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10 October 2014

An English translation (by Jabhat an-Nusra members) of Jabhat an-Nusra's leader's last audio statement dd September 28th, 2014. See here for the audio statement in Arabic.

For the People of Integrity, Sacrifice is Easy

Bismi'llahi r-rahmani r-rahim

The Address of the Sheikh, The Mujahid Abu Muhammed al-Julani ,May Allah Protect Him.

Praise be To Allah Lord of The Worlds and Peace and Blessings Upon His Trusted Messenger and Upon all his Family and Companions, as for what follows

Under the shade of the new Crusade against the Muslims in Shaam being fought under the banner of the United Nations, it is necessary to take a stance. And have to give advice for Muslims and a warning to the Kufaar, and we say, and with Allah is the ability:

America, since the outbreak of the demonstrations in Syria, and the emergence of the banner of Jihad and the taking up of arms in the face of the regime, strove, in all clarity, to destroy the work of Jihad through numerous means, beginning by placing Jabhat an-Nusra on the terror list, even before Jabhat an-Nusra announced their association with ‘Tanzim al-Qaeda al Jihad' , then through their (the West) attempts to use political leaders through the so-called (coalition) to rule over the people of Shaam, so the agenda of the West will be enforced through those who hear and obey them, after the victory is achieved by the hands of the Mujahideen, they pretend to be our helpers while they are actually a sickness and death to us, and this was a cunning plot to take Shaam out of the control of Iran and to come under the control of the West. But that was prevented by a number of things, most notably:

The appearance of the pure banner of Islam and the pride of the general Muslims to raise it and gather around it, and then, the standing of the Muslims and the general people of Shaam with the Mujahideen. The people knew that there is no salvation for them from oppression and tyranny except through their consolidation with the people of Jihad. And amongst the obstacles that prevented them (The West) from joining the military movement was (‘abscence of justification') which Tanzim ad-Dawla (the group of Dawla) has now provided for them.

Their military retreat after the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, was a lesson full of lessons for those who want to take a warning, but it seems to us, that America and its allies, have a lack of comprehension, and did not understand the entire lesson. And it is as if they continued to view the region as an area (for control) before the emergence of the banner of Jihad there, and it is worth wile for us to explain here, some of the aspects of the lesson they were unaware of. Perhaps they might regain consciousness before they are destroyed, for they stand on the brink of a volcano that is soon to erupt. The area that is called the Middle East is a region of volcanoes and earthquakes today. One does not put a hand or foot in it, but is gambling with his empire or kingdom, no matter its size or strength, and this is because of two aspects:

The first aspect: because the West still views the Muslim people through their old rulers, and of course, these rulers have lost their control over their people, and these systems are not able to govern over their citizens, but they are fearful of them, and some systems barely managed to protect their seats (of power), and have exposed their administration and deceit for all to see, for all of these systems are afraid to lose the last breath of control over their people, and this is exactly what will happen after the new invasion by the West in the region.

The time of fabricated media, that is able to satisfy the people with their corrupt leaders who are the workers of the Kuffaar, has passed, and no longer are the security services able to terrorize the people and muzzle their mouths and prevent them from taking up arms. No longer are these armies which have revealed their weakness, able to face the blows of the Mujahideen. The fatawa (legal rulings) of the scholars of the Sultan (leader) that are used as covers for the leaders, while making permissible and impermissible that which benefited the Sultan (leader), has now become useless.

The second aspect: the word today on the tongues of the people in this region, is that Islam is the truth, and at their forefront are the truthful Mujahideen, the Islam of Muhammed (S.A.W) and his Companions (May Allah be pleased with them). The Islam, which began from weakness, then Allah increased its strength until it defeated the greatest empires of the East and the West. The people of Islam today have an increased awareness of the nature of the conflict and the parties involved in it, the conflict of old and of recent times, the conflict of the empires of Persians, the Romans and the Jews against the Muslims. And what is happening in the present and the near future, is only a scene from the scenes of this conflict, and the scale will weigh in favor of the Muslims by the help of Allah Ta'ala.


