A Message On ISIS Practices From Sheikh Abu ‘Abdullah as-Shami, Member Of Majlis Shura Of Jabhat an-Nusra And A Member Of The Shariah Committee

March 2014

On March 5th Abu ‘Abdullah as-Shami spread a message making several allegations against ISIS, The Islamic State in Iraq and as-Sham.


Peace and blessings upon he who said "Beware of extremism in religion for it has destroyed those that came before you."

God aided in helping Mujahideen to expose secular projects to Muslims. all these projects aim to keep Muslims servile to the Crusaders. Just like God aided Mujahideen to expose calls to waiver our rights (Saudi scholars ). These need more devotion to be exposed to Muslims. And previous projects should be focused on by Mujahideen so that we they can expose its falseness to the nation. So that we can foil it.

What's remaining is for the Mujahideen to warn people about the people of extremism and excess. As it presents a threat to the Jihad. We have in Algeria a good example, what sabotaged the Jihad there was extremism. And if you read history of Algeria you will understand why there was no revolution like in Tunisia/Libya even though they need one. And we mean the events in the early 90′s as for today we have brothers there that have learned from past experiences. And they started making a new path of Jihad led by the Shaykh Abu Musab Abdul-Wadoud (AQIM) may God protect him. And to avoid the problems of Algeria repeating in Syria we have to explain ISIS group and paint a clear picture as we have lived it. And we received what the scholars said to us like Sheikh Abu Qatada and Sheikh al-Maqdisi to not wage an open war against ISIS. we respond by not expanding fight against them and it will be restricted to repulsing their aggression in areas where they attacked us. And this will continue until they accept an Islamic Court. And we call on our fighters in Aleppo to help the brothers in Sharqiyah. We call on scholars to increase their writings/instructions to Mujahidin in Syria. Now we register our Shar'i position towards ISIS.

First we must declare that we are innocent of ISIS ideology/idea and that this is not from us. Or from al-Qaeda (Central). Especially looking at Sheikh Osama bin Laden, Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri, Sheikh Abu Yahya & Sheikh Attiyah al-Libi, Sheikh Zarqawi messages you will find a clear difference in the Manhaj/methodology and dealing with those that don't agree with you. ISIS has deviated from the right path. And we would like to emphasis on Zarqawi's innocence from this idea, for he did not make Takfir on those who opposed them. And he used to work with those he could work with and did not change the battle against America to fight those who opposed him. And it's known that majority of the groups in Syria (Islamically) are better than the groups of Iraq. And people think that the problems between Nusra & ISIS started when ISIS was announced which is not true. The reason for announcement was due to (prior) 9 months of suffering by Nusra when ISIS tried to take the mistakes from Iraq to Syria. Even though Nusra & ISIS had agreement regarding that, as Sheikh Baghdadi said to Sheikh Jawlani: Transferring Iraq's reality to Syria is suicide.

Nobody denies Jihad in Iraq has many positives, but we're talking about mistakes that happened in Iraq which could happen everywhere.

Our refusal of announcing State was for several points like not being from Manhaj of Sunna as it forced itself on Syrians without Shura. Which is violation on Syrians as there are many groups here that want Shariah & the damage it would cause to Syria, which it has. They built their thought that only what worked in Iraq will work in Syria and that's what they built their strategy on. The reason for announcement was to cut connection between Nusra & al-Qaeda (Central). And this is what Baghdadi said to the mediators. As they didnt have elements necessary to create a state. How can you declare something then work on building that what you've announced?

We asked Baghdadi if a direction connection between Nusra and Al-Qaeda Central would be accepted by him (without ISI), he said yes. And regional commanders like Baghdadi are not allowed to take such big steps without consulting AQC which they are part of. And transgressing the powers of a regional commander will be considered a sin as Baghdadi admitted infront of the mediators that the announcement was premature, so if he's a Mujtahid and he realizes his mistake he should turn away from the mistake but he persists on the mistake he sins and if we follow him we sin.

We raised this issue to Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri as both parties were satisfied with having him as a judge as he's the leader of both of us. We were told to raise all the issues to the Shaikh which we did and the decision was that Nusra was AQ's branch in Syria. Not obeying Baghdadi has several similar examples in the Salaf [Describes a Sahabi refused to execute prisoner on command of Khalid] But ISIS rejected Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri's verdict and continued its aggressive behavior which brought Syria to today's abyss.

