Discussion With Sheikh Abu Baseer At Tartousi: Response to the Fatwa of Sheikh Abu Baseer Against Joining Jabhatun Nusrah

By Abu Abdullah ash Shaami

(Response to the Fatwa of Sheikh Abu Baseer prohibiting joining Jabhatun Nusrah)

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

All praise be to Allah the Lord of all that exists. And the best of prayers and most complete peace be upon our chief Muhammad and his family and his companions all of them. After that,
It causes us pain us that the one who yesterday called for ''Supporting the people of Tawheed'' is today issuing a fatawa and advising that ''it is prohibited to join a part of the people of Tawheed'' in their Jihad against the Nusayri taghout. We always used to be patient when the Sheikh used to slander us even though he slandered us to the point where he described us to be creation of the intelligence agencies. We ignore those matters that are related to our individual rights but as for turning over the matter to the point of issuing fatwas prohibiting to join Jabhat un Nusra, then it is a matter over which silence cannot be maintained, so that it does not cause doubts for some amongst the people. And if the Sheikh had not forced us to respond, we would not have responded. And if only he had advised in secret when he wanted, and did not advice through the internet since what is the use of an advice if it has come on the internet and the matter has spread far and wide! This is not how an advice is. We have known that the advice is to be in secret and not made publicly. And it is also not an advice when it comes in the form of a fatwa prohibiting joining Jabhat un Nusra due to it being AlQaida. And let the Sheikh open his heart for a discussion with us regarding what he has said.

With having hope that he does not return back to the media and that if he wishes to advice, then let him do so in secret and that would be appreciated and he will find in us an attentive ear. However, we will not follow him in what we see as a mistake with all our due respect to him and his status and his knowledge. And our opposition to his opinions that he sees to be correct in contrast to our opinion which we see to be correct is not an opposition by us towards the Shareah. But they are in reality opposition towards the opinion of the Sheikh. And an opinion of the Sheikh may be right and it may be wrong. And our opinions too are like that. The Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said ''If they asked you to put them on the judgement of Allah, then do not put them on the judgement of Allah, but rather put them on your own judgement because you do not know whether you have rightly judged between them by the judgement of Allah or not'' – Narrated by Ibn Majah. Infact the matter of our affiliation to the organization of Al Qaida for Jihad, while it is a confirmed bay'ah on our necks, it is not from those matters over which there is a text for its obligation or prohibition in the first place, rather it is from the matters of Ijtihad and consideration by looking into the benefits and harms. And so it is more befitting for the one who reaches to a conclusion after exerting efforts without prejudice or whims, it is more befitting for him to say that, ''This is what appears to be correct in my opinion with me excusing those who do not hold my opinion along with having a good opinion about the one who opposes my opinion especially if he has built his opinion after looking into the matter and doing Ijtihad and not based on partisanship to a party or group'' as you have accused us of, may Allah forgive you.

It is known that the methodology of Ahlu Sunnah in the matters of permissible differences based on Ijtihad is that they excuse each other and give space to each other and find interpretations to excuse each other and look at their statements and actions with the best possible meaning. And this is something that we have learned from the books of Ahlu Sunnah in the Fiqh (understanding) of differences amongst which is your book ''Fiqh ul Ikhtilaaf Inda Ahlu Sunnah Wal Bida''' (The approach towards differences according to Ahlu Sunnah and the people of bida). And before I start to refute the arguments on which you have based your fatwa upon, it is necessary to first analyse the strategy of the organization of Qaida for Jihad and its view towards change and after that we will come back and mention the views point by point and discuss them so that the Sheikh may take note his mistakes or at least excuse the one who disagrees with him.

And we say and with Allah is success:

The Universal alliance of infidelity had planned and plotted for centuries until it had weakened the Islamic Caliphate and made a series of conspiracies and wars and made strenuous effort until it succeeded in prompting its fall. But the alliance of infidelity did not stop there and it went on creating safety valves to guarantee that it never returns. It divided the Islamic world into more than 50 countries including the heart of the Arab and Islamic world (The Levant) through ''Sykes-Picot'' and it planted the monster entity, the government of the Jews in the heart of the Islamic world (Palestine), and these two shackles:–Sykes-Picot and its likes-and the promise of Balfour of giving Palestine to the Jews- are the most powerful shackles with which the Universal disbelief has subdued the Islamic Ummah. The Ummah made enormous effort until it discovered its true enemy and his ploys and plans and woke up to the caller of Jihad calling it to fight this disbelief, and many answered, all thanks and credit be to Allah. The Ummah has experimented with Jihad which is confined within regional boundaries and in all the Jihads within regional borders, the Ummah has failed, due to it being unable to perceive the true enemy and its plans. This Jihad within regional borders which they call resistance according to their agreements, is permissible because it comes within the rules of the enemy; meaning within the boundaries drawn by the enemy after establishing these international systems such as the United Nations and the Security Council and its likes. So the enemy went on distracting us with fighting against those he imposed on us so that we do not become aware of the real enemy and he is the one who has erected them (tyrant governments) and made them sit on the Ummah's chest. Also the enemy drew for us the land where we can fight not allowing us to go beyond its line, that is the regions inside the country through the logic of ''Sykes-Picot''.

When Allah bestowed His favour on the Ummah by waking them up from this cycle, it understood that Jihad must move primarily facing the World order and the universal disbelief which laid down the rules of the state boundaries and its borders and made lawful for us resistance on a national basis in accordance with Sykes-Picot.

When the Ummah awoke and aimed its rifles towards this disbelief, the global disbelief represented by America and its allies became mad because its game became exposed and their trick of falsehood no longer worked upon the Ummah and so it started putting on its terrorist lists whoever left those boundaries. And the Qaedat al-Jihad organization had the great merit in exposing this truth through striking the leader of global disbelief, America. As it also has had great merit of reviving the spirit of Jihad into the Ummah.

The nature of our battle is in this form, and this size and this reality, and our true enemy which does not agree to remain neutral is the system of global infidelity with its Security council and United nations and its other global systems.

And the circumstances of our battle with this enemy is not as it were in the time of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where he fought Quraish instead of the Romans and Persians, as the Quraish was not sponsored by the Romans nor the Persians, and there was no cooperation between them and they would not intervene in whatever was going on in the Arabian peninsula between the Muslims and the Quraish, and if our situation (us, the mujahideen) with the rulers of our countries and with the international infidelity was like the situation of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with Quraish and the Romans and Persians, it would be utter stupidity and foolhardiness to leave our rulers and busy ourselves with fighting the international disbelief, but the equation is entirely different.
Quraish was not linked to the Romans and Persians through agreements and deals and neither were the Romans and Persians the ones who erected the Qureshite idol to rule Arabia and they were not behind it moving it, and they did not feel that Quraish's battle was their direct battle to fight; rather this battle did not concern them at all.

But our situation today is the opposite of that. And based on that, the strategy of Qaedat al-Jihad came to direct the strikes against the head of international disbelief so that the reality of this battle becomes clear in the eyes of the sons of the nation, and so its kingdom relapses and its dominion becomes weak, it stops using its strength against us and stops supporting our rulers, at which point we will settle our scores with them.

As for us we see no difference whatsoever between the international foreign disbelief and the national local state disbelief because all are part of one alliance which is bonded by a direct and close bond through many systems, and striking any part of it –meaning the local Kufr- is a strike against it –meaning the international one- that is how the international disbelief perceives the battle. The international Kufr sees the Jihad against the local Kafir whom he has set up, as a Jihad waged against itself. And thus, we are not antagonizing it (provoking their enmity) rather it is a direct enemy which strives with its utmost energy and uses all forms of power so as to eradicate the people of Jihad.

And if there is a neutral disbelieving state which does not participate in this alliance against the people of Islam then we will not hasten to provoke its enmity. And if indeed we do such actions, then we would be careless having no legitimate policy with us. But while the situation is like what we have stated, then it is not possible for us due to the alliance between the local regional idol and the external international idol, it is not possible for us to distinguish between the two enemies. And this is not by our own choice, but it is imposed upon us by the nature of the enemy and the battle against us. And if we have been able to separate between these two enemies, we would not have ignored it and if it was possible for us to cause anyone to be neutral, then we would have done so. But they are two sides of the same coin.

This understanding of ours regarding the equation of the previous conflicts and based on which we build the rules of confrontation and its strategies is different as is clear between us and you.
And after this glimpse and on its basis, we will discuss your article in the following points:

The first point: The question began by mentioning ISIS, and so it would have been best for the Shaykh to begin his answer by differentiating the manhaaj of ISIS and the manhaaj of Jabhat an Nusrah (Branch of Qaeda al Jihad in Sham) so that the one who reads the answer would not be under the impression that ISIS and Jabhat an Nusrah are in the same track.

