Statement On The Reality Of Islamic State Organization And Their Leader Ibrahim Awwad: Characterization Of The Organization And The True-nature Of Its Beliefs

20 January 2015

By Sheikh Dr Tariq Abdelhallem & Sheikh Dr Hani Al-Sibai

Allah SWT says: "لَتُبَيِّنُنَّهُۥ لِلنَّاسِ وَلَا تَكْتُمُونَهُ"

(You must make it clear to the people and not conceal It. 3:187)

Statement on the reality of Islamic State

Organization and their leader Ibrahim Awwad

Characterization of the organization and the true-nature of its beliefs

Written by:

Sheikh Dr Tariq Abdelhallem & Sheikh Dr Hani Al-Sibai

All praise to Allah and may peach and blessings be upon His messenger, his follower and companions.

The strife of the organization known as The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has spread like wild-fire and thrived into a bitter reality for many reasons beyond the focus of this statement. Many lives have been lost senselessly, many families and homes destroyed, many sincere leaders of Mujahedeen assassinated, the image of Islam tarnished and smeared, and many laymen Muslims are left confused as result of ISIS's boom. ISIS presented the worst possible picture of Jihad to the world and made a mockery of Islam globally; while Islam and Jihad are innocent of ISIS's action and unlike anything they present or stand for. The only true achievement of this group is to distort the reality of the true Islamic State and Islam itself. They and their so-called Khalifa, Ibrahim Awwad, served and achieved the objective that the West of ultimately smearing the image of Islam and presenting a distorted and ugly representation of it; something that the West with all its might, media and treachery have failed to achieve on their own.

We tried through tens of articles, recorded video and audio messages to explain the true nature of ISIS and that it presented a new form of an old sect historically known as Khawarij or Harooriya. They are a new offshoot of Khawarij in their worst manifestation and extremist ideology of killing Muslims and sparing idol worshippers. We noticed that there's lots of debate amongst those concerned about the Islamic affairs about the nature of their ideology and we decided without hesitation to state our clear view beyond any shadow of doubt. It's our duty to Allah to clarify what ISIS stands for relative to the aqeeda of Ahlul Sunnah and to clarify the Islamic ruling in dealing with them and consequences of their actions especially because many youth in Syria and around the world are fooled by their own misguided morality and ISIS' false lustre. This type of misguided morality particularly after the spread of this evil and the wide killings of many sincere Muslims can never deter or dissuade those whom Allah SWT has entrusted with knowledge to clearly articulate and clarify the truth regarding the proper characterization of "The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria" and the correct ruling in dealing with their swords, daggers and guns that are collectively aimed at Muslims especially the Mujahedeen amongst them.

Thus we decided to publish this statement to clarify our opinion and clearly state our position so that we may answer to Allah SWT on the day of judgement when asked if withheld our knowledge for any worldly gain or if we clearly presented the truth to the people and exhausted all possible efforts to disseminate our knowledge regardless of any threat from ISIS or its supporters.

Moreover, this statement is not meant to cite all scholarly references of our scholars, rather its intended purpose is to present the principles and usool and supported by evidence on the ground to categorically prove our previously stated position; "لِيَهْلِكَ مَنْ هَلَكَ عَنْ بَيِّنَةٍ وَيَحْيَىٰ مَنْ حَيَّ عَنْ بَيِّنَةٍ" (so that those who perished would perish upon evidence and those who lived would live upon evidence 8:42)

Necessary Introductions:

In order to establish our evidence, we will start with some necessary introductions that are essentially established intellectual, historical, and Shariah facts:

