The Importance Of The Sanctity Of Muslim Blood - Sheikh Atiyat Allah al-Libbi

Sheikh Atiyat Allah al-Libbi

Indeed all praise is for Allah. We praise Him, we seek His Help, and seek His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our selves and the evil results of our actions. Whosoever Allah guides, there is none to misguide, and whosoever He misguides, there is none to guide. I bear witness that none is to be worshipped but Allah, alone, without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, peace and prayers be upon him, his family, his companions, and his followers till the Day of Recompense.

To proceed:

My Muslim brothers and sisters, the Mujahideen from the honorable and victorious Muslim Ummah! Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu.

The reason behind this short message addressed to you is what we and others often hear from the enemy and the media which serves it, accusing the Jihadi movements of targeting Muslims, portraying the Mujahideen as if they are an armed groups of killers with no cause but to spill blood and pillage wealth, and with no noble cause, goal, or political plan, and (placing) other similar types of accusations. Indeed they lie!

The cunning plots of the Crusader enemy, who is preparing to retreat from Afghanistan disgraced and rejected – which include spreading corruption, following the ''scorched earth'' policy by burning crops and cattle as they leave, showing no concern for humanity nor thinking about its effect or the future of international relations – has aided them, as has the air filled with the dust of this fleeing enemy and suspicious attacks which target Muslim bazaars, sometimes even mosques, and other places. In order to end these accusations, to illuminate the path, to have an excuse in front of Allah, and to have more share in disciplining our good and Jihadi Movement, we reiterate our complete innocence from any operation that targets Muslims, whether it be in their mosques, bazaars, transportation routes, or gathering places. Al Qaeda, through its leaders, statements, and spokespeople has reemphasized this issue on numerous occasions, and we have clearly shown this belief in our methodology, our ways and our call.

We have clarified that we see our Islamic people as people who have no choice, but we also do not consider them or ourselves free from any shortcomings. Rather, things are ascribed to the most apparent attributes which that specific affair is based upon.

We believe that the peoples of our Ummah – who are being ruled by apostate tyrants, and traitorous, and secular regimes who are lackeys to the enemy and allies of the West – are Muslims; upon us and each and every able individual is an obligation: to save, liberate, guide, and lead them up the steps of reform, honor, and nobility, not to murder or pillage their wealth or increase their suffering, misery and calamities.

We have explained that we abide by the guidelines of our Lord's Shariah, Mighty and Majestic is He, who has forbidden any unlawful killing of people, despite the extent of the transgressions and despotism of the enemy, no matter how much hatred builds or how much revenge needs to be taken in wars. The Religion of Allah, Mighty and Majestic, is more lofty and precious. The success of earning the Pleasure and Honor of Allah is more important and loftier than any other goal. Thus, we are innocent from any action of this type, no matter who perpetrates it or where it is perpetrated, whether such people are criminal gangs affiliated to the enemy, infidel mercenary security agencies, may Allah humiliate them, or whether they are people who claim to be Muslims or from the Mujahideen, but have (in fact) acted carelessly or neglectfully.

We openly declare these acts to be acts of spreading mischief and corruption on earth from which Allah has been forbidden [as Allah said):

''Indeed Allah dislikes sin and corruption''[Allah also says:]

''…and Allah does not like those who spread corruption and ruin''

Our legislated and blessed Jihad is one that has lofty and noble goals – which have the qualities of justice, mercy, goodness, nobility, honor, respect, reform, and success – all summarized in the Pleasure of Allah, Most High, being with Him and on His side as Helpers of His Religion, Mighty and Majestic is He. We raise the Word of Allah and we aid His Religion and defend it. We seek to triumph the truth and relieve oppression and aggression, we seek the liberation of people and lands, and we are merciful towards people and bring them benefit. We remind our brother Mujahideen everywhere, may Allah grant them success, of the importance of emphasizing and spreading the importance and knowledge of the sanctity of Muslim blood, the obligation to take great precaution in its regard, to protect and preserve it, and to fear from it and its unlawful spilling. They must block any path which leads to carelessness in regards to Muslim blood, wealth, and honor. The war and its atmosphere, conditions, sentiments, and amplified hate should not interfere with our firm grasp of our Lord's Shariah, Mighty and Majestic, in this matter and all others, nor should it interfere in our total servitude to Him, Most High. We are slaves of Allah, Mighty and Majestic, and His soldiers. We show the path of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam by our total adherence, patience, and certainty.

