Some Documented Crimes Of The ISIS Group ~ Shaykh Dr. Tariq AbdulHaleem and Dr. Hani as Sibai

By Shaykh Dr. Tariq AbdulHaleem and Dr. Hani as Sibai

The following is an appendix from the book ''Characterization of the organization ''ISIS'' and the true nature of its beliefs'' by Shaykh Dr. Tariq AbdulHaleem and Dr. Hani as Sibai. While the book has previously been translated to English, this appendix was not. And so we decided to do so as it records many of the crimes of the ISIS group which those who do not speak Arabic may not have been aware of until now.

An illustrative sample of the crimes of ISIS or the ''khilafah'' of Ibrahim Awaad

All Praise is to Allah and the prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wa salam,

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This is what has been facilitated over gathering by some of the youth who have sent to us some of the links which we have mentioned at the bottom of the appendix. And success is from Allah.

16/11/2013: Soldiers of Baghdadi enters a hospital in which one of the Mujahids of Ahrar Ash Sham is being treated and cuts off his head with a knife. The Mujahid's name is Muhammad Faris, May Allah Accept him.

5/1/2014: Soliders of Baghdadi carries out a horrific massacre of prisoners in the city of Haarem, killing 30 civilians and rebels.

5/1/2014: Soldiers of Bagdadi kills Shaykh Abu Sulaimaan Al Hamawi, the leader of the group Jund us Sham and one of the prominant leaders of the Jihad in Sham

31/12/2013: Dr Abu Rayan, a leader in Ahrar ash Sham gets killed under torture in the prisons of the khilafah of Baghdadi

10/11/2013: Soldiers of Bagdadi carries out a massacre against the revolutionaries in the coast of Latakia after giving them a promise of safety and mutiliated their bodies.

10/11/2013: Abu Ayman Al Iraqi, ISIS governer in the coast executes Sheikh Jalaal Bayirli, the judge of the Shareah committee

13/01/2014: Soldiers of Baghdadi confesses to kidnapping and killing a commander of Jabhat ul Nusrah in Raqqah, Abu Saad Al Hadhrami.
23 February 2014: Soldiers of Baghdadi murders the most distinguished leader of the mujahideen, Sheikh Abu Khalid Suri, a leader in Ahrar Shaam.
15/1/2014: Several revolutionaries and activists come out from the prisons of Baghdadi's ''khilafa'' in Aleppo with signs of brutal torture on their bodies.
15/7/2013 : Daish (ISIS) murders the mujahid Abu Baseer, the commander of the battalion of Izz bin Abdul Salam, one of the most prominent leaders of the revolutionaries in the coast.

15/7/2013: Soldiers of Baghdadi offers service to Assad and kills the leader of Jabhat ul Nusra Abu Huzaifa Al Mash'hadani, one of those who planned the raid on the ministry of interior.

Soldiers of Baghdadi releases senior government officers days after their arrest while they slaughter the prisoners who are from Jabhat ul Nusra and Ahrar Shaam under them.

One of the soldiers of Baghdadi explodes himself at the home of one of the members of Jabhat ul Nusra which caused the death of the child Ayisha.

Women of Raqqa march in protest demanding the release of the kidnapped and arrested activists and revolutionaries in the prisons of ''Ameerul Mumineen''!!

Women and children in the city of Raqqa march in protest in front of ISIS bases asking for the kidnapped ones in the prisons of ''Ameerul Mumineen''!!

An old woman stands at the ruins of her house after the soldiers of Baghdadi destroyed it with accusations against her son for being a member of Ahrar Shaam.

The soldiers of Baghdadi's ''khilafa'' accompanies the convoy of the Turkish army ''NATO'' that was in charge of protecting the tombs near the city of Manbaj and safeguarding its protection.

The criminal leader in Baghdadi's ''khilafa'', the slaughterer Abu Abdul Rahman Al Iraqi cuts the heads of Jabhat An Nusrah prisoners in Aleppo.

The soldiers of Baghdadi destroys helicopters at Meng military airport before withdrawing from there with the aim of preventing the revolutionaries from benefitting from them.

Soldiers of Baghdadi perpetrates a massacre of the mujahideen of Ahrar uShaam who were guarding the gates of faction 17 in Raqqa and kills more than 80 of them.

The soldiers of Baghdadi carries out a horrific massacre of defenceless imprisoned activists and civilians in the children's hospital in Aleppo leading to dozens of victims.

A widespread campaign of executions carried out by the soldiers of Baghdadi in the towns of Aleppo shortly before retreating from there causing the deaths of dozens of victims.