The truth dominates and falsities are weak *** And Allah is never questioned about His decisions

If a condition has become impossible and changed *** Then know that Allah The High and Mighty never changes

Ease after hardship has been promised *** And having patience for the near victory is entrusted

The map of the region was divided between powers, jostling for the control of the region for more than three thousand years, and their ailment only united when Islam was defeated. Today, it has returned to draw a new map of the conflict. Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon are in the hand of the dreamers wishing to restore the glories of Persia, as they have done in Yemen. And the Gulf states and Egypt, are in the hands of the Romans through its treacherous rulers. Palestine and Jordan, are in the hands of the Jews, and all covet to expand and increase in their leverage. And the ones spoiling their dreams and standing in their way are the people of Jihad. How can they succeed, when the Mujahideen have become the ones with power and might and many a people are following them. And in light of this presentation, it shows that any military intervention against the Muslims shall unleash in its wake, a volcano of the people in the regions of Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine and the Peninsula of Muhammad (S.A.W), Yemen and Egypt of Kinanah and the people of the Maghreb and eastern Asia, and proof of this is witnessed by contemporary history.

And I'd like to remind the people of the West of the foolishness of their leaders when they chose to go to war with the Muslims. Bush came out congratulating the fall of the rule of the Taliban, ten years later Obama comes out assuring the same people of his efforts to open a channel of communication with the Taliban . Knowing that Al-Qaida, which was confined to Afghanistan after being attacked there, spread to Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Mali, Algeria and Iraq and then to Syria, and last but not least, to the Indian subcontinent, which widened the battlefield. and the Mujahideen are still, with the praise of Allah, proficient in reaping the fruits of the stupidity of the leaders of the people of the West. And if al-Qaeda spread in this manner, after being attacked in Afghanistan, which does not compare to Sham with regards to the sensitivity of its geographical and historical position, what will happen after the invasion of the Americans in Sham, I wonder? The war waged by the West in Sham is no doubt a loss for them and profitable for us, In sha Allah, even if we taste some of the pain, Allah said: ‘If you should be suffering- so are they suffering as you are suffering, but you expect from Allah that which they expect not. And Allah is Ever Knowing and Wise.' No matter how the West tried to fight us from afar or through proxies , presuming they are avoiding their own weakening, we are confident that the bill of war will be costly and will set them back for another hundred years behind us.

Oh people of America and Europe, what shall you reap from your war against Muslims and Mujahideen, besides more tragedies and sorrows on your country and your children. Have you forgotten , what your intervention in the affairs of Muslims, your attempt at domination over them, and their lands, and the plunder of their wealth and your support of the Jews in the region, have cost you? Did you forget the number of your dead and wounded in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia? Did you forget the horrors of September 11 and the destruction of the USS Cole and the threat to your interests in the region? Has it missed you, oh people of the West how much you have paid, and shall pay in funds as a result of these reckless wars ? Causing you a severe economic crises. And beware of your leaders fooling you to believe that soldiers will not be put on the ground, but will strike from afar, and your children will be safe from the blows of the Mujahideen. But this is what will transfer the battle to the heart of your lands, the Muslims will not stand as an audience does, watching the bombing and killing of their children in their own lands, while you are safe in your lands. The taxes of war will not be paid by your leaders alone, but it is you who will pay the bulk of them, so you have to save yourselves from this war and stand against the decision of your rulers, and stop them from bringing this afflictions upon you, and your country in various ways. And beware of the lying of your leaders, portraying their war as a protection for you, but how far from the mark! Allah said: ‘And those before them had plotted, but to Allah belongs the plan entirely. He knows what every soul earns, and the disbelievers will know for whom is the final home.' And you were informed several times by Sheikh Usama (May Allah accept him) that the only solution to avoid war with the Mujahideen is by lifting your hands from their areas completely, and stop your support and protection of the Jews, and to desist from plundering the wealth of the Muslims, and you leave us and our matters with the rulers of the region, clearing our account with them, then what is between you and us ? If you do that, I think you will be safe from the Mujahideen and Muslims, if you stick to your own matters. If you do not do this, then you have planted through the hands of your leaders, the seeds of your hatred in the hearts of the Muslims, that shall ensure that the wombs of mothers shall give birth to thousands of leaders the likes of Khaled ibn al-Walid and Salah ad-Din al Ayyubi and Usama bin Laden,(May Allah have mercy on them all). The wars of the region have established for you, thousands of younger generations, with no fear of war! Accustomed to the bombings of the planes, the roar of the armored cruisers, and the striking of missiles and tanks, generations that loves death and their ultimate wish is to sacrifice their lives in Jihad for Allah's sake. You have met the Muslim soldiers more than once, and you know that the soldiers of Islam fight you, while they call on their Lord to be killed by your hands and they were saying:


Split the darkness my brother and push ahead *** To the meeting of light and power

And he who faces destruction seeking elimination *** And dies with grandeur, the death of a martyr

He who does not die in noble Jihad *** Despite what he feels dies on his bed

With this faith, which you do not have, we have defeated your Roman Empire before, likewise your opponents from the Persians, and we drove out the Jews from the Peninsula of Muhammad (S.A.W), and our feet trampled upon the doorsteps of Paris, Moscow paid Jizya (tax) to the Muslims for eighty years.


