Response To The So Called ''Abu Sa'eed Al-Britani'' On The Scholars And Their Stance On IS

Response To The So Called ''Abu Sa'eed Al-Britani'' On The Scholars And Their Stance On IS:


It is evident that you lack knowledge when you do not elaborate on the rulings regarding Khawarij and who should fight them or who should not. The fighting of the Khawarij is a matter that is Fard Al-Kifayah, as long as there is a group of Muslims fighting such criminals then that is sufficient. Your call towards the scholars around the world to come and fight you is simply based on a false foundation. There are many scholars today in Sham fighting Daeesh, such as Sh. Abdullah Moheiseni & Sh. Sami Al-Ureidi.

It also seem you have the audacity to question such scholars and their credentials – how ironic when you are part of a group that denouces each and every Scholar on the face of this earth….and calls only those that support it ''scholars''. Who are your scholars? Where did they study and who did they study under?

Questions you have not been able to answer since the declaration of your so called ''State''.

Furthermore you have thousands of followers both in Europe and Middle East who claim there is a ''Caliphate''…yet they have not moved an inch since your so called declaration of it 6 months ago, do you dare to question why you have an army of lazy fanboys who only know how to call people Sahawat? How is it befitting for such a person to question other people and their determination when IS literally is run by people who bicker yet never move?

Your whole ''Short Message'' is flawed, from the title to its ending…it is not befitting for someone who lives in a glasshouse to throw with stone, ''Abu Sa'eed''.

And Allah knows best.

The so called Message of the IS fighter which is what is responded to:

A Short Message To The Self-Proclaimed Scholars Who Call ISIS (IS) As Khawaarij.

If ISIS are Khawaarij, then know that it's obligatory upon you to fight us, so which one of you self-proclaimed ''scholars'' is on the front lines here in Sham fighting us?

When the Riddah wars broke out in the time of Abu Bakr (ra), so many Huffaadh were martyred, which shows that the manhaj of the Salaf is for a scholar to go out in jihad and practice what he preaches, if indeed he truly follows the way of the Salaf.

The Scholars were the ones on the front lines, as they knew that they had to lead by example, and only a Munaafiq preaches that which he does not do.

So I call upon all those who call us Khawaarij from among the ones who claim to be Scholars and Da'ees, to follow the way of the Salaf, and to come Sham and fight us like real men, rather than staying behind in the back rows with the women.

Fight us, and gain the ''huge reward'' which you claim that awaits you! And indeed the cowards and munaafiqeen will be exposed in this life and the aakhirah.

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