Jabhat an-Nusra: Shaykh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir about the Murder of Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fatih

May 2014

April 15th 2014: Jabhat an-Nusra Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fatih and his brother Abu Ratib are killed in their house in Idlib. The whole family was targeted. (Although one tends to suspect them, as for today there still is no factual proof that ISIS was involved in the murders)

A eulogy by Jabhat an-Nusra official Shaykh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir

"And to the killers, planners, and inciters by the One who raised the heavens without pillars, you will not find safety as long as you are above the land of Allah and under His heavens."

The Gem of Idlib

Abu Muhammad, Fatih Rahmoon, the Amir of Qaedatul Jihad (Jabhat Al-Nusrah), Idlib.

When I think of this man I remember the salaf. I met him in 2012 in Darkoush. His good manners and humble personality quickly drew my attention. He had a smile that shined and a face full of noor, that lit up the room, making everything around him seem dull. Loving him came naturally; getting upset with him was difficult.

When he raised his voice, it never seemed like he was shouting, but making his point. When he spoke, everyone listened; when others spoke, he was the first to remain silent no matter who: amir or soldier. When he was angry, it was for the sake of Allah, and it would show on his face.

He would not take part in idle-talk and was quick to object to any evil he saw, with wisdom and good preaching. Active in Jihad since 2005 and he was part of Tandheem Al-Qaeda, recruiting, financing and facilitating for AQ Iraq. He was imprisoned in Saydnaya on ‘terrorism charges' and released in 2010-2011. After his release, he immediately joined the Jihad and joined the ranks of Jabhat Al-Nusra.

He, rahimahulah, had memorized the Qur'an in full with an ijazah to teach it, yet he rarely stepped forward for salah. He had the clear qualities of a leader and was soon recognized as one. He was promoted in the ranks of Al-Qaeda until he became the Amir of Idlib and then a confidante of Shaykh Jawlani.

In my opinion, nobody before Fateh had better control of Idlib. He had all fronts of ribat in Idlib under an organised administration and even sent many of his soldiers to areas out of his jurisdiction to aid his brothers in other cities. Khan Touman, Halab, for example, was completely under his command after jama'at dawla withdrew from the front lines. The mountains of Lazikiyya were filled with his soldiers from Idlib.

About a week ago he, rahimahullah, had a serious accident on his way back from front lines in Khan Shaykhoun where he was supervising the battle. He lost control of his car; it flipped resulting in serious injuries. He was bedridden with a break in his vertebrae.

A senior member of the jam'ah and I visited him a few days before his shahadah (may Allah accept him).When we entered, he was eager to greet us, even though standing was not allowed for him. He was lying on a very thin foam mattress on the floor with minimal movement. He told us that the doctor had ordered him to rest for a month and gave him medication.

We talked for a while and discussed the matters of Idlib as well as other issues pertaining to the jama'ah. The last thing I said to him was "Don't forget that you promised me we will go on the next battle together" He smiled and said "Inshaa Allah". I ask Allah to unite us in jannah.

During the initial days of the infighting in Idlib, we spent most of our time together. He had gathered hundreds of soldiers ready for the order from Shaykh Jawlani to do what was required to enforce stability. His obedience to his ameer was undisputable.

The mother of Shaykh Abu Muhammad, rahimahullah, narrated the events that took place on Tuesday, 15th April, after ‘Asr when she witnessed the barbaric killing of her son. Four armed men approached Abu Rateb's house (Shaykh Abu Muhammad's brother),where he was recuperating in the town of Raas Al-Hisn, Idleb.

One man knocked on the door and murdered the first person to open the door. These criminals then walked into the room that Abu Muhammad and Abu Rateb were sleeping in. Abu Rateb (rahimahullah) was shot in the head and immediately killed while sleeping.

Shaykh Abu Muhammad drew his 9mm Ruger SR9 and shot one of the criminals injuring him. The coward then shot the bed-ridden Shaykh three times in the chest and killed him. What happened next was what made all the soldiers in Jabhat al-Nusrah as well as many other Mujahideen, every person of honour and conscience vow to take up arms to enforce justice and to cleanse the land of these thugs.

These armed, merciless savages then raided the women's room and murdered Abu Rateb's wife, her four-year old daughter and the thirteen-year-old daughter of Abu Muhammad Al-Fateh. May Allah accept them all. None of the children were spared; those who were not murdered, were rushed to hospital, suffering serious injuries .

Abu Muhammad's mother and his wife survived the cowardly attack to tell the story. It is worthy to note that Shaykh Abu Muhammad, in spite of crippling injuries, struggled out of bed to fight, until his last breath.

This craven attack is similar to the act of their forefathers who killed Abdullah bin Khabbab, his wife, sliced open her stomach and killed her unborn baby. These same people were reciters of the Qur'an, stayed up into the night in prayers and feared to eat anything haram yet had no issues spilling the blood of Muslims.

After the lions of Jabhat Al-Nusrah heard of the massacre, they quickly investigated and found the house that criminals were hiding in. Immediately after the premises were besieged, two of the criminals blew themselves up causing two rooms to collapse. The investigation is on-going and new information regarding the criminals will surface soon inshaa Allah.

There is sensitive information, which will expose the true face of the enemy within. May Allah have mercy upon Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fateh, his brother, their family and all Muslims killed unjustly. May Allah unite us with them in the highest levels of paradise, with the Prophets, companions and the pious. And to the killers, planners, and inciters of these murderers of heroes: hide from us wherever you can, because by the One who raised the heavens without pillars, you will not find safety as long as you are above the land of Allah and under His heavens.


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