Do not be deceived by their condition and their wealth *** For Allah is our protector and there is no protector for them

Our People in Shaam: The world has been stunned by your patience and your resistance against falsehood and your strength against the gang of Bashar, for more than three years you are being bombed, your homes are being destroyed and your children being killed, yet you remain fierce in battle striking the enemy. And you have taught them the costs of transgression against the People of Sunna, you have drawn a gleaming picture in the pages of history, that will be remembered generation after generation, you have carried a burden of battle, if spread across the people of the earth they would have buckled under it , and this has only increased your patience and certainty. And this crusader alliance wishes to harm your victory against the regime and seeks to return you to the confines of Bashar, and they only resent you because you know the path of truth and salvation from slavery. They want you as a play (in theatre) as Morsi and Sisi in Egypt, and as Abdu Rabbo Mansour in Yemen. Through the favor of Allah, and your patience and steadfastness against the strength of falsehood and its people, and your noble Jihad, has caused the failure of the lowly goals of the West. The west has strained itself to thwart your Jihad for three years, in cooperation with the governments of the region and coalition of traitors to take your blood and the blood of Muslims, through some factions that have been bought by the West for some money and ammunition to be a tool in their hands internally, to implement the new agenda of the crusaders, the theatrics of the peace treaties and deadlines, the first and second Geneva Convention, their dealing with the crime of the chemical attacks, and the last UN envoy sent, then the inability of the factions working (for them) to carry out their heinous tasks, after all these fiascos, the new crusader alliance decided to do the job themselves, and began to attack your sons of Jabhat an-Nusra as well as the households of children and women, they flattened their homes to the ground. For you is Allah oh people of Sham!

The strikes, which are targeting us by the crusader alliance will seek to weaken the lines of our Ribaat and our operations against the Nusayri's. Our men, that were targeted in the bombings, the arenas of Aleppo will bear witness to their fight and Ribaat, and the impact of their loss will be felt by the arena as a whole and not by Jabha alone. Oh people of Shaam take a stand in this matter, and be firm against those who have allied with the worshipers of the cross from amongst our fellow citizens, andWallahi, we are a sacrifice , and our blood cheap, for you, for the people of integrity, sacrifice is easy, and there is no power or might except with Allah.

And we promise that Jabhat an-Nusra will continue with whatever strength it possesses , stationed on all fronts fighting the enemies of Allah of the Nusayri Regime and its allies by the permission of Allah Ta'la , and we will defend with whatever we have against the Crusaders, for Sham and its people and the Muhajirin (immigrants). And we will use all the means available for this purpose. I have to advise and warn all the factions fighting that are of the truthful, do not let the West and America take advantage of the injustice of Jama'a ad-Dawla (the group of Dawla) against you such as, the killing of leaders and seizing of wealth. They have brought about an evil to Shaam that we are paying the price for. They refuse to go to an Islamic court to restore the rights and injustices that are either for or against them, all of this and other issues, no matter what extent it has reached, should never ever drive any of you to stand behind the West, and participate in the Middle Eastern Alliance. They seek to eliminate the flame of Jihad and utilize you for their secular agenda and senture you in equal political terms with the Nusayri Regime, after the completion of the first stages of the objectives of their Campaign. And whoever gives the excuse of defending against the attacks of Jama'a ad-Dawla (the group of Dawla) or others, should do so, without being a partner in the Crusader Alliance, Allah has said: ‘Oh you have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are (in fact) allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you-then indeed, he is (one) of them. Indeed Allah guides not the wrongdoing people.'

No one should think that the West and America came to rid the Muslims of injustice. Here is Bashar for three years, killing, slaughtering, imprisoning, torturing, dropping deadly chemicals over the heads of the general public of the Sunnis, the number of victims, those killed or injured, has reached about one million, did that not threaten the peace and security which they claim (to want to protect)? Are they not those who have killed our people in Iraq and Afghanistan!? And are overseeing the killing of Muslims in Palestine through their support for the Jews with money, weapons and power!? Are they not those who are bombing the innocent and defenseless in Yemen and Somalia and Waziristan?

