Final Race In Ramadan

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Abu Wa'il Akram Ahmad 'Umayr

My dear Muslim brother, be a divine servant of Allah in secret and public, in laziness and activeness.

Now, you are in a racetrack (3000 m hurdles), "nay" but you are in a race with time: Thirty days of fasting and Qiyam, and hurdles contain temptations, faults and sins. Race track is full of angels who glorify Allah and ask forgiveness to believers like you.

My Muslim brother, you are one of the racers in a hard race and severe competition (competition in the remaining days should be on righteous deeds and drawing nearer to Allah).

Dear Muslim brother, there is only one round left and the race has come to the finals and there is little time in Ramadan to know who is the winner of the big prize "Release from Hell-Fire."

Dear Muslim brother, are you satisfied to turn away from the race, lag behind before the end, or withdraw after it had reached its peak? Do not give up and be confident that angels encourage you through glorification and seeking forgiveness.

Approaching the end of the month of repentance and forgiveness must increase our sacrifice, firmness, and exerting more efforts until we reach the final goal "The pleasure of Allah and piety" with those who won the release of Hell-Fire who enjoy the favors of Allah which He granted them.

Big prize or the cup:

Dear Muslim brother, every race or demonstration is ended up by a considerable material or moral prize which makes the winner happy when having it. And to Allah is the supreme example, Allah (Glory be to Him) who is the Most Generous did not burden us with going beyond human traditions where He granted us at the end of Ramadan Laylatul-Qadr in the odd number night. So, whoever observes Qiyam and worship during that night has succeeded truly as it equals the worship of several and eighty years (almost 84 years).

Dear Muslim brother, who of us will waste that precious priceless prize which does not equal our true worship during our lifetimes. Dear Muslim brother, this is a golden chance, so do not waste it so as not to regret where regret is not useful.

What is the matter of those who joined to take the prize and the deed to enter Paradise then turn away from it?! They replace the higher with the lower. They offer one or two Salah with the Imam and abandon Qiyam under different justifications. Do they seek virtue from other than Allah? Allah (Glory be to Him) says: "Is it they who would portion out the Mercy of your Lord? It is We Who portion out between them their livelihood in this world, and We raised some of them above others in ranks, so that some may employ others in their work. But the Mercy (Paradise) of your Lord (O Muhammad peace be upon him) is better than the (wealth of this world) which they amass." [Surat Az-Zukhruf: 32].

Dear Muslim brother, have you waken up of your deep sleep and negligence? Train yourself for siezing chances and staying up at night for worship, mentioning Allah, reciting the Qur'an, and beseeching Allah for you and all the believers, especially weak people of Iraq, Palestine, Afganistan, Chechen, and other suppressed Muslim countries.

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