1. The most important principle and the essential foundation for all matters in faith s to follow the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger . This is the way of the Prophet  and his companions as established by the respected scholars of thisUmmah. Allah SWT says: "فَسْـَٔلُوٓا۟ أَهْلَ ٱلذِّكْرِ إِن كُنتُمْ لَا تَعْلَمُونَ" (So ask the people of the message if you do not know. 16:43). Thus, Allah decreed to refer to men who know the truth in order to understand it. Allah SWT also said: "هَلْ يَسْتَوِى ٱلَّذِينَ يَعْلَمُونَ وَٱلَّذِينَ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ" (Are those who know equal to those who do not know? 39:9) and "شَهِدَ ٱللَّهُ أَنَّهُۥ لَآ إِلَـٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ وَٱلْمَلَـٰٓئِكَةُ وَأُو۟لُوا۟ ٱلْعِلْمِ قَآئِمًۢا بِٱلْقِسْطِ" (Allah witnesses that there is no deity except Him, and [so do] the angels and those of knowledge 3:18). So Allah ordered his servants to obey the people of knowledge and remembrance, not the people of falsehood and those who follow their own whims.

The prophet 
 clearly described in many authentic hadiths the characteristics of Khawarij since they were the first sect to appear during him time. In the hadith ofThil-Khowaysera Al-Tamimi (ذي الخويصرة التميمي) as reported in Sahih Bukhari byAbu-Saeed Al-Khudari, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet  was divvying up a booty when Thil-Khowaysera (from the tribe of Tamim) approached the Prophet and said: "O Prophet of Allah, be just!". The Prophet responded "Woe to you! Who can be just if I'm not just? You surely are doomed and lost if I haven't been Just." Omar then said: "O prophet of Allah, give me the permission to cut his throat". The Prophet  replied to Omar: "leave him because he has companions that one of you would feel that your prayers and fasting are inferior to theirs. They read the Quran and it doesn't pass their throats; they depart this religion like an arrow departs from a bow". 

One of their key characteristic that is hardly not found in them is what Bukharireported based on a narration of Ali ibn Abi-Talib who said: "I heard the Messenger of Allah  say: 'they are immature youths who quote the sayings of the best of humanity. They depart from Islam like an arrow departs from a bow".

Amongst what they are famous for as narrated in Sunan Al-Nissa'e by Abu-Saeed Al-khodary, may Allah be pleased with him, that "they kill the people of Islam and spare the people of idols. If I live to see them, I will kill them just like the killing of the people of Aad".

The reason behind quoting these hadiths is to show that they are immature, irrational and reckless youth who are to cross the limits of truth just like their predecessor Thil-Khowaysera when he commanded the prophet to be just! They over-crossed their boundaries while debating with major companions including making Takfir of Ali bin Abi-Talib and other Sahaba and pronouncing them as apostates. They are also described as reciting Quran and quoting Hadith without comprehending the meaning beyond its literal words. They are very strong in their Ibada (worship) to the point that a Muslim will feel like his prayers and fasting are inferior to any of these Khawarij. This is the key behind why many youths are fascinated and fooled by them because they only see their great acts of Ibada and don't consider the warnings about their bidaa (innovation).

Many of the scholars of Ahlul Sunnah warned in the strongest words against this sect and their ideology. As an example, Al-Aajory (d. 360 H) said "the scholars of the past and present have all agreed that the Khawarij are an evil sect who disobey Allah SWT and His Prophet  even as they pray, fast and strive in Ibada. None of these actions are of benefit to them even if they appear to enjoin good and forbid evil, none of it is of benefit to them because they interpret the Quran based on their own whims and desires and they obscure the truth to Muslims. Allah SWT and his Prophet warned us against them as have the rightly guided caliphs and the companions, may Allah be pleased with them all, and all those who followed them in righteousness. Khawarij are wicked and atrocious across all generations of past and present and all those who follow their ideology and rebel against the leaders and scholars and legitimize the killing of Muslims"[1]

Ibn Tyamiya (d. 728H) said: "They (i.e. Khawarij) are more evil to Muslims than any others. There hasn't been a worst evil to Muslims than Khawarij; not even Jews and Christians. They strive to kill every Muslim who doesn't agree with them. They legitimize bloodshed and {unrightfully taking} wealth of Muslims and the killing of their children by proclaiming them as apostates and believing that these atrocious acts are righteous based on their massive ignorance and misguided innovation. "[2]

