My Advice To All Those Who Are Soft Towards The Khawariji - Abu Maria Al Qahtani

By Abu Maria Al Qahtani

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

My advice to all those who are soft towards the Khawarij

An advice to every group that is soft in their statements and are concealing the truth and not speaking out regarding the Khawarij with the argument that there are extremists in their midst and they wish to preserve the ranks of their groups…! What an excuse that is….!

An advice with testimonies and proofs to you, oh you who have given preference to your group and a handful of extremists whose evil is sufficient to turn the destiny of the Muslim people who have suffered and are still suffering oppression for long decades waiting for relief.

To you oh you who have confessed yourself that you say such and such and do such and such and you mention the Khawarij with goodness while you believe that they are Khawarij;

To you oh you who have fought the black and the white to support the religion of Allah, and migrated and abandoned family and companions and separated from your elderly and those with whom you lived, to support the religion of Allah;

Today you are being tested with a handful of Khawarij that are amongst the rows of your group whom you want to gain at the expense of the truth. So you are stating a thing while you believe in its opposite and you confess secretly to those whom you trust, that you believe in such and such a group contrary to what you have stated…. Don't you know that the one who is silent over the truth is a dumb shaitan?

So how would it be if he spoke opposite to the truth? Preserving the religion of Islam and the blood of the Ahl u Sunnah is given preference over preserving a group or party or organization… So where are you, oh brother of Jihad in regards to declaring the truth?

The fitna of Daaish (i.e. ISIS) is one over which a great section of people have been tested with and none has remained firm except whom Allah made him firm and granted him insight and kept him away from flattering. Where are you, oh brother who uplifts the truth, when it comes to the statement of our Sheikh Athiyathullah Al Libi?

Isn't he the one who said, ''Our groups and our organizations may perish but we will not spill the blood of a single Muslim without any right''..? Where are you when it comes to this statement? We had excused you for your silence, we made interpretations for you but we will not excuse you for your open statement by which you support falsehood against the truth due to partisanship to your group, rather not towards your group but due to your attachment towards a group of extremists who will sooner or later abandon your group. So your love for them is at the expense of thousands of pure clean blood, rather millions of Muslim people and on top of them the Muslim people of Shaam. So every day hundreds are killed and dozens are raped due to flatteries.

Where are you, oh brother who declares the truth, when it is about those who are the reason for six thousand sunni women to remain under the feet of the Nusayris inside their prisons? Where are you with regards to displacing thousands of families? Where are you when it about those who have committed crimes in the towns of the Shaeethath..?

We used to hear condemnation from our brothers if a man whom they knew has been imprisoned at the hands of the governments of their countries and we used to be pleased by that. And today, our brothers stopped from speaking the truth on the face of ''brothers of the manhaj''.

Ponder over the history, my brother, of those who desired to be patient with it and then they killed him. So here is Uthman Zu Nurayn who remained patient with them and then they killed him. And Ali wanted to include them in his army and then they split his army and declared him to be a Kaafir. And after that they killed Abdullah ibn Khabbab and split open the belly of his wife. And it was then that their matter became clear to Ali that they are the ones the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, had given orders to exterminate, so he fought them.
And he remained waging Jihad against them and cutting off their heads until he gained the glad tidings at their hands and they killed him. So just imagine, oh brother who declares the truth, when after their crimes have become clear to you, not only did you not content with remaining silent but you even justify their manhaj. Have you not taken Ali as your guide?

And Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, tried to get united with them before they spilled blood but after that it became clear to him that they are the Khawarij. So he killed them. So imagine, how do you follow Abu Bakr in the Jihad against the apostates and the tyrants while you do not follow Ali in the Jihad against the Khawarij..! And we have not asked you to do that by your swords as you have been excused by us, but by your tongues and your pens and that is obligatory on you, oh beloved one. And do not state excuses while the matter is that you are defending them..!
Glory be to Allah…! Allah the Exalted has said, ''And We will surely, try you until We know those who strive among you and the patient, and We will put to a test all your affairs'' 47:31

So the Mujahid is tested, tried and examined. So we have to completely speak the truth in the face of the extremists just as we had begun it in the face of the extremists. Otherwise, flattery at the expense of the religion is forbidden with the extremists just as it is forbidden with the tyrants. We may have become harsh by that but we have fulfilled our obligation.
Since it has reached us from some of our dear ones that those dear to us have declared one thing which is contrary to what they had known about it to preserve the unity of their rows. And thus their excuse was more painful to us than their statement. And Allah is sufficient for us.
Oh Allah! Guide us and our brothers to the truth and grant us insight and join us together and unite our word over Your book and the path of Your prophet..!

And I say that the ones whom I advise are my Sheikhs who are better than me and who are the crowns on my head. For they have preceded us in Hijra and Jihad and we ask Allah to purify their ranks and strengthen their power and humiliate their enemies from amongst the crusaders, the jews, the apostates and the rafidha.
And if I had been with them, I cannot but serve them with my hands for they have led the Jihad and they have the virtue of precedence in declaring the truth in the face of the tyrants. And all praises belong to Allah the Lord of the worlds.

The pen of the the Shaykh, the stranger, Abu Maria Al Qahtani, the Muhajir

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