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When Allah Favorably Looks at His Servants

By: Wael Shihab Islamic Researcher - Egypt

Many people, unfortunately, ignore and don't prepare themselves for the first night of Ramadan. Some people busy themselves with the day-to-day affairs and live it as the other nights of the year. Some people go shopping, enjoy entertainment, etc., and miss being among those whom Allah will favorably look at in that night.

Blessed with such a great divine gift and blessing, Ramadan's first night does deserve a special program and due attention. Due prior preparations should be made and a plan should be set. It is a very precious night that occurs only once every year. So, we should not miss it.

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) drew our attention to this unique and blessed time. He said,

''When the first night of Ramadan comes, the devils and rebellious jinn are put in chains, and the gates of hell are closed, none of them remains open. The gates of heaven are opened and none of them remains closed. And a caller calls, 'O seeker of goodness, come forward, and O seeker of evil, desist. And Allah has many (in this month) who will be freed from Hell.' This announcement is made every night.'' [At-Tirmidhi, authenticated by Al-Albani]

«إذا كان أول ليلة من شهر رمضان: صفدت الشياطين ومردة الجن، وغلقت أبواب النار فلم يفتح منها باب، وفتحت أبواب الجنة فلم يغلق منها باب، وينادي مناد يا باغي الخير أقبل، ويا باغي الشر أقصر ولله عتقاء من النار، وذلك كل ليلة» رواه الترمذي وصححه الألباني

Special Program

If a Muslim, brother or sister, wishes to be among those at whom Allah will look, he or she should work for it. They should expose themselves to Allah's favor, mercy, forgiveness, and blessings. The following program may help us gain the divine gift of Ramadan's first night:

1. Determine to refrain from doing evils and sincerely repent your wrongdoings.

2. Intend to fast the whole month of Ramadan with unswerving faith in Allah and looking for taking the reward from Him alone.

3. Say the night dhikr (remembrance of Allah) shortly before the sunset of the last day of Sha`ban, preferably in the masjid.

4. Go to the masjid to offer the Maghrib Prayer in congregation; sisters may pray at home if they like.

5. Sit in the masjid, with the intention of i`tikaf (spiritual retreat in the masjid), and engage yourself in dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and Qur'an recitation until `Isha' Prayer.

6. Pray `Isha' and Tarawih in congregation with devoutness and sincerity.

7. Smile when you meet your fellow Muslims and wish them a happy Ramadan.

8. Before sleeping, do some virtuous good deeds such as giving in charity, reciting the Qur'an, making dhikr, visiting sick people, etc.

9. Wake up for the suhur (predawn meal) and pray qiyam (Night Vigil Prayer) before Fajr.

10.Go to the masjid to pray Fajr; sisters may pray at home.

11.Sit after Fajr in the masjid, reciting the Qur'an and making dhikr, to pray Duha after sunrise.

12.Remember to supplicate Allah for the suffering Muslims everywhere.

13.Throughout the night, earnestly ask Almighty Allah to favor and look at you with His mercy and forgiveness in this blessed night.

14.Encourage your family and friends to take the chance of the blessings of the first night of Ramadan.

May Almighty Allah look at and bless us all with His favors and blessings. May He guide us to what is best in this world and the world to come, Ameen.

This part is quoted from the article (not the complete version)

Note: It's worth mentioning that we don't know an authentic saying of the prophet (prayers and peace of Allah be upon him) that mentions a special virtue for the first night of Ramadan

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