The scholars of Hadith were most stringent with Khawarij like Imam Bukhari, Ibn Arabi, Qurtubi, Subki, Imam Malik and many others like them. Imam Ibn Qudama Al-Maqdisi (d. 620 H) said: "It is apparent from the opinions of scholars of our generation that the Khawarij are transgressors and their ruling is similar [to the ruling of past scholars]. This is the opinion of Abu Hanifa, Shafiey, and the majority of scholars and many of the scholars of Hadith. Imam Malik's opinion is to ask them to repent and if they don't, then they must be killed because of their mischief not because they are apostates. Another group of the scholars of Hadith declared that Khawarij are apostates and they must be treated like apostates; meaning their blood and wealth are not haram. Moreover, if they gather in a place and fortify themselves, then they are a warring people like all other warring non-believers."[3]

In another citation, Ibn Qudama was even more stringent saying: "The correct opinion insha Allah is that it is permissible to instigate the killing of Khawarij and their injured as per the command of the Prophet 
 to kill them. The Prophet promised a reward to those who kill them as narrated by Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, who said: 'I would tell you what Allah promised those who kill the Khawarij upon the tongue of Mohammed ' because of their innovation and their atrocities demand legitimizing their bloodshed. The Prophet  was clear about their treacherous sins, that they are the most evil of creation and that they depart from this religion, that they are the dogs of Hell-fire, and that he incited fighting them by saying that if he lives to see them, he will kill them like the killing of the people ofAad. So it is not permissible to consider Khawarij among those whom the Prophet commanded to spare or those whom the companions refrained from killing"[4]

We are not stating our own opinion or leaning towards one opinion versus another, but we are simply citing the opinions of the scholars of Ahlul Sunnah to show how dangerous the sect of Khawarij is to this Ummah. We must point out that killing Khawarij or fighting them when they are fortified or warding off their attack is different than killing one of them who's been captured since there are two scholarly opinions in the case of those who've been captured.

2. All sects of innovation started based on a common idea and then they expanded, split off, and branched off in different ways and beliefs. Each one of those branches has its own offshoots with different opinions and principles; to the point that one may think it is not part of the original sect. In fact, these sub-sects often argue and contest among themselves and in certain cases, like Khawarij, they will even make takfeer of each other and fight against one another. There are even some Khawarij who claimed that they are not from the Khawarij! Such is the case with Ibadhiya (الإباضية) sect who don't consider themselves as a sub-sect of Khawarij; when in fact what they mean is that they are not from Al-Azariqa (الأزارقة)sub-sect which was the common name for Khawarij during the first half of the first Hijri century. So Al-Ibadhiya is correct in saying that they are not from Al-Azariqa, but they are certainly a sub-sect of Khawarij; and later even they split furthermore into sub-sects.

3. The original and common principle of the sect Khawarij (or Harooriya الحرورية), before its sub-sects introduced additional principles, is that "They make Takfir of other Muslims based on false premises that is invalid in Sunnah and not a correct reason for apostasy. Then, they legitimize the blood of Muslims based on their false premises and rebel to fight and kill Muslims." This principle is based on the original sect that revolted against Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, and claimed that both he and Mu'awiyah, may Allah be pleased with both of them, became apostates. Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, consequently fought them in Nahrawan andHarooraa[5]. This original principle was later expanded and modified over the centuries, but it remains that the main principle used by ISIS today is to make Takfir of those who abstain from ruling that ignorant Muslims are apostates, applying the premise of wala'a and bara'a in incorrect scenarios, and making Takfir to Muslims and leaders of Mujahedeen and legitimizing their blood (there are some among ISIS who ruled that all ignorant Muslims are apostates but not those who refuse to call them as such). 

4. Making Takfir based on acts of disobedience and large sins (kabair كبائر), such as stealing, murdering or fornicating is not the main principle that commonly describes Khawarij. Indeed, it became established much later than the original Khawarij, whom were called Harooriya by the companions; as in the Hadith reported byBukhari that "a woman asked Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, if a menstruating woman has to make up her missed prayers after she purifies herself? Aisha replied: Are you from Harooriya? We used to menstruate during the time of the Prophet  and he never commanded us to make up the missed prayers; or she said: he never commanded us to perform prayers." 

