Is It Permissible To Fight In The Ranks Of State Group (Jama'atul Dawla al-Islamiyya) In Iraq During The Current Events

Is It Permissible To Fight In The Ranks Of State Group (Jama'atul Dawla al-Islamiyya) In Iraq During The Current Events?

''Al-Salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatahu. O virtuous Sheikh, we thank Allah for your safety and we ask him to benefit the Muslims through you. Our noble Sheikh, it is not hidden from you the events happening in the region of Iraq and Sham. And specifically in Iraq I do not see there any excuse for a Muslim to sit back while the Rafida make every sacred thing permissible. However, O sheikh, from the groups present in Iraq, like you know, ''Dawlatul Khilafa'' is the strongest and biggest, while the remaining groups are small and weak, so is it permissible for me to work with the state (''al-Dawla'') knowing that I do not believe in their Khilafa and not in their state and I consider it a group like other groups. And I reject their takfir on the Muslims and their fighting them. And everything that the scholars of the Ummah have rejected regarding Dawla I have rejected. So is it permissible that I work with them in this situation.''

Questioner: Abu Zubayr

Answer: Shariah council in the minbar (minbar al-Tawhed)

All praise is for Allah, and peace and blessings be upon the messenger of Allah

Our virtuous brother

If you are aware of the differences of the people, and are confident that you will not get involved with them in the blood of a Muslim and will not become like them and carry their ghulu (extremism) or get used to their rushing in (violating) impermissible blood and wealth, then I do not see anything that prevents from working with them in aiding goodness and piety not in aiding sinfulness and aggression. And like that in fighting the Crusaders and Rawafid, and the Kuffar from the apostate regimes, not in fighting the Muslims and those whom the Ghulaat (extremists) named ''Sahawat'' from those who have differed with them from the Mujahidin or other than them who have not done the actions of Sahawat or agents. However this aiding that I say is permissible is in the situation that you are incapable of cooperating with other than them. If you are capable (of that) then first is other than them from those who are cleaner and further from ghulu (extremism) and shedding the blood of the Muslims. For we have received news of some of those who joined them from other groups, so they did not remain (the way the were) and became like them and became from the Ghulaat (extremists) and they were used in raiding their brothers from the Muslim group they were with before as testing them and with the assumption that he knows their hiding spots (caches) and their exits and their entrances, so the matter is very dangerous ..

So for that I make this fatwa from the path of necessity and with the conditions that I have mentioned. And I do not make a fatwa like this in Sham, where the choices are more vast, and the groups participating in the region are numerous. And there are those who are cleaner, while it possible to work with them and align with them.

And Allah grant you to what he loves and is pleasing to him and guide you and us to his straight path.

And peace and blessings of Allah be upon his prophet Muhammad and on his family and all his companions.

Answered by a member of the Sharia Committee:

Sheikh Abu al-Izz al-Najdi



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