The second point: ''I do not advise and I do not permit''; – Why didn't we find this kind of enquiry in regards to the likes of Hazm and Maroof whose link with the Western and American agenda is not hidden? Where is your investigation over the factions of MOC (Military Operations Command) and groups which were connected with foreigners? Where was your fatwa oh shaykh to say that it is not allowed to join these kind of groups, or the groups who call for a reconciliation with the Nusari regime? Or where was your fatwa regarding the groups of corruption which are present in the field? And if you say that we should be silent on their evil at this time for the benefit of fighting against the regime, meaning that the benefit of fighting the regime is greater by a lot than the corruption they are causing, we say- Can you not use this scale for us based on your own principle which is to say we will remain quite at the harm and wrong which comes about due to the affiliation of Jabhat an Nusrah with Al Qaeda for the sake of the benefit of fighting against the regime? And this we are saying by assuming for the sake of argument that the affiliation to Al Qaeda is a harm, otherwise we do not see it as such.

The third point: You do not advise and you do not permit, because the name Al Qaeda and its membership will bring about harm and incite the armies of the world against Sham and its people. So we say- The issue is not like that as we have explained in the introduction, but the Jihad specifically is what incites the armies of the world especially since the Jihad has approached the holy land, whether this is done in the name of Al Qaeda or other that it. Do you not see that the world rushed to stand against Hamas, despite the fact that they are not Al Qaeda and not upon the manhaaj of Al Qaeda either?

Moreover, these results that you said will come as a consequence of the name of Al Qaeda, will happen in any Jihad, and do you think we should leave Jihad if it causes these results! We say that it is known that the issue is not with the label of Al Qaeda but with Jihad upon the path that is not compatible with the desires of the enemies as we have clarified previously, which will cause it to rise to defend itself. And this issue is self evident in the battle between the truth and falsehood.

And so if whatever Jihad that occurs in Sham will have the same fate – meaning if this Jihad is not accepted by all sides from the west, and is a Jihad which does not believe in state borders and because of that it doesn't see any difference between the Muhajireen and the Ansar – then labelling it as Al Qaida or not labelling it will be the same and this description will have no effect and be without any significance. And based on the fundamental rules in analysing the causes and reasons for a rule (Hukm) to see whether they are applicable or not for the judgement, we see that the cause that has made the Kuffar to stand alongside Bashar is not due to us being Al Qaida but due to us waging Jihad in a manner that does not appeal to the west and does not go in line with the rules laid down by the disbelievers and over which the world has gone along for tens of decades in the past century. We do Jihad in accordance with principles and concepts which the disbelievers are not pleased with. And so it is this purpose that can be opposed and not the labelling as Al Qaida. And any group that fights based upon those concepts will be attacked by the all disbelievers from one trench even if it does not name itself as Al Qaida. And by this, the first point and reason (that you mentioned) becomes invalid and similarly the second one also because the massacres by Bashar firstly did not take place except with the blessings of the international Kufr (infidelity). And if it was not for the green light given by the international regime to Bashar, he would not have dared to commit the massacres to begin with. And we do not forget that the massacres began from the first week of the outbreak of the blessed revolution. And you may remember the massacre that took place in Dar'a at the beginning of the revolution. And similarly the massacres that took place following it in Homs and at Bayda in Banyas. And you may also remember after that the massacre in Ath Thaamna and Houla and many others. And all of this took place before we announced that we are Al Qaida.

Don't you remember the Arab and then the international delegates and the representatives one after another and treaties one after another which the international hypocrite regime presented to Bashar so that he may crush the revolution which would turn into a Jihad that becomes bigger day by day? Further, let us assume that we did not announce our allegiance to Al Qaida. Will the international infidelity allow us to topple the regime of Bashar and establish instead an Islamic regime in the vicinity of the Jews while these disbelievers have a pulsing vain and a blinking eye?

