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How Talaban Accessed Afghanistan And The Mujahidun In The Month Of January 2013
Unmasking Mujahidun Struggles Reports
By Al-Ikhwah Al-Mujahidun

How Talaban Accessed Afghanistan And The Mujahidun In The Month Of January 2013

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

January 2013 was the witness of important incidents in which heavy losses and casualties were inflicted on the internal and external enemy. We can briefly analyze them under the following headings:

Corporeal losses:

There is no doubt that in the previous six months approximately fifty thousand external invaders have absconded and have left a number of bases and strongholds, their activities have been limited to a very few bases, therefore the amount of the corporeal losses of the invaders have decreased as compared to the past. But there is even no doubt that if we consider the war strategy of Americans and their allies, it is obvious that they hide the exact number of their losses and we have discussed this issue in details in the previous articles.

On the basis of the above, the foreign invaders have only confirmed the killing of their eight soldiers including three Americans and two British in the month of January. If we put a glance on the digits acknowledged by the enemy in the previous eleven years, this will be the lowest number confessed by the enemy after 2007. The highest number of casualties admitted by the enemy was in the month of January 2012. According to them they had lost their 43 soldiers in that month. In the span of previous eleven years according to the confession of the enemy totally 3257 invaders have been killed inside Afghanistan including these eight persons which is so many times less than the real and accurate figures.

On the other side the cases of suicides among the external invaders are on the increase. According to the reports on Friday 4th January, an American soldier, after being wounded and then fled to his country, committed suicide. Robert Griffith, who was wounded in the Nahr-i-Siraj district of Helmond province, was lifted back to America for treatment. Although the details and whereabouts of this suicide has not been disclosed yet, but in reality hundreds of American soldiers after returning from the war in Afghanistan to their own country are found unable to bear the shocks of fighting and because of the offences they committed here, have now become the prey of various mental and psychic diseases and they have started suicides and killings.

On 14th January the statistics of the brutal American invaders showed that during the year 2012, three hundred and forty nine American soldiers have committed suicide while the unofficial and unconfirmed reports tell that the number of these incidents is quite higher than that.

On the basis of a latest report published in the last days of January, at least 22 soldiers returned and exhausted from the war, commit suicides because of the shocks and anguishes which were inflicted on them during the war.

This calculation does not include those thousands of wounded and disabled persons who have lost parts of their bodies and come out to the roads to get their rights, but the occupying American government has turned a blind eye to their sacrifices.

Financial losses:

Although it is a very difficult job to unveil and arrange the daily figures and accurate statistics of the increasing losses of the internal and external enemy, we can estimate their monthly financial losses as to be worth millions of Afghanis. In various parts of Afghanistan tens of military transport vehicles, tanks and other vehicles of the combined enemy are destroyed and split into pieces on the daily basis because of bomb blasts. The Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate brought down and destroyed a drone of the enemy in the Jani Khail district of Paktika province during the span of this month (January).

Inviting the death after the trounce:

On Thursday 3rd January, the government of Bosnia, in an unexpected announcement, told about dispatching its twenty six soldiers to Afghanistan. The spokesman of the Bosnian army told the France Press news agency that this amount of military police will remain in Afghanistan for ten months and will perform its duty in Kandahar province alongside the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF).

In the recent past the state of Bosnia wanted to get the membership of NATO, therefore she is sacrificing some of its children to achieve this goal. It is worth mentioning that Turkey has rendered innumerable sacrifices for several years to get the membership of this organization.

On one side, if the state of Bosnia is willing to send her troops to Afghanistan, but on the other side the commander of the American occupying forces who have lost their morale of existence and stability in Afghanistan, Jan Allen told on the same day that he is concluding his responsibility inside Afghanistan in the following month. General Allen was sacked from his duty last year in the month of November for having illegal relations with a female journalist. But later his dismissal was suspended by the White House. Prior to this a number of high ranking generals and officials were compelled to resign for having illegal and illicit relations.

