Response to Hizb ut Tahrir In The Method Of Establishing the Khilafah -- Shaykh Abu Ahmed

By Shaykh Abu Ahmed

Among Muslims today exists a path that describes the method of establishing the Islamic State. According to this method that these Muslims promote, the Islamic State can come to existence only through the method of the Prophet [PBUH]. This opinion is not entirely correct, therefore we have prepared a response to this including a detailed description of how the Islamic State should be built.

Dear Muslims. You should know that the obligatory action is what Allah [SWT] have said in his book and what the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] has come with. Besides the Quran and the Sunnah, you look at what the Ummah has established consensus about. These three principles are very important to learn and know and understand due to the many groups that through the history have implemented rules and laws that are based on wrong understandings of the Deen. Therefore you have to avoid statements that contradict the Quran & Sunnah. Allah [SWT] said in Surah Nahl, verse 16;

''But say not - for any false thing that your tongues may put forth,- "This is lawful, and this is forbidden," so as to ascribe false things to Allah. For those who ascribe false things to Allah, will never prosper.''

This issue regarding following Muhammad [PBUH's] method to reach Khilafah/Caliphate was big a few years ago which resulted in youngsters creating division in our nation due to their lack of knowledge regarding Allahs Deen. This is seen clearly in their books and their speeches, including the main-men whom they see as being Mujtahideen – such as Taqi-uddin an Nabhani & Zaloum.

To counter and disprove these Muslims we have to clarify everything. We have to look towards the book of Allah [SWT] and the Sunnah of Muhammad [PBUH] to see if these Muslims' opinions are correct or not. Allah [SWT] says in Surah Nisa verse 59;

''O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in result.''

The reason behind this response is to give an answer to those Muslims who often ask in confusion regarding Hizb ut-Tahrir's method of establishing the Islamic Sate and its correctness.

Furthermore it is necessary to show the true knowledge which should not be hidden nor should it be covered, because that can cause Allah [SWT'S] punishment.

Allah [SWT] says in Surah Baqarah, verse 159;

''Indeed, those who conceal what We sent down of clear proofs and guidance after We made it clear for the people in the Scripture - those are cursed by Allah and cursed by those who curse,''

* * * Hizb-ut Tahrir believes it's necessary to follow Muhammad [SAW's] way to establish the Islamic State in which they section into three categories; 5 1: Secret Education 2: Intellectual interaction 3: To seek assistance [Nussrah]

The problem is not whether its obligatory to follow this method that HT1 puts forth for the Muslims, rather it is that you must strive to practice this method, otherwise there won't be any progress.

This method that HT puts forth was not used to establish the Islamic State, rather it was used to spread Islam in society. To establish an Islamic State it is vital that Islam is apparent in the society where the Muslims can be united under one Caliph. Here, the Islamic laws will be implemented and people will be ordered to practice Allahs deen. Afterwards Jihad will be used in order to bring Islam to the whole world. Unfortunately HT has failed by relying fully on these three points which shows lack in Islamic ruling and shows their lack of knowledge while they speak on behalf of Allah's deen.

We will by Allahs permission go through these points one after one;


Secret Education This was a clear Da'wah method where the intention was to implement the true faith, the true monotheism and the true rejection of Shirk that Muhammad [PBUH] called people towards. As we can read through the Quran & Sunnah there is a clear picture of how the prophet Muhammad [SAW] put time and effort in establishing Tawheed and making it apparent in the society and likewise fighting Shirk and everything worshipped besides Allah. The reason behind this was because the Muslims' Imaan had to be strengthened from the beginning off and through that way creating a strong foundation so that they don't fall back into Shirk again.

Today the claim is that our call should be secret due to us standing in the same situation that the Muslims did under the Prophets time where Muhammad [PBUH] called to Islam in Makkah secretly. This is a wrong understanding and wrong perception due to the fact that Allahs deen was not protected in the beginning but it became so later.