The fourth point: The saying that the Al Qaedisation of the revolution in Shaam causes Shaam to bear the all the actions of Al Qaeda, past, present and future and in all places;- it is not a correct statement and not appropriate. We were wishing that you will not use such terminology as ''the al Qaedisation of the revolution'' and whoever reads your speech will think that Al Qaeda is pure evil. And we are not here speaking about Al Qaeda in other areas but do you not see, our noble Shaykh that the brach of Al Qaeda in Sham (Jabhat an Nusrah) carries on its shoulders – without belittling the work of any one- the removal of all the difficulties and hardship that befell upon the people of Sham, as much as possible?

Have you seen Jabhat an Nusrah to have harmed the people of Sham or to have defended them and protected them and to have strove as much as possible making sacrifices for them? It has spared no effort in the military aspect, in service, in medical and in other aspects. But we are in a fierce war and because of all this the people of Sham love Jabhat an Nusrah. And names have no meaning to the people of Sham, rather what concerns them is who defends them and their religion and their sanctity and their honour and gives his blood in their service. And do you see Jabhat an Nusrah insufficient in this? The people of Sham have no problem with Al Qaeda (Jabhat an Nusrah) whom they love and whose banner they raise. It is not the people of Shaam who have a problem with Al Qaida, rather the problem is for some of those who cover themselves behind the people of Sham, and these people are of many categories: A category that claims that the people of Sham do not want Al Qaeda and the reality is that it is their leaders that give them aid who do not want Al Qaeda and not the people of Sham. And a group from amongst them take support on the condition of standing against Al Qaeda, and there are other groups besides and beyond that.

In other words, some of the groups attack Al Qaida and Jabhatun Nusra presenting it as a sacrifice in exchange for taking aid and as a dowry for seeking allegiance of those with whom they establish a sinful relation from amongst the countries of apostasy and the regimes of Kufr.

As for the poor people of Shaam, they have Allah. And how many who do not represent them have worn their cloak and spoken on their behalf. And I hope you know that I do not mean you by this but I hope that you do not put yourself in these kind of situations or let not your words serve these kinds of people. And if it were not for the envy of those envious and their jealousy and the mobilizing done by others along with the media of the enemy, and add to that fatawas like those of yours, then we would not have seen anyone from amidst the people of Sham who is concerned with the matter of ''the name Al Qaida'' or the link of Jabhatun Nusra with it.

The fifth point : If our affiliation to Al Qaida (Jabhatun Nusra) will make easy things hard for us as you our dear Sheikh have mentioned, then this is how the path of Jihad is which we understand from the words of the companions, may Allah be pleased with them during their pledge to the Messenger of Allah, prayers and peace of Allah be upon him – ''Indeed bringing him out today means breaking off from the Arabs entirely and the killing of your best ones and getting bitten by swords'', narrated by Ahmed and others. And we know that Jihad will have all those consequences that you have mentioned but this is the decree for the Mujahid. And our condition by this is that of asking Allah to make us in the ranks of the patient ones and make us amongst those who are mentioned in His statement, ''And when they became steadfast and believed firmly in Our revelations, We appointed from among them leaders who guided by Our command'' (32:24). And the consequences that you have mentioned are the results of Jihad in any manner whether by the name of Al Qaida or not. As for me being wanted and pursued, being compelled to hide and work in secret, then I am not to be blamed for that since that was done by the one who is better than me and this is the path of the Prophets. Here is Musa, peace be upon him, as stated by Allah, ''So he departed, fearful and looking around in apprehension and said: ''My Lord, deliver me from these unjust people'' (28:21). And as for our Messenger, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, his Hijra (migration) along with his companion was in secret, and the three of them hiding in the cave is known to everyone. And all of the consequences that you have mentioned will be faced by us just for merely being Mujahideen even if we were not Al Qaida. And you may know the truth of what we say by looking at the Mujahideen of AlQassam and their path and their hiding and the consequences of their Jihad while they were not Al Qaida.

We must remember that the international regime that has planted the Jews in Palestine is the same international regime that has strengthened the Nusayris in Shaam. And just as it does not let any harm touch the Jews so that it can preserve its domain by stabilizing the Jewish peg in Palestine, similarly it does not let the Nusayri regime in Sham fall because the shaking of the Nusayri peg will threaten the stability of the international regime and its domain that is based on ignorance. The disbelievers know this and they are fighting against us on this basis and they have not put us in the terrorist list except due to us fighting on this basis. And how I wish if only my people knew!