Losses of the internal enemy:

As we have mentioned in the previous months' reports that the disclosure of exact and accurate figures of the day to day increasing losses of the internal enemy is nearly impossible. But ‘The Guardian' which is one of the leading newspapers of Britain, published on 29th January in a special report that in the last six month, 1100 soldiers of the mercenary army have been killed. The accurate and real figure is higher than that confessed. We will furnish in the following, the important losses of the stooge administration in different provinces.

According to a report of the Alemara website, in the last month (January) 30 commanders of police and army have been killed.

On Tuesday 8th January, two high ranking officials of police force were killed in Kunduz province by the hand of Mujahidin. In two separate attacks, Mujahidin killed the commander of the recruitment centre of Dasht-i-Archi district and a commander of regional police force (Arbakis). It is worth mentioning that low ranking police and personnel have also been either killed or wounded in these attacks.

On the following day of this incident, 90 policemen were poisoned in the police academy of Balkh province. The incidents of poisoning the policemen are on the rapid increase by the infiltrated workers. The in-charge of jail in Dasht-i-Archi district was also killed by Mujahidin on the same day.

On Wednesday, 11th January, in ‘Tareen Kot' city, the capital city of Urzgan province, at least three workers of the national security of the mercenary army were killed in an attack of Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate. Moreover in Panjway district of Kandahar province, a policeman, present in a post of the Arbakis (regional police force), first poisoned all the policemen and then killed the commander of that post. Later on, this infiltrated Mujahid managed to escape along with two Kalashnikovs and some other weapons. The enemy acknowledged that after the incident this person has successfully escaped and has joined the Taliban.

One day after these incidents, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate, killed the director of anti crime force of Najrab district in Kapisa province. Two other policemen were also severely injured in this attack.

On Tuesday 26th January, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate brought a number of high ranking officials under attack in Kunduz province. Consequently the director of anti terrorism department alongside tens of other personnel of this department were either killed or wounded.

On Sunday, 27th January, the security commander of Pusht-i-Koh district of Farah province came under the attack of Mujahidin and was killed. One day after this incident, the head of the second part of Kohistan district of Kapisa province was killed in a similar incident.

The abscondence of the servants and rebuilders of the country:

On Tuesday, 1st January, the BBC told in a special report that more than 40% diplomats and representatives of the Kabul administration want to remain and seek political asylum in the foreign countries.

The series of flee or abscondence of the workers of this administration is going on for the last few years and every year tens of high level officials do not return to their country after paying a visit to the foreign country. The report adds that most of the officials who flee and seek asylum in the foreign countries are those who are recruited in the embassies on the basis of recommendations or briberies. They are not ready to go back to their country after the expiry of their service period. It should not be forgotten that even the members of parliament are included in these fled people.

It is worth mentioning that the officials and especially the diplomats, present in the puppet and stooge administration, always give the slogans of service and the reconstruction of the country. They have taken or eaten up millions of dollars on the basis of this excuse and when the dollars are finished, they have considered flee and escape better than serving or reconstructing the country.

Joining the ranks of Mujahidin:

The available news shows that last month hundreds of people, present in the enemy's ranks, have changed their sides. They have left the enemy and have joined Mujahidin after realizing the facts and figures. According to the reports of the Invitation and Guidance and the Attraction and Absorption Commissions, last month at least one hundred and forty six persons including several commanders joined the ranks of Mujahidin along with their light and heavy weapons and other logistics. Here we would like to mention some cases of surrender:

On 7th January, reports from Farah province told that approximately six policemen are missing from this province. It is said that these policemen left their posts in the Khak-i-Safaid district of this province and have surrendered to Mujahidin along with their weaponry.

On Wednesday, 15th January, a person present in a post of Arbakis (the local tribal militia) killed the commander of the post after poisoning his other fellows and then managed to escape along with his two Kalashnikovs and some other weapons. The enemy has admitted that this person has joined the ranks of Mujahidin after carrying out the operations.

On 20th January, three policemen, along with one ranger type vehicle and twelve guns, joined Mujahidin in Khashroad district of Nemroz province.

On 23rd January, one commander along with his soldiers, one mortar gun, one rocket, eight kalashinkoves and one ranger type vehicle, changed his side and joined Mujahidin in Khashroad district of Nemroz province.

