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Silent As DeathCatholic Church Muzzled on Israeli Butchery of Palestinians with Bp. Williamson Controversy

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20 May 2009

By Reverend Mark Glen

In the aftermath of the infamous interview with Bp. Richard Williamson earlier this year where he stated with both straight face and clear conscience his belief that holocaust history as it has been told now for the last half century is much like any other production coming out of Jewish Hollywoodmeaning a work of fiction designed to propagandize the massesthe world was inundated with minute-by-minute/how-by-hour breaking news reports.

Numbering in the millions in terms of dollars, man hours and words spoken, it should be remembered that the well-organized campaign of screeching and howling on the part of Jewish interests concerning the Great Holocaust Heresies of Bp Williamson took place in the midst of an economic meltdown truly apocalyptic in its scope and at a time when America finds herself in the midst of 2 disastrous wars with several more on the back burner just waiting to boil over. Judging by the scale, volume and shrill nature of the reports one would have assumed the world was about to be consumed in a heaven-sent ball of fire with all life on earth destroyed.

Watchers of the drama (with good reason) assumed all the noise was just a case of business as usual when it comes to Jewish interests who believe and operate under the assumption that the world revolves around them and their great experiment in bringing all the Yahweh-ordained butchery and narcissism of the Old Testament to life in the creature known as the Jewish state.

Now however, with the recent trip to Israel by Pope Benedict XVI, who as Commander-In-Chief of over 1 billion Catholics worldwide can effectively be considered the most powerful Western leader in the world it is obvious now that the real reason for all the noise months ago concerning one Bp. Williamson and his blasphemous maltreatment of the sancta sanctorum of Jewish suffering known as the holocaust can be summed up in one wordpressure. In particular, interested players wanted to put the heat on the Catholic Church in general and the Pope in particular just prior to his scheduled visit to the Holy Land for reasons now easy to see.

As with many things, and particularly those involving the various agendas and maneuvers of this thing known as the Jewish state, the proof of this thesis can now be seen in the pudding of what has transpired since Benedict XVIs arrival in the Holy Land this month. Despite various photo ops and truckloads of flowery language dealing with lofty items of peace, justice, and all the rest, in its essence the high-media exposure event has basically had but one apparent beneficiary, that surprise, surprise, turns out once again to be the Jewish state. Nothing more than a public relations opportunity for the Jewish state in the wake of her massacre in Gaza that has cast Israel in her true light as a violence-addicted nation of psychopaths, Pope Benedict Arnold VXI spoke of the inseparable bond between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people. Although carefully avoiding a repeat of the disaster he wrought in Regensburg several years ago when he described Islam as an inherently violent religion, nevertheless he made sure to elucidate the fact that the Church stands firmly in Israels camp and will not use an ounce of her formidable voice in speaking out against the injustices that have and continue to fall upon the real Semites in the region, meaning the innocent men, women and children in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Iraq or elsewhere.

In the meantime, he assiduously avoided visiting Gaza or talking about the recent purposeful carnage taking place there by Israel. No mention of the women and children deliberately incinerated with Phosphorus bombs or the gunning down of hands-held-high families as they exited their homes upon orders of the IDF.

Instead, the man who commands the attention and respect of over a billion Catholics worldwide spoke about peace in the holy land in the same way some single-digit IQ beauty contest candidate talks about how she will wipe out world hunger if she wins. Deliberately vague and yet equivocating Jewish violence perpetrated against Palestinian Christian and Muslim civilians (whose deaths number in the thousands) with the violence waged by an oppressed Palestinian people who have to date killed only dozens, his comments on the trip have so far been but a mirrored reflection of Rodney Kings infamous Cant we all get along, yall? taking place in the wake of the LA riots following the acquittal of the police officers charged with beating him more than a decade ago.