The soldiers of Baghdadi attack the house of a leader of Jabhat An Nusrah, Abu Muhammad, in Idlib and they execute his entire family including children and women.

The ''Khilafah state'' of Baghdadi betray the Mujahideen from Jabahat An Nusrah and other groups in the town of Markadah and kill around 100 Mujahids.

There are figures which point out that the ''Khilafah'' of Baghdadi killed 760 members of Jabhat An Nusrah, including 10 leaders and this number is something that none of the governments which fight Islam under the name of ''terrorism'' has accomplished..!

The ''khilafa'' of Baghdadi carried out 46 suicide operations! All of them targeted the headquarters and positions of the revolutionaries in Syria and the regime of Assad was safe from them..!
A family children and women who have been displaced from Homs are killed by the soliders of Baghdadi in a car bomb in the city of Shaheel in Deir Zour.

The soldiers of Baghdadi massacre civilians in Huritayn, shortly before their retreat from it, killing more than 30 Muslims.

A horrific massacre is perpetrated by the soldiers of Baghdadi against civilians in the village of Al Kibr in Deir Zour, before burning their bodies and disfiguring them.

The soldiers of Baghdadi commit a masacre against defenceless Muslim civilians in the liberated town of Ratyaan in Aleppo before their withdrawal from the town.

An apalling massacre is commited by the militias of Baghdadi against civilians and rebels in the town of Ristan in Homs.

Aircrafts of the regime that do not leave an inch of land in Syria without bombing it remain for an entire year turning a blind eye on the palaces of Baghdadi's state and its bases despite them being doned in black and being distinct from the rest of the others.

Following the path of the African massacres, the soldiers of Baghdadi massacre dozens of Mujahideen in the region of Shawla before burning their corpses.

Soldiers of Baghdadi treacherously kill the leaders of Jaish ul Islam while they were asleep in their bases in Ghouta, in Syria.

Sheikh Abu Shuayb Al Misri, a judge in the group ISIS who split from them reports the horror that he witnessed in the prisons of the Baghdadi state.

Soldiers of Baghdadi take monumental photos of themselves posing in the city of Jarablus in Aleppo, with the slaughtered heads of the soldiers of Liwa u Tawheed.

Soldiers of the ''khilafah'' of Baghdadi, ISIS, specializes in slaughtering an old man in Jarablus and recommends each other to torture him before they kick his head around like a ball.

Only in the ''khilafah'' of Baghdadi, is a 14 year old child killed and crucified on charges of raping an elderly woman..! And the child was the son of a leader of the fighters.

Soldiers of Baghdadi slaughter with a knife the media activist, Adnan Damoosh, the icon of the revolution in Dier Zour and one of the most wanted men by the regime.

Soldiers of Baghdadi attack convoys of Jabhat An Nusrah which was going to remove the seige of Homs, killing the leader of An Nusrah who was in charge of the operation.

Soldiers of Baghdadi attack the Mujahideen of Ahrar ash Sham, stationed on the road supplying the regime in the town of Showla and they slaughter 30 of them and disfigure them.

Soldiers of Baghdadi execute a number of Muslim civilians south of Aleppo, including children, in a brutal manner.

Soldiers of Baghdadi exploit the rebels getting engaged and attack a number of liberated towns in Deir Zour and Aleppo killing dozens of them.

A horrific massacre is commited by the soldiers of Baghdadi against the Mujahideen in the village of Al Kibr in Deir Zour before burning their corpses and disfiguring them.

Soliders of Baghdadi commit a massacre against unarmed civilians in the town of Ratyaan before withdrawing from it.

Baghdadi's militias commit a horrible massacre against rebels and civilians in the city of Rastan in Homs.

There are more crimes which have been committed by Baghdadi's ''khilafa state'' and they have been documented. And these are some of the links which contain images and video of the crimes of the group ''Dawla'':
Link to a sample of the crimes of the group ''dawla'':

This is another link :

* Witness of Salah bin Salam well known as Abu Safiyyah al Yamani in his book ''Outburst in detecting and exposing the secrets''.

And in conclusion, we appeal to the Mujahideen to document any crimes which occur in the fields of Shaam and other than it in order to punish the criminals and to present this evidence with the permission of Allah when there is a Shariah court established and these people who have committed these disgusting brutal crimes against innocent Muslim are brought before it.

End of the Appendix for
the statement entitled ''Characterization of the organization ''ISIS'' and the true nature of its beliefs''

By Shaykh Dr. Tariq AbdulHaleem and Dr. Hani as Sibai
29 Shawal 1435/ 26 August 2014


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