So they ruled on Nusra to be aggressors and Munafiqin (hypocrites), corrupting the land and sometimes apostates. And they ruled on the majority of groups fighting the Nusayris to be apostates. And we will mention here some of the crimes committed by ISIS since its beginning a year ago, which we have experienced and seen:

A: Lies and frauds which is used by ISIS to infer the legitimacy of their ideology and the remaining of their State. Like dodging their relations to AQC as they used to say to us and their men that they will obey their leader Ayman [verdict]/ Baghdadi said that he had Bayah to sheikh Osama bin Laden and after he died a Bayah to Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri and based on this did Sheikh Jawlani do Bayah to Sheikh Dr. Baghdadi. Then ISIS raised tale of Leader that ordered (Baghdadi) & soldier that disobeyed (Sheikh Jawlani) to their soldiers to discredit Nusra. And when Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri's message came to us saying everything will be frozen until final verdict comes, they hid first bit (freezing situation) And their aggression on HQ and wealth of Nusra continued until the final verdict of Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri came (letter). They hid it again. This time they made an inside statement to ISIS fighters that they do not know of a letter (‘s authenticity). They also said that their relationship to AQC is just organizational and is not final as in not to obey Sheikh Dr. Zawahiris verdict. This at the same time as they were carrying out a campaign of smearing the leaders of Jihad in their circles.

B: Seizing the wealth of Nusra. After their announcement of their state they carried out successive takeovers of military camps, HQS etc. Nusra at the time issued a command to avoid clashing with ISIS even if they take all their weapons until Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri's verdict comes out.

C: "Killing of interrest" – he explains a long Hadith of how you can kill those that seek to disunite Muslims when its under one Leader. And that this is being taught in ISIS circles, which is something he says he didn't believe until they saw it. Meaning that Baghdadi is Caliph of Muslims & that ISIS soldiers will implement this on reality. Meaning Nusra = seeking to disunite.

D: Cutting of roads, in Raqqah they blocked Nusra supplies such as wheat etc. even though its beneficial for most of Muslims. They dressed this (cutting of roads) in Islamic clothes and taught this to their soldiers as if this is good for their religion. And lately this led to cutting of road to those on the frontlines, like in Deir ez-Zour where hundreds of soldiers of Nusra were cut off.

E: "Debauchery in rivalry" when someone disagrees with them they start turning on him & discrediting. Even if they praised him before. Like Nusra leaders, Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri, Sheikh Iyad Qunaybi, and the mediators in the First Fitnah like Sheikh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir. For example they used to praise Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri & call on people to obey him because he used to praise them before finding out about them. So when Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri issued verdict they started criticizing his recognizing Sykes Picot and that they have Shar3i objections to his verdict They did same with Sulayman al-Alwan & Abu Qatadah & al-Maqdisi, as soon as they disagreed with them they became "Unaware of reality".

F: Treachery and betrayal. Like what their Shar'i did when entering upon Liwa Tawhid as a messenger to discuss a peace treaty. Liwa Tawhid handed some of their soldiers in to ISIS as hostages as in to show his safety. ISIS then committed 3 treacheries. The messenger blew himself up. Which is the first treachery as messengers do not kill nor are they killed. Then ISIS raided place which is second treachery. Then they executed Tawhid hostages & sent bodies back accompanied with a dogs body.

G: Breaking treaties. Like when Baghdadi said they would obey Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri's verdict. and his second in command said: If the verdict is in favour of Nusra then we will all become Nusra. As well breaking agreements with Nusra in the recent events when Nusra used to come in as a mediator in several cities. Like: When Nusra intervened between ISIS & Jaish al-Mujahidin to hand over Shaikh Sulayman Camp to Nusra. They bombed village from that base.

H: Leaving frontlines. 1 of leaders said we will withdraw, let Nusayris enter city & rape/kill and lets see what other groups will do.

I: Taqiyah, they used to say lot of things in front of other groups but when they are in their own circles it's completely opposite. Like in a private meeting between Adnani & Ahrar he said their Aqidah was right so Ahrar asked if he could put that in a statement. He didn't as in not to fall in his soldiers eyes, so what was it he said to his men (about Ahrar's ideology). ?

