Fasting On The Two Feasts And The Days Of Tashriq

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The ruling on observing the fast on the two Feasts and days of Tashriq

It is not permissible to fast the day of 'Eid-ul Fitr and the day of 'Eid-ul Adha (the Festival of the Sacrifice) nor the three days of Tashriq (11th, 12th, 13th) not for voluntary fasting, vows, making up missed days, or for expiations except for those who cannot find a sacrificial animal in Hajj; in this case only, he may fast during the three days of Tashriq. (Al Mughny of Ibn Qudamah with the verification of At-Turkey, vol. 4 p. 424: P. 426).

Al Bukhari and Muslim reported on the authority of Abu 'Ubayd, the freed slave of Ibn Azhar, who said: "I witnessed the 'Eid with 'Umar ibn Al Kattab who said, Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) has forbidden people to fast on the day on which you break fasting (the fasts of Ramadan) and the day on which you eat the meat of your sacrifices (the first day of 'Eid-ul Fitr and 'Eid-ul Adha)." [Reported by Al Bukhari, Hadith No. 1990 and Muslim, Hadith No, 1137].

Abu Dawud reported on the authority of Abu Murrah, the freed slave of Um Hani' reported that he entered along with 'Abdullah ibn 'Amr upon his father 'Amr ibn 'As and he brought food for him. He said: Eat. He said: I am fasting. 'Amr said: Eat, these are the days on which the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) used to command us to break fast, and forbid us to keep fast. The narrator Malik said: These are the day of Tashriq (i.e. 11th, 12th, and 13th of Dhu al-Hijjah). [Authentic Hadiths of Abu Dawud by Al Albany, Hadith No. 2113].

Al Bukhari reported on the authority of 'A'ishah and Salim from Ibn 'Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: "Nobody was allowed to fast on the days of Tashriq except those who could not afford the Hady (Sacrifice)." (Al Bukhari, Hadith 1997).

Important benefit:

The one who is fasting an obligatory fasting such as vows, making up, or expiation then his fast is penetrated by the day of 'Eid-ul Fitr, 'Eid-ul Adha or the three days of Tashriq, he should cease his fast and that stop does not interrupt succession, and he may continue the rest of his fast. (Al Mughny of Ibn Qudamah with the verification of At-Turkey, vol. 11 p. 103: P. 104).

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