Obituary Statement for the Mujahid Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sulaiman ar Rubaish

Obituary Statement for the Mujahid Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sulaiman ar Rubaish

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds and prayers and peace on the Prophet and on his family and his companions

Allah, azz wa jall, says in His Dear Book: ''Among the Believers are men who have been true to their covenant with Allah: of them some have completed their vow, and some still)wait: but they have never changed their determination in the least.'' (al Ahzab 23)

With content hearts and surrendered to Allah's verdict and justice, we present to our Muslim Ummah in the East and the West, and especially among them our people in al Qasim, with news of the martyrdom of the Knight of Knights, the steadfast, devout, persevering, the mujahid Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sulaiman ar Rubaish, may Allah have mercy on his soul, who died as a result of a cowardly Crusader strike which killed him with a number of his brothers Monday night the 24th of the month of Jumada al Thani, after he spent nearly two decades of his life as a mujahid for the sake of Allah, striking America and its agents. And the beginning was in Afghanistan where he fought with his mujahidin brothers the Crusader campaign, and was one of the heroes of Tora Bora and experienced in his jihad journey horrors and perils until his affliction of Allah in the prison in Guantanamo, where he spent a few years in it. And it was a state of preparation and rest, then he didn't delay after his release in joining the caravan of his mujahidin brothers in the Arabian Peninsula, and he was among the good role models and the model of the models and the unique style, waging jihad with his hand and fighting with his weapon and raiding with the blessing of Allah, and he refused to be anywhere except at the front of the ranks striking the enemies of Allah and leading the legion of al Shabaab and they belittled their determination and bravery compared to his. He set a wonderful example about courage and boldness in accepting martyrdom.

And for the field military work aspect, he was, may Allah have mercy on him, the educating preacher and the mentoring guide and a builder and reformer. And he brought to mind the status of the sincere people of knowledge who Allah entrusted in them the knowledge and performing the devotion and not subjected to real pressure of this world or tyranny of power, and his fear of Allah refused him to be one of those who distorted the knowledge and to clothe the people for the sake of the party or the group or the organization. And he was in his advice and his correction a column of the jihad columns in the Arabian Peninsula and saving the march of jihad from deviation toward the excessive or the extremism, and drew a road map for those who are beyond the road map and a guidance plan. And thus it is imperative on the people of knowledge to be such, and this is the true peak for knowledge and scholars.

And Sheikh Ibrahim ar Rubaish, may Allah have mercy on him, taught us how to make hijrah for the sake of Allah, and how to perform jihad, and how to perform da'wah, and what is the role of the people of knowledge, and how to fix and build, and how to assert the the truth and candor in advice. And on his path, the people of knowledge walk on and follow on his footsteps, and others should follow in his footsteps. And this is his blood and his body parts today shout and scream for the people of knowledge and da'wah to come to the fields of sacrifice and jihad. Come to the fields of education and da'wah, come to where the plants grow and raises the foundation and raises the edifices of the high deen. Come to where knowledge is pure and models are made for your Ummah.

Oh sincere mujahidin in the East and the West: this is the symbol of your symbols and the Sheikh of your Sheikhs who went to Allah today after a long march of jihad. He did not change and did not switch and did not flatter anyone. He was neither tempted or swayed by the pleasures of the dunya and its trappings. He left for Allah to encourage you all on more tenacity in this battle and to assure for you that sincerity of our da'wah in martyrdom of our leadership, and the true holder of knowledge must be at the front of the ranks of the mujahidin facing death as he remembers the worlds of our leader and Messenger of Allah: ''I would love to fight for the sake of Allah and be killed and then to fight and be killed and then to fight and be killed.'' narrated by Muslim.

Oh mujahidin, this is deen failed or expired with the death of a man, the deen would have failed or expired with the death of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. If the issue were to be about one man, this deen would have expired at the dawn of Islam. But this is Allah's deen and command, and He guaranteed to protect it. So don't despair, because you are the greater ones. Let your slogan be the words of Allah ''How many of the prophets fought for the sake of Allah, and with them they fought a big group of godly men? But they never lost their heart if they had a disaster in Allah's way, and they didn't become weak or give up. And Allah loves those who are firm and steadfast. All they said was ''Our Lord, forgive us of our sins and anything we may have done which transgressed our duty. Make our feet firm and help us against those that resist faith.'' (al Imran 3:146-147)

Oh Allah, accept Sheikh Ibrahim ar Rubaish and his brothers among the shuhada. Oh Allah, raise their status and give them your mercy. Oh Allah, give us recompense and the Muslim Ummah with even better ones for You have power over all things.

Our last cry is: Alhamdulillah, Lord of the Worlds

Al Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula

25 Jumada al Thani | 14 April 2015


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