J: False swearing (on God), their leaders swore on God that they would obey Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri's verdict. Adnani said "I swear to God if verdict comes we will adhere to it." They didn't. Just as they swore they didn't kidnap Hadrami.

K: Hiding suspects/criminals – like they hid a man that stole money from Nusra not only that but they made him a Wali of Deir ez-Zour. Just like the Wali of Raqqah who killed/tortured the Muslims and even Mujahidin such as al-Hadrami. And the Wali of Sahil (Coast) who said I will rule by the Shariah of the jungle and he attacked many groups and persons. And Liwa Dawud who killed two people in a Islamic court and then joined ISIS in Binnish.

L: Reckless act (used a Shar3i term) like attacking villages with pretex of Sahwat being there + using suicide bombers against Ahrar. Just as Attiyah al-Libbi said that the leaders of suicide bombers should not deceive them or sending them to questionable targets. And that the Istishadi (suicide bomber) should be sure of what he's targetting or else Allah will question him and punish him.

M: Deception. not just to other groups but even their soldiers. Like making them think they're attacking PKK while it's the Mujahidin.

N: Killing of leaders & threatening others such as Abu Khalid alSuri, Abu Sad al-Hadrami, Abu Rayyan, Mohammad al-Faris, Abu Ubaydah etc In their statement did not clear them from charges, rather it implicated them as saying that they did not order for it. They did not but they were fueling their fighters to do it and they should hand the perpetrator in to an Islamic court. They threatened him before that and even said the way they would kill him and what other group sends Inghimasis to Mujahid HQS? They did not even say their condolences by saying "Rahimahu Allah".

O: Taking groups rights. Like when after battle they will take war booty for themselves like in Raqqa where they took all the tanks. Just like their continuous attacks on smaller and weaker groups and taking their weapons and HQs/wealth. Like what happened in Shadadi where they attacked Ahrar's HQ and took their weapons which later also happened to Nusra.

P: Refusing to accept a Islamic court, they rejected all reconciliation efforts which I will mention in details later.

Q: Attacking Mujahidin on the front lines like when they attacked Nusra/Ahrar on the front lines against PKK. Or when they attacked Liwa Tawhid when they were fighting against the Nusayris.

R: Extremism, like in Takfir, for Khawarij used to make Takfir for Kaba'ir (big sins) while ISIS makes Takfir of sometimes not even that Shaykh al-Islam says the Khawarij make Takfir of a sin, while that sin is not even a sin. Shaykh al-Islam said a sign of Khawarij is they mke something which is not a sin a sin & something which is not a good deed a good deed. ISIS make Takfir of someone because he sat with a Kafir while sitting with Kufar is not Kufr & not a sin on its own. And another sign of their extremism is them making Takfir based on thoughts and probabilities and characteristics. So they make rulings on probabilities of what might happen in future, like calling groups Sahwat of future so they treat them like that And now everyone that fights them is called Sahwat even if it's a reaction to their aggression. So they made spilling of blood halal. Like what happened with the IF and other Islamists groups & at the end with Nusra like in their Deir ez-Zour statement when they said: "That they" meaning Nusra "are in the same trenches as Sahwat and those who work for the West.". Or Abu Sad al-Hadrami, where the ISIS leader in Raqqah said he was executed for taking Bay'ah from FSA, is that now apostasy? And their extremism in Bay'ah, just like they requested a Bay'ah ‘Amah & everyone who doesn't pledge allegiance is sinning [Aathim]

Those are some of the crimes commited by #ISIS in Syria, as for what happened in Regiment 46 camp we will explain:

Before Atarib fighting, ISIS kidnapped a FSA commander in Atarib and he was found dead in the same area and they kidnapped another FSA. FSA asked Nusra for protection and we referred it back to the Islamic Court in Aleppo as in not to get involved directly. On night before ISIS raid on camp, ISIS asked Liwa al-Ansar to borrow their checkpoint for the night. Liwa al-Ansar left them. The next morning ISIS did not give it back or the weapons and they started to besiege the Camp and threatened those inside. So we came to an agreement that everyone would leave the camp including ISIS, and like usual everyone complied except ISIS. So ISIS took the opportunity to raid the camp and killed some people including Nusra fighters. So ISIS shelled Atareb to get into Qibt al-Jabal village and clashed with Nur al-Din Zinki group. So there the fight started.