Khawarij are over twenty sects who claimed Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, became an apostate when he allowed men to arbitrate and they accused him of not ruling by the Shariah of Allah. And so are the actions of ISIS, they accuse other Islamic groups in Syria with not applying the hudood (Islamic punishments) and not ruling by Shariah which makes them secular and as such are apostates. Even though ISIS knows well that there's a disagreement among the scholars about applyinghudood in land of war. Such were the actions of Al-Najadat (النجدات) who ruled thatAl-Azariqa are apostates because Al-Azariqa ruled that Al-Qa'ada (القعدة those who did not fight with them) are apostates. Similarly, Al-Atwiya (العطوية) ruled that Al- Najadat are apostates because Al-Najadat conider ignorance in Islamic rulings.

Whoever looks into the opinions of Al-Qa'ada would think that they are not a sub-sect of Khawarij because they did not participate in fighting against Ali bin Abi-Talib, may Allah be pleased with him. Al-Qa'ada also believe that arbitration was correct except they did not rebel against the people. Nafi'e bin Al-Azraq (نافع بن الأزرق) ruled that they are apostates but not Najda (نجدة); as such, they are considered among the Khawarij. Each one of these sub-sects has opinions that differentiate it from the other sub-sects but they are all considered part the wider sect of Khawarij orHarooriya or Al-Sharah (الشراة) or Al-Ghaliya (الغالية). Nonetheless, the main principle of Khawarij as Abu Al-Hasan Al-Ash'ari (d. 324 H) said: "the original principle of Khawarij is the opinion of Al-Azariqa, Al-Ibadhiya, Al-Sufriya, Al-Najdiya, and all other sub-sects had their origin in Al-Sufriya except Al-Azariqa andAl-Ibadhiya "[6]

We can thus conclude that we should not restrict the characterization of Harooriyatoday to whether they make Takfir of those who commit sins or not. This would be a dangerous wrong scholarly approach. Indeed, the original principle and proper characterization is that Harooriya characterize actions (whether sins or otherwise) that are not acts of apostasy (kufr) as acts of Kufr and rule that those who commit them are apostates and then legitimize their innocent blood and kill and murder Muslims based on their false principles and corrupt opinions. 

5. The other characterization of Khawarij is their emergence to fight Muslims like they did at the time of Ali. This was stated clearly in the hadith of the Messenger of Allah that they "Kill the people of Islam". So whoever is associated with Khwarij but did not fight, doesn't change the original characterization which is based on making Takfir based on actions that are not acts of apostasy then fighting based on that (as found in the authentic hadiths of the Messenger ). 

6. Differences and deviations is a natural result of an innovation, because innovation at its nature is based on following the whims of individuals not a sound methodology. 

7. The evolution of innovation continues even in our own times and as such it is very naive to think that the sects mentioned in the history books are the only innovative section and that no other group can be associated with their ideology. The names of the sects and sub-sects reported in the books of sects and misguided ideologies (like the books by Al-Tabari, Ibn Hazm, Al-Shahrastani, Al-Baghdadi and others) are not the only groups to ever emerge. For example, Al-Mutazila was a sect established on the premise that the intellect is superior to the text of Shariah. Later, it evolved to establish five main principles in the second century after its inception. But since ideologies do not die with the people who invent them, this same ideology appeared during our modern day in individuals and forums based on its original premise, which is the superiority of intellect above the text of Shariah, even if they did not follow all of the other principles. We see this in some of writers who adopted theMutazila School and other institutes that are affiliated with this thought, such as "the International Institute of Islamic Thought" in Washington DC. 

8. The characterization of the Messenger of Allah  of this sect encompassed specific description of this group and other descriptions that are shared with other groups. The specific characterization is that "they kill the people of Islam and spare the people of idol-worship" as reported by Abu Dawood and that they do not comprehend the Quranic text and that "it doesn't pass their throats" (a euphuism to describe that the meaning of the Quran doesn't enter their hearts). 

As for other characteristics that are common with other groups, they are described as shaving their heads and having superior acts of worship. The scholars of Ahlul Sunnah described additional characteristics like being truthful and honest; however the original principle must be present in all those described as Khawarij. 