Allah [SWT] says in Surah Al-Hijr, verse 9;

1 Abbreviation for Hizb-ut Tahrir 6 ''Indeed, it is We who sent down the reminder [Qur'an] and indeed, We will be its guardian.'' In this verse Allah [SWT] says that the Deen is perfected and that it is protected only by Allah. It's important that we read this verse with the right glasses on. Allah [SWT] has given us a brain that we should use to understand the things correctly. But regardless there are Muslims chosen by Allah [SWT], AlhamduliAllah, their function is to raise his deen and protect it, this is clear through many Ahadith.

Allah [SWT] says in Surah Ma'idah, verse 3:

''Prohibited to you are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah , and [those animals] killed by strangling or by a violent blow or by a head-long fall or by the goring of horns, and those from which a wild animal has eaten, except what you [are able to] slaughter [before its death], and those which are sacrificed on stone altars, and [prohibited is] that you seek decision through divining arrows. That is grave disobedience. This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion. But whoever is forced by severe hunger with no inclination to sin - then indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.''

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim:

''There will be a group of my Ummah that will be clear on the true path, nothing will harm them of those who oppose them until Allah's command arrives'' 7 In another hadith in Musnad Imam Ahmad, the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said:

''If the people of Sham becomes corrupt, there is nothing in you. There will be a group of my nation that will become victorious and nothing will harm them of those who oppose them until the Judgement day arrives.'' From these evidences it is clear to us that a ‘secret education' that HT calls for is not the correct path since Allah has made the Deen clear and its path evident.


Intellectual Interaction This point overwrites the first point which means that Islam is not to educate people secretly. So the use of the first point which was ‘secret' education becomes invalid due to this second point. This is made evident in the Quran when Allah [SWT] says in Surah Al-Hijr, verse 94-95:

''Then declare what you are commanded and turn away from the polytheists. Indeed, We are sufficient for you against the mockers''

The verse makes it clear for us that a change occurred in the time of the Prophet [PBUH] – the call for Tawheed itself was no longer to be made secretly, rather it had to be made publically. Therefore Allah [SWT] said; ''Declare what you have been commanded'' – which means that the call for Islam itself is to be done publically and not secretly. Therefore this action will never be valid since a new action or a new method has erased it. This new method came into effect when Muhammad [PBUH] created a group of Muslims who were strong in their Imaan and could sacrifice everything for what the Prophet [PBUH] had proclaimed and were willing to die for it. Then Allah [SWT] ordered his messenger to call towards Tawheed openly in the society and make it clear for the people.

When the verse; ''Declare what you have been commanded and turn away from the polytheist'' was revealed the men went out in two sections to show the people of Makkah that their call was now open and public, and it was a call for Tawheed.

The intellectual fight was not between Muslims like some claim today, rather it was between disbelievers and Muslims due to the fact that the disbelievers called towards worshipping multiple gods (polytheism) while the Muslims called for worshipping one God (Monotheism).

Muhammad [PBUH's] Da'wah was exclusively calling towards Tawheed without speaking about Islam as a whole system and the way it would function in a state. Any smart person that has been granted common sense by Allah knows that the call for Tawheed comes before the call to an Islamic State. Therefore we can conclude that these Muslims who claim that they are following the way of the Prophet [PBUH] are wrong. The reason for 8 this is because Tawheed is not part of their method. Futhermore they have failed in their method because they have not paid attention their 1st point being erased after the verse from Surah Al-Hijr (Verse 94) was revealed.


Seeking assistance (Nussrah)

Muhammad [PBUH] asked some of the tribes of the disbelievers for help for the victory of Islam. But the prophet [PBUH] set a condition for them all. The condition was that they accept Islam, otherwise the prophet [PBUH] was not interested in their assistance or help. HT has a problem, they don't read the texts correctly and actually understand them the true way. It is true that the Prophet [PBUH] sought help or assistance from the disbelievers, but he only accepted this help if they accepted Islam.

