Abu Qatada - Britain Is A Racist State Interview (Part 1 Transcript) With Bilal Abdul Kareem

Abu Qatada Interview (Part 1 Transcript)

The following is the transcript of the first part of the interview Shaykh Abu Qatada had with Bilal Abdul Kareem.

Bilal Abdul Kareem: You where recently cleared of all charges by the Jordanian authorities in connection to a plot which was supposed to have taken place some years ago. Can you give us a little bit of background in terms of what that was about, what happened and what's your position now?

Shaykh Abu Qatada: Alhamdullilah wa salatu wa salamu ala Rasoolillah,

In fact there where two charges and a considerable time passed between these two charges. If you ask me what those charges where I can honestly say I don't know. I entered the courtroom and I left without there being any mention of my name! There were other defendants who were connected to me in the two cases with their charges and witnesses against them. But there was not a single witness that had anything to do with my case.

Therefore, I was not referred to in this court that was established for specifically this purpose. But there were no real references made to me or witnesses connected to me. So I can't tell you the exact charges. However according to my knowledge there were two charges connected to terrorism.

So there was really nothing against me and I left a free man.

Bilal Abdul Kareem: much of this evidence they had or said they had against you was obtained through torture and I think this was part of the problem.

Abu Qatada : Much of my long imprisonment in Britain was a result of the deportation process. There had to be a discussion with the UK authorities about the issue of my welfare after my deportation. The one who negotiated the first agreement between the UK and Jordan did not mention the fact that there were two accusations against me if I return to Jordan. The whole issue was just about sending me back to Jordan, but it was made clear that I had charges against me, charges which I was convicted of.

The evidence that had been given to the Jordanian courts was a big part of my defense against my deportation. This is something that the concerned UK authorities have recognized. They recognized that the evidence that was used to gain my conviction was obtained through torture.

This was the foundation of the European court's ruling forbidding my being handed over ot the Jordanians.

Then a new agreement was brought forward between Britain and Jordan to remedy the situation. It was this agreement that caused the ruling of my not being deported to be undone.

Bilal Abdul Kareem: Why do you think that the British authorities were so keen to put you in prison, why do you feel that that was their position?

Abu Qatada : Before I state my feelings, firstly why did they put me here? The reality is that people don't know that my imprisonment which was more than ten years, was due to my deportation. Not including the time I was imprisoned under the terrorism law, a lar that is something unseen in human history, wherein parliament granted the government the right to imprison any foreigner they want for the remainder of his life.

This was done not by way of an open court system but by way of secret courts.

The foreigner has no right to see the evidence against him nor is he permitted to see his own lawyer as he is a secret lawyer! Amazing!

So I remained in Prison, why? Truthfully, I don't know. The specific charge against me was never stated in court. So if it wasn't mentioned in court, nor was it mentioned in official court papers, why would I know?

I could say maybe it was this or maybe it was that. Maybe even they dont know. It was never said in front of me.

Britain is like a tired and feeble old man. So they imprisoned me. To this day I've never seen the evidence they had against me in court. Can you imagine that?!

The authorities have secret rooms where they would sit and discuss with secret lawyers, that I have no clue who they are, the case of Abu Qatada. So I have no idea what they are judging.

That should give you an idea of how I feel.

How do I feel? How do I feel?

Britain is an ignorant country built on the skulls of others. As for Muslims, they make up laws against us in a matter of minutes.

The law that I and my brothers were imprisoned under in 2001 was made up by MPs within just sixteen minutes!

This was to give the UK government ''validity'' to imprison and hold any foreigner indefinitely using secret evidence.

I don't think any human being would see this treatment as fair.

And people will call this corrupt government and it's legal system what they will. It is a corrupt system that gives no importance to mankind. It is a racist state one hundred percent.

Britain is a racist state.


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