Taking Blood Sample For Analysis During The Daytime of Ramadan

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Dr. Ibrahim ibn Fahd ibn Ibrahim Al Wad'an

Taking blood sample for analysis during the daytime of Ramadan

Dr. Ibrahim ibn Fahd ibn Ibrahim Al Wad'an

Selections from the words of Sheikh Muhammad ibn 'Uthaiman (may Allah bestow mercy on his soul)

I went to hospital, but they insisted on taking blood sample for analysis; does it invalidate the fast?

The answer:

Taking blood sample for analysis does not harm a fasting person because it is not the same as cupping, and the original ruling is the validity of fasting until something invalidates it. Likewise, taking the tooth off does not affect the fast, but a person should not swallow the blood because it is prohibited to swallow the blood. Likewise, if a person's nose bleeds or any part of his body is injured, it does not affect his fast even if the blood is much because it happens against his will.

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