This message is to remind and reiterate our clear stance, not to elaborate on the subject. If it were so, the texts of the pure and good Shariah in this matter are not something unknown to Muslims. It is enough to explain the magnitude of the importance of a believing soul and the sanctity of its blood by mentioning the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam:

''The vanishing of the entire world is less important to Allah than the [unlawful] killing of a Muslim.''

Let the world vanish, and let us and our organizations, groups and plans cease to exist, but let not our hands be the cause of the unlawful spilling of Muslim blood.

This is a clear and decisive matter.

Furthermore, I advise my brother Mujahideen wherever they might be, may Allah grant them success and support, with some important and practical points.

1) Firstly: I call upon them to forbid their military groups and cells from using explosives or other means which afflict all those present in the targeted area, in mosques and similar places, such as markets, stadiums, and other similar [gathering places] of Muslims, no matter what the target is, to discipline this affair and as a precaution from error and causing harm.

2) Secondly. Operations which fall under the heading of ''tatarrus'' must be seriously disciplined. They must warn the participants from acting too freely in them, for they have been allowed in exceptional circumstances. They fall under the category of necessity, and thus are only to be done strictly as much strictly as required. The leaders must be very strict in (scrutinizing) whether the conditions are met and whether the prohibiting factors are absent before such operations are carried out, such as the presence of a great legislated harm inflicted upon the enemy and that other opportunities may not arise, such as that in normal circumstances the respective important target cannot be attacked, and that this means is absolutely necessary to achieve the goal; and that if the attack is not followed through then it will result in some clear harm to Jihad and give the enemy an opportunity to comfortably advance and disperse in the war, and in their military presence and state.

This point is completed by the next, which is the third:

3) The supervision of special operations dealing with explosives is to be delegated to specialized committees composed of trustworthy students of knowledge and military specialists, who study each matter individually to decide whether to grant permission and to pursue it or otherwise, as we do in Al Qaeda, and all praises are due to Allah.

4) It is an obligation upon the leadership of the Mujahideen everywhere to teach theMujahideen, in general, and the martyrdom seekers, in particular, to advise them as much as possible, and to make them understand, until they are comfortable, about what is required for them to know about the rulings concerning the Mujahid who is about to carry out one of these operations, such as the obligation of performing this worship with Ikhlas, and to be totally prepared to show total obedience to Allah Most High by giving his life to triumph the Word of Allah and raise the flag of the Religion by fending off the infidel enemy, which ruins the religious and mundane livelihood. They should never advance on a suspicious or doubtful target, or a place about which people differ or may be a cause for debate and difference. They should only advance on places about which they are one-hundred percent sure and are fully comfortable that such places are legitimate targets, and that such an operation would earn the Pleasure of Allah. This is an obligation upon the leadership of the Mujahideen which acts sincerely in regards to the martyrdom seekers, in this matter. Let them be severely warned about dispatching them to suspicious and doubtful targets, for indeed, this is not an act of sincerity towards them.

Also if the martyrdom seeker himself advances on a target without proper ascertainment, insight, and knowledge, he has acted neglectfully and is blameworthy; Allah will hold him to account and punish him instead of granting him martyrdom, and who can be pleased with this? How many people are killed in the lines of battle and Allah knows best about their intentions? How many people desire good but do not attain it?

The Mujahideen who give their wealth, lives, and souls in the path of Allah to seek His pleasure will never accept this. Our religion is knowledge, action and intention; let us seek beneficial knowledge and let us be people of insight. Let us work righteousness and correct our intentions. And all success is from Allah.

O Allah! Improve our religious life which is the most important matter to us. Improve our mundane life from which we seek sustenance. Improve our afterlife which is our final return.

And our final prayer is that all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

Asalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

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