will ease your way to the easy way, the uncomplicated Law, namely, Islam.
Ayah   87:9   الأية
So remind, admonish by the Qurān, in case the reminder should be of benefit, to the one whom you might remind, the one mentioned in [the following verse] he [who fears] will be reminded, in other words, even if it might not be of benefit, for it is of benefit to some but of no benefit to others.
Ayah   87:10   الأية
He who fears, God, exalted be He, will be reminded, by it, as in the verse: So admonish by the Qurān him who fears My threat [Q. 50:45];
Ayah   87:11   الأية
but the wretched one (al-ashqā means al-shaqī), that is to say, the disbeliever, will shun it, that is, the reminder, in other words, he will leave it aside, not looking at it,
Ayah   87:12   الأية
he who will be roasted in the greater Fire, the Fire of the Hereafter, the lesser fire being that of this world;
Ayah   87:13   الأية
then he will neither die therein, and find rest, nor live, a enjoyable life.
Ayah   87:14   الأية
Successful, winner, indeed is he who purifies himself, [who] cleanses himself by means of [his adherence to] 742 faith,
Ayah   87:15   الأية
and mentions the Name of his Lord, saying Allāhu akbar, God is Great, and prays, the five prayers and such are the concerns of [one working towards] the Hereafter, [concerns] which the Meccan disbelievers shun.
Ayah   87:16   الأية
Nay, but you prefer (or read yuthirūna, they prefer) the life of this world, to the Hereafter,
Ayah   87:17   الأية
whereas the Hereafter, and the Paradise it entails, is better and more lasting.
Ayah   87:18   الأية
Truly this, the success of those who purify themselves, and the Hereafter being better, is in the former scrolls, the ones revealed before the Qurān,
Ayah   87:19   الأية
the scrolls of Abraham and Moses, the ten scrolls of Abraham and the Torah of Moses.

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