Then Ahrar moved on several fronts/reasons – some for Abu Rayyan, others to recapture Maskanah and others to help the 46 Regiment Camp. Majority of groups moved against ISIS to regain their rights from ISIS. Inc. Liwa Tawhid as they had prisoners at ISIS. Liwa Tawhid kidnapped group belonging to ISIS & even though ISIS knew that they still chose to execute Tawhid hostages. In Raqqah clashes started between Ahrar & ISIS in which ISIs attacked a checkpoint belonging to Nusra which led infighting to kick off. In Raqqah they put snipers on buildings & started shelling Tal Abyad. And they entered a hospital and killed the Ahrar injured soldiers They killed about 70 of Nusra and about a 100 of Ahrar.

As for Dana, a stronghold of ISIS, they were besieged by all sides/groups so they decided to hand it over to Nusra. And after Nusra's enter and raised Nusra's flag broke the treaty and Nusra withdrew and after a few days they were forced to leave. And this happened in most areas where they agreed to hand over HQs/towns to Nusra and then breaks it.

As for Aleppo, there were clashes between Ahrar and ISIS in Maskanah where ISIS took over some Ahrar HQs. They withdrew from hospital after executing everyone, the images in media are real and they killed one that belonged to Nusra. They were supposed to hand over the hospital but they didn't – they withdrew after executing everyone.

They brought Shishani from the East under pretex that women got raped if that's true then our Martyrdom will come before their honor. But ISIS used this as a media tool to incite against those they made Takfir of and called Sahwat. Where Shishani entered al-Bab and broke treaties he had with Abu Khalid al-Suri and is still fighting till today. The regime used this for its benefit & Today Aleppo is in danger. After ISIS withdrew to Badiya they started their aggression there. ISIS pressure on groups in Aleppo forced some groups to withdraw from the frontlines to repulse ISIS.

In Hasakah they attacked Ahrar and forced some to flee and others pledge allegiance while they were fighting against the PKK.

This was followed by attacks on Nusra in Deir where they occupied some HQs of Nusra and Oil plant. And they blocked of the road for supplies where we have 100s of soldiers. And this wasn't the only reason for infighting to start there This was only after months of aggression against the Islamic Court and Nusra.

ISIS plan is to take over entire Eastern Region & kicking out all groups. So Nusra sent a message saying we wanted a court hearing. They said. "This is only the beginning." So Nusra gave ISIS an ultimatum. And after the end. Nusra got ready to regain HQs. So then ISIS started attacking our HQS in Hasakah which forced Nusra to withdraw to Deir province. After the infighting started, ISIS sent a suicide bomber to attack the Nusra convoy but he was uncovered and the next day. ISIS got a suicide bomb ready but when the car broke down he asked people to help push the car but when they saw the bomb. The people got suspicious the ISIS fighter blew the car up. Just like how ISIS sent 3 suicide bombers to a Nusra leaders house. Just like they sent a motorbike with suicide bomber who attacked another leader's house – two kids got injured who are now in hospital. As well as car bombs they used in Mayadin against Ahrar. Nusra from the beginning took path of reconciliation and calling to Shariah. But ISIS from its first day rejected all reconciliation efforts, which will be mentioned now:

A: The verdict of Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri who appointed Sheikh Abu Khalid as a mediator, they rejected this and even killed Abu Khalid.

B: Sheikh Dr. Jawlani sent a initiative that Sheikh Jawlani would leave leadership position and that ISI and Nusra would elect a new leader > Rejected.

C: Sheikh Jawlani sent with Abdul-Aziz al-Qatari that ISI and Nusra would merge into "Al-Qaeda" but would keep Nusra policy > Rejected.

D: Sulayman al-Alwan after the First Fitnah > Rejected.

E: We contacted all groups to accept a peace treaty, Ahrar, Tawhid, Suqor al-Sham etc. all agreed. ISIS agreed but only for one area. And that was so that a local leader could leave a siege that was implemented on him.

F: Jawlani's public statement where he proposed a treaty also rejected by ISIS. And then Adnani's audio message came out dripping blood, with "We have hungry lions that drink blood and are accompanied by bones." By God, tell me who you are talking to Adnani? Bush when he invaded Iraq? Or to Abu Khalid al-Suri, Vanguisher of Nusayris?

G: And Sheikh Dr. Zawahiri's initiative which was ignored by ISIS.