As for other characteristics, they change based on time and place. For example, we cannot say that anyone who doesn't shave his head cannot be from the Khawarij. The Prophet 
 described the group that first appeared during his time and it is the most common traits. However, most states that were established by Khawarij were in West Africa not in the Middle East and as such it is not reasonable to assume that the Prophet  was describing every nation that will follow Khawarij as having shaved heads.

9. When we attribute a certain group to a sect, it doesn't necessarily mean that this group must adhere to all the characteristics of this sect, rather the name of the sect applies to those who follow some of its characterization or all. In some cases, a group is attributed to a sect metaphorically as a warning or literally based on Islamic text. The proof of this is found in the hadith reported by Muslim and Bukhari as narrated byMu'ath al-Adwiya that "Aisha may Allah be pleased with her was asked: should a menstruating woman makeup up her missed prayers? Ayesha replied: Are you from the Harooriya? We used to menstruate during the time of the Messenger  and we never made up the prayer or commanded to make it up." This rhetorical questioning from Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her, who lived during the time of Harooriyaand knew well who deserves this labelling proves our earlier point. She used the name Harooriya in regards to a question about making up prayers for a menstruating women; how about those who legitimize the bloodshed of Muslims and the killing of them based on suspicions of apostasy? 

10. Dominance and establishment of control and rule over a land and gains on the ground is not evidence to a correct ideology and sound methodology. People of innovation have ruled over different parts of the Muslim world throughout history, as in the example of Mutazila during the time of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Maamoon till the time of Al-Mutawakil and the rule of Ubaydi Ismailis (العبيدية الاسماعيلية) for two and a half centuries. Similarly, some Khawarij states in West Africa were established on the ruins of Ahlul Sunnah when the khawarij convinced some of the Berber tribes, who were recent converts to Islam, to revolt against the rulers assigned by the Caliph of Ahlul Sunnah. The Berber tribes became acquainted with the ideology of Khawarij especially Al-Sufriya and Al-Ibadhyia. These ideologies were adopted by the tribes of Zinata, Hawara, Maknasa, and Mughrawa and others until they commanded most of the Western Sahara and some of the mountains in West Africa. 

In Algeria and central Africa, Al-Ibadhiya from Khawarij established the "Rustiya" state from 144H-296H which ruled over a century and a half. As did state of "Bani Mudrar" by Al-Sufriya Khawarij , who are more extremist than Al-Ibadhiya, and ruled from 140H-297H. Similarly the state "Burghwata" by Al-Sufriya Khawarij ruled over two centuries. 

Eventually all those states perished and Ahlul Sunnah continued to resist this deviant ideology to our day today. No one ever claimed that Al-Ibadhyia Khawarij that governs in the nation of Oman or those who live in Zinzibar or Algeria should not be characterized as Khawarij. The truth is that Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed the ruler of Oman is from Al-Ibadhiyah but contrary to their own ideology, he is secular and doesn't rule by Shariah, so he's like the rest of the rulers who claim to be Sunni Muslims, yet they are all secular rulers who don't rule by Shariah and fight against all those who call for Shariah rule.

The historic fact remains that every state established by Khawarij was founded on the blood and corpses of Ahlul Sunnah; similar to the example of Islmaili sect throughout history who terrorized, threatened and assassinated many of the leaders of the Muslim world. They have become an instinct sect whose leaders are now employed by the United Nations to serve the objectives of the West. Should this fact prevent us from characterizing it as a sect of Qaramita with the ideology of Ismaili Shiites?

Now that we've established these necessary introductions, let's evaluate the situation of the group led by Ibrahim bin Awwad Al-Iraqi.