Oh factions fighting on the ground, surely the instinct, Shari'a (Islamic Law) and history, insists to remember those who aided the enemy against his country and his land, with the most disgraceful of descriptions, and some would interpret, through the whisperings of Shaytaan, that he is the one who is using the West and is exploiting them to fulfill his objects, or to be safe from their harm, Allah said: ‘ So you see those in whose hearts is disease hastening into (association) with them, saying, ‘We are afraid a misfortune may strike us.' But perhaps Allah will bring conquest or a decision from Him, and they will become, over what they have been concealing within themselves, regretful.'

This traitor of Makkah called Sharif Hussein had helped the British and French under the pretext of the injustice of the Ottoman Empire, and with a view of salvation from them, and thought this was a good act. He will remain remembered by history with the most disgraceful of descriptions to the end of time, the oppression of the Ottoman Empire at the end of its time was replaced by the oppression of the Jews and the Balfour Declaration,( which we ask Allah to bring about the day we can destroy it), Shareef was then exiled by the British after his vile acts, and was barely able to find his next meal. And we still bear the consequences of his betrayal to the present day from the domination of the British over Iraq and the French over Shaam, and then it ended with the dominance of America in the region. To this day, the generations after bear humiliation and shame, we are paying the toll of this (act) for the last one hundred years. Should we then, after serious movements have begun to disperse the clouds, go back to square one? We, along with the truthful, will not allow the repeat of the tragedy of Palestine and the collapse of a new project of Islam, which we, and generations of the icons of the Muslims, of the People of Sunna, of the truthful Mujahideen, have paid everything we had for.

The nation of the Muslimeen of the Sunnis today are waiting for the historic, pivotal moment to remove the cloak of humiliation and the breaking of the crippling chains upon them, through the hands of the truthful Mujahideen , far from the dreamers of victory at the hands of the West. We are people who do not abandon our identity and our history nor our principles no matter what circumstance obstructs us, or the afflictions that we face. We live by it and die for it and will be resurrected with it on the Day of Resurrection. ‘Say: ‘This is my way I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And Exalted is Allah; I am not of those who associate others with him.'

We call upon the scholars, preachers and students of knowledge, the thinkers, writers, poets and every owner of a noble pen to support the people of Sham against the new crusade, and defend the honor of their sons, the Mujahideen. And have a prominent role, as we have entrusted them, to incite, guide and educate the youth of the Umma.

Oh Sunnis of Lebanon : the time has come for you to follow the example of your brothers in Shaam, and rise against your enemy Hizbu Shaytaan (Hezbollah) who plot against you day and night. Those who have killed children, the elderly and women of the Sunnis in Shaam, will not miss the opportunity when it arises, to do the same to the Sunnis in Lebanon .They have begun to bear their teeth after the repercussions of recent events. These people resent the Sunnis and regard them as the first enemy to them, and they seek to take revenge against those who killed Hussein (R.A), the son of the daughter of the Prophet of God (S.A.W), one thousand four hundred years ago , and they base their religion on this aspect. They allow for themselves the killing of the Sunnis through this claim, which is only an instrument used by Iran to restore their empire which was snatched from them by Umar (R.A), and today Hezbollah of Lebanon has been dragged into an internal struggle of which they were long warned against by the wise, and poor Hasan Nasrallah did not learn a lesson from what has happened to the Nusayri Regime nor from the hundreds of his party killed at the hands of the Mujahideen , nor the explosions that hit in their own home in the southern suburbs, nor did they learn a lesson from the Rafida (Shia') in Iraq, nor did they learn a lesson from those that were deceived by their souls to harm the Sunnis. And he is still proud over his wounds by the continuation of his actions against the Sunnis in Shaam. It is apparent to everyone after the events of Arsal and before it, that the Lebanese army is dominated by the Hizb, and carry out their commands and are subjected to carry out the agenda of the Shiites in Lebanon. Oh Sunnis, remove your sons from an army that is at the service of your enemies, and place them in the ranks of the Mujahideen, for they are the protectors of the Aqeeda (belief) and religion and the path of lifting the injustice against Muslims.

