Of The Errors Done In Ramadan Is Abandoning The Qur'an

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Khalaf Ahmad Mahmoud

In light of disintegration and separation which overshadowed our families, materialism, and egoism, comes the blessed month of Ramadan bearing a new meaning to our life and to help us get out of the narrow circle of himself to the outer world, represented in the society in general and family in particular. This intimacy is felt by every member of the family when they sit around the dining table in breakfast and pre-dawn meal, followed by social meetings and family gathering until pre-dawn meal for reciting the Qur'an and performing Tarawih (special supererogatory night Salah during Ramadan).

This spiritual atmosphere, which the blessed month brings, unifies the hearts and strengthens the family bonds that have been lost, which will be the best treatment for human souls which love intimacy and harmony with others. Psychological studies confirm that familial life is the greatest source of contentment and happiness. The social capital is familiarization and familial solidarity and the basis of psychological happiness is individual's sense with belonging to a family. On the contrary, isolation which a person lives as a result of running after materialism and business with one's private life increase the probability of death four times more than the natural rate. Moreover, loneliness and worry affect heart arteries, increase blood intensity, adhesion of blood palates, and weaken the immunity system which makes a person more subject to different diseases.

The blessed month of Ramadan will be the cure for all these psychological illnesses which a person suffers all year long as a result of isolation from others and from near relatives. It is also a precious chance for people to tell their problems and sensations during these family dialogues which continue abundantly in this blessed month to renew feelings and strengthen sensations among brothers and sisters for one hand and between parents and their children from other hand. Studies denote that the biggest investment to our happiness is the period which we spend with our children.

There is no chance better than the days and nights of Ramadan to achieve this harmony and familial communication that has been lost all year long; so that affection would replace brusqueness and nearness instead of separation. At the end, as Muslims, we have to make Ramadan a new start for us in our familial life and to fill it with harmony and love so that our life may be renewed to the better after a cycle of inactiveness and separation which inflicted us all year long.

How beautiful that we re-organize our life to the way it was during Ramadan, fill it with mercy, harmony, love and intimacy so that we could enjoy psychological health all year long where psychological studies confirm that gathering and staying in groups is the peak of feeling happy, contentment, assurance, and calm.

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