The sixth point: Your saying that Al Qaeda has a project for confrontation and does not have a project for a state- I hope that this statement of yours does not turn out to be a slander. I do not intend to accuse you of slandering in a hidden or indirect manner, but as I have said completely putting into effect the principle of thinking positively, I say: This saying comes from your lack of understanding or lack of conviction – may Allah forgive you – with the strategy of Al Qaeda in this encounter, and the phases of building a state.

Moreover, Al Qaida has not yet built any state for you to judge it to have failed. In fact, the strategy of Al Qaeda is like what was clarified by the the martyred Shaykh, as we reckon him, Usamah bin Ladin – may Allah have mercy on him – it is based upon not establishing a state in this phase as there are 3 phases: Undermine the enemy, then maintaining balance of power, then establishment with consolidation. And the Shaykh – may Allah have mercy upon him – clarified this in all his messages to both Yemen and to Somalia – that we do not establish a state until our Jihad reaches a point and our enemies are weakened to a level of balance with us, so that we may first be able to establish it (a state) and secondly we be able to protect it from collapsing. As for before that, then no. And if you want to know more, then refer to the leaked letters of the Shaykh to Yemen and to Somalia, or those that are known as the ''Abbottabad documents''. Moreover, Al Qaida's experiment is not a historical incident that once came and disappeared for you to judge it to have failed in establishing a state, rather it is an incident that is just going to occur. And the time for establishing the state according to the programme of Al Qaeda has not come yet and due to that, it is not correct to describe its attempt as a failure in establishing a state. And if what is not achieved in full, then most of it is not to abandoned; so then Al Qaeda in Sham (Jabhat an Nusrah) has strived as much as possible in addition to military work, has striven through the religious organizations in the liberated areas such as in Aleppo and Dar'a and in Deir in the past period together with some of the factions to administer the liberated areas, to the extent that these institutions during some stages had even become as though they were standing government but other matters came in between and prevented the project from continuing. And there is no power no might except with Allah.

As for you using as a testimony, the Prophet's statement sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying, ''A believer is not stung from the same hole twice'', we say about it: The hadeeth is Saheeh, but you are using it out of context. And to clarify that we say: The Muslims have attempted Jihad restricted to borders in the past century in many of the countries like Syria and Egypt and Libya and others. And the Muslims have been stung from the hole of national boundaries many times and not just twice, then Allah guided them to correct this mistake. And so that the believers may not be bitten from the same hole for the tenth time, Qaidathul Jihad came out, may Allah make it firm and guide them, against the rules that were drawn up by the world alliance of kufr for the struggle. And it spoke regarding the battle being an international one and this is not something which it chose, but rather it is the reality of the battle. But Al Qaeda stated that and clarified it to the Ummah since the battle is global in its nature, whether we globalise it or we restrict it within the borders of one state . And Al Qaeda made the Ummah understand the reality of the battle and its enormity and its dimensions and its extent and it being globalized and the reality of the enemy. And because of this came the ferocity against it and the placement on the terrorism lists and the pursuit, and the pressure and freezing of resources and others besides that. And before finishing this point, we are pointing out that what has been just stated is the vision of Al Qaeda. As for Jabhat an Nusrah (the branch of Al Qaeda in Sham), it has not built its project on a global basis, but it has received orders from the wise Shaykh (Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri, may Allah protect him) to concentrate its efforts on repelling the Nusairi attacks and to wage Jihad against them until they are overthrown and the rule of Islam is established in Sham by means of Shura (Ahlul hal wal aqd).

The seventh point: The Sheikh has advised joining the groups that are doing Jihad in Sham and then defined them saying, – all the groups that are waging Jihad in the land of Shaam under various names, with their relative differences; and then described them all to be truthful Mujahid groups and then added ''whichever one of them you have entered and joined, then you may be with them and you will have the reward of the Mujahid inshallah''. And if we link this with his previous statement, we will arrive at a clear conclusion – Join any group or faction found in the land of Shaam except Jabhatun Nusra, and all factions are Mujahid groups. We say Subhanallah!! This by Allah is what does not cease to be a wonder!! Our Sheikh, are the factions that are striving for the benefit of the Nusayri regime truthful Mujahid groups, and thus whichever one of them you have entered and joined, then you may be with them and you will have the reward of the Mujahid?

And are the factions that are subservient to America and its allies – which even if you do not believe that, it is still a matter that is confirmed with us, rather it has been confirmed by many besides us – are they truthful Mujahid groups that whichever one of them you have entered and joined, then you may be with them and you will have the reward of the Mujahid?

