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I have been married two months ago and I yearn to make Ramadan this year characterized by spiritual atmosphere and rituals, by my relationship with my husband, and by our relationship with our relatives; could you kindly advise? Is there a program to meet what we yearn to?

The cure:

I liked the question and I am glad of the wife's keenness in her second month, asking for a program to meet what she desires for with her husband to spend Ramadan together in the best condition.

This counsel prophesies that goodness is plenty around us and that the future is beautiful and contains great victories to this nation.

First, I would like to say to you: Call your husband to a session prior the coming of Ramadan, make a dialogue with him about Ramadan, and propose the following to him, and you should not mention what I overlook here.

Remember that you shall fast Ramadan and you would like to add to it things to beautify it and strengthen the ties with one another. Of these items are the following:

* Exchanging good speech and abstention from any criticism or bad words.
* Memorizing three Ayahs everyday, and by the end of Ramadan you can memorize 90 Ayahs.
* Reading Tafsir along with memorizing Ayahs, pondering over the manners they guide to.
* Memorizing one Hadith along with its explanation, and it is preferable to be from the Forty Nawawi Hadiths.
* Going together to Salatu-Tarawih in a masjid and exert efforts in the last ten days of Ramadan.
* Invoking Allah prior breaking the fast so that Allah would harmonize between you and keep Satan away from you and from your offspring.
* Visiting your relatives equally.

May Allah guide and help you to do so.

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