AQAP Media: ''Notice of the Martyrdom of the Mujahid Shaykh Ibrahim bin Sulayman ar-Rubaysh''

On April 14, 2015, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula released the news one of its leaders was killed in a US drone strike. The man involved was Shaykh Ibrahim bin Sulayman ar-Rubaysh, AQAP's Mufti

This is the official announcement of his death.

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Statement Number 94

25 Jumada Al-Akhir 1436H

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

''Notice of the Martyrdom of the Mujahid Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sulaiman Ar-Rubaish''


All praise is to Allah the Rabb of the worlds and may peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah and his Sahabah.

Amma Ba'd:

Allah said in His Noble Book: ''From among those who acknowledge are men who fulfilled their pledge to Allah. Thus, some of them died, while some are still waiting; but they never altered in the least.''

With hearts content with the Decree of Allah and submitting to His Ruling and Justice,

we bring to our Ummah in the East and West of the earth and especially our people in Al-Qassim, the news of the martyrdom of a knight from among our knights: The Murabit, the patient and ascetic Mujahid worshipper Sheikh Ibrahim bin Sulaiman Ar-Rubaish, may Allah have mercy with him. This after a hateful Crusader airstrike that killed him along with a number of his brothers the night of Monday, day twenty-four of the month Jumada Ath-thani after he spent approximately two decades of his live as a Mujahid in the Cause of Allah striking America and its agents. The beginning was in Afghanistan where he fought with his Mujahidin brothers against the Crusader campaign. He was among the heroes of Tora Bora. In his trip of Jihad his terror and danger was severe until Allah tested him with imprisonment in Guantanamo where he stayed for several years; it was a stage of preparation and break of a Mujahid. Then after Allah released him it didn't take long before he joined the caravan of his Mujahidin brothers in the Arabian Peninsula where he was among them the good example and unique model that waged Jihad with his hands, fought with his weapon and battled with the Blessing of Allah. He refused to be anywhere else than in the first rows striking the enemies of Allah, leading the brigades of the youth which made the zeal of the youth rise to the level of his zeal, making them look down at their courage compared to his courage and being an excellent example with regard to bravery and courage while advancing towards Martyrdom.

Besides military and field work he may Allah have Mercy with him was the constructing, reforming, advising, leading and teaching Da'iyah; he brought to mind the rank of truthful people of knowledge that Allah entrusts with knowledge and who fulfill the trust and don't submit to the pressure or power of the authority. His fear of Allah made him refuse to be among those who distort the knowledge and confuse people for the benefit of a party, group or organization. He with his advices and reforms was a pillar from among the pillars of the Jihad of the Arabian Peninsula who used to prevent the march of Jihad from deviating to extremism or negligence; likewise, he used to draw the road map and the wise plan for those who would come after him and like this people of knowledge should be and this is the real value of knowledge and scholars.

Sheikh Ibrahim Ar-Rubaish may Allah have Mercy with him taught us how emigration in the Cause of Allah should be, how Jihad should be, how Da'wa should be, what the role of people of knowledge is, how reforming and constructing should be, how proclaiming the truth and being outspoken in giving advice should be. So in his way let the people of knowledge tread and his footsteps let the walkers follow. Here are his blood and remains shouting and screaming to the people of knowledge and Da'iyahs to come forth to the fields of sacrifice and waging Jihad; come forth to the field of education and Da'wa; come to where the planting bears fruit, to where the buildings are raised and where the high towers of the Religion are being erected. Come to where you sanctify knowledge and manufacture examples for your Ummah.

O truthful Mujahidin in the East and West of the earth; this is a symbol from among your symbols and a Sheikh from among your Sheikhs that went to Allah today after a long march in which he didn't change or alter and in which he didn't flatter. He was not deceived by the pleasures and adornments of this world nor did the delusiveness of Fitan make him incline. He went to Allah to encourage you to have more bravery in this battle and to affirm you that that the truth of our call is with the Martyrdom of our leaders and that the truthful carrier of knowledge is at the frontlines and always the saying of our leader and Messenger of Allah may Peace and Blessings be upon him lightens the hardship: ''I would love to fight for the Cause of Allah and get martyred, then fight and get martyred, then fight and get martyred'' [Sahih Muslim].

O Mujahidin if the Religion were to be defeated or ended because of the death of a man it would have been defeated and ended the day the Messenger of Allah may Peace and Blessings be upon him, his family

members and Sahabah died. If the matter was related to men, this Religion would have been ended since the sunrise of Islam, but it is the Religion and Command of Allah, He guarantees Its protection, so do not be weak and do not grieve, for you are the superior, let your slogan be the Word of Allah: ''How many prophets had a large number of devotees fighting with him. They did not waver by

what afflicted them for the cause of Allah, nor did they become weak, nor did they become discouraged;

and Allah loves the steadfast ones.'' ''Their saying was nothing but: ''Our Rabb, forgive us our sins and our shortcomings in our responsibility, and make firm our foothold, and grant us victory over the disbelieving people.'' [Ali Imran 146-147].

O Allah accept Sheikh Ibrahim Ar-Rubaish and his brothers among the Martyrs, O Allah raise their position and cover them with Your Vast Mercy, O Allah compensate us and the Ummah of Islam with good instead of them, for you have the Power to do so.

And all praise is to Allah the Rabb of the worlds

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

25 Jumada Al-Akhir 1436H 14 April 2015C



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