The Correct Ruling on ISIS:

a. ISIS made Takfir based on evidence that are not considered apostasy. They misinterpreted and generalized verses of the Quran and applied them to suspicious actions to denounce their opponents as apostates then kill them in hideous manners. Their murderous actions against Mujahedeen that disagree with their opinions and ideology is a common fact; like the killing of Abu Saad Al-Hadhrami, Abu Khalid Al-Soory, Abu Mohamed Al-Fatih, and hundreds of others from the Muslim in Syria specially.[7]

b. ISIS did not fight against Al-Nusayriya (Alawites) or Rawafidh (Shiites) and declared that fighting "Apostates" is of higher priority than fighting Al-Nusayriya (Alawites) or Rawafidh (Shiites). It spread terror in villages like Deir ez-Zor and displaced the tribe of Shuaitat and mutilated its dead like they've never done to idol-worshippers. It specifically ravaged the Syrian people which support the argument that its leadership is infiltrated by Iraqi Baathists

c. We are certain based on its actions that ISIS is aligned to and consistent the principle of the original Khawarij during the time of Ali, may Allah be pleased with him. 

d. It has become a fact that lying, deceit, dishonesty, manipulation, duplicity and wicked manners are common traits of this group; as demonstrated by one of their heads, Al-Adnany, in his lies and slander of Shaikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri and as they pretended to align with Shaikh Osama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy on him, even though it was proven to us and everyone else that he disagreed with them and warned against them and praised aspects of the Arab Spring that ISIS would decree as apostasy. In this sense, ISIS did not conform to the traits of Khawarij but that does not preclude them from the sect because in a sense it is going deeper into villainy than rising above it.

e. It is proven that the trait of rebelling against the scholars whom are considered among Ahlul Sunnah and of knowledge and righteousness based on a claim that "we are men like they are men" and "following evidence" above all is an excuse that is used by those in ISIS who have never opened a single book, let alone read it, let alone understand it, let alone benefit from it. This has led to their misguidance starting with their head Ibrahim bin Awwad whom is not known to have any proper knowledge or scholarly writing. In fact, he was never known to anyone before he percolated in the group during Shaikh Abu-Omar Al-Baghdadi's days. Followed by their spokesmanAl-Adnani who is definitely unknown in name and form, especially after his weird biography that one of his followers published.


Firstly, it is apparent to us beyond any doubt after hearing many just and fair witnesses over the past year that The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria committed organized crimes, not individual acts as some initially thought, in which they legitimized innocent bloodshed in Syria by murdering leaders of Mujahedeen and those who disagreed with them. Such crimes included:

 entering hospitals where Mohamed Fairs, who is one of the Mujahedeen in the Free Syrian Army, and decapitating his head with a knife

 murdering Shaikh Abu-Solaiman Al-Hamawi, the leader of Jund Al-Sham

 Torturing and killing a medical doctor called Abu-Rayan who was from the Free Syrian Army

 Murdering the Amir of Raqqa from Al-Nusra, Abu- Saad Al-Hadhramy

 Assassinating a leader in Al-Nusra, Abu Huthayfa Al-Mashhadany

 Killing Shaikh Abu-Khalid Al-Soory, one of the leaders of Sunnah Mujahedeen and Free Syrian Army

 Assassinating the ruler of Idlib, Abu Mohamed along with his wife and kids and other who were in his home

 Committing a massacre in Markada and others

 Torturing Muslims specially the leaders of Mujahedeen and some of the scholars and slaughtering them by decapitation

 And many more atrocities, some of which we have included in the appendix; and whose actions resulted in dividing the front of the Mujahedeen, defiling Jihad and dishonouring Islam.

Secondly, it has been proven to us that ISIS kills Muslims based on suspicions and misguided interpretations and make Takfir based on baseless conclusions that their foes have never accepted. It is become a fact to us that there hasn't been a village that they entered except that they spilled innocent blood an they've gained infamy for slaughtering, decapitating and even handing decapitated heads in main intersections, as they did in Deir Az-Zur and Raqqa and with the people of Sho'aytat and in Reef Halab (Aleppo) and others.

Thirdly, it has become a fact to us that most of the members of this group are immature youth who belittle bloodshed and take it lightly. They don't respect a scholar or leader no matter how much experience and effort he exerted in Jihad or in disseminating scholarly knowledge, to the point that the "State" has become an idol that they revere and honour. Allegiance and wala'a to them is only allegiance to the "State" that they claim is the new Khilafa and hatred (bara'a) and enmity is to those whom do not give allegiance to their state regardless of his Knowledge, righteousness and Jihad.

