99. Surah Az-Zalzalah سورة الزلزلة


This Surah (Revealed) Meccan or Medinese, consisting of 8 verses.(Al-Zalzalah)
Ayah   99:1   الأية الأولي
بِسْم ِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Ayah First   1   الأية الأولي
When earth is shaken, [when] it is rocked for the rising of the Hour, with its [final] quake, with its most violent rocking, one that befits its magnitude,
Ayah   99:2   الأية
and the earth brings forth its burdens, its hidden treasures and its dead, casting them onto its surface,
Ayah   99:3   الأية
and man, the disbeliever in resurrection, says, What is wrong with it? in denial of that situation.
Ayah   99:4   الأية
On that day (yawmaidhin substitutes for, and is the response to, idhā, when) it shall relate its chronicles, it shall inform of the good and evil deeds committed in it,
Ayah   99:5   الأية
for its Lord will have inspired it, that is, He will have commanded her to [do] this in a hadīth [it is stated], It [the earth] shall testify to every single deed committed by every servant and handmaiden upon its surface.
Ayah   99:6   الأية
On that day mankind shall issue forth, they will depart from the site of the Reckoning, in separate groups, divided up, so that those taking it [their book] by the right hand will go to Paradise, while those taking it by the left hand will go to the Fire, to be shown their deeds, that is, the requital for them, in [either] Paradise or the Fire. 759
Ayah   99:7   الأية
So whoever does an atoms weight of good shall see it: he shall see its reward,
Ayah   99:8   الأية
and whoever does an atoms weight of evil shall see it: he shall see its requital.

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