Official ISIS Takfir Of Jabhat An-Nusrah And The Taliban For Aiding Al Qaeda

Official ISIS Takfir Of Jabhat An-Nusrah And The Taliban For Aiding Al Qaeda

We have known for a long time that ISIS make takfir upon Jabhat an Nusrah and fight them as Murtadeen.

This is something which was confirmed by the brothers in Sham and also has been mentioned by many known ISIS fighters and leaders on social media and on youtube.

In the latest edition of the extremist magazine Dabiq (issue 8) that takfir was officially announced. They said:

'' This deviant Irjā' then became the driving force for the jihād claimants of Shām (the Jawlānī front) to assist the Sahwah of apostasy in the war against the Islamic State!

The ruling of this is well known; Imām Muhammad Ibn ‘AbdilWahhāb (rahimahullāh) said that from the nullifiers of Islam was ''backing and aiding the mushrikīn against the Muslims.

The proof is the statement of Allah (ta'ālā), {And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is one of them. Indeed, Allah guides not the wrongdoing people} [Al-Mā'idah: 51]'' [Nawāqid al-Islām].

And so the jihād claimants made their religion flimsier than the frailest of garments until it left them stripped of the religion and exposed like their Sahwah counterparts.'' Page 56

We hope that the sincere ones who still support this group now open their eyes to the reality of ISIS and their extremism in Takfir.

And ask yourselves, who is next?

They made takfir of Jabhat an Nusrah for aiding those they previously made takfir of, so will Al Qaeda central be next for aiding Jabhat an Nusrah, then all the branches of Al Qaeda and the Taliban for aiding Al Qaeda central and so on?

Indeed no one will be spared by this ignorant chain takfir.

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