THE PROMISE OF VICTORY ~ Sheikh Nasir Al Wuhayshi (May Allah Protect him)

By Sheikh Nasir Al Wuhayshi (May Allah Protect him)

Leader of Tantheem al Qaedah in the Arabian Peninsula

‘Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succesion (to authority) upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them and that He will surely establish for them (therein) their religion which He has perefered for them and that He will surely substitute for them, after their fear, security, (for) they worship Me, not associating anything with Me. But wheoever disbelieves after that – then those are the definately disobedient.' (Surah An Nur: 55)

Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

Prasie be to Allah alone, who has made His slave victorious, honoured His warriors, and He (alone) defeated the clans. And peace and blessings be upon the final Messenger, henceforth:

For a decade and a half, the crusade led by America, the opressors, against the proud Muslims of Afghanistaan has carried on. America has used the most heinous crimes and the most horrible vices to reach it's goal of opressive colonialism. And deviated from all conventions and gave up all the ethics of war, even (their own) laws, covenants and obligations were abolished or neglected in their Crusader wars, that it lead and (still) leads against the Muslim nation and other nations. America was not satisfied with all of these crimes but recruited the Crusaders of the European Countries and mobilized all those who bear enmity towards the Muslimeen, of the allies,agents and sects of Kufr. Who are the ones, that are supporting the Israelis in the heart of the Islaamic World, Palestine, justifying its crimes, and fight against and classifiy those who defend their rights therein as terrorists? It is only the American opressors. Inspite of all of this opression and transgression, the Muslim nation fought against this crusade, and united with its sons the Mujahideen. They drained America until it fell into an economic recession after the stagnation (of the economy), leaving only it's collapse. The American economy is built on plunder, usury, greed, consumption of people's wealth unlawfully and fighting Allah Aza Wa Jal, and that which is built on falsehood is deserving only of collapse. Allah says: ‘ Allah destroys interest and gives increase for charities. And Allah does not like every sinning disbeliever'. And Allah says: ‘Indeed those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert (people) from the way of Allah. So they will spend it, then it will be for them a (source of) regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved- unto Hell they will be gathered.'

America's military strength has been wallowing in dust, and has been left in vain,and has become the discussions of those whoe enjoy their loss, and a lesson for the world. Their gathering has been defeated and their limits have been broken. They have been overpowered in these areas and had to retreat in humiliation. And the glory of the American media has collapsed. The media that created for America false glory,and embelished words (in it's favour), misrepresented the facts, deceived their people, made lying permissible, gave false witness, highlighted the war mongerers in the elections, and gave the American military machine an aura of terror and an image of invincibility: ‘And when they threw, they bewitched the eyes of the people and struck terror into them, and they presented a great (feat of) magic.'

It's addiction to lying and persistence upon it has been exposed to the American people and the peoples of the world. The American media was defeated by the simple media of the Mujahideen. The practice of the American media is the alteration of facts and lying, and the success of the media of the Mujahideen lies in it's honesty and clarity, it is reported from the Prophet (S.A.W): ‘Truth leads to piety and piety leads to Jannah. A man persists on speaking the truth till he is recorded with Allah as a truthful man. Falsehood leads to transgression and transgression leads to the Hell-Fire. A man continues to speak falsehood till he is recorded with Allah as a great liar.'

Today we have reached the end of the track with the people and the harvest of the years, the result was in favor of the righteous oppressed Muslims, because of patience and Jihad and for them is the best outcome in the Hereafter. ‘Indeed, he who fears Allah and is patient, then indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good.'

As much as the victory was a spiritual victory, it was also a material victory, and your Lord does not wrong anyone. The outcome of this American crusade was destruction, loss, economic recession,and the loss of strenghth and military prestige.

The exit of the US Navy and British troops from Afghanistan in the past few days is a clear evidence of this defeat, that occured through the steadfastness of the people of Afghanistan and their sacrifice,sincerity , uniting with the Mujahideen and their love for their leadership, those acting with patience, forebearance and continued fighting. At the head of them is Ameerul Mu'mineen (leader of the faithful) Mullah Muhammed Umar, May Allah protect him, the man who sacrificed his state for the sake of his religion and Ummah (nation), and refused to compromise his brothers the Mujahideen, and said at the time, his famous words: ''Allah promised us victory, and Bush has promised us defeat, and we shall wait to see who will fulfill his promise''. Today we say to him: Behold and rejoice! The victory of Allah has come to you: ‘And that day the believers will rejoice in the victory of Allah. * He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is The Exalted in might, The Merciful.' After this defeat on the ground and the abject failure of the cunning schemes of the Americans and their treacherous policies and the loss of their single political control; they have reached defeat, so they formed a coalition, then allied with others, and then withdrew. And every opressor shall meet their end, and their continuity is impossible. Their outcome has driven them to seek assistance from Iran and cooperation with them.

