The Personality & Characteristics of Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen Mulla Mohammed Omar Mujahid (Hafidhahullah)

By Sheikh Atiyyatullah al-Libi (rahimahullah)

Sheikh Atiyyatullah al-Libi (rahimahullah), the alQaeda ideologue who fought both in Afghanistan & Al-Jazair. The Mujahid Scholar who played the important role of educating the Mujahideen ideologically on Islamic teachings. The Mujahideen & Aamatul Muslimeen have benefited a lot from him. He was one of the very first Daa'ee who united the Mujahideen under one ideology.

In 2007, one of the respected brother on the forum ''Shabkat Anaa Muslim'' objected on Sheikh Atiyyatullah (rahimahullah) about Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen Mulla Omar (hafidhahullah). Shaykh Atiyyatullah (rahimahullah) replied to the objection of the brother & gave him detailed reply about Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen Mulla Omar (hafidhahullah).

Below is the translation of what Sheikh Atiyyatullah al-Libi (rahimahillah) wrote to the brother.

The brother objected that we talk about Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen Mulla Mohammed Omar Mujahid (hafidhahullah) only to fool people.

No my brothers ! there is no truth in saying this. Indeed the words of the brother has really hurt me. First of all I don't like to talk about alive person, fearing his security & other Fitnah. Generally we talk only about the person who dies on Khayr (Good), so we talk about him, praise him in poetry and explain his personality, his qualities & write his biography so that the next generation may learn from him and remember him in their prayers.

Usually we only hear about that event when Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen refused to give Sheikh Usama bin Laden (rahimahullah) to the state of Kufr (USA). But infact, there are many events/cases which clarifies the personality & characteristics of Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen Mulla Omar (hafidhahullah).

Case 1 (The Love & Mercy of Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen with the Arabs)

''The Case of Abu al-Mutabassum'', an Arab from UAE who came to Afghanistan to spy on Mujahideen for CIA (American Intel.)

The love & respect of Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen for Arab Mujahideen had no limits, sacrificing his State/Emirate for them is an example of that, other than that forgiving, being soft with people & being merciful with them are his known qualities.

whoever has lived in the blessed time of Islamic Emirate would know the spy ''Abu al-Mutabassum'', a Syrian from UAE who was working for American Intel. (CIA). He was sent to Afghanistan in the guise of Mujahid to spy on Mujahideen. But the Arab Mujahideen soon discovered his intentions & caught him red-handed, and he also confessed his crime.

Then his Mother came all along from UAE to Afghanistan, crying and apologizing to Taliban asking them to forgive her son.

These days I visited a Madarsa (Islamic School) in Kandahar with a Sheikh. I saw that women (mother of the spy Abu al-Mutabassum), as we were entering the Madarsa, this poor women clung to us crying, she would clung to any person who entered the Madarsa and ask forgiveness for her son while crying. The Taliban leaders would lower their heads in-front of her shying & feeling sorry for her, the only answer from them that she would hear was that ''The case has reached to the court of Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen, the verdict will be in Khayr (good) by the will of Allah (swt)''.

I said to my companion on that occasion that I am certain that Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen will forgive him. Mercy is in his nature, and it is impossible that he would kill an Arab for that crime After 1-2 days Ameer-ul-Mo'mineen gave the verdict and forgave him.

This is one of the case/event of this dearest and respected person. We ask Allah (swt) to increase his Ajr (good).

- End

Source : Feb-2015 Nawa-e-Afghan Jihad Magazine (Monthly Urdu Jihadi Magazine published by the Mujahideen in Khorasan)

Translated into English by @AnsaarIEA

Insha-Allah, This series will continue .


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