91. Surah Ash-Shams سورة الشمس


This Surah (Revealed) Meccan, consisting of 15 verses.(Ash-Shams )
Ayah   91:1   الأية الأولي
بِسْم ِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ayah First   1   الأية الأولي
By the sun and her morning light,
Ayah   91:2   الأية
and [by] the moon when it follows her, rising after she has set,
Ayah   91:3   الأية
and [by] the day when it reveals her, as it rises [high],
Ayah   91:4   الأية
and [by] the night when it enshrouds her, covering her up with its darkness (idhā, when, in all three instances is an absolute adverbial, operated by the verbal action of the oath).
Ayah   91:5   الأية
By the heaven and the One Who built it,
Ayah   91:6   الأية
and [by] the earth and the One Who spread it, laid out flat.
Ayah   91:7   الأية
and [by] the soul, that is to say, [by] all souls, and the One Who proportioned it, in its created form (mā in all three instances relates to the verbal action, or functions as man, the one who),
Ayah   91:8   الأية
and inspired to discern its vices and piety, He pointed out to it the path of good and that of evil (the placing of taqwā, piety, second takes into account the [rhyme] endings of the verses; the response to the oath is [the following:])
Ayah   91:9   الأية
Successful indeed (qad: the lām [of laqad, indeed] has been omitted from it for the sake of brevity) will be the one who purifies it, purges it of sins,
Ayah   91:10   الأية
and he will indeed have failed he who eclipses it, he who obscures it with [acts of] disobedience (dassāhā is actually dassasahā, but the second sīn has been replaced with an alif for [phonetic] ease).
Ayah   91:11   الأية
750 Thamūd denied, their messenger Sālih, because of their rebellious nature,
Ayah   91:12   الأية
when the most wretched of them, whose name was Qudār, was dispatched, [when] he hastened, in order to hamstring the she-camel with their approval.
Ayah   91:13   الأية
But then the messenger of God, Sālih, said to them, [This is] the she-camel of God, so let her have her drink!, her drink on her day one day was hers, the next theirs.
Ayah   91:14   الأية
But they denied him, with regard to his saying this [as being a command] from God which if they contravened would immediately result in chastisement being sent down on them then hamstrung her, they slew it in order to appropriate her [share of the] drinking water. So their Lord closed in on them, the chastisement, because of their sin, and meted it equally [among them], that is, the closing in on them, in other words, He subsumed them all by it, so that not one of them escaped.
Ayah   91:15   الأية
And He does not (read wa-lā, or fa-lā) fear the consequence of it.

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