HT applied this ''Sunnah'' when they sought help from Khomeinei and Qaddafi. If you claim that you follow the way of then it is important that you actually follow his way correctly and fully. You cannot claim to be following the prophet [PBUH's] way and then add some things from your desires as you will. HT sought assistance from apostates, for example Khomeinei and Qaddafi. Khomeini is the head of Shias and HT asked this Shia state – Iran to support and give victory to Muslims. What they forget is that Shia' is a deviant sect with huge errors in their doctrine. Another thing is that Shia' are Polytheists, not in origin but they apostatized from Islam with their actions of Shirk. Therefore you can't compare these people with the disbelievers of the Prophets time, nor can you justify your action by saying that the Prophets method is seeking help from Shia'.

The disbelievers in the Prophet [PBUH's] time were disbelievers in origin and the condition was that they must accept Islam. Shia are apostates due to their polytheistic actions and if you ask them for assistance, why not actually follow the Sunnah and call them towards Islam?

The Scholars agree regarding Shia that they are apostates. Since HT calls it logic, I think we should look if it really makes since in this case.

HT also asked Qaddafi for assistance to give victory to Islam. Everyone knows how corrupt Qaddafi was. He denied the Prophet [PBUH's] Sunnah, he changed the Quran, and his hatred for Islam was big. How can you seek assistance from such a person who is already combatting and fighting Islam already?

How can you expect victory and assistance from Allah by cooperating with a Taghut? How can you reach success if you don't even have a strong foundation of imaan?

Muhammad [PBUH] made sure that he implemented Tawheed, and he did not cooperate with people who fought Tawheed. Therefore we ask HT, how can you compare your actions to those of the Prophet and call your way the way of the Prophet [PBUH]?

If HT was educated with regards to Islam then they would have read the Seerah of the prophet [PBUH] thoroughly. Because it is clearly there is a contradiction between HT's method and the method of the Prophet [PBUH] with regards to establishing the Islamic State.

HT should know that the call for Islam itself in the Prophets time was obligatory upon everyone. When the verse ''Declare what you have been commanded and turn away from the polytheists'' revealed, the Prophet and some sahaba went outside and called towards Islam openly. This means that not all Sahabah were obligated to this public and open Da'wah. Which understanding does HT build its methods on? Those who know about Usool Al-Fiqh, know that Al-Wajib has two parts.

1; Fard ‘ayn – Obligatory upon each and every individual

2; Fard kifayah – Obligatory upon a group.

When this group fulfills a specific task, the rest of the Muslims are free from fulfilling the task too When the verse, ''''Declare what you have been commanded and turn away from the polytheists'' was revealed, the call itself was Fard Kifayah since it was not all Muslims who followed the Prophet in public preaching but only a small section. We call all Muslims to follow and to thoroughly study the texts and sources and not to 9 misuse Hukum to their own benefit. Muhammad [PBUH] sent a group of Muslims who were weak to the king of Al-Habasha who was a just man and who did not commit any injustice. We know from Hadith that this king later became Muslim. So we ask HT again why the prophet did not seek assistance from this king for Islam to be victorious and for the establishment of the Caliphate? This proves that Muhammad [PBUH's] method was in the first place to call the people to Islam and then all of mankind afterwards. If HT thinks that the call for an Islamic State is more important than the call for Tawheed they indeed have a problem with their methodology. Allah [SWT] said in Surah Baqarah, Verse 151: ''Just as We have sent among you a messenger from yourselves reciting to you Our verses and purifying you and teaching you the Book and wisdom and teaching you that which you did not know.'' From this verse we can see that Allah [SWT] says that you should purify and discipline yourself in order to reach the bedst. And Allah [SWT] does not give victory to anyone except that they are true believers. 10 Allah [SWT] said in Surah Noor verse 55:

''Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them and that He will surely establish for them [therein] their religion which He has preferred for them and that He will surely substitute for them, after their fear, security, [for] they worship Me, not associating anything with Me. But whoever disbelieves after that - then those are the defiantly disobedient.''