And as for Jabhatun Nusra, then it is not permitted to join them due to the harms that will follow – while they are merely harms which are only imaginary and not based on certainty. And if you have justified the non permissibility of joining Jabhatun Nusra based on the existence of harm, then don't you see that the justification based on imaginary harms as is in the case of Jabhatun Nusra are actually occurring with certainty in the case of Hazm for example? So what is the matter with you that you are contradicting your own rules and principles? Indeed the harm that will take place by the agents of America controlling the land is a thousand times greater than the harm arising due to the label of Al Qaida and this is if at all there is any harm. So how come you consider those suspicious factions to be doing Jihad truthfully and then you do not permit joining Jabhatun Nusrah?

Have all the factions become truthful Mujahid groups and as for Jabhatun Nusra, it is not permitted to join them or enter with them?

Or has the matter become such for you that you do not permit joining a group merely because of it being affiliated to the Organisation of Al Qaida of Jihad which had the credit after Allah in igniting the spirit of Jihad in the Ummah and carried the banner of Jihad on behalf of the Ummah for decades, and had the credit in returning the honour once again and teaching America who is the enemy of Allah lessons which it will never forget, and has rolled its face and wiped it in the dust? And then you permit joining those groups from whom treachery can be smelt and you describe them with truthfulness and Jihad while the news of Hazm is not yet far from us.

What do you say regarding the factions of MOC (Military Operations Command)?
What do you say regarding those who attended the Geneva 2 conference and signed agreement to surrender Homs to the Nusayris?

What do you say regarding the one who is striving to make plans of Staffan de Mistura to succeed?

What do you say regarding those who are working in accordance with the command of the Jordanian intelligence?

In fact Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah described the people of Sham and the people of Egypt during their resistance of the attack of the Tarters, that they are the victorious group despite them having with them Asharis and the Sufis and despite there being sins and oppression and debauchery amidst them. Can we not be included in this description at least? Is not the situation of Jabhat an Nusrah in their Jihad with the people of Sham against the Nusairis and those nations of Kufr who are behind them like the situation of the people of Sham and Egypt and their Mujahideen against the Tartars at the time of the Qutz and the Berbers and Izz ibn Abdul Salam and Shaykh ul Islam, may Allah have mercy upon them?

The eighth point: The Shaykh has concluded his fatwa that it is not permissible to join Jabhat an Nusrah by giving reasons that cannot be justified nor used as arguments as we have just stated and explained in some detail in the preceding points. And based on that, we see that this fatwa is erroneous and it is the result of his deficient knowledge of the reality – while we think positively about the shaykh – and his deficiency in understanding the reality and the project of Jabhat an Nusrah, and similarly of Qaedathul Jihad, whereby he dealt with the issue from one side only, not from all perspectives, and deficiency in understanding the reality of Sham and in understanding the enemies and in understanding the strategy of Al Qaeda in confronting these enemies. And it is known that the Mufti does not give a fatwa until he knows the ruling of Allah and he knows the reality (on which he is giving the fatwa). And we do not doubt the knowledge of the Shaykh, but he came with a lack of knowledge of the reality and so his fatwa became deficient based on this and it has mistakes. It would be more suitable for him not to give a fatwa like this and his fatwa will not harm us inshaallah as we are sure of its mistake and we consider it far too much for the Sheikh to go in such a path and we call on him to review it. Indeed a woman was right and Umar was wrong. And if the advice of the shaykh had not come in the form of a fatwa publicly then we would not have written a single letter (in response). And we call on the shaykh to not repeat such things as its sufficient for us what we receive from our enemies.

And we would like to inform before concluding that all that was said is not a response to the sheikh personally rather it is directed to a general trend of thought in which the Shaykh is but an individual, (the reason of our response) which is the same reason which made Shaikh Abu Baseer respond to Shaikh Albani may Allah have mercy on him as the Sheikh mentioned in the beginning of his book (''Supporting the people of Monotheism'').

In conclusion, we ask Allah to guide us in matters that differed with the truth, by His permission. And we ask him that He bring us on the day of judgement as brothers reclining on couches facing each other. And the dialogue with the Sheikh has a remaining part.….and our final prayers are that praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

Written by Abu Abdullah ash Shaami

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