Ramadan: Muslims advised to eat 'Balanced Diet'

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Malam Muhammad Lawan, a Guest Speaker at a Ramadan Lecture, held in Gombe, has admonished Muslims on the importance of eating ‘balanced diet' during the Ramadan period.

Speaking on Sunday at the 5th Ramadan Tafsir, organized by the Islamic Medical Association of Nigeria (IMAN), Gombe state, Lawan said eating ‘one type of food' should be avoided, as much as possible.

According to him,eating balanced diet will give people the good health to enable them worship God with vigour in the holy month.

He suggested that such diet should contain protein, vegetable, minerals, among others, to help protect people from infections and other diseases.

He also urged those fasting, to always go for natural fruits instead of bottled or packaged drinks that contained chemicals and other preservatives.

He further cautioned people against sleeping immediately after meal, adding that the habit could cause weakness, indigestion and other stomach problems.

Lawan recommended regular exercise, as well as medical checkup, which he said, were good for the body.

In his remarks, Dr Tahir Inuwa, Chief Imam of Gombe State University, also emphasized on living a healthy lifestyle based on Islamic perspectives..

He said that the eating of Date fruit, especially fresh ones, to break the fast, was ideal, as it had a lot of minerals needed by the body.

Malam Danladi, Chairman IMAN, Gombe State, said that the theme of this year's lecture, ''Health Consequences of Modern Day Life Style'', was chosen considering the increase in ailments globally due to change in lifestyles.

According to him, such diseases are high blood pressure, diabetes and ulcer, among others, mostly emanating from bad eating habits and lack of exercise.

He said that people's attention needed to be drawn, for them to be focused and take precautionary measures.

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