Allah [SWT] says in Surah Sajdah verse 24:

''And We made from among them leaders guiding by Our command when they were patient and [when] they were certain of Our signs.'' And Allah [SWT] said in Surah Baqarah verse 124: 11 ''And [mention, O Muhammad], when Abraham was tried by his Lord with commands and he fulfilled them. [Allah ] said, "Indeed, I will make you a leader for the people." [Abraham] said, "And of my descendants?" [ Allah ] said, "My covenant does not include the wrongdoers."

From these verses it is clear to us that it is obligatory to work and ensure Islamic upbringing before you give priority to establishment of the Islamic State.

Muhammad [PBUH] said in a Hadith from both Bukhari and Muslim;

''There is no one worthy of worship except Allah. The punishment for Arabs with bad understandings will soon hit them. Sahaba asked; ''Oh Prophet of Allah, will we become destroyed even though there are good people among us?'' The Prophet answered: Yes, if the sinners are the majority''

Indeed the Prophet spoke the truth, and this can be seen when the Caliphate fell, it was due to the people leaving the Deen. * * * Our Deen does not carry anything hidden secret which means that we have to strive exceptionally in order to reach our goals. Everything is clear in Islam, the problem is that we don't refer to these matters that we should refer to. We all know the Hadith that Hudaifa [RA] narrated where the Prophet [PBUH] mentions the that the rulers will be in 3 groups: 1: Al-Khulafa Al-Rashideen; There is consensus among the whole Ummah who these 4 Khulafa are, except for Rafidha who sold themselves to Shaytan 2: Al Hukkam Al-Dhalimeen: These inherited the position of being rulers from their father and they ruled with desires and lusts 3: Al Hukkaam Al-Murtadeen: These are referred to as the rulers of today where they have changed everything that Allah had sent down. Their religion is democracy and their governance is imported from the west The reason for this response to Hizb-ut Tahrir is not to mock or insult anyone but indeed it is to advice them.

Our goal is to open op their eyes regarding some of the topics in the Deen of Allah. We do not doubt that there are true and sincere Muslims who work for HT and who work dearly for Allahs sake.

I have willingly included which method I want to follow. If one opens any book of Fiqh regarding Hukum Al Murtad it will be evident for that person that as Muslims we have to fight these apostate ruler until the Deen of Allah has been returned fully.

Thanks to Allah [SWT] the call for Tawheed & Jihad has been established all over the globe where you don't have to be advertising for Islam anymore. It simply requires that one opens their eyes and looks through Islamic lenses.

May Allah [SWT] protect this Islamic nation and we ask Allah [SWT] to guide our brothers and sisters in Islam,particularly Hizb-ut Tahrir, to the true path, Ameen. 

Biography of Shaykh Abu Ahmed

Shaykh Abu Ahmed is originally from Palestine, but was born and raised in Lebanon, he studied under
many Scholars for many years in the Middle east, but also studied under a few Shuyukh in the west, most
of his Ijazas he received in Egypt & Lebanon
Scholars he studied under:
Shiekh abdel Aziz albarak (Studied with him for 8 years consecutively)
Shiekh Mos Alkurdi
Shiekh Mohamad Alkurdi
Shiekh Ibrahim Ghadban
Shiekh Ibrahim Elahmad
Shiekh Musa Almalaah
Shiekh Musa Almalaah (Received Ijazah from him in Almonir (Tajweed))
Sheikh Adel Ibrahim Shosha
Shiekh Ibrahim Abed Allah Mohammad
Shiekh Mohammad Ahmad Said
Shiekh Abed Allah AlShemare
Shiekh Mohamad Said abed alal
Ijazah in Quran, Rewayah Hafs
Bachelors degree in Sharia from London
Masters degree in Sharia from Egypt
Phd. in Fiqh from Egypt
Ijazah from the Islamic University in Teaching
The Shaykh is the at the moment a Lector in the Open Islamic University of Egypt, and also the founder
of the Open Islamic University in Denmark where he teaches students every year and hands them
diplomas in Fiqh, Arabic, Aqeedah, Science of Hadith & other Islamic Sciences.
The Shaykh also has close ties to Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Maqdisi whom he knows personally and
also has studied under – Shaykh Abu Qatadah is also known to him and he also studied with him. 

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