Oh men of Jabhat an-Nusra: you have carried out an action through which you have pleased Allah aza wa Jal, and a beautiful remembrance has remained for you, and the doors of Janna have been opened for you. Oh Mujahideen support Allah and He shall support you, and fight for the sake of Allah and consider yourselves in His path, ‘Oh you who have believed persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful.' And know that you will not meet after this enemy, an enemy like him, and between us and them remains one more round still, in which we will prevail, by the permission of Allah, and beware of retreating (in battle) so Allah sees you defeated. The crusader alliance has intended to fight you and turn you away from your religion and scatter like dust that which you and the people of Shaam have sacrificed toward, in your fight against the Nusayris. We have suffered fatalities from amongst the finest of our young people and our men, and you had no crime except your defense of the Sunnis and the gathering of people around you. It is your turn to have a new battle with the worshipers of the cross and their workers among the scum of the Arabs and it is, by Allah, for you and not against you. Today is:

The day those who were truthful have succeeded *** I will not fear death when it knocks

I will wet the spear with (the blood) of those who have eyes *** I will destroy the swords and the shields

Perhaps I see tomorrow a station of truthfulness *** In the Paradise of eternity and I meet those who have preceded me


Oh Men of Islam, do not fear their planes, as they were too fearful to meet you (in battle), and Allah is above them, Higher and Greater. Oh people of faith and carriers of the Quraan, whoever is killed among you goes to Janna and whoever is killed of your enemy goes to the Hellfire, and the transgressor is abandoned in every act, and rejoice for this is the first victory In sha Allah. ‘And the disbelievers planned, but Allah planned. And Allah is the best of planners.'

Oh soldiers of Jabhat an-Nusra be kind to the people, do not burden them with more than they can bear, attend to their service, and lower your wings for them (be humble). Show mercy to those on the earth and He who is in the heaven shall show you mercy. Show compassion to the young and respect the old, and show your respect to the notable among them and take their opinions and treat people according to their rank.

Bear in mind the ignorance of the ignorant, and the general absence of the truth for many years. Do not shun people when they have stood by your side, and continue to defend their honor and their blood. May Allah be with the Muhajireen (migrants) and their families, every Ansaari (local helper) should take a Muhajir (immigrant) and give him shelter in his home and defend him with his own blood.

Respect the people of knowledge and the scholars, be heedful of the old wise men . Hear and obey your leaders in goodness, and beware of injustice and oppression, for oppression is the darkness on the Day of Resurrection. Discharge the trusts that is entrusted to you, do not betray those who have betrayed you, and return the rights to its people, and be just. Do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just, come out openly with the truth and do not fear the blame of the blamers. Repent to Allah for every sin that you have perpetrated. Do not repel falsehood with falsehood, but falsehood is fought with truth.

Assist the factions that are of the truthful in all that is good, and make the bond of Islam and Tawheed (monotheism), the trusted bond among you, for its sake you ally and for its sake you bear enmity, and under the rule of Islam you unite. Beware of groups allied and working with the Crusaders. Do not attack any friends or neutral parties. Be harsh on the enemy. Do not show mercy to the spy or informant, nor the helpers of the worshipers of the cross.

Obey Allah and make amends between you, for defeat is brought about through disunity. Beware of the people of backbiting and slander for the slanderer corrupts in an hour what the sorcerer cannot accomplish in a year. Beware of Ghulu (extremism) for whoever overburdens in the religion will be overpowered by it. And place between yourself and the thinking of the Khawarij and Irjaa the distance of the east and west. If you judge between people then judge with justice, and observe the Fiqh (jurisprudence) of present times (Waqi'), occasions and the conditions of people, and do not implement penalties (hudud) in cases of doubt. Do not speak in matters you have no knowledge of, do not appoint yourself to give fatwa (legal rulings) in intricate problems, and pass what is doubtful unto the people of knowledge and the scholars.

And know that victory comes after patience, and ease after hardship, and Allah has promised you in His book: ‘If you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet.' And I see, By Allah, good that has come to you and a great favor that Allah has bestowed on you alone.

Oh Allah have mercy on those killed from us, and raise their ranks to that of the Shuhada, and resurrect them with those on whom you have bestowed your favor of the Messengers, the Truthful, the Martyrs and the Righteous and excellent are those as companions. And reward, Oh Allah, their brothers after them better than their deeds, and strengthen their hearts and make firm their feet and give them victory over the people of disbelief, verily you are capable of all things. Ameen.

And Praise be to Allah Lord of the Worlds.

Sunday, 12/04/1435 AH | 28/9/2014


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