To Answer: What is the proof of ISIS being Haroriyah Khawarij? - Dr Tariq Abdelhaleem

>Dr Tariq Abdelhaleem

The golden rule says, ''Whenever Muslims fight other Muslims without making Takfir of them, they are called ''aggressors''.

Whenever Muslims make Takfir of other Muslims, without fighting them, they are called ''fanatic''.

However, whenever Muslims make Takfir to other Muslims and fight them they are called ''Haroriyah''.

The key is making Takfir, then fighting, and killing Muslims, based on their own categorization of Kufr.

When we mention Takfir, we mean Takfir without having a definite proof from shariat of Kufr, but only based on doubts and about issues that are not consented on by Ahlul-sunnah Scholars of this time or of all times.

Having such claims of Kufr by ignorant, opportunists, and pretentious-half-educated subjects of ISIS does not count for any proof.

Scholars are those whom Ummah have taken as leaders of Knowledge (Ilm).

If common people, or a bunch of pretentious half-educated personnel consent on making Takfir of any one, and hence sentence him to death, that doesn't make it a correct Shariat ruling, except within the sect of Bidaa Haroriyah.

This sect were called by our Prophet PBUH ''dogs of the people of hellfire'', especially when they use made-up titles such as ''Sahawat'', without a definite proof.

The definite proof that those people of Awadiyah (ISIS) are actually Khawarij (Haroriyah) is killing hundreds of Mujahedeen by calling them Sahawat, Kufaar and Murtadoon without a definite proof.

We can attribute the name, which the Prophet PBUH related to Haroriyah, Dogs of the people of hellfire, to that group, within the boundary of shariat, as their action of killing the Mujahedoon without definite proof is identical to what the Prophet PBUH had set in Sahih Hadith as a description of Haroriyah.

While ISIS and we agree that, whoever kills a Muslim by calling him a Kafir without proof is a Harori.

We both agree that those Mujahedoon were Muslims before the dispute. We are contesting the baseless proof they use to kill those Mujahedoon.

The dispute on the proof of Kufr, especially one that is made-up by such very low caliber personnel in shariat sciences, takes it out as a proof altogether.

It is then our claim that they are Haroriyah is the correct conclusion, especially that those Mujahedoon were Muslims before the dispute.

Written Dr Tariq Abdelhaleem on December 21, 2014


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