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Zayd ibn Muhammad Az-Zu'ayber

O Allah, as you made reach Ramadan, make us benefit from, and accept it from us, O Lord of the Worlds.

Here comes Ramadan, the school of generations, educators, preachers, worshippers, and ascetics. Let us review some ideas that will help us benefit from this month, we ask Allah to help us fast it and perform Qiyam (special supererogatory night Salah during Ramadan).

Of the ideas that help us to benefit from this month are the following:

- Understand the rulings of fasting before and during the month by reading about them and by summarizing some tapes, books and messages of Ramadan; of these books and messages which we advise to read or summarize are the following:

- Happened in Ramadan by Dr: 'Abdur-Rahman Ra'fat Al Pasha.

- Mufattirat As-Siyam Al Mu'asirah by Dr. Ahmad Khalil.

- Qiyam Ramadan, Fadluh WA Kayfiyyat Ada'uh by Sheikh: Mohammed Nasser Eddin Al Albany.

- Sawm An-Naby (peace be upon him) by Ibn Al Qayyim, verified by Sabry Salamah Shahin.

- Bida' Al Qurra' Al Qadimah Wal M'asirah by Dr. Bakr Abu Zayd.

- At-Ta'ady Fi Ad-Du'a' dawabituh WA Suwaruh by Su'ud Al 'Aqily.

- Ahadith As-Siyam Ahkam Wa Adab by Dr. 'Abdullah Al Fawzan.

- A'dhar As-Sa'min by Dr. 'Abur-Rahman Al Makhdub.

- Risalat Mukhtasar Fiqh Al I'tikaf by Dr. Nasr Al 'Umur.

- Risalat Ta'llam Ahkam As-Siyam by Majid Al 'Awshan.

Of the audio tapes that we advise to listen to and summarize are the following:

- Ramadan Madrasat Al Ajyal Aw Ahkam As-Siyam by Dr. Nasr Al 'Umur.

- Ramadan Kayfa Minhu Nuqtah Intilaq Littaghiyr Wa ila Al Abad by Dr. Salah Al Rashd. – Our beloved guest, Sheikh 'Abdul-Wahid Al Maghraby.

- Ramadan Mahattah Lilastizadah Wa Islah An-Nafs by Dr. Muhammad Ad-Duwaysh.

- Hayat Al Muslim Ar-Ramdaniyyah Bayn Al Fawdawiyyah Wal Matlub by Sheikh: Riyad Al Huqil.

- Zad Al Muslim Fi Ramadan by Sheikh: Sa'd Al Ghannam.

- Establishing Ramadan contest to recite the Qur'an in three days, which is very suitable for travel to Makkah or Medina, tested and terrific.

- Visiting scholars and elderly people, asking about their conditions and acts of worship, hence a learner may learn the way of worship and fasting of our fathers and ancestors.

- Establishing a course for one to three days about the methodology of reflection.

- Performing 'Umrah in Ramadan, taking into account the conditions of learners because some people do not like crowd, or staying away from the family because they are preoccupied with them, so an educator should start gradually.

- Early going to Salah, especially the Tarawih (special supererogatory night Salah during Ramadan).

- Observing I'tikaf the last ten days of the month, taking into account the nature of learners; some of them may endure I'tikaf for one night, whereas other may endure more, provided that I'tikaf should not be a recreational camp full of entertainment, nor a military barracks full of severity and punishment.

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