Heresies in Ramadan

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Sayyed ibn 'Abbas Al Gulaymi

Of the violations of Ramadan:

Ramadan is the month of goodness, blessings, forgiveness and mercy. May the person who attends Ramadan be perished if his sins are not forgiven in that month. So, a smart person should engage himself in mentioning Allah, reciting the Qur'an, worshipping, and staying up at night for worship, and he should not waste his valuable time before TV or mass media that aims at directing a person away from his Lord (Glory be to Him).

Of deniable matters: People may abandon Salah all year long, but when Ramadan comes, they offer Salah, observe fasting, and use Sibhah (manual counter for numbers when mentioning Allah). Then when Ramadan elapses, people abandon Salah -and you know the ruling on the one who abandons- as if Salah was not ordained except in Ramadan.

Of the heresies of women: Abandoning Salah except in Ramadan along with observing fasting in Ramadan even if they are in their periods by fasting all day long and before sunset, they break their fasts through a morsel or a mouthful of water as they claim. Ash-Shuqayry said about them: How wonder what they do! Allah commands them with Salah, but they disobey Allah and do not offer Salah. Moreover, Allah prohibits them to observe fasting in their menses, but they ordain it on themselves out of ignorance and error with no blame, but the whole blame is on their husbands who would teach them their right religion if they had known it; so woe to them.

Then he said:

Of big crimes: Bad temper of many observers of fasting for the slightest reason, and their ignorance may lead them to curse Islam, leading themselves to disbelief while they observe fasting which is meant to train souls on good behavior and manners.

Of common heresies:

Not perfecting Qiyam, Rukhu' (bowing down), or Sujud (Prostration), or reciting Surat Ad-Duha, Ash-Sharh, or Al Ikhlas between each four Rak'ahs or before Witr along with raising the voice in congregation.

Of violations committed in Ramadan:

Seeing Ramadan off through rhythmical words or calling the last Friday (the orphan Friday), or saying "we may not miss you Ramadan, O the month of the Qur'an, the month of Tarawih, the month of keys of goodness."

Source: At-Tawhid Magazine

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