H: Then Sheikh Muhaysni's Initiative which they indirectly refused by putting conditions which have nothing to do with the problems at hand.

All these peace initiatves with support from all scholars came ISIS leader Baghdadi's response that That they will leave everyone that leaves them even though they haven't and ALL the attacks in Sharqiyah came after ISIS leader Baghdadi's statement where there was no infighting. if Baghdadi tells his men to return injusticse then process is Islamic Court NOT laying down weapons and repenting to God at ISIS HQs. The last initiative was Sheikh Jawlani's 5 Day Ultimatum to go to a Islamic Court with no conditions.

After all these details it became clear to us that everyone who fights ISIS they will consider to be fighting against Islam. And this is from the way they act and conduct themselves even if it's not in their official statements. ISIS refused to be judged under Gods law for fake excuses and fought Mujahidin and made money/blood Halal due to wrong interpration So ISIS is a Taifah Mumtaniah (refusing sect) that refuses the ruling of (a portion) of Shariah. [Shar3i explanation follow for a bit]

We shouldn't be surprised for their extremism when the problem is their interpretation and this is how all Ahl ul-Bid'ah started. ISIS shares several attributes with those people like Khawarij like Takfir and Imamah & way they treat people who disagree with them. More Shar3i talk explaining Khawarij attributes.

And what we found common in the Khawarij and ISIS is their haste in Takfir based on suspicions and probabilities etc. And making Takfer of jst one person is a very dangerous issue and nobody but high scholars should go into these things. More Shar3i talk.

Another attribute they share is their not taking Ulema serious/disrespecting. So they call their soldiers not to listen to them. And you might even see them accusing the Ulema and leaders of Jihad because they do not agree with them like Sheikh Abu Qatada and Sheikh al-Maqdisi.

Another attribute they share with the Khawarij is questioning people's Iman/faith and testing it.

Another attribute is killing Muslims but leaving Kuffar. 10 suicide bombings against Assad vs 40 car/suicide bombs against Mujahidin.

So ISIS is a aggressor refusing ruling of Shariah (Taifa Mumtani3a) and they are the closest group resembling the Khawarij. On top of that they have attributes not shared with the Khawarij like breaking treaties, Taqiyah and swearing on God whilst lying etc. And until this day they refuse to be judged under Gods Law so we say you are Islamically allowed to fight this group.. And that is for several reasons:

A: They started this aggression against us and our wealth so Islamically we are allowed to fight them. [Gives Shar3i proof]

B: ISIS is who started agression against the other factions (IF). Shar3i talk.

C: ISIS is considered the biggest obstacle in the Jihad against the Nusayris, so it's Wajib to get rid of this obstacle.

D: ISIS takes the interpration of Ahl ulBiddah like the Khawarij when it comes to Takfir. If they don't leave this we allowed to fight.

E: ISIS blocked roads of supplies to Mujahidin so as long as they block the roads we are allowed to fight them.

F: ISIS is sheltering criminals and if they don't want to hand them in to Islamic Courts we are allowed to fight them.

Now we want to make some things clear:

We do not fight for revenge or to settle personal scores and we do not start the aggression. We are not fighting them for the Fitnah that happened but due to their aggression against us. If it wasn't for them forcing us we would not have fought them as fighting Nusayris a priority for us. We do not coordinate with the lackeys of America from the Coalition/SMC or those like them. And not everyone that ISIS declared Kafir is Kafir in our eyes, like the Islamic Front. If our fight coincides with ISIS's fight against puppets sponsored by the West that does not concern us. We are fighting to repulse ISIS's aggression and coinciding of a battle is one thing and an alliance is a competently other thing. The previously mentioned notes do not apply to every single soldier but they take it as a group. Muhajireen are our brothers, they are better than us for they made Hijrah & they have high positions in Nusra & we still take them in. Our fight with ISIS is not Ansar (Syrians) vs Muhajiren (foreigners) even though ISIS wants to picture it like that. They are propagating this because majority of their fighters are Muhajireen & they want to tell them there's no other choice than ISIS.

At the end we declare our innocence of ISIS's ideas – and to free ourselves to fight the Nusayris. We repeat Sheikh Jawlani's call to accept a Shariah Court to avoid bloodshed. If you come back to the Muslim nation it will forgive you. But if you don't the nation won't forgive you for sabotaging the Jihad which almost completed its goal (of getting rid of Assad.)


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