Holy Month Right Time To Get Rid Of Bad Cholesterol

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Ramadan is the right time to cut that extra flab as well as reduce bad cholesterol, say experts. However, one needs to understand the purpose of fasting and should plan his/her food and exercises properly, they add.

It is important to choose the right time and place to engage in exercise, said an expert at Fitness Time. The first days of Ramadan, he said, show a higher number of people taking to exercises at various fitness club, but the number comes down later.

In its guidelines, Fitness Time says: ''We recommend exercise two hours after the main meal. But for those who want to do so before iftar, there is no restriction except that they should avoid exertion and finish half an hour before iftar.''

Those who suffer from asthma, diabetes or other illnesses should consult their physician about the time and type of exercise.

''We must be conscious about the quantity of fluids we take. We recommend intake of large quantities of fluids to compensate the loss of fluids due to fasting as well as to avoid joint pains caused by lack of fluids particularly during exercise'' the expert said.

''We recommend that a cup of natural juice be taken before starting to exercise as well as snack is taken after it. One should engage in exercise as usual but avoid exertion beyond the body's tolerance.''

According to him, professional body-builders should take snacks half an hour before the exercise and take a meal rich in proteins and carbohydrates soon after the exercise. They can exercise as usual.

The fitness clubs are open during Ramadan in Central and Western regions from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and after Isha prayer till 2 am.

Saleh Bucay, an IT expert based in Riyadh, said: ''Whenever Ramadan came, my greed for food increases and so does my weight. But I have realized now that eating a lot during Ramadan, especially fatty foods, will only make me feel more hungry and thirsty during the day.''

He added: ''Having been engaged in regular fitness program, I have proven to myself that being fit means more strength to worship Allah without feeling lazy. It also makes me feel younger.''


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