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Muhammad Rashid Al 'Uwayd

In the month of Ramadan of each year, a problem erupts. My problem is my husband's addiction to the watching of series, particularly in these virtuous days. I kept on telling him to reduce watching them, but he does not pay attention to my recommendations. The problem is that in most cases he asks me to sit and watch these series with him. This puts a burden over me because it wastes the blessing of the month as it contributes in unbalanced psychology of children; what should I do?

The cure:
It is anticipated that a man complains about his wife who always sits before TV for a long period to watch movies, series, talk shows, and singing, but it has surprised me to see that the complaint is coming out of a wife; may Allah bless you and increase people like you.

I shall begin treatment from the point of your husband's request to sit and watch movies and series with him. I remind you of the Prophet's saying: "There is no obedience to a creature in a sin against the Creator." "Sahih Al Jami'". Consequently, I hope you refuse doing so, recite the Hadith to him, and tell him that you are keen to obey him, but in righteous matters and in things that do not contain a disobedience to Allah (may He be Exalted) Who disapproves what your husband watches.

In the moments of intimacy, ask him: If your boss cuts from your salary the time you spend in your co-workers' offices, won't you be keen to take your full salary at the end of the month? When he answers in affirmative, say to him: I want you to take your full reward at the end of Ramadan, so do not waste these hours in watching series.

Then explain to him gently saying: Our loss (do not say: Your loss) is much bigger than deduction from the salary. We lose many charities and great rewards which we would have earned if we spend them in reciting the Glorious Qur'an or reading scientific or religious books.

If your husband does not like to read books, urge him to follow-up religious programs in different channels, and give him comfort that he shall get reward for that.

You may also read to him pages you liked from a book or interesting and useful information or answers to questions which you know wandering in his mind.

Try to distract him from following series by asking him about matters which he likes to speak about like his actions, hobbies, or something else. Be keen to listen to him and interact with him, and there is no harm in praising him and admiring his speech.

If you are obliged to follow-up these movies and series, criticize them by saying: They are stealing our times and make us busy with these trivial matters from our essential duties.

Do not forget to seek the help of Allah through invocations that Allah would direct your husband away from those series and movies and make him avert from them.

Also, try to send him a message every now and then from the wise sayings of righteous people about the time, its value, and the sin of wasting it.

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