Similarly on 30th January, the deputy head of the tribal council of Khost province joined Mujahidin after the invitation of the Attraction and Absorption and Guidance Commissions of the Islamic Emirate.

Civilian losses and their torture:

It is very difficult to completely elaborate the incidents of torture and sufferings of the civilians in this short article. Nevertheless according to the reports of the website of the Islamic Emirate, which is prepared on the basis of the information of BBC and Radio Liberty, during the span of last month at least forty one civilians have been martyred and sixty one others have been abducted by the occupiers and their mercenaries. The number of injured persons exceeds the total number of martyrs and abducted people in this month. Here we would like to mention some of the incidents:

On Tuesday 8th January, hundreds of people were beaten up in Laghman province by the forces of the stooge administration in the continuation of their cruelties over the helpless and oppressed masses. The reason for this incident was told that the people have torn apart the flag of the stooge government.

On the same date, in Kunduz province, the Arbakis (local tribal militia) carried out another brutal attack. They killed three persons including two women and then looted their houses.

On day after this incident, the foreign invading forces martyred a civilian and wounded three others in Kandahar province. This incident took place after the intentional collision of a vehicle of the invaders with a motor bike in Khawajak Baba area of Kandahar province.

On Saturday, 26th January, a person was martyred by the occupying forces in the capital of Balkh province, Mazar Shareef, just on the basis of the lame excuse that he was going to collide his motor bike with their vehicle.

Two days later, a vehicle of the ISAF occupying forces collided with a 303 model vehicle of the civilians and consequently 13 people were wounded.

The killing of civilians by the occupying forces on the basis of different lame excuses has become a routine work while motivating no reaction from the mercenary setup.

On Sunday 13th January, in Tangi area of Said Abad district of Maidan Wardak province, at least 7 innocent civilians, including children and women, were martyred in a series of brutal operations. After the bloody incident of last year in which 32 Americans were killed, the invading forces have started to take the revenge of their dead bodies from the oppressed people of this village. They have martyred hundreds of the villagers and have arrested hundreds of others from time to time.

On Friday 18th January, in the series of killing the civilians, the occupying forces martyred two women in the Shindand district of Herat province. While the people of the area give evidence of the martyrdom of two women but the devious American enemy, very shamelessly gave the report of the martyrdom of two Taliban.

On the other hand, on 21st January, the occupying forces made a barbaric bombardment in Nad Ali district of Helmond province in which a large number of civilians were martyred.

On Tueday, 22nd January, the inhabitants of the Siyah Gard district of Parwan province made the complaint against the police force and Arbakis, related to the Kabul admin, for beating up civilians. In a separate incident, on 27th January, the external invaders martyred three other civilians in the Baraki Barak district of Logar province.

Similarly the dwellers of Maidan Wardak province have fed up with the invading forces, present in this province and showed their reactions in various ways. When these complainers warned the mercenary setup of Kabul that if their issues are not solved they will take a serious action; then the head of that admin, Hamid Karzai, appointed a commission to assess the issue and find the solutions for it. But on 29th January, the media reported the inhabitants of above mentioned province say that although the commission has been appointed but their issues are not solved and they are still agonized by the invaders. This is the reason that they are leaving their homes, orchards and other livelihood and are migrating to other comparatively safer areas.

On Thursday, 31st January, the American invading forces targeted the civilians in Khas Kunar district of Konar province and wounded at least three civilians as acknowledged by the mercenaries.

Acknowledgement and evidences of brutality and barbarism:

On Wednesday, 15th January, the American occupiers announced that they cannot hand over the responsibility of prisons according to the agreement, just because of the tortures and painful agonies carried out by the workers of the stooge administration. The unpleasant treatment of the Afghan prisoners is the issue which has severely been criticized again and again by the internal and external human activists and defenders, but so far no serious reaction has been shown in this connection.

While the American invaders are refraining from handing over the responsibility of jails to the local admin, the same kind of repugnant behavior has reached to its climax as confessed by most of the supporters of the invasion. Last month the occupiers acknowledged the presence of two hundred children in their prisons but other sources say that their number is even higher than 500.

