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Sheikh Ibrahim Ad-Duwayyish

Salatut-Tarawih and Qiyam [Voluntary night Salah performed in Ramadan]:

I was on my way to one of the masjids to perform Salatut-Tarawih and minutes before the Adhan, I passed by another masjid and I saw an old man leaning on his staff and walking slowly, dragging his feet which marked on the ground. It was obvious that sickness exhausted him and fatigue troubled him heavily, nevertheless he went out for Salah, why is that?

He got out for the sake of the congregational Salah and for Salatut-Tarawih, then I recalled the words of Ibn Mas'ud (may Allah be pleased with him) in the narration of Imam Muslim in which he said: "I also saw that a man was brought swaying (on account of weakness) between two men till he was set up in a row (in the mosque)."

I cannot forget that old woman of hunched back, who walked slowly with rapid breathing while she was creeping to the masjid. The most amazing is that she offered Salah standing and refused to sit down.

Ah, O souls! Do not you take a heed from these examples? I could not gather up myself and my tears flew down my cheek while repeating: O Allah, help us! O Allah, facilitate things for us! O Allah, accept from us! O Allah, if such people are not the winners during Ramadan, so who will be?!

Will it be us who are lazy despite our youth and full power. Where are you young people, it is better to follow the example of those people.

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