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South Africa - The Latest Crime LIE - The Crime SPIKE!

Thu Feb 9th, 2007

Jan Lamprecht

I normally have quite a bit of respect for eTV, and also for that black journalist, Justice Malala, whom they interview many times for his "expert commentary". But some time back he really said something that outraged me. 

Before launching into that, let me say something good though. The other evening, Sally asked Justice whether about this whole faltered FNB crime campaign. She mentioned that now major business leaders are jumping up in unison, saying that crime IS a problem and it is not "disloyal" or a crime itself to criticise Mbeki and Govt. Raymond Ackerman of Pick 'n Pay was one of those saying this. 

She asked Justice if Mbeki would say anything in The State of the Nation Address. Justice said that Mbeki can be very stubborn if he wants to, and that like with AIDS and Zimbabwe - both of which he refuses to speak - he does not think Mbeki will touch on the crime issue. 

The business leaders, by the way are calling on Mbeki to make Crime the #1 issue in S.Africa! 

In my view, the ANC is in a spot now. People are noticing how bad crime is, and people are not running away... possibly as the ANC hoped for... so this crime thing is now starting to unite the country AGAINST the ANC. This is awesome. 

What I liked was Justice's comments about "stubborn" Mbeki. It just made me more angry at Mbeki because Mbeki knows we're being murdered and he doesn't give a rat's ass about the situation. In that sense he's actually a RACIST BASTARD. 

Also on TV, they interviewed another black business leader who said that crime mustn't become a racial issue - with people saying only whites are complaining about crime but blacks are NOT. Reality: Not many blacks ARE complaining about CRIME! Its MOSTLY whites who are moaning. If MORE BLACKS WERE SCREAMING ABOUT CRIME I CERTAINLY WOULD FEEL IT WASN'T A RACIAL ISSUE, but as things stand, 95-99% or more of those complaining about crime are NON-BLACK. Blacks are conspicuous through their ABSENCE! 

Now to turn to the issue where Justice Malala really angered me. 

There is a *LIE* that has been slipping into the media in recent weeks stating that "over the last 10 years crime has come down". This is complete nonsense. Rubbish. Where's the evidence for this? Crime has been GETTING WORSE... that's why everyone is jumping up and down. 

Crime has not gone down "over the last 10 years". In fact, crime was RISING and that's why the ANC put that moratorium on crime back in 2000. That alone is proof that crime was RISING in the first 6 years of ANC rule. And "crime only went down", because the ANC started lying about it even more openly since 2000. 

So that's the first lie, and I was shocked to see Justice Malala saying it on eTV - and its a complete nonsense statement - there is no evidence to justify that. 

But then, he went on to compound the lie with another lie. So on top of the first lie, he built another lie - and it should be stated that Justice Malala is not the only person to tell this compounded lie. I am just so shocked that he dared to repeat it given his other excellent commentaries. 

But here's the compounded lie: The Crime Spike. The ANC takes the crime stats, fudges them, and then releases them a year AFTER the fact - so that you cannot tie up the fudged crime statistics "with current conditions". So after all this fudging, editing and careful preparation of their Official Lie, they then go to the next step: Now that crime is wildly out of control and you can see it all around you... the ANC, Journalists and eTV dared to report: "Crime has been going down for 10 years and what you are seeing now is a 'CRIME SPIKE'" - the insinuation being that crime is under control, going down AND now you're seeing an "abnormal spike". 


There is no crime spike. As far as I can tell, I'd say that crime has been climbing since 1994, and crime has been climbing even "during the years it went down"... and this is no spike at all - this is just the result of more media reporting on the matter which is showing us how incredibly bad things are. 

It is my personal contention that crime has been going up since 1994, and it *NEVER ONCE WENT DOWN* - in the last 12 years. NEVER. 

Keep watching this space and the ANC statements on this matter, because we will be revisiting this issue. I will tell you if I truly think crime is going down, and so far I see NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE THAT CRIME IS GOING DOWN. We need to see CREDIBLE EVIDENCE that it is going down - and no such thing exists at this moment. 

Remember I mentioned that the Airforces huge Puma helicopters are now ferrying army anti-crime units around? I don't see the Pumas over Johannesburg often. Exactly how effective they are I don't know. But yesterday I was driving late to work and I actually saw two Pumas flying over Randburg heading south. BUT, given the extreme crime rate, I doubt that even a dozen or more Airforce Puma helicopters could contain crime in any way. While they're flying around, hundreds of criminal acts are taking place which they won't intervene in. The Pumas are a nice way of pretending you're doing something - but if you look at the crime, murder, rape and armed robbery statistics, you'll see that thousands of crimes are occurring in Johannesburg EACH HOUR. How can even a dozen helicopters change that? 

In fact, I'd go so far as to say, that in some ways, its not even a problem CATCHING criminals. They're catching them... by the thousand. Its the prisons... they're letting the criminals go. 


That's the first place where out laws need to be changed - but if they did that - you'd soon see our prison population climbing from 200,000 to 500,000 to 1 million - and the ANC knows this.





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