Those who think the thesis of the Williamson hurricane being used as a means of maneuvering the Vatican into polishing Israels image after the slaughter of the innocents in Gaza is all some mad anti-Semitic conspiracy theory should check what Israels press has to say before voicing such opinions. An Associated Press piece entitled Israel Hopes for Tourism, Image Boost from Pope reads as follows

Israeli officials are hoping that the visit of Pope Benedict XVI will boost tourism, improve Israels image and bolster relations between the Jewish state and the Vatican. Briefing reporters, Israeli Tourism Minister Yuli Edelstein hoped the images of the pope at prayer would push aside some of the impressions of Israel as a focus of war and violence. Im not naive enough to think that it will fill all the screens and that everyone will forget about the conflict, Edelstein said, hoping the visit would create better understanding abroad of Israeli democracy, of religious freedom, that of the existing and vital Christian minority in this country, which is enjoying all the rights.

Of course, not mentioned in the ministers disingenuous comments is the fact that Christians in Israel can be punished with a 5-year prison sentence for merely passing out New Testament pamphlets to Jews, as well as the infamous burning of several hundred copies of the New Testament by Jews in a synagogue parking lot recently.

If there was ever proof that indeed the worlds most powerful Christian organizationthe Catholic Churchis now like any other governing body in the Western world chokeholded by Zionist interests, it is the deathly silence of the church and her leaders surrounding the recent massacres perpetrated against Palestinian Christians and Muslims by the Jewish state. Whether it was Israels month-long attack on Lebanon in 2006 where she mercilessly rained bombs down upon on for-the-most-part Christian villages that resulted in over a 1,000 dead or her recent holocaust in Gaza where close to 8,000 people (mostly civilians as well) were either killed or wounded and the churchs deafening silence regarding both, it is apparent now that persons finding themselves in the crosshairs of fanatical, genocidal Jewish terrorists have little to hope for in terms of moral support from Rome.

Those who doubt that Jewish interests would worry about the Popes influence to such an extent as to foment a non-stop campaign of wailing and gnashing of teeth over the comments of one Bp. Williamson should consider a few things first. That the Catholic church (despite its waning influence over the years) is an influential world body is not some wild theory based solely on superstition or nostalgia. Despite the fact that (geographically speaking) it is the smallest country in the world nevertheless it is one of the largest in terms of its citizenry, and certainly the largest among western nations. The better part of her 1.2 billion followers scattered across the globe in virtually every country look upon the Pope as their commander-in-chief, and historically when push has come to shove they have deferred to his authority over that of their political leaders. Indeed, the power of the churchs opinion on any given matter was of such weight and caliber that once upon a time presidents, prime ministers and princes with large numbers of Catholics living under their rule dared not get sideways with the Vatican for fear of what kind of public relations trouble such a position could bring them.

And despite the fact this power has been seriously weakened over the years, nevertheless like some middle aged blond bombshell actress who has put on a few pounds and gained a few wrinkles the power of the papacy still retains enough of a punch to be problematic for certain players with agendas the church might find obnoxious. Whats more is the fact that in the modern informational age, at a moments notice if the Pope decides to get in front of a camera and issue a statement or write a paper on a particular subject he will have no trouble whatsoever in rousing the interest of worldwide media. Thus, like someone throwing a stone into a lake resulting in waves that reach the furthest edges he can effect how over a billion people think, spend their money, how they vote, etc, etc.

Therefore, there is definitely good reason for Israel to worry about the Pope finding Jesus as it were and taking up the anti-Zionist cause. A man with his office who commands the loyalty of not just millions, but rather thousands of millions of people spread out within literally every corner of the globe could cause a hell of a lot of trouble for Jewish interests if he suddenly allowed his conscience to get the best of his mouth. One can just imagine the waves of panic that would grip Jewish interests if suddenly the Pope started discussing such things as Israels involvement in 9/11 or if the Catholic world suddenly warmed itself to the worlds 1.5 billion Muslims and started speaking up on their behalf. The man calling himself the successor to Peter could certainly be a very painful thorn in the side of the present thugs occupying the asylum for the criminally insane known as the Jewish state if he suddenly began pondering and then acting upon that question heard so much within certain Christian circles today, which is What Would Jesus Do?

Sadly though, in the final analysis it mustsadlybe concluded that all the screeching and kvetching surrounding the Williamson affair had the intended outcome, which was to make sure that the worlds most powerful Christian body (and her leader) remain just as they have over the course of the last century when it comes to the issue of Jewish brutality against the indigenous Semitic peoples in the Holy Landas silent as death.



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