Fourthly, It is clear to us that the leadership of this group slander and make Takfir of those who disagree with them either directly or indirectly as was clearly stated in their statement entitled "This was not our Manhaj" dated 18 Jamada II 1435H or 18 April 2014. A response was published to this statement by our own statement entitled "Enmity and Divergence" dated 19 Jamada II 1435H or 19 April 2014. When ISIS released a statement titled "Apologies to the Amir of Al-Qaeda", we responded to their statement through a recorded message on Al-Maqrese station and a number of written articles.

Fifthly, it is clear to us that their Khilafa that was declared on the first of Ramadan 1435H is invalid and we have responded to on Al-Maqrese station on 3 Ramadan 1435H and many other articles and writings by other scholars who responded to every claim about this Khilafa. We do not believe that this is a khilafa of mercy and peace for Muslims as their spokesman claimed in their declaration and warned and threatened those groups and factions around the world even if these groups are defending against an invader in their own home as they were all commanded to give allegiance to this so-called khilafa and its leader.

Sixthly, we are publishing along with this statement an appendix that shows some of the crimes committed by ISIS against Muslims and Mujahedeen that proves their ideology of slaughtering Muslims which is consistent with the Prophet's description that they "Kill Muslims"; in other words the majority of their victims are Muslims even if they sometimes fight non-believers.

Seventhly, the methods of this group are the same methods as Al-Harooriya and they also followed the ways of Qaramita and the group historically known as "Hashasheen"[8] by implanting suicide among Muslims troops and mujahedeen groups to assassinate their leaders and spreading terror and fear in the hearts of Muslims and spilling innocent blood that Allah has forbade. They have not spared a woman, child or elderly man from their explosives and bombs under the claim that they are either secular or apostates.

Eighthly, we bare witness, a testimony that we shall be asked about in front of Allah, that these people who associate with this group known as ISIS have the same ideology as the Khawarij especially regarding the issue of Takfir and legitimizing the bloodshed of the innocent as a consequence.

Ninthly, we stress on the importance of describing things as they really are and using the correct characterization in order to make the truth apparent and clear and snub falsehood and discard it; whoever doesn't do this has falsified the truth and misled people

Tenths, we also warn the Ummah especially its scholars and Daiyas from the spread of this misguided ideology, not only between those who support ISIS, but among any other factions because it threatens the true ideology of Ahlul Sunnah and diminishes the movement of true Jihad and strays its objective and as such all must address and thwart its misguided ideology in every way as much thy can.

Eleventh, we call upon the leaders of ISIS to repent to Allah and depart from the extremist ideology and ways of Khawarij that they are adopting and following. Their self-denial does not fend off the truth just like Al-Ibadhyia deny that they are from Khawarij. We call them to return to Allah, spare the bloodshed of Muslims and return all that was unrightfully taken to their genuine owners. We also call upon them to submit and abide by a proper judgement in the blood that has been spilled unjustly by them and their supporters.

Allah is witness to what we stated. We ask Allah success, rightness and guidance. We hereby declare that we delivered the message, O Allah you are our witness.

29 Shawwal 1435, 25 August 2014.


This is a link to some of the heinous crimes of ISIS and its leader Al-Baghdadi

[1] The Book of Shariah, reviewed by Shoaib Al-Arnaout; Vol 1 page 136 onwords.

[2] Minhaj Al-Sunnah, reviewed by Mohamed Rashid Salim. Vol 5 page 248

[3] Al-Mughni. Vol 10 pages 49-50

[4] Al-Mughni, printed by Dar Al-Kitab Al-Arabi. Vol 10 page 52.

[5] The name of a town why the Khawarij are referred to as Harooriya

[6] Maqalat Al-Islamiyeen, authenticated by Muhyi Al-Din Abdul Hamid. Printed by Al-Maktaba Al-Asriya in Cairo in 1411 H. Vol 1 page 183.

[7] Refer to the attached appendix to see a sample of their hideous crimes.

[8] Which is where the English word assassins was derived from.



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