On Monday 21st January, the United Nations once again confessed this bitter reality that the prisons under the control of stooge administration avail their support and backing. This report says that half of the prisoners, when they are investigated, say that they are under severe tortures and sufferings. The report adds that the prisoners are severely beaten and are given electric shocks.

The invading forces of ISAF have also confirmed this report. They add that because of the disgraceful behavior with the prisoners under the control of the Kabul administration, they have postponed the transfer of jail affairs of other prisoners. Besides all these confirmations and confessions, the supporter of invasion and the stooge officials have denied these reports and have brought their masters under criticism.

Although there is too much tumult and hubbub in the media against the ill treatment of prisoners in the jails of the mercenary admin of Kabul, but practically nothing has been done and no positive step has been taken till now.

Hatred of the people and infiltration in the enemy's ranks:

The Muslim masses of Afghanistan have shown their hatred and resentment against the occupation of their country from the beginning till today in various forms and shapes. This resentment of the people has caused that sporadically some considerate Afghan soldiers and policemen after comprehending the realities, carry out decisive attacks on the internal and external enemies amongst their ranks and then join Mujahidin. Similarly, Mujahidin have recruited some individuals to carry out these kind of tactical and successful Jihadi attacks at the prefixed times.

In the series of these hateful protests, on Sunday 6th January, the people of Tareen Kot district of Urzgan province started demonstration against the workers of the stooge administration. The protesters, who were in thousands, raised their voices against the cruelty and corruption in this province and chanted slogans.

After this incident, on 7th January, a vigilant infiltrated soldier turned his gun point towards the British soldiers and killed 7 external invaders on the spot, in Nahr-i-Siraj district of Helmond province. The internal and external enemy confirmed the incident but said that only one foreign soldier has been killed and seven more have been injured.

Immediately after this incident, the spokesman of the ISAF invading forces, Günter Kitz said that the internal attacks are still a great threat for them inside Afghanistan. In the statement which was given after this incident, it was said that in the years 2011 and 2012 nearly 70 internal attacks have been carried out against them in which at least 96 invading soldiers have been killed.

The Muslim people of Afghanistan are entering the field of resistance and struggle against the stooge administration and external invaders, bearing in minds their regional considerations. On Tuesday 12th January, the inhabitants of Tagab district of Kapisa province rose against the cruelty and brutality of the regional police and Arbaki force and started demonstrations, but the officials of the stooge regime paid them no attention.

On 21st January, the residents of Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province, started furious demonstrations after being agonized by the army and police force of the mercenary admin and showed their frustration.

Similarly on Tuesday 15th January, three Afghan vigilant Afghan soldiers opened fire on Italian invading forces and killed at least three of them in Bala Bolok district of Farah province. It is said that four other Italian soldiers were severely injured in this incident.

Although the external occupiers and their internal puppets have repeatedly denied the vast penetration of Mujahidin in their ranks or have considered it partially, on 22nd January, the deputy head of the ISAF invading forces acknowledged that internal attacks are one the tactics of the enemy and they are trying to stop it. Even in the past, the invaders openly admitted this penetration but under estimated it as less than thirty per cent.

Simultaneously with the acknowledgement of the deputy head of ISAF, an infiltrated Afghan opened fire on the foreign invaders and killed at least two invaders in Ali Shang district of Laghman province.

The above mentioned incidents are a handful out of a heap which shows the extent of enemy's losses. As above, the enemy has confirmed eight incidents of this kind in the previous month (i.e. January).

Looting of Banks:

The ‘The New York Times' reported on the basis of its own sources from Kabul airport in December last year that only in the month of October 2012, at least 560 pounds gold which is equivalent to 14 million dollars, have been shifted to outside via this port. After that, on Sunday 6th January, the president of Afghan National Bank announced that 450,000 American dollars have been stolen from this bank.

Looting and plunder inside the country is going under the name of various excuses. A delegation, after visiting Nooristan province, gave the report on 8th January, that in this province 2700 barrel guns and 50 ranger type vehicles have been stolen. It is worth mentioning that out of these vehicles some have fallen to hands of Mujahidin and some others have been stolen and then sold by the army personnel and policemen.

