Initiative To Teach Youth Special Rulings Of Ramadan

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Singapore's Ramadan celebrations' committee has launched a new initiative to educate Muslim youth about the significance of the holy month, using new media tools and social networks to attract them.

Those who do not understand Islam or have inadequate knowledge of it may have a different mindset and might not be ''giving the right messages or advice to their friends,'' Khalid Shukur Bakri, chairman of the celebrations, told Channel News Asia on Monday, June 23.

''They may have a different view ... of Islam so whatever they would say on Facebook, whatever they would point out to their friends, might not be the actual or right thing according to Muslim teaching,'' he added.

The Touch of Ramadan celebrations, supported by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore, is an initiative spearheaded by the North West Mosque Cluster and Ramadan Youth Challenge Committee 2014.

Focusing on youth, the organizing committee of Ramadan celebrations has decided to involve new media tools to attract this important segment of the society.

This Ramadan plan will involve new media initiatives such as an interactive Web portal, social media pages, a video competition and a WhatsApp service that allows youth to get free Qur'an teaching services and daily tasks from administrators.

The committee has also enlisted the help of interest groups and members from the Private Islamic Educators Network to help spread the message to youth.

A new Ramadan Frequently Asked Questions guidebook was also produced.

Along with new media tools, the committee will organize Islamic education classes for the young, prayer workshops, Qur'an literacy programs, as well as outreach efforts targeting homes.

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