America continues in the fight, rather than admit their crimes and injustices, rectifying their path and leaving the Muslims to their own matters, they have continued in their transgression and began another crusade, and once again in Iraq, this time including Shaam as well. They did not go on calmly to the end, but they ran towards it speeding. And they saught for the region to enter into constant infighting, continuous trials and lasting unrest; wars between the Sunnis and Shiites, and the Sunnis against the Sunnis. So they may constantly intervene in the affairs without any objections, under a murky cover and behind the shadows. So their plots may be imposed again and the benefits be divided between them and the Rafidah (Shi'ah) of Iran, and a new map of the Islamic world be drawn to further divide that which is alreday divided. ‘But the evil plot does not encompass except its own people'. The prolonging of the war in Syria, is a step on this road, and a means to achieve what they aspire. The aim of the crusade and the Rafidha (Shi'ah) of Iran is to annialate the groups of the active Sunnis and attack the truthful Mujahideen, empower the collaboraters and agents of the crusade and Rafidha (Shi'ah) in the region over the necks of people and usurp their wealth and kill them.

And the Houthis in Yemen are travelling in the same caravan , and have shared roles with the Iranians and the Crusaders. They drew the map of the battle, the Americans from the air and the Houthis on the ground. Instead of ''Death to America and Israel'' Muslims have died, schools for the memorization of the Quraan, Mosques and houses were demolished, while the Americans remained in their embassies and military bases, without any harm upon them.
And we announce to the Western crusader military and the Eastern Shia'h military that their planning will result in destruction and their cunning plot is in vain. The Ummah has known the battlefield for years and has set out its plan, and have sent arrows to the real enemy of the Ummah , that weaves plots and cunning plans against it. And the collaboraters have been revealed, and (the Ummah) has risen against them, killed and drove them out. They no longer deceive the Ummah with misinformation, lies and deception. And the people of Jihad and bravery of the Ummah have come to realise who their enemies are.

The end of the Americans in Afghanistan today was its fate in Iraq yesterday, and it shall have the same fate tomorrow in Shaam and Iraq. And is the same unfortunate ending of all your allies in every place, oh America! And it is the end of the oppressors in every age and place.
Oh foolish people of America, living in comfort, you are being led, through these aggressive policies into doom, while you clap and vote for your end and destruction, you will not wake up from this intoxication that you are in except in refugee camps, if you will be accepted as refugees! He who plants a thorn will not harvest grapes, ‘We did not wong them (thereby), but they were wronging themselves.'

By the Grace of Allah the Ummah has passed the hardest phase and has entered the military stage where the people have taken a good portion of arms after the blessed revolutions. The wars of the last few years, have produced thousands of young people experienced in fighting, such that bears their souls in their hands as a sacrifice for the Deen (religion) and Ummah,and twelve thousand will not be defeated due to lack of number. America will not benefit from proxy or sectarian wars , but on the contrary, the last few years have proven that this strategy will only cause further misery for America. Ask Iraq and Syria for they have certain information . Where has the aid sent to Maliki for eights years from the Americans gone? And how has the situation in Iraq and Shaam transformed into an overwhelming unifiaction of the people around the Mujahideen?

Our Muslim Ummah, rejoice and give glad tidings. By Allah we have not entered a war nor travelled a curve, except that we knew and were certain of victory and success. Our brothers, the Mujahideen in every land of Islam, May Allah enlighten your faces and accept your Jihad, you are the hope of the Ummah today. Heads are turned towards you, and the gazes are fixed upon you, so act in accordance with this responsibility. Rise above the wounds and forget the differences, and unite as a single person, until Allah decides between us and our enemy. We are promised victory, a true promise that shall not be broken. Rasoolullah (S.A.W) has said in an authentic Hadeeth narrated by Muslim: ‘You will attack Arabia and Allah will enable you to conquer it, then you would attack Persia and He would make you to conquer it. Then you would attack Rome and Allah will enable you to conquer it, then you would attack the Dajjaal and Allah will enable you to conquer him.'

And our final prayers is Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.


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