Another conspiracy of selling the country:

On Tuesday 8th January, the head of the puppet regime of Kabul, Hamid Karzai, went to America. The objective of this trip was some new agreements and the signing of more documents of selling the country. It was decided that apart from this agreement, Karzai will also sign the judicial immunity pact. He had already said two days prior to his trip that two independent states can sign security agreements. Hamid Karzai is claiming sovereignty in such a condition while he himself had said in one of his famous statements in June 2012 that America is interfering in the affairs of his country and has appointed a stooge president to safeguard the American interests here.

Two days after this trip when the masters of the Kabul regime said that they will evacuate all their forces from Afghanistan till the end of 2014, and the members of this puppet admin saw that their slavery is going to end, they started hubbub and expressed their concern that with the withdrawal of all invading forces the country will be plunged into the civil war and destruction once again.

When the head of the puppet regime of Kabul achieved some promises of new aids and the existence of the occupying forces for a longer period of time, the American president, Barak Obama along with his slave Hamid Karzai, said in a joint press conference on 13th January, that the existence of American forces will be co-related with the judicial immunity of these forces. He clearly said that whatever number of forces will remain there, will enjoy judicial immunity.

Wherever the American brutal forces have been stationed, they have committed a lot of crimes over there. Therefore the president of the invading forces made it clear that the American forces cannot remain in any country where they do not enjoy judicial exemption.

After this conference, Hamid Karzai made it clear in a special interview with the CNN that he is optimistic that his mercenary friends will be unanimous about the judicial immunity of their masters. On the following day he said that judicial immunity is the authority of the Loya Jirga (the traditional Grand Council).

Whenever the invaders or their mercenaries have desired that their self made decisions should be imposed over the Muslim Afghan nation, they have convened a gathering by the name of Loya Jirga and then called it national a decision or opinion. The decisions of the previous Loya Jirgas are the clear examples and expressions for it.

Although the members of the puppet regime of Kabul have expressed their satisfaction from this trip and have considered themselves indebted to the blessings and bestowments of their masters, but the head of this admin, Hamid Karzai does not seem to be very much optimistic about these hollow promises. After returning from his trip to America, on 22nd January, he said in Kabul that America should fulfill and implement her promises. Though he had announced earlier that the external masters have assured him about the provision of Drones, but the American invaders announced in Washington that Karzai has been too early in this case and America has not taken any decision in this regard.

Judicial immunity and ostentatious courts:

After the Karzai's visit to Washington and the announcement of the American invaders that they will withdraw all their troops from Afghanistan after 2014, the officials of the Kabul admin were badly frightened and said that their life is co-related with the presence of the invading forces inside the country. On Friday, 11th January, the defense secretary of America, Leon Panetta announced that they are not quitting Afghanistan. Though Obama made it clear that after 2014, they will not be playing fighting role in Afghanistan, but on the other side, announced the dispatch of 130 model helicopters. These helicopters might be given in the control of Kabul administration.

In return Obama has asked Karzai to sign the accord of judicial immunity for their brutal, criminal and occupying forces. Similarly Karzai has said that in the absence of National Sovereignty he cannot sign this agreement. If Karzai stands firm to his words, he can never sign this agreement, because his puppet regime had National Sovereignty and support neither in the past nor he will have it today. Karzai himself has admitted this fact again and again.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers the existence of the occupying forces to be the main reason of prolongation of war and has condemned and denounced all kind of agreements and accords between the slave and the master.

On one side it is under the consideration of Karzai to give judicial immunity to his masters but on the other side, on Thursday 10th January, the Polish government announced that it is going to trial the four Polish criminal soldiers very soon who are accused of killing the civilians inside Afghanistan. These four soldiers have been acquitted by the primary court although there are enough and reliable evidences that they have intentionally killed a number of civilians inside Afghanistan.

On Friday 18th January, another news was relayed which reveals the injustice of the American invading forces. The news says that the judge of that American court, who investigates the case of Robert Bales, the murderer of civilians including women and children in Zangawat area of Kandahar province, has said that psychological state of that soldier must be verified first. It is worth mentioning that the psychological condition of the American brutal soldiers in not evaluated before dispatching them to the war, but after committing the crimes and brutalities, an effort is made to show that the criminal is suffering from psychological problems and in this a chance of exoneration is bestowed upon him.

American reconstruction:

On one side the American occupiers dream for prolonged existence, but on the other side their so called special supervisor for the reconstruction of Afghanistan, Jan Sap-co, announced on 10thJanuary, that America is missing so many constructions which were considered to have been built inside Afghanistan. Jan Sop-co says that America is spending approximately 28 million dollars on the daily basis inside Afghanistan. This is not the first time that money for reconstruction and projects disappears in Afghanistan. The point is none of the internal or external criminal is either exposed or trialed in this connection.

On Wednesday 30th January, this inspector announced that he has found a huge structure in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province which was built for the accommodation of border police force and is now being used by the regional commanders for their personal and livestock lodging. It is worth mentioning that last year in Nangarhar province the above mentioned inspector had inspected some police check posts which were dismantled before being utilized. This shows the American reconstruction inside Afghanistan.

Squabbles and differences between the master and the slave:

The media reported on Wednesday 15th January, that grave differences have taken place between the American occupiers and their puppets about the Arbakis (local tribal militia system). The Americans are of the opinion that new Arbakis should be trained and should be imposed upon the oppressed nation of Afghanistan for even more cruelties and brutalities, but the Kabul regime is worried about their increase and defies it. The creation of Arbakis or regional police force which was a major part of the strategy of Jan Allen, the commander of American occupying forces; which has now become a great headache for the masters and their slaves. These criminals commit different crimes in various parts of the country, taking disadvantage of the name of police and have become one of the main reasons of enraging and infuriating the masses against the foreign intruders.

The Al-Farooq Operations:

The Al-Farooq Operations are going on successfully for the last one year in various parts of the country. Here we will have a brief look at them:

On Tuesday 5th January, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate brought the building of Regional Council of Spin Boldak district in Kandahar province under attack. Eleven persons were killed including the president and other members of the council and 19 more were injured in this assault.

On Wednesday 16th January, a number of martyrdom seeker Mujahidin attacked the building of the Presidency of National Security in the Presidential Square of Kabul and inflicted heavy losses and casualties on the enemy. The enemy confessed the intensity and inimitability of the assault and showed their deep concern about the force and resistance of the material incorporated.

On Monday 21st January, while taking advantage of the directorate of Traffic Police in Kabul, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate brought the Police Academy under attack and inflicted heavy corporeal and financial losses on the enemy. Eventually in this assault 24 persons were killed and 31 more were injured including the police of quick response, officers of the Police Academy and their foreign trainers and counselors. Apart from these losses, the buildings of the above mentioned departments and all their transport facilities were completely destroyed.

On Friday 25th January, Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate inflicted heavy losses on the invading forces in a series of martyrdom attacks in Tagab district of Kapisa province. It is said that at least ten foreign soldiers were killed and some others were wounded in this attack. Two days before these operations, the internal and external enemy killed a female member of the provincial council belonging to this district in their search operations and could not make any damage to Mujahidin.

Confession of the Inability and Failure:

While the external masters of Kabul regime and their internal mercenaries expressed that the army trained and inflated by them will be able to shoulder the security responsibilities of the country, the general commander of the occupying forces inside Afghanistan, Jan Allen said in an incidental acknowledgement on 30th January, that the real task of training the mercenary army will start in the spring season of the following year. Jan Allen might be remembering the bitter experiences of every spring season in Afghanistan and he is aware of the fact that the army trained by them might not be efficient enough to combat the spring operations of Mujahidin.

One day after the statement of the commander of occupying forces and in the series of confession of the inabilities and failures of the mercenary army, the head of the Dehraut district of Urzgan province told the reporters that the security forces have failed to keep law and order and preserve security in this district and they have no stamina to fight back the Mujahidin.


News websites, monthly report of the Invitation and Absorption Commission of the Islamic Emirate, monthly report of the civilian casualties in the Alemara website and important incidents of the week prepared by Khalid Ghaznavi Society.

This Article Was First Published On February 2013

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"How Talaban Accessed Afghanistan And The Mujahidun In The Month Of January 2